Sunday, November 06, 2016

BBOTT: Some Are Safe - Through Saturday, November 5

Will it be her week to GO HOME?

I've decided I like the Safety Ceremony and "block passes" lighting up much better than the way they've been naming the nominees the last few seasons on BB. I used to like the keys in the lazy susan thingee. But the pictures appearing on screens has turned me off since they started it. The safety necklaces are more interesting and suspenseful (even though we know what they're going to do from the live feeds).
  • It was a relatively lazy Saturday in the house with the exception of the Safety Ceremony.
  • Even then, with dwindling hamster numbers in the house, the action didn't last long.
  • As we knew from previous conversations between Jason and Shelby, Shelby saved Morgan and Jason saved Kryssie.
  • That was it for the Saturday night Safety.
  • We know, however things go down, Danielle will go on the block. Shelby and the girls want that and Jason has all but offered her up on a silver platter.
  • It's a bit trickier on the other side. The girls don't really want Alex to go up as she just might go home. They'd prefer Whitney.
  • (Remember, Jason and Shelby agreed to put up one from each side.)
  • The girls are very worried about "what if" Danielle wins veto.
  • As annoying as Danielle can be personality-wise in the house, she has proven that she can win comps. They should worry.
  • The girls (Shelby, Alex and Morgan) are very worried about Whitney's reaction if she goes on the block.
  • Well, I don't think Whitney is a stupid girl. I think she must realize that she's the low end of the totem pole with the girls. At this point, I think she'd have a better chance of winning if she flipped to the other side. 
  • Whitney would actually need to win some comp to better her position with either side at this point. Other than basically being a decent person, she's pretty much nothing other than a vote number.
  • A lot will depend on whom America nominates, as has been the case all season. The ONLY guaranteed safe hamsters are Shelby and Jason. 

The numbers are dwindling

Morgan is safe

Jason saves his choice


Judi Sweeney said...

Thanks Jackie!!! Hope you are all well now! Hugs...

It will be interesting to see who America chooses! I hope BB adopts some of these new changes!

Petals said...

Thank you, Ms J. Ditto Judi - I hope you are feeling better.

Love that Danielle is gonna be on the block. They think she is a shoo-in
to win, but I'll bet that it's one of those comps that it's a crap-shoot,
like a skee-ball or something.

"Weeetny" is the low man on both teams totem poles, IMO. Rightfully, she
does nothing - she's a Yes man(chick). And those dark glasses inside the house?
Like she's Greta Garbo? Bwhaha

Seems like Justin is being groomed by CBS for something - he will be famous afer this season. CBS is pretty much letting him do whatever he wants inside the house (not one, but TWO food parties during his Have Not week, plus no penalty when he snuck real food?!), and the DR are leading all the HOHs away from ever even considering making him an eviction nominee.
Both Shelby and Jason acknowledged that no one can beat Justin in the end, yet neither
even considered - not for one second - putting him on the block?
Isn't that odd? And his devotion to Pissie has turned me off. I am lukewarm on Justin now.

Also, I am off teams now; I am hoping Shelby wins this season. But suppose I've always been a "plastic", because I don't burp or fart on people's pillows, food and/or faces, and I don't discuss my bodily fuctions at the dinner table. Guess I am just "uncool" like that.


Petals said...

from Jokers: Sun 12:21 PM BBT dani picks her nose, flicks it towards jason NT

See? That isn't me. And if that makes me "plastic", then YAY - I love plastic.


Petals said...

I am confused - Can America (we) vote for anyone to go home? I mean, except for the the HOHs, can we nom anyone?

David said...

Petals, yes, we can nominate anyone who is not HOH or already on the block. Voting starts at 11pm eastern for america's nominee.

From what I have seen, Kryssie and Alex are the favorites for the nom.

Shelby was discussing her bodily functions at the dinner table last night. Some kind of pay back while sharing HOH with Jason. So does that make you not like her now? LOL All of them seem to be gross at times, just some more noticeable or more often than others. Having a dislike for someone will also tend to make you focus more on their faults than those of people you like. =))

I hope you are feeling 100% again Jackie and ready to take on your shortened week.

Petals said...

David - thanks!!! None of the HGs were mentioning that Krissy could be
America's nom, so it made me worry (b/c I plan to cast all my votes to her).

I didn't hear Shelby talk about her function last night. Shame on her. Do
I dislike her because of it (was it one comment? Did she wipe it on another
person at the table?)? No, I forgive her, b/c the majority of her behavior
hasn't involved bathroom comments at the dinner table.

Sorry, Dave - I just don't like the LNC. Maybe it's b/c Dani is a thug. Maybe it's
b/c Krissie has excessive gas that she refuses to control or even excuse herself,
maybe it's b/c Jason smokes... I don't know.

monty924 said...

I'm voting for either Alex or Morgan. Kryssie is at the bottom of the HG rankings so it could be her... probably will be, I'm voting for one of the seesters. :)))

monty924 said...

Dani's no slouch at the competitions so if she comes off with the veto, Jason will get to name the replacement. Not a bad strategy there. ;-))

monty924 said...

After reading the Twitter feed on the Live Feeds... I went with Alex. She's good at comps too, so we will see. 20 before midnight and 20 after, LOL!!

Lemonjello said...

Petals and Monty, you two are killing me, I almost rolled off my bed laughing, I am a misfit by nature, just quiet about it, but it does make me laugh. I am hoping AN is Alex, and that she goes home! I can dream, right?

monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

Lemonjello, lol. Petals and I get each other but we often disagree on Big Brother, and we can laugh about it too! Just part of not taking it personal, because ATEOTD (thank's Caleb), it's just a TV show and a game. :))

Petals said...

I wuv my fwends...