Monday, November 21, 2016

BBOTT: No Surprise Noms - into Monday, November 21

Ohhh! The HoH camera!

Well, it was yet another exciting fun-filled day in Happy Hamsterland! Er, well. Okay. Maybe not.
  • Morgan got the HoH camera. 
  • And fun was had by all.
  • Or, by some.
  • Um. Make that a few.
  • Well ... make that Shelby and Morgan.
  • Some of the day was spent with Morgan and Shelby desperately seeking a pineapple hidden by the Late Night Jamboree crew.
  • Shelby and Morgan spent a lot of time going over the details of every comp, every day.
  • I didn't bother to study at all.
  • While they were doing that, the LNJ bunch was talking about Jon Lovitz and Alexis Arquette.
  • But, Justin does have a song memorized to help him with the days.
  • Of course, he doesn't have to worry this week -- he achieved safety by walking the slack line as per America's Care Package.
  • The nominations were evident even before the Safety Ceremony.
  • Justin is off the table.
  • Shelby is Morgan's only ally.
  • That leaves Jason and Kryssie.
  • Duh.
  • Yet, they went through with the ceremony.
  • Instead of just saying they were her only options, Morgan went on about the division in the house in her nominations speech.
  • Morgan and Shelby want Jason out.
  • Jason is worried, but doesn't seem to really be working on studying for possible question comps.
  • As a matter of fact, he's acting rather defeated.
  • Justin claims that, with the numbers, they have his back.
  • Hmm.
  • One of them would have to win veto forcing Morgan to put Shelby on the block.
  • Otherwise ... the LNJ will be down to two. 

Can you feel the love?

Studying? Nope!

The suspense is killing me!


Judi Sweeney said...

I have no problem with Jason and Kryssie being up on the block....

Petals said...

Justin won Veto, so Shelby will be on the block and will be going home :(

I hope they bring her back for a real season.

monty924 said...

Holy crap, Batman. I just said I need to go check on the veto and Justin won it??? I think that's his first comp win this entire season. Wow! Something else could happen, Petals but you are probably right. WOW

monty924 said...

Jason won veto. Jason first, then Justin, then Kryssie. Shelby was 4th and Morgan was almost six or seven minutes slower than Shelby. The pressure of having to win out obviously got to them. It sucks when you get down the wire, but I'm happy for Jason.

Lemonjello said...

Yay for Jason!

Petals said...

ooops - Jason!! Sorry.
Best I can hope for is a Pandora's Box.