Saturday, November 26, 2016

BBOTT: Dwindling Days - into Saturday, November 26

Memorizing the days, the comps

The Justin rift in the house continues.
  • Justin said his poor behavior on Thanksgiving was due to being homesick.
  • True, he is young. True, he's often said he's never been away from home for more than two weeks.
  • But, as his fellow hamsters tried to tell him, they're all pretty much in the same boat.
  • Had he told them that he was homesick and needed alone time, it may have been understood.
  • Instead, he just slept the day away, showing up to eat only. He didn't partake in any of the special things BB had set for them for the day.
  • Kryssie ended up preparing Justin's mother's turkey recipe.
  • He didn't even help clean up.
  • And, coupled with his bragging about how great his game has been and his obvious bitterness about not being Jason's one safe pick this week ...!
  • He went around apologizing "if he offended people" instead of owning up to bad behavior on his part.
  • Morgan tried to tell him there's a difference between confidence and arrogance ... and he's been coming off as arrogant.
  • Yet he maintains how he's made so many moves and been a great player.
  • Go figure.
  • The others are right that he's been playing up to America.
  • One thing I've noticed is that he tells his fellow hamsters that he's thrown comps. He's told us that he has sucked at them.
  • Even now he's putting on a different face for us than he is for his fellow hamsters.
  • Kryssie really lit into him.
  • Jason grouses about him. However, this Justin imploding might be one of the best things ever for Jason's own game. I think he knows that.
  • While Morgan has spent an inordinate amount of time studying and preparing for the Veto Comp, Justin has been working out, napping and spreading insincere apologies. 

Listening (or not) to Kryssie

Playing for second ... or third place

He thought he'd be gone first week


Petals said...

Thanks Jackie :) *scritcha-scritch* to Vincent

Justin's behavior for the past few days may be a turn-off, but I still like him as a
human being more than I do Jason or Kryssie (or any of the LMJ, for that matter).

Someone on the last post asked what everyone has against Kryssie. I can't speak for everyone, but me? I think she is a psuedo-intellectual, slovenly whiner. Sure, she has an acerbic wit, but so does Jason (so does Jackie!). She & Jason talking in the wee hours about how much they don't want to get "real" jobs. She wants to be a professional musician (good luck with that, dear) and Jason admittedly has zero passion for anything at all.

Maybe the prize money will get Jason out of the basement, out of the grocery store, maybe give him some direction. *smh*

Judi Sweeney said...

Thanks Jackie...

Justin let his immaturity and lack of BB knowledge misguide him... and then to not study is just self destructive!

Lemonjello said...

That was me Petals who asked about Krysse, I hope she gets second place, I think she knows that she going to get second or third. Justin is playing to America for sympathy, but all the things he was saying makes me wonder why have all his friends been killed? I know NOLA is bad, but are there good places there? Are all his friends and family thugs, including him? I doubt it, but that is how he makes it sound! Something is not adding up here.

Petals said...

Hey Lemonjello! Glad you are still posting with us :)

I think Justin probably does overplay his thug life, but I do think he knows more than a fair share of hoods/thugs, and yeah, he prolly knows a coupla that are now dead.
We may never know exactly what his real story is, tho. I just wish he'd gotten on Master Chef.

monty924 said...

I'm never one to get into all the talk about their life back home because I really don't know and none of us do unless we know them personally. Petals and I have private convos about some things, lol, but I don't get into the speculation about anyone on BB.