Tuesday, November 22, 2016

BBOTT: Change of Game Direction Again - into Tuesday, November 22

Justin makes ice cream sandwiches for all

My gosh, this has been one topsy-turvy season of BB! I'm not sure if we've ever seen the change of power in the game rotating so evenly between sides of the house!
  • But first ... Justin made homemade ice cream sandwiches late in the evening after the hoopla of the veto comp was long over.
  • I've never made them, but now he's given me ideas!
  • BUT ... he was handling the ice cream in his bare hands and I saw him lick the ice cream off his fingers.
  • Now, I would do that myself in my own kitchen if I were the only one eating them and not being filmed. However, that's not the case with him. Eww.
  • The huge news of the day was the veto comp.
  • Going into it Jason and Kryssie were on the block, Morgan HoH.
  • They were each sequestered in separate rooms to wait as each hamster did the comp one by one.
  • If I were Kryssie, I'd complain about always getting stuck in the storage room for these things -- it's the least comfortable although she could always snack.
  • The Power of Veto Comp was a Maize Maze.
  • They had to crawl through a big maze to retrieve three ears of corn.
  • The finish times ranged from Jason at 1:30 minutes to Morgan at 11:00 minutes.
  • You heard me.
  • It took Morgan eleven minutes to finish! EEK! Horrible!
  • Justin did his season best so far with the exception of completing the challenge in the care package for safety. His time was second fastest at 1:56 minutes.
  • Kryssie didn't do shabby at all with 2:05 minutes.
  • Then came Shelby. She sucked at the comp, but not anywhere near as badly as Morgan did. Shelby had a time of 4:24 minutes.
  • So ... JASON won the Power of Veto.
  • Before going into the comp, he knew it was do or die for him in the house. If he didn't get taken off the block, he would be the one going home this week.
  • He couldn't risk his life on Justin winning.
  • He was a bundle of nerves going into it and even went through so fast that he cut up his knees.
  • He wanted the win just that bad.
  • And, he got it.
  • Of course, that puts the writing on the wall for Thursday.
  • Jason will save himself.
  • Morgan will have no choice but to put Shelby on the block.
  • Justin and Jason will vote Shelby out.
  • The Morgan/Shelby cry fest went on ... and on ... and on.
  • Shelby ended up trying to pep talk Morgan.
  • Morgan, meanwhile, feels she has the weight of the entire Ball Smashers on her shoulders fighting impossible odds.
  • She can play in the next HoH comp even though she's outgoing HoH.
  • She better do better than she did in the maze! 

Waiting and waiting some more

Retrieve your three ears of corn

Reading the comp instructions

Crawling through the Maize Maze

Really? Really? I won veto?

Realization and a fake Morgan hug for Jason

I actually DID IT!

The writing is on the wall


Chacha said...

I was actually able to watch this comp yesterday.
Morgan really was that terrible.
I was proud of kryssie.

Judi Sweeney said...

11 minutes... Amazing! Maybe Morgan just isn't good at crawling. LOL...

Thanks Jackie!

BB-Boy said...

This season has remained interesting with the constant power shift each week! Wish the regular summer series was more like that!

I have stopped watching the live feeds pretty much, because everytime I check its super quiet and boring

monty924 said...

Chacha, I've watched them all on the highlights except Morgan's. I was proud of Kryssie too. If I'd been watching it live, I wouldn't have predicted that she would do that well, but she did.