Saturday, November 19, 2016

BBOTT: Care Package Challenge Day - into Saturday Pre-dawn - November 19

Ready to go home, but not just yet.

Yesterday's care package from America could only go to one person since Danielle got the boot last week. We're talking Justin.
  • In order to win his safety this week, Justin had to walk across a slack line that I'm thinking looked maybe 20 feet or so and ring a bell once he completed it.
  • He was given two hours to practice.
  • They have had a smaller slack line in the yard all summer. I can recall both Danielle and Justin messing around with it. But nothing serious. No one really used the equipment in the backyard religiously all summer.
  • After diligently using his practice time and often not making it, Justin had one shot to make it across for safety.
  • And, he did it!
  • He's guaranteed a spot in the final four!
  • Justin seems to have forgotten all about his deal last week to align with Kryssie, Shelby and Morgan.
  • Now, it's all again about the Late Night Jamboree group ... including Jason.
  • We know that Morgan will put Jason and Kryssie up on the block.
  • But ... if one of the LNJ people win veto and either come down, Shelby will go up and the LNJ will control the vote.
  • America has no nominee this week, if memory serves.
  • As for Shelby and Morgan ... they still want Jason out. 
  • The two sides are still getting along fantastically on the surface, yet sniping at each other behind their backs.
  • I think the person most likely to be in the final three at this time is Kryssie. Both sides want to take her because she has no real chances of winning. Poor performance in comps plus poor sportsmanship have done her in. Anyone going against her should win.
  • We're going to be pretty much at a standstill until Monday with the veto comp. We already know who will be the nominees even though the safety ceremonies have yet to be held. 

Slack line practice

Justin losing it during practice

I predict: Not a chance of the win

Ready for Justin's challenge

Dishing celebrity gossip


Petals said...

With her life choices (thus far) and her poor attitude in general,
I'd guess that Kryssie's chances winning any BB prize money are just like her
chances of earning wages in real life: slim at best. She's a slacker, like
Jason - that is why they bonded. Sorry, Jason fans. Your boy just wants life
handed to him. *smh*

Justin will survive with or without this game. But he was with the LNJ more out
of default than anything else. He may enjoy their company, but I can't imagine
that he enjoys hearing KJay whine & piss & moan about being broke. He prolly
wants to scream what we ALL do: GET OFF YOUR A$$ & DO SOMETHING! GET A REAL JOB!

We know that, while they do not have silver spoons, Morgan & Shelby do have
degrees and careers waiting for them outside the BB house. *whew*

Thanks Jackie! Happy Weekend everyone!

Chacha said...

I agree to a point but being from the New Orleans Area and hearing the area Justin has lived and grew up in he is not very well off.
The Restaurant he "owns" is more like a stand in the market area near the French Quarter.
I really do hope he wins though.
It isn't easy to get out and make something of yourself from that area of town. He seemed to be on his way when that b*tch Katrina struck our city.

Jason is really whiny. Can't stand Krissie..

Never have liked Shelby or Morgan.

Petals said...

Yeah, Cha - I know he has only a little food stand in the French Market. He
is not "rich" by any means, but he has drive, initiative and a great personality
(unlike his LMJ cohorts); with his Creole charisma, I'm sure he will be tapped to
begin a fun, interesting & lucrative adventure to tap the teeny window his BB
appearance has created. I'd love to see him with a little Creole Kitchen show
on the Food Network (or wherever).

Judi Sweeney said...

Thanks Jackie!

Bizaro22 said...

At this point, who in the house knows about the sister twist (and do they believe it?). Also, who knows about Shelby's law degree (other than Morgan?). If anyone knows, please let me know as I find that interesting.

Petals said...

Bizaro - Morgan told Kryssie about she & Alex being sisters, but Kryssie thought
it was a lie. She called Morgan "stupid" (to us) for making-up such a story
and exclaimed, "I am more intelligent than she thinks, plus she is a terrible actress!"
It was laughable - I can't wait until Kryssie is evicted and Julie tells her the
truth. @@