Friday, November 04, 2016

BBOTT: Julie Announces Upcoming Double Eviction - Thursday, November 3

Don't call me "Baby."

For the most part, yesterday (Thursday) was a day of nothingness in the BBOTT house. The big event of the day was the weekly Julie Chen live video visit.
  • Julie asked them about Scott leaving. Kryssie and Alex said nice things about him. She didn't ask Danielle much about him.
  • In the talk, Danielle said that she didn't want Whitney to go, so was happy when America gave her Scott on a silver platter.
  • I personally don't think that statement was all that great for Whitney's game. While her allies figured she made a deal to stay, they could say it was to save her own game. Now they find out Danielle WANTED her to stay? Hmm.
  • Justin called Julie "baby" again, immediately apologizing.
  • He claims it's a New Orleans thing. Perhaps it is. It took me a while to get used to being called "Mami" with the increased Hispanic population where I live. At first I thought, "I'm not your mommy!" But then I realized it's just a harmless greeting, even one with a bit of respect.
  • Julie showed them video of the Halloween veto comp. Being the pragmatic I am, I'm not sure why any of them were acting so terrified during the comp. It's not like BB would allow an actual chainsaw murderer in there!
  • Then came the big announcement -- next week will be a double eviction. 
  • Thankfully, things will start off a bit earlier with the weekly "show" starting at 8pm ET. I'm glad the show is just a recap of the week as I have a date with Survivor at that hour! The first eviction is after the show. I can do that. 
  • In other news, apparently they really liked Scott more in absence than they appeared to like him in the house.
  • Alex thinks that Scott has an actual real social life while Jason's whole social life is BB.
  • Hmm.
  • Both Scott and Jason probably have more active social lives than do I. So, I can't say much. (But, when I was their ages, I too had an active social life.)
  • Kryssie and Justin think America won't want to watch Shelby, Morgan and Alex all alone in the last week or so. After all, THEY (K&J) are the entertainment.
  • Hmm. Yes, they can be entertaining. Or, Justin can be. But he's just kind of floating through the game being himself. And, while Kryssie has great moments at times, she tends to take the game so personally and lets her frustration bring out the worst in her. The three girls are definitely strategizing and playing the game.
  • Justin really really doesn't like Shelby.
  • Other than the constant faces and chewing her lips, she's not that bad. She's a pretty smart cookie.
  • Danielle made comments about Shelby being a nobody, just a waitress in a restaurant. First off, those kind of statements bug me. Everybody is somebody and a waitress often has to work hard for a living. But, of course, Shelby has a law degree. Would knowing that make her "someone" in Danielle's eyes?
  • Ha!
  • All is still up in the air over nominations. They want to see who receives the care package and what powers the recipient receives.
  • But, Shelby is certain to target Justin ... if not Jason and Justin. 

Split ends splitting is big entertainment

No social life outside of BB???

Lip chewing is worse with lipstick on

Trendsetter - leopard spots and plaid


Petals said...

Thank you, Jackie! Hope you are feeling better?

I like Shelby. I'd thought I wouldn't, but she won me over. I hope she wins.

All this time, I've thought Justin isn't playing the game, but he really IS. He is SOOO playing the game, if you think about it.

Petals said...

Oh geeminy - Jason won ACP.

Now the LNC think America is truly "on their side". LOL No. Not all of America.

Petals said...

Maybe this will help Jason see that Shelby is NOT the spawn of satan, that she is normal, and not an idiot.

monty924 said...

I figured he would after I checked Joker's poll earlier today. I really wanted Justin to get it, lol. I've also been saving my votes for Jason for later ACPs. Oh well, lets see what they do with it. :)))

Petals said...

Jason is nomming Danielle and Shelby is nomming Whitney or Alex.

Jason & the misfits really think that Shelby is stupid, weak and nasty. They really think they pulled one over on her. *smh*

Petals said...

Did you see this link on Jokers? They have the same pick for winner as I! (I won't say who)

David said...

From what I saw after the CP came was Shelby saying she was going to nominate Jason and Justin but since Jason was co-HOH she was still going to nominate Justin. I gave up trying to watch any more because of buffering for me at this time of day.

And I also saw Justin talking to Alex saying Jason would probably be putting her up.

I do wonder how the safety ceremony will work. Each one could save the others target if it is a free for all. Guess they will have to agree on who the nominee's will be before hand and stick to it.

monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

We'll all see who they nominate on Sunday. Can't even comment about the feeds and what I've seen because my internet has been a complete turd tonight. I can only stay connected for about 15 minutes at a time. ugh

Lemonjello said...

I think Shelby came pretty close to being with the LNJ in the beginning, I can't remember what happened that got her onto the BS's team, but last night when the 4 plastics were in the HOH talking about the different houseguest on the "OTT" and they couldn't think of anyone's last names, Shelby had a a brief "lightbulb" moment, when she said something to to the effect of, "maybe we are the ****jerks after all". Of course Morgan shut that down fast!

David said...

No voting on who will be this weeks have not's. Danielle, Morgan, and Alex will be the have not's by default and the final Have Not's of the season according to CBS.

Petals said...

Yay! Lemon posted again ! :) Good to see you!

Happy Saturday, Hope Ms Jackie is feeling better, and ROLL TIDE!