Friday, August 11, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds iFriday, Temptation Challenge - August 11

Someone told him collar up is cool

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Misguided Millennials:
  • The big news is that the Temptation Challenge already went down.
  • It apparently wasn't the order of the noises, but something about where they were when they heard them.
  • Of course, we don't really know because the feeds were blocked for the comp -- we pick up bits and pieces as they talk about it once the feeds return.
  • Mark once again won a comp! He's getting pretty good at these things. He has safety for the week and cannot be nominated.
  • Matt was the loser, making him the third nominee.
  • The plan is to put Jason up as a pawn.
  • Paul told Alex he owed her one and would understand if she wanted to put him up as a pawn.
  • But Jason and Alex are worried that the house might flip and vote Paul out.
  • So, the next pawn would be Elena.
  • Heh.
  • What's with all the pawns?
  • What about wanting to get Cody out?
  • Well, the plan is Operation Backdoor for Cody.
  • He'll obviously know what's going on when he's not nominated. I'm sure his spidey-senses are already tingling about it.
  • But the hitch here is that a true Backdoor (or, as Nakomis named it -- Six Finger Plan) is that the target has no chance to stay in the game.
  • With so many playing veto, he just might get picked to play. If he plays and wins veto, he's safe no matter if he takes someone off the block or not.
  • That's a pretty big gaping hole in their plan this time 'round.
  • Elena is not a happy camper. She thinks if Cody wins and uses the veto, she would be the one voted out.
  • Oh, gee. That would be so horrible.
  • NOT!
  • She then claimed that she didn't want to be up with people she liked.
  • Oh my. They are both men, right?
  • Now, the nominations ceremony hasn't happened yet. But they have all been talking about it. It seems to be pretty set that Elena and Jason, with Matt as the third nominee, will be on the block. 
  • Christmas and company (Paul, Jason, Kevin and Alex) think the house will split once Cody leaves.
  • If Cody stays this week, the house will stay united in the effort to get him out.
  • No one wants to work with him.
  • For his part, Cody is doing okay. He's occasionally mingling and, while not the life of the party, is being as cordial as Cody can be.
  • Christmas told Kevin that she wants to keep Matt and Raven around longer than Mark and Elena because they're still working with them.
  • I guess she's thinking Mark and Elena have gone rogue or something.
  • What about Josh? Where does he stand? He thinks he stands with Christmas, Paul, Alex, Jason and Kevin.
  • But he's Expendable Man.
  • Cue circus music. 
  • Cody told Elena the deal that Kevin offered him a few days ago. You know, the one that went off the table with the physical threats.
  • He didn't tell her it's off. He might not actually know that Kevin no longer wants to work with him.
  • Cody told Elena that, if he stays, he'll go after Paul, Kevin. Jason and Alex.
  • Why? Because they're all disloyal to him! Um. I don't think Paul was disloyal to him. At least not until after Cody was disloyal to him in the beginning of the season. Heck, neither had any real loyalty to each other. 
  • Cody promised Elena if he won PoV, he'd take her off the block.
  • Okay. Then Alex could put Raven up there!
  • I'd like to see either or both Elena and Raven gone. 

Going through the order of the noises

Operation Backdoor will fail if he wins veto

He looks at ease, but he's not


Petals said...

Thanks Jackie!
I couldn't watch any feeds because I was being traumatized by the season finale of "Ozark".
*whew* Glad it's over, my heart couldn't take any more.

*fingers crossed* for Cody winning VETO

Judi Sweeney said...

LOL@Jackie.... cue circus music! Love it!!!

Shannon said...

It will only fail IF Cody gets picked to play, if he isn't on the block then the chances of him being picked are less.

Anonymous said...

Someone on Twitter made a post saying all of Raven's stories are Simpson episodes. It's pretty funny.

Joe in NY said...

Honestly, they should take their eyes off of Cody and look at the other couples. At this point, all the arguments for going after Jody are gone. They aren't a couple. He's already in jury. He's not causing any trouble. And, frankly, he's the least dangerous person in the game. Even if he somehow made it to Final 2, he'd lose. He's in an alliance of 1, so he's not dangerous to any of the other groups. IF these people had a brain, they'd use him as a vote and start phase II, however they envision that playing out.

Sharon N said...

Tunnel vision.
If Cody gets eliminated, let the feeding frenzy begin!

Nickelpeed said...

They've had tunnel vision since week 1. They just can't help themselves. Since week 1. That has been Paul and crew's entire strategy....get Jody out of the house.

They would rather have gotten them out before the jury, but they think they've succeeded anyway with one out before jury.

I really hope Cody wins the veto. I was hoping he'd win the temptation veto, but since that is gone, he needs to win the veto. Or, his heart might not be in it at all, so he just might not care.

I hope he keeps his spirits up. I'd love to see him beat the odds.

IAgirlsmom said...

Petals, I'm on episode 4 now. You're making me nervous!
Also hoping Cody gets picked for and wins veto. Have a feeling that he isn't likely to get picked again though. ☹️

Nickelpeed said...

These rats are so nasty. Christmas started yelling at and questioned Mark about his loyalty. She had to know if he was talking to Cody. What is this? 3rd grade. "You're going to be sorry if you talk to him." Treat him worse if he shows his disloyalty. She calls Mark a bully....well kettle meet black. My gosh, these people are little children.

monty924 said...

If they can't get rid of Cody this week, I'm hoping it works out that Raven and Matt are on the block come Thursday. Fingers crossed that Jason stays safe this week.

Sharon N said...

Anon 9:07
OMG, I just watched the Simpsons/Raven twitter comparisons and it's hysterical.
Thanks for posting... too accurate and so very funny!!

Some are just gifs with no sound.
The clips that did have sound, I hand to click the sound on each one.

Harliquinn said...

Double eviction week!!

Sharon N said...

Well, Paul is starting to push his 'suspicions' about Kevin. We had to know there's no way Paul would want to be in F2 with Kevin. He's popular with everyone, and Paul knows they'd likely vote for Kevin to win... especially after everyone knows they got shafted by Paul.

monty924 said...

Sharon, they've (Alex, Jason, Paul, Cody, Mark, multiple people in there) been pushing Kevin suspicions for the last two weeks and it isn't just Paul.

I'm actually hoping that Cody survives this week. Makes for a more interesting game that way. But in no way will I root for him to win, lol. Truth, but still... lol

Sharon N said...

Thanks Monty,
I've read some about some Kevin rumblings, but didn't realize it was quite so wide-spread.
It's kinda sad Jason is a part of it, but then again, Jason has been pretty much back-stabbing everyone lately. I wonder if Kevin has heard some of the talk and maybe that's why he's sad tonight? or maybe he's just homesick.

And what do you know... without Jessica, Cody is actually starting to talk to people.
Not much, but it's a start. Starting around 9:00pm tonight (Pacific), he was deep-cleaning the kitchen. Jessica had said she would tune in about that time so she could see him, and said she wanted him in the kitchen. Who knows, maybe she realized he'd start socializing a bit?

Nickelpeed said...

Well, they say Kevin has the hots for Christmas and suspect he's done something wrong on the outside of the house. That's kind of bad and sad. I had always thought Jason was a good friend to Kevin, but he, apparently, doesn't like him. Wow!

monty924 said...
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monty924 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
T-Town Chick said...

Nickelpeed your right, this season is like Junior High. The harassment this year has been ridiculous. "Don't talk with the target or we'll know that you are secretly working with them." Really? I also love how both sides think the other side is playing such a cruel game. BOTH sides have hit a new low. The only people I can stomach this season is Kevin and Matt. Kevin for obvious reasons and Matt because he's my pool pick and because he was the only one who stood up to Christmas when she was telling him how they were going to harass Cody and Jessica. He said they were getting to personal and that was out of line and he wouldn't participate . I've been thinking about how I would handle things if I were in the house this year. I've always been the type to call people out if they are going overboard, but if I did that with this cast, I would be targeted immediately. I would have to ask myself, "Do I want the money or my integrety?" Also I went back and watched the first few episode today. Cody set the standard when he was HOH. He said he wanted to split the house in two. He said "They are either with me or against me." I guess he got what he asked for.

Sharon N said...

Well, if Kevin has a "thing" for Christmas, and IF the link to an article posted a few days ago is accurate (about her being gay), then good ol' Kev's manhood might be receiving quite a brutal shock.

Never know about these things being true or just rumor... but IF it is true, she's doing a good job of concealing it. I've never been very good at recognizing folks who are gay...unless their actions are completely obvious or they are outspoken.

Judi Sweeney said...

Penny, For the last few nights I had noticed a lot more going on between Kevin and Christmas... more coy and subtle flirting.... more touchy-feely moments but I just brushed my thoughts away beI know he is married with 7 kids.

But, last night while watching BBAD... Christmas and Kevin were laying on a lounger. Christmas was laying her head across Kevin's chest.... while Kevin softly stroked her back and arms. They pretty much tuned out that others were in the room.... I noticed they only had eyes for each other, while smiling sweetly at each other. I couldn't hear what was being said because they were practically whispering. and talking too low to hear what was being said. I'm hoping it is only game. But it is obvious they like each other. I found myself thinking "I hope his wife and kids aren't watching this... like I needed to excuse myself from their room!

Anonymous said...

Doesn’t it seem like Circus Boy long ago crossed the line with his antics? First, whatever happened to the ban on singing? Strategizing and “playing the game” are one thing; harassment and bullying are something else--and that is what we witnessed here. Based on her previous remarks on live shows, I wouldn’t have been surprised if Jessica, in her live interview, had expressed disgust to Mrs. Moonves that CBS would allow such abuse to go on their air.

Nickelpeed said...

I agree with you, Sharon. Jason has been backstabbing everyone. It's very sad because Kevin thinks he can trust him. I do think Kevin has the eye for Christmas. I could be wrong, though. I just think Christmas should not be cuddling with a married man. I don't care if she gay or not. He misses his family and is very vulnerable. He should know better, too.

ceemurph said...

For those interested I did a little search. "Entry of the Gladiators" by Fucik was published in 1897 and is Public Domain. Meaning Josh can sing it without copyright infringement as much as he wants :P

Petals said...

I don't think Jason is "back-stabbing" as much as he is a "YES" man. He will agree and participate in any bashing of any housemate, depending on whom he is speaking with.
Jason goes along to get along... And it's working. Kinda like Andy Herren in a cowboy hat.