Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Yes, I'm Still Watching 'The Black Donnellys'

Blog reader TBC asked if I was still doing The Black Donnellys.

Although I haven't taken on the show as a full blogging endeavor, I am still watching it each week. I'm hooked, but it's more of a time element (another 10 PM show which is fine to watch, but would keep me up too late to write up as I have to get up early for work) thing than anything else which keeps me from writing about it on a regular basis.

I'm intrigued by the main storyline of the show, but a few things are bugging me about it. How can either the bar or Jenny's diner make any money when they never have customers? Now, remember, I know the real bar used for the show. It has a solid business and its upstairs rocks with live bands. The show bar may or may not get a jukebox. Skip that, just get some customers! And, the deposits that Jenny's ill father made in the mailbox instead of the night deposit couldn't add up to $13,000 in a year because... there never are any customers in the diner!

Also, I found an article on Jonathan Tucker, Tommy Donnelly on the show, in his hometown (Boston) news. His overacting on the show is beginning to bug me a bit and, according to the article, he seems to have this thing about acting in movies rather than television. So, he thinks he's all that, eh? Well, I'm kind of tired of his facial expressions. He's beginning to remind me of David Caruso -- posing for effect. I did find it interesting that he's a ballet dancer. (Tucker, not Caruso.) And, that scar on his chin? A motorcycle accident a couple of years ago and 62 stitches. Yikes.

But, yeah. I'm watching.


Anonymous said...

I'm watching too Jackie. I thought the same thing about the diner. I was wondering why they would sink more money into a diner when it never seems to have any customers.

I'm still out on whether I'll continue to watch it. Depends on what else is on at the time. It's held my interest so far.

Anonymous said...

It's held my interest so far, but I am starting to wane. To me, that sparkle in the beginning is just not there. I love Kate Mulgrew as the mother though.

Thanks for filling me in though, Jackie. I appreciate the blog (just for me LOL).


Anonymous said...

I just read that the black donnellys has been taking off the schedule but will supposedly be available online

Sydney said...

I loved the first show, had to skip the second, watched the third, and thought, well, I just can't take on another show, I will never get anything done in life if I add MORE than I already watch! So I guess it didn't grab me enough.

I also guess I see a lot of the same on a show I DO watch, with Rescue Me, Irish guys and family angst and the neighborhood and and anger, boys against boys, loyalty, honor etc.. and the one girl...
and the Sopranos are the Sopranos, they already did it and did it well. So, I skip it for now. However, very interested in your reviews Jackie, and seeing that the other commenters have to say.

Thanks all!

Anonymous said...

I heard on the radio the other day that "The Black Donnellys" has been cancelled. It's almost not worth getting invested in a show when they don't give them a chance & yank them so quickly.


Anonymous said...

I've watched the Black Donnellys since the first debut show, and got hooked! I also was a fan of Studio 60...there is room for both shows! I'm sick of all the reality shows. The networks don't give these shows enough time to develop and hold their fan base! Bring back the Black Donnellys!!!!!