Sunday, November 20, 2016

BBOTT: Hamsters, Hamsters - into Sunday, November 20

Easy noms decision this week

Oh my gosh. I really have little for you today.
  • Since Justin saved himself with the care package and Shelby is Morgan's best and only ally in the game, the nominations are obvious.
  • Kryssie and Jason will be on the block.
  • (Even though the safety ceremony is down to one and it will be later tonight.)
  • There will be no America's nominee this week.
  • Justin and Shelby will be the only hamsters voting. We (America) will vote.
  • Although Morgan and Shelby want Jason out -- Kryssie to the final three would guarantee someone else a win at the end -- I would guess that America will more likely vote to evict Kryssie over Jason.
  • So, that would leave Justin as the deciding vote.
  • Even though Jason tried to get Justin out with a deal the week Danielle ended up gone, I think Justin will be loyal to Jason.
  • I guess we'll see.
  • Meanwhile, the day was uneventful.
  • They laid about.
  • They ate.
  • They all got along together when together, but sniped about each other when apart.
  • They are bored.
  • They are boring. 

Playing a good game. Will she make it?

Who will win? Jason or Jason? Pool, I mean.

Works too hard at being a misfit

Missing his home


Judi Sweeney said...

It will be very interesting to see who America goes after.... getting Kryssie out would open the door wider for the guys to get their foot in there... But, Shelby has grown on me.

David said...

The voting page for BBOTT says all voting has ended. I believe Julie also said the only voting left by America was for the winner during her weekly talk Thursday.

Since America will not have an eviction vote this week, it will all come down to who wins the Veto. If Jason, Chryssie, or Justin wins Veto, one of Chryssie or Jason comes down and Shelby goes up and out the door.

If Morgan or Shelby wins Veto, most likely Jason will go out the door. So this Veto could determine whether Jason or Shelby wins the whole thing. One of them is going out the door this week I am almost 100% sure.

monty924 said...

That was my understanding too, David. I also agree with your assessment of the possibilities this week. It all really comes down to veto. This has been a subdued but great season. I've enjoyed it.

Lemonjello said...

Those two girls should get evicted for staying in the hoh room so much, going to bed so early at night, and being so antisocial! I hope Jason or Krissee wins! Dose the third place get anything? I hope Justin get that if there is something for #3, but I think Justin will be offerered some kind of show, he will have to stop cussing tho! lol