Saturday, November 12, 2016

BBOTT: Dealing Dilemmas - into Saturday, November 12

The boy who cried, "Deal!"

Nah, no kerfuffles going on. No brouhahas afoot. But lots of scheming, wheeling and dealing a'happening.
  • When I last left you, Shelby got the HoH in a redo with Jason due to technical problems in the original HoH comp.
  • So, now it's time to scramble.
  • The Jason/Danielle/Justin/Kryssie alliance is in deep doo-doo now.
  • They need to turn on each other.
  • Danielle and Jason are a duo, not really known so much (but guessed at) by Kryssie and Justin.
  • Shelby has been very vocal about her dislike of Justin for weeks now.
  • We all know that Shelby will NOT nominate her only remaining ally Morgan.
  • That's a given.
  • Danielle was a huge target in the beginning of the season, mainly for just being very annoying and not doing a heck of a lot.
  • But she changed her ways.
  • Nope, she's still annoying!
  • It's her game that has changed. She started winning things.
  • For a while, after the initial annoying/do nothing factor became evident, she would have been a good choice for anyone to bring to the final three for a win.
  • However, since she started winning comps, she's now put the target back on her back. She has now become a threat to possibly win in a final three despite the remaining annoying factor.
  • Justin, although a rather horrible competitor in comps and strategy, has always been a threat to win in a final three just due to his entertaining ways.
  • Jason, of course, has always had a target on his back due to being a returning hamster. The others know that America voted him in and America might vote him for the win. His image was a bit tarnished due to his behavior and failure to win comps. But, like Danielle, he's stepped up his game some. Since he is indeed a threat to win, no one wants him in the final three.
  • Then there's Kryssie. Rather unpopular with America at the start, can't win a comp for the life of her (well, there was one), sore loser, hypercritical of others, emotional. She's a shoo-in for a stronger player to want in the final three.
  • Then the scrambling begins.
  • Oh, Jason, the boy who cried deal. You've gone back on your deals with others just a time or two too many.
  • He proposes an alliance with himself, Danielle, Shelby and Morgan.
  • He wants the target to be Justin.
  • Not so quick, dude!
  • While Shelby doesn't say no to the deal, she's thinking other thoughts.
  • (Even though she SO doesn't like Justin.)
  • Justin and Kryssie also propose a deal.
  • Now, despite her dislike of of Justin, Justin never went back on any sort of deal with her and Kryssie has also dealt honestly with her.
  • But Jason JUST recently betrayed her.
  • So now the newest target is Danielle, mainly because she's more likely to win a comp than is Jason.
  • The beat goes on. 

Safer bet to be with in the final three

Stepped up her game, but now ...

Decisions, decisions

The only one who uses the equipment

Can she keep Shelby safe next week?


Lemonjello said...

Morgan for Americas nominee!

T-Town Chick said...

Well according to Kryssie, America loves her because she's "real". Kryssie could have left weeks ago as far as I'm concerned.

monty924 said...

Kryssie doesn't realize that AMERICA always had bigger fish to fry. This has been a fun season or BB and kudos to CBS for it.