Thursday, November 03, 2016

BBOTT: HoH Comp - into Thursday, November 3

Has she a reason to smile?

Nah. She didn't win HoH this time 'round.
  • The comp was a face morph one. While they expected it, they all didn't think it would come so soon.
  • In this face morph, it was only a mix of two faces for each picture.
  • Yet, it was quite the challenge ... more for some than for others.
  • Kryssie, in tears, timed out when the time limit was still 30 minutes.
  • Shelby rocked the comp, coming up with a 3.42 minute time to beat by the remaining players.
  • Jason was so lost in the comp that he couldn't even find his own face parts in there!
  • But it was Justin who totally screwed up. The way he was hopping around and correctly naming a face to each picture, he then ...
  • ... kept going for the buzzer.
  • He didn't listen to the instructions! It's a morph! Two slots, two names! 
  • Watching the reaction of those waiting inside the house was just about as priceless as watching him keep thinking he was right with one name under each picture.
  • Silly boy.
  • Even his allies all had to laugh.
  • But he wasn't laughing after the comp.
  • Y'see, while Justin is popular in the house, there's one person he claims he hates and she hates him.
  • Yep, that would be Shelby.
  • I personally have been liking the sides changing power changing in the house. So, a Shelby win is okay with me.
  • But, who will she nominate?
  • She was angry and suspicious when Whitney was taken off the block the other day. She's sure Whitney flipped and made a deal with Danielle.
  • (And, Whitney did make a deal with Danielle.)
  • And ... Shelby doesn't care for Justin. 
  • Hmm.
  • Whitney and Justin are still tight. But I think any of the other girls on that side would just as soon Justin might go. None of them want to be with him in the final three and they're thinking game.
  • Shelby made note that Whitney didn't hug her when she was officially pronounced HoH. Not a good move for Whitney there.
  • Meanwhile, especially after last week's care package, Shelby wants to see what the care package is and to whom it goes before she makes any big decisions.
  • It should probably go for granted that Morgan and Alex will NOT be nominated this week. Anyone else is fair game, methinks.
  • Justin is sure it will be him.
  • And, it very well could be. 

Oh my!

The time to beat ended up being 3.42

Now, that is scary!

Thankfully all didn't take the 30 minutes each!

Justin! Two names! Morph! Combination!

What the hell is Justin doing?

Who wants to see my HoH room?


Petals said...

Kryssie tearfully quits yet another comp. She can go... BYE!

YAY for Shelby! Redeption.

Hope you are feeling better, Ms Jackie :)

T-Town Chick said...

Yes Petels, I think your right. I wouldn't mind seeing Kryssie go this week. I had high hopes for her and she has been a huge disappointment to me. As long as Justin, and Jason are safe this week I'm fine with Kryssie leaving.

David said...

I wouldn't mind Kryssie going this week, but she did not quit this comp. I am sure she is going to be America's nominee. She just missed being it last week. There is enough bad things said about her in the chat's and other places that she doesn't need anymore. She actually did fairly well but got stuck on one name and timed out. No reason to pile on with something not true.

Happy Late Birthday Petals =) Hope you had a wonderful Birthday.

I hope you get better soon Jackie, SueGee, and Becky's friend.

I have been on call for a job so never know when I will be home and able to watch anything or a chance to sleep. Thank goodness for DVR's. Just finished catching up on BBOTT and am about to watch last nights Survivor now, but had to catch up with Jackie's blog and the comments from the show so it will feel like normal to me before I watch it. lol

Bizaro22 said...

No, Kryssie didn't quit, but she sure did cry about it AGAIN, and for a long time. She really needs to go. She has no idea how this game works and everything, including losing a comp, is personal to her. Scott was his own worst enemy most the time, but he definitely brought something to the show. Also, his dancing edits online are hilarious. I'm glad Shelby won and now J & J at least have to worry this week, not that I want them gone yet. Hopefully, Whitney gets the CP and has to show her hand with little damage to the HOH and Morgan can get it next week. I want Dani and Kryssie to go home and then I can figure out from there who I'm still rooting for. But Alex will probably remain my fav!

Chacha said...

I voted for Whitney to get the care package.

Nick said...

It would be very interesting if Whitney got the CP this week considering she seems to be leaning toward flipping on the Ballsmashers; however, the deal she made last week was definitely to save herself instead of weaken her alliance, and it was clear that Scott was going to go home anyway. So I wouldn't say she betrayed her alliance or put them in danger with that deal. I'm still not 100% sure what she would do if she was Co-HOH, but she could certainly shake things up by nominating Morgan or Alex. That would leave the Ballsmashers with only one eviction vote on Wednesday if things remained the same.

Chacha said...

I just want to see what she will do. We know what everyone else would do.
This would force her hand and pick a side.

monty924 said...

I think it would be funny if Justin got it since they can't stand each other, LOL

Chacha said...

that would be hilarious!!!

Petals said...

Sorry, I didn't see the comp, I just read about it. I thought she'd quit (K), but still...

Not sure who will get my vote for next CP, I'm leaning toward Whitney so she can get back "in" with the normal girls. Hopefully, she & Shelby can agree to make Danielle one of the nominees for eviction.

Shelby could very well nom Justin, and the house would vote him out! Surely the real players can see what a likeable threat he is. Plus, Justin is the only entertaining thing about this season, so I'll bet BB would manage a way to sneak him back in, anyway.

*sending virtual bowl of chicken soup for the under-the-weather Jax*

T-Town Chick said...

I voted for Justin for the care package because he hates Shelby.

Judi Sweeney said...

Oh my word... you are right Monty! That would an interesting move if Justin got it! LOL....

I hope you are feeling much better Jackie! Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

I have never commented before, but have been a lurker for years, but I just have to say something if I may, it seems to me that the majority of people on this blog are favoring the BS's over the LNJ's. The only real difference I can see is the BS's whisper and the LNJ are loud. Alex seems to be the favorite, but look how she and the other plastics used and treated Scott behind his back, same with Monte, after they no longer needed him, the problem for those girls now is, there is no guys that they can hide behind now, because Justin and Jason don 't play that game with them. The LNJ's are for the most part exactly what they refer to themselves as, " misfits", they are loud, obnoxious, into bathroom humor, and want attention. I could do without the bad language, but that seems to be the normal thing in this day and age. I do love J and J, I was all set to not like Krysse, but her soft heart toward people has touched me, Dannl not a fan, I still think she could go either way, Morgan over Alex, Whitney, gets on my nerves, not sure I trust her, and Shelby, I wanted to like her from the start, she looks so much like my 16 year old granddaughter that I adore, but oh my! Alex, I am sure she has accomplished a lot in her short life, I just don't see what everyone else sees in her, I have the feeds on most of the day and usually until they all go to bed in the wee hours of the morning. SMH
BTW I am pretty much housebound! BB keeps me entertained! Call me lemonjello!

monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

I like the way you spelled that out there, Anon 10:36. There's reasons to like or dislike anyone of them, but there certainly isn't a reason to say that the LNJ is worse than the other side of the house. That's whatg I've been saying this season and few others here have as well.

All my votes are going to Justin... just because I can :)))

Petals said...

Lemonjello - thanks for commenting! This is a bi-partisan (LOL) site; Ms Jackie welcomes all opinions as long as we post respectfully to one another.
I started out the season as a fan of the misfits, but they are just not "my" people. So yeah, I guess I DO favor the plastics. I am a plastic, not a misfit - as far as this season of BB goes, anyway.

Please stick around! :) This is a fun place to hang out.
DO you also watch Survivor or TAR?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Monty and Petals, I guess I am a misfit in reverse, I am shy and quiet and do not like attention, but a misfit all the way! Petals I like all of those shows!

Judi Sweeney said...

Yup... love BB, TAR, and Survivor too!

Just when I think I like one person, they do something that rubs me the wrong way... So I change in who's my favorite or least favorite depending on what the hamsters do! LOL...

Welcome to stepping forward Lemonjello! I use to lurk too... Jackie and everyone here are great!