Wednesday, November 30, 2016

BBOTT: PoV and the Final Three - Tuesday, November 29

Determined to win?

Well, well, well. Of course, the only really big news of the day was the Power of Veto comp.
  • It was called End of the Road.
  • They had to run through metal police crowd control barriers set up in a switchback kind of queue.
  • Jump over hay bales.
  • Grab a hamster face picture, then return back the same way they came.
  • Nine pictures in all. Had to get one at a time.
  • The puzzle questions might have more than one possible answer.
  • But there is only one correct solution using all nine.
  • Justin was into making sound effects and cussing as he went along. He started to put faces in the spots first, getting a few wrong.
  • Morgan decided to get all the faces first and solved some as she was bringing them back.
  • In the end, it wasn't really any contest. Morgan solidly beat him, had all the answers right while he had some answers wrong on the board and didn't have all the faces.
  • Surprisingly, in view of his behavior the last few days, he left the house on a good note.
  • Julie came to the final three in video form, congratulating them and telling them they need to prepare a two-minute speech each.
  • Those speeches will air live on Wednesday at 7pm ET/4pm PT. 
  • The final three -- Morgan, Kryssie and Jason -- popped the champagne and got giddy. 

All spiffed up to host the comp

Monty was there.

Game faces on

The running was unreal.

It wasn't an easy puzzle, either.

Morgan WINS! She's in the Final Three!

Says he loves them. Yeah, right.


T-Town Chick said...

Justin lost me in the end. His arrogance and feeling like this game should just be handed to him was very disappointing. Unfortunately, as a public school teacher, this is very common. I see it almost daily. Too bad, I was really rooting for him.

Anonymous said...


Judi Sweeney said...

So glad Morgan won! I too became disappointed with Justin.... Sip and enjoy that champagne!

Thanks Jackie!

Petals said...

Voting for Morgan!

monty924 said...

Great final speeches by all three of them just now!!! Still VOTING JASON :))

I'll be late to the Survivor pool. Just starting dinner. HOT Italian brauts and mac n cheese on the menu.

monty924 said...

All 40 votes to Jason. Night folks :))

Ashes said...

My 40 to Jason!

monty924 said...

Won't be able to watch the live show... sigh
I hope it will be available on ALL ACCESS


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