Wednesday, November 23, 2016

BBOTT: Weekly Episode, Live Eviction - November 23

Since the weekly (online) BBOTT show now starts at 8pm ET until the season ends, I'm putting up this post so anyone who wishes to do so can comment on the weekly show. I'm not going to live blog the show itself as we've already discussed all that happens.  Plus, the early time here for the show has it at the same time as Survivor -- which I live blog and more people are into than this CBS All Access only version of Big Brother.

This week Survivor is two hours, so I won't be watching (although it will be kind of sort of on) BBOTT's live eviction. It's not like there will be much suspense to it anyway. Jason saved himself with the veto. Morgan had to put Shelby on the block because Justin had already saved himself with the care package. So, it's only Justin and Jason voting with Kryssie and Shelby on the block. Guess who will go home? I'll return to post the news when it goes down anyway.

Guess what? The live eviction went down and both Jason and Justin voted to evict SHELBY! 

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