Monday, November 14, 2016

BBOTT: Shelby's Nominations - into Monday, November 14

Is it morning? Gah.

The big action yesterday (Sunday) was something we all expected and it was no surprise to the hamsters either.
  • They got the HoH camera (and fun was had by all).
  • Well, except maybe Kryssie. Now, she got safety the night before, yet is fussing about how Shelby and Morgan do nothing. Oh geez, they didn't help put the awnings up for the day! Horrors!
  • Danielle is still on her anti-Justin kick.
  • She thinks he doesn't really play the game, throws comps and has made a deal with Shelby/Morgan.
  • Huh.
  • We all know that Danielle/Justin tried to make a deal with Shelby/Morgan.
  • Danielle listed a whole bunch of reasons that she shouldn't be evicted. I assume that would be for the America's vote benefit.
  • Hmm.
  • Shelby and Morgan recognize the need to emphasize to Justin that he must act "normal" -- as normal as Justin can get -- around Jason so that Jason won't realize the deal this week with them is a final four deal.
  • Yep -- final four deal as in Morgan, Shelby, Justin and Kryssie.
  • During the very brief safety ceremony, Morgan was saved by Shelby.
  • Well, duh.
  • Since Kryssie and Justin were saved the night before, Danielle and Jason knew what was coming. They're on the block.
  • Shelby's speech to them was just as short -- "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."
  • That was a reference to Jason going back on deals with them before.
  • Danielle's been running around building the pity reasons for her to stay.
  • Kryssie has been telling Justin that Danielle's gunning for him.
  • Jason says no way does he want to go out before Danielle.
  • Of course, America's final nomination today may change the whole scenario.
  • But I do think more will target Danielle than Jason. 

We never have ANYTHING to eat!

Quad cam - as they wait on Shelby

Make your final safety pick

Ah, yes, I knew it was coming.

Fearing America's nomination

Will this be her last hurrah?


Judi Sweeney said...

Again, I am ready for Danielle to go! Really Kryssie too... she gets on my nerves! Maybe next time!

monty924 said...

Shelby won the veto and get this... Justin was second, lol. No lie :)))

Now the eviction vote will be very interesting. It will be a tie on their part, but what we do can change things. Waiting to see who she replaces Morgan with before I make my mind up. Oh, Big Brother, lol.

David said...

Morgan was America's nominee, so she will not be replaced. So this means Danielle or Jason will definitely go home this week.

I suspect that they will vote Danielle out and America will also. The hamsters will because she is eligible for the care package leaving only Justin eligible, and America because so many people have been hating on her and wanting her out for a long time.

Of the two, I really do not have a preference myself. Danielle would probably get the care package over Justin if she stayed, but watching Justin actually have to work to earn the care package could be interesting. Jason has played a better social game than Danielle and probably has a better chance to win over her. Danielle has won more comps than Jason.

monty924 said...

Oh, that's right. It will just be Jason and Danielle, so I'm voting Danielle. And, I'm not saying that because I despise her, I don't... I've just been rooting for Jason the entire season. I really don't know how America will vote in the end on the final three. Will it be a popularity thing? If so, the HG ratings have had Morgan and Shelby up there at or near the top for a while. I still like Jason, Justin and even Kryssie. Don't think Justin or Kryssie did much other than be the one to take to the end, but that's just an opinion. How to pick a winner is always fun, lol. This time, we get to do it. :)))

Bizaro22 said...

For the first time, I'm really questioning CBS and the legitimacy of the nominee vote. All polls on Jokers had Kryssie getting nom'ed like 75% to 25% for Morgan. That's a BIG gap. And she's on the bottom of the popularity poll and has been for a month. And she's just a useless, bitching baby. I don't get it....

David said...

That brings up an interesting prospect Monty. If Jason makes it to the end with Shelby and Morgan, do those people voting up Shelby and Morgan split their votes and Jason wins because of it. Hmmmmmm. lol

I don't know how accurate the poll on Jokers is right now. The poll had Chryssie being the America's nominee by a 2-1 margin but Morgan was put up. So there are a lot of votes floating around out there that could go who knows how. It seems there have been a lot of polls that were wrong lately. =)

monty924 said...

True, LOL