Saturday, August 12, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds Saturday, Power of Veto - August 12

Josh, it's "stole" not "stoled"

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Despicable Dawgs:
  • The veto players were picked this morning.
  • Cody's chip wasn't picked out of the bag, thus sealing his Backdoor fate this coming Thursday.
  • Blocked to the live feeds, but talked about -- it was the veto in which, as they got eliminated, they picked a prize and could switch prizes with those out before them.
  • Matt won the veto.
  • Elena got $5,000 which she apparently took from Alex saying she needs the money. (Remember, she's told us and everyone often enough she has no job, no home and BB is her job!)
  • Mark won a trip for two to Colorado. Wow! Heh. He said he took it because they had all talked about just making the veto comp fun.
  • Jason gets a unitard. Alex has some kind of curse. Paul must be chained to Christmas.
  • Some will be attending an Outback Dinner (in the yard). I'm not sure right now who they are. I know it's not Christmas or Kevin.
  • Sooo ... since Matt is the third nominee due to the Temptation Challenge, he cannot be replaced if he removes himself.
  • He'll have to remove either Elena or Jason so they can get Cody up there.
  • It will most likely be Jason being saved.
  • Elena whined to Cody that all she is to them is their perpetual pawn.
  • Heh. Every time they pawn her, I think "pawns sometimes go home ... please."
  • Cody is mingling more (although he played a game of chess alone).
  • He told Kevin in confidence about his daughter and how he was hoping to win for her sake.
  • Kevin, although not a cool move, went and told Paul. Paul was shocked and said it brought a whole different perspective on him.
  • Not different enough to stop the backdoor, mind you.
  • Josh, Paul, Alex and Jason continue to talk about Kevin being sketchy.
  • Sigh.
  • Alex and Paul are pretty sure it will be a double eviction this week. Paul told her she will be protected.
  • Raven, Elena and Cody talked about needing four votes for someone, likely Paul.
  • Since Matt won't save Elena, it must be for the eviction after? I dunno.
  • Hmm ... Christmas was talking to Jason and Alex about Elena going home and Cody staying. 
  • Nah. I just can't fathom them not taking the shot at Cody with the set-up they have in place. 

This is kind of sad

A smile is just a frown turned upside down

"I'm just their perpetual pawn, Cody!"


uncartie said...

10 other people in the house and Cody plays a game of chess alone? @@ Yeah,that's normal.

Sharon N said...

They can't talk to Cody.
You know... cause Paul said so! LOL

monty924 said...

Cody went in the HOH and made nice with everyone tonight. So there's hope for him, I guess.

They could totally flip on Elena and vote her out over Cody this week, but when the find out it's a double, I doubt they will.

Still brings to mind that meme/gif of Jim Carrey saying, "So, you're saying there's a chance"!


Sharon N said...

I'm glad a few are finally talking to Cody and when he went to HOH, they didn't kick him out. Although Paul's minions are weak-minded, so he knows there's always a chance 'his' plans could get flipped.

The costumes Paul/Christmas are tied into are funny, and so is Jason's.
The upside is that Paul won't be able to work his magic on all his separate alliances... not while he's "tied up" with her. :))

Paul's punishment costume last year was hysterical. I remember watching him run through the house frisking everyone, and having several check-in stations. Have to say, he made the most of it and was a good sport. lol

Sharon N said...

Alex must have had a punishment too. She's dressed as a Park Ranger and setting up a tent style campground in the back yard. So much for having the HOH room, but so far, she seems to be having fun with it... and she's done all the set-up by herself.

David said...

LMAO @ Paul being tied to Christmas. That sure puts a damper on his normal routine of making sure he is in every conversation that goes on in the house. Well, at least they will get a respite from Paul throwing shade on Kevin and a few others as a bonus.

The others should take the opportunity to plan Paul's demise, but alas, they are too under his spell to do anything. It would seem most of them know they are at the bottom of the big group, but instead of breaking off they all try to find dirt on each other to move themselves up the totem pole within the group in my opinion.

Alex has her HOH ruined now having to set up that camp site and cook everyone hotdogs now every time the bugle blows. lol

Nickelpeed said...

I can't believe Matt won a Veto Competition! Must have been pretty easy. LOL. Isn't he the 3rd nominee? So, he'll save Jason. Too funny.

I bet that really irritated Alex that Elena took the $5,000 from her. That would be enough for her to put Elena out. It gave her a punishment. But, she wont' go after Elena.

I agree, Sharon N. What Paul had to do last year was hilarious. I'm pretty sure he enjoyed it.

I'm not a chess player, but if I had "friends" in the house like that crew, I'd play it by myself, too. Remember, he blames them for putting Jessica out.

Did someone say Cody had a daughter???

Glenn said...

Alex has an hour each time the bugle plays to set up the tent and to cook hotdogs for everyone and to take the tent apart. she has to carry all the equipment everywhere for the week. she even has to take it to the bathroom with her. She has to shower with the hat on. She is mad because at second place she took the $5000 and then Elena as the winner took it from her, She said Elena made her promise that they would not curse each other.

Glenn said...

Alex just said she might break her promise to Elena and make her a have not this week. Elena just finished 2 weeks as a have not and did not want her birthday this week to be ruined as a have not!

Nickelpeed said...

She will probably make Elena a have not, just to be spiteful. I do not like Elena, but she could at least get some food on her birthday.

T-Town Chick said...

Nickelpeed, it's been reported that Cody has a daughter who's name is Payton......I think. Also he was supposed to spend the whole summer with her but he decided to play Big Brother instead.

Sharon N said...

Cody told Kevin that he has a daughter and that his brother died in a motorcycle accident while Cody was in Afghanistan. He said he got with his daughter's mother during that time. It didn't sound like they ever married, and he only has his daughter during the summer. Cody told Kevin in confidence and asked that he not tell anyone. Cody told Jessica about his daughter, but I hadn't heard about his brother.

It didn't take long for Kevin to break that promise by telling Paul.
Now Paul has now spread it to various people, but he doesn't think it's true and Cody is playing for sympathy.

Alex's punishment is pure hell. Unpacking, cooking hotdogs for everyone, packing it all up again, and having to carry it ALL around with her everywhere. She even has to wear the ranger hat when she showers... and Paul said this punishment is for a week. Raven has already been sneaking into Alex's HOH basket and using her makeup. You know she will eat all her food too!!

Nickelpeed said...

That's sad about Cody's brother. And sad that Kevin told Paul. Of course, he's not going to believe anything Cody says, even though there are pictures of his daughter on his Twitter account.

They're all going to have egg on their faces after this; and it comes out as truth. Brings crazy Phillip to mind about him being a special agent. Nobody believed him, but it was true.

Petals said...

Cody's daughter's name is Paisley. And he didn't tell anyone except Jessica because he knew they'd eventually use it against him.

uncartie said...

Petals,That's Cody's warped thinking and horrible game play on display. By keeping his daughter a secret until late in the game,and he's in a do or die situation it's bound to look like he's playing the sympathy card. Normal people don't keep those things secret.