Thursday, November 10, 2016

BBOTT: Nominations, PoV, Eviction and HoH - into Thursday, November10

Cryfest changed participants

With us involved this season, it's a topsy-turvy ride through the season! Unlike most seasons when, in a divided house, one side gains the numbers and the others go one by one ... this season keeps switching up the power! And, of course, that's our doing. Cool.
  • When I last left you, Alex was evicted, Whitney had defected to be over on the other side with Justin and America gave Morgan the PoV and power to remove a nomination.
  • The tears stopped quickly for both Morgan and Shelby when they knew they'd both be safe from the second eviction.
  • The cryfest moved onto Kryssie and Danielle (the HoH).
  • What to do? What to do?
  • Can't put Morgan up as she has "won" the PoV.
  • No sense in putting up Shelby because Morgan would save her.
  • So, it ended up being Whitney and Justin on the block.
  • And ... we have a tie vote.
  • As HoH, Danielle decides as a tiebreaker.
  • Toodles, Whitney!
  • Danielle would rather have Justin stick around (even though she and Kryssie keep complaining that they think Justin is throwing comps).
  • The new HoH comp is a convoluted affair with mirrors and laser beams, complete with all kinds of technical glitches.
  • They're doing the comp individually with the rest of the house sequestered each in individual rooms.
  • They gave Kryssie the storage room.
  • If I were her, I'd chow down.
  • They finally let her go to another room with an actual bed.
  • For a 20-minute time limit each (disqualified at that time), this is taking forever.
  • There have been technical problems with mirrors falling and more when Shelby played.
  • As I write this, Justin (the last one) is doing the comp.
  • As it stands, Jason has a solid lead with 8 minutes something.  The closest behind him is Shelby, with almost three minutes behind.
  • Kryssie is the worst time - 15 minutes and change. No surprises there!
  • I'm just waiting out the Justin finish to post the winner. 
  • Justin was disqualified, passing the 20-minute mark.
  • I've been waiting for BB to make the winner announcement.
  • I can't wait any longer.
  • I'm going to call it Jason.
  • If the broken mirror glitch did a reset on Shelby's time, maybe ...?
  • Nah.
  • It has to be Jason. 

Why? Because it's BB and they can!

Not crying now!

On the block

Waiting, waiting ...

Individually sequestered

Lasers and mirrors

Hit me with your laser beam!


Chacha said...

as much as I hoped it would be Jason we have to wait until sometime today/night.

Shelby and Jason will compete again....

That sucks...

David said...

I think Jason would have won. Shelby was trying to make that mirror go diagonally and broke it. It would not stay still when she figured out how it needed to go. She still had 2 mirrors to get in place and line them up then go hit the button. She only had 25 seconds left to do that.

I am not sure who I want to win this HOH. I would not mind Justin or Chryssie going but also want Jason to win the HOH.

Only 3 more people to evict and would like to see Morgan, Chryssie, and Justin gone as I don't feel they have done much in the game.

Sharon N said...

Looking at the sequestered "beds" picture...
Did they clean the place up prior to the comp, or are these people not quite the slovenly slobs we see with the summer campers? lol

Petals said...

OK - did anyone notice that Pissie is squeezing her bulk in to a teeny leather jacket that
has - literally - burst at the seams?
When everyone is hugging & blubbering, Jason is trying to not put his hands on her
flesh that has seeped thru the open seams.
It's terrible, someone (*ahem* - her 'friends'!!!) should have told her that she'd
burst the seams of her jacket.

Glad that there is a re-do of the HOH. I think it is less about the broken mirror more about the DR leak of Shelby discussing her L-SATs. Like she told the sisters, she'd "negotiated" her BB contract, so I have to wonder if this re-do is not another negotiation to amend the potentially game-changing leak.
Thoughts on that?

Petals said...

But right now, they are all getting along, laughing, chatting. *sigh*
Too bad it won't last.

Judi Sweeney said...

Lots of action!

Thanks Jackie! I hope you are doing much better!!