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Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Friday into the night - August 29

Frankie's moved back into HoH

I know, I know. I haven't posted for nearly 24 hours again. Y'see, the Thursday night endurance comp did me in. I hurt all over from vicariously living through their slip sliding falls. Ow!

Ahem. Okay, I'll tell the truth -- I had to go with my alliance and they voted I fall asleep. Um. No. It's actually called I only had about two hours sleep, went to work and then accidentally took a several hour "power nap." But I'm all flashbacked and moving forward now! Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Predictable Patsies:
  • Derrick is getting his hollas. He's taking it in good stride. But, you know ... the rest all have to deal with it, too.
  • While they're all banged up and sore from the comp, Caleb's knee seems to be the worst. He doesn't think he'll be able to compete in the PoV comp if it's anything physical.
  • During a morning outdoor lockdown, they returned to find the latest Have Not "extra" food on the table -- the show is calling it snotroast. It seems to be variety meats, mushrooms and garlic.
  • Derrick volunteered to be a Have Not. No one else would volunteer, so Caleb made Nicole a Have Not for the second week in a row -- both of her weeks since her return from the jury house.
  • I personally miss the Have Not/Food comps of the past. When you have the HoH pick Have Nots, it's usually personal. I prefer it either a comp loss or the luck of the draw. There's enough personal stuff already going on in there!
  • Nicole cried.
  • She knows it's a given she'll be nominated, too.
  • Derrick told Victoria that she wouldn't be going on the block. He didn't mention to her that she's the back-up plan if someone gets saved with the veto.
  • But she probably can figure that out all on her own.
  • Nicole thinks that Frankie is pushing Caleb to target her as both a Have Not and a nominee.
  • Caleb thinks he has a good chance of becoming America's Favorite Player.
  • Oh, I'd say Donny probably has that one in the bag.
  • To give Caleb some credit, I have liked him better since the Amber fiasco ended. He's actually been the voice of reason at times.
  • Who woulda thunk it?
  • But he's still all full of himself.
  • Nicole, in a talk with herself (and us), said that she does like Derrick -- he's a nice guy and is playing a great game.
  • And, mind you, she only knows a bit of the game he's playing. He's actually not quite the nice guy she sees in the house. I'm fairly sure he is indeed a nice guy outside. But, inside ... he's called the shots all season long.
  • While talking about who to nominate, Nicole is a definite as everyone inside and outside the house knows. But, who to put up with her? Derrick told Caleb it has to be Christine. If Christine is not on the block and wins veto, she would probably save Nicole. If on the block and wins it, would save herself. 
  • They plan on telling Christine that if someone (other than Nicole) wins veto, they'll take her down and Victoria would go up.
  • And that's how the nominations went down -- Christine and Nicole on the block.
  • Yawn.
  • Christine had to go cuddle with Cody to soothe her nerves.
  • @@
  • Christine is irked about the nomination. After all, she's done so much for the Bomb Squad, so much for the Detonators.
  • Hey, can't she read the writing on the wall? She's supposed to be a fan of the game. Did she miss the year of Britney?
  • Oh my. I just personally flashbacked to season one's Brittany and her "love bed" where they'd all hang out. That was the year before HoH started.
  • Nicole hates Frankie. Frankie hates Nicole. Everyone is fussing about physically hurting from the comp (except Cody).
  • They all want to go to bed early tonight.
  • Crying, fussing, moaning.
  • Scheming, braggging and posing.
  • Yep.
  • Victoria told Nicole that she used to tell Derrick more but feels he's grown too close with others. She said she doesn't tell him what they (Nicole and her) talk about. 
  • Good. She's finally standing up a bit on her own. However, if she loses Derrick to hold her up, she just might fall.
  • Cody and Caleb wondered if anything they said will affect their outside lives after the show like last season's racist remarks, lost jobs and such.
  • No. Of course, just going into the show might make them a mockery. But none of them, present or evicted, seem to come across as horrible racist people or even deep-down controversial.
  • While Frankie might have an anti-fan club, it's more about him being so full of himself and taking over the spotlight at every chance than any sort of horrible evil hatred within his soul.
  • He's annoying us.
  • BB once again hit bargain liquors for a slight amount of booze and the dollar store for off brand PlayDoh and face paints.
  • Derrick talked to us on camera. He thinks he's in a good position in the game and is just about ready to make a big move -- I would HOPE that's getting Frankie out, but he didn't specify. He said he did really like Donny, but it was lousing up his own alliance and own game, so he had to do it. He said his closest ally in the house is Cody.
  • Um. Well. I had that all figured out with the exception of him being ready to make a major move.
  • Do it already.
  • And make it Frankie.
  • That's just about it.
  • I'm ready to nap again.

Derrick volunteers to be a Have Not

Nicole cries about being a Have Not again

Talking strategy

The new sheriff in town

Surviving BB

Memory wall evokes memories

You want my face to melt off, Victoria!

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Big Brother 16: Live Feeds into Friday - August 29

Who wants to see my HoH room?

Well, it's over. I can't imagine folks waiting until Sunday to find out who's the new Head o' Hamsters. My HoH endurance comp report is at this link right here if you haven't already seen it. Here's what's happened since the comp in that Big Brother House of Bruised Bodies:
  • As you realize, Caleb won the comp. He deserved it.The ranking of the others following him were: Christine, Frankie, Nicole. Derrick decided he couldn't win it as he sucked at it, so he went for the reward/punishment and got that. Victoria just sucked at it, but didn't give up. I'll give her credit for that.
  • Since it was so hard on them -- all of them are hurting now -- not a heck of a lot has gone on since.
  • They didn't even get the HoH room reveal for hours.
  • I'm sure they all just wanted to collapse.
  • Victoria told Derrick she didn't want to go against her best friend (in the house) for the money, which is why she continued even though she knew she couldn't win.
  • Derrick fell the most, but it seems to be Caleb who's sporting the ice packs and having the biggest problem walking.
  • They had all noted the huge applause Donny got leaving the house.
  • Frankie thinks America is "obsessed" with Donny.
  • He's kind of right there. Heh. We're not obsessed with him, at least not in a positive manner as we are with Donny!
  • He thinks America must have voted on mental comps so Donny could win them.
  • Um. They were setting up this comp before they knew he'd be gone. It almost turned around there a few times.
  • Cody told Caleb that Nicole was helping Christine in the comp, telling her to scoop up the jelly-like stuff in the bottom of the tanks more so than the liquid on the top.
  • Um. That would seem to be common sense.
  • Frankie sucked up all over Cody.
  • We could have predicted that.
  • Frankie went on more about his sister as now they saw her in the videos of loved ones.
  • @@
  • Frankie obsessed more about America being obsessed with Donny.
  • Frankie whined to Derrick that he (Frankie) has no chance for America's Favorite because ... America is obsessed with Donny.
  • Heehee.
  • Derrick asked America for forgiveness and wants to go on to the next mission.
  • He said they got the message loud and clear.
  • Good.
  • But, had Donny stayed, this comp would have wrecked him. I couldn't make it through it, for sure!
  • They're thinking next week will be a double eviction.
  • They're right.
  • Caleb said if the prize money had been ten thousand instead of five, he would have gone for it.
  • They rehashed the comp a gazillion times.
  • Christine told Cody that Nicole did not tell her about the gel on the bottom despite what Frankie says.
  • They correctly predicted that Frankie would be all over Caleb.
  • He's already started throwing his ex-buddy Christine under the bus.
  • Caleb reiterated that he's not to be called Caleb. He is to be called Beast Mode.
  • Okay, Caleb.
  • Whatever.
  • Nicole is worried.
  • Caleb said he'll talk to her tomorrow (today).
  • Frankie thinks doing the drag bit on their show turned off America.
  • No, that's not it, Frankie.
  • It's you. And Derrick. And the fact that Donny's suggestion of a mission would have been better with America.
  • Yeah, we're obsessed with him, not you. Get over it.
  • Derrick told Frankie he needs to stay close with Caleb and make sure that Christine goes up with Nicole on the block so that she can't save her with the veto.
  • It looks like the target will be Nicole, with Christine as a second nominee. Victoria up on the block and out if Nicole gets saved.
  • No surprises there.

Everybody hates me. I don't care.

Summit meeting?

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Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Endurance HOH Comp Coverage - August 28

Feeds came back on quick this time!

 Once the live feeds come back on, I'll provide coverage of the HoH endurance comp along with some screen caps.

Right now, we're in waiting. Refresh the page to get the latest news/screen caps!

Occasional Jeff interludes, Victoria is horrible at this.

10:13pm ET - Caleb went down, started crawling and we went to Jeff interviews.
10:16pm ET - Feeds back, Caleb still up.

Uh-oh. Frankie has picked up his pace. It had been Nicole and Caleb leading.

Nicole and Frankie

No one is going for the reward/punishment

Cody looks bored out of his mind.
Christine isn't struggling as much. Looks like Victoria in last so far. What a surprise!
Frankie keeps singing and making the feeds get blocked.

10:41pm ET -- Looks like Frankie and Christine are about tied for the lead with Caleb and Nicole just a bit behind them. Derrick is doing poorly. Victoria is doing worse.

Derrick decides to switch

Derrick, far behind on the large one, goes for the reward/punishment. I don't think he'll make it.

Caleb and Nicole both have bees on their lanes. Must be the suds attracting them. Nicole went down, up again.

Nicole and Christine - Quad cam

Caleb has regained his stride.

BeastMode steps up a gear
Christine is also doing well. Frankie and Nicole seem to have fallen behind them, but I can't seem to get a decent view of Frankie's snowman head.

They're all going to be hurting puppies tomorrow.

Okay, got a view. Christine, Frankie and Nicole are about the same around the nose. Caleb's is higher.

A cricket in Nicole's lane is annoying her.

Caleb keeps mumbling some sort of army marching commands to himself.

Nicole, Christine, Frankie

Derrick's almost at the reward/punishment level for winning that one.
Christine seems to be in the lead, but I haven't seen Caleb's lately.
They decided Derrick has fallen the most/best.


Derrick got the ball from the small snowman head -- gets the 5000 dollars and the hollas. He also gets to rest while the others continue on.

Are we sure Frankie hasn't been sneaking peeks at tennis? He's making those awful loud yells every time he kicks off from his snowman like they do when they volley.

Caleb definitely in the lead

Big Brother 16: Live Eviction/HoH Comp Show Blog Party - August 28

Big Brother summer on Make A Gif

Well, this will be it for either Donny or Nicole. As the show airs here on the East Coast, I'll update this entry with the major happenings. Refresh the page to get the latest!

A programming note here in the NYC viewing area -- WLNY 10/55 will be airing BB at its regular time instead of WCBS 2 (football).

Here are the latest blog pool standings going into tonight's eviction:


Caleb - JimmyB, SueGee on the Left Coast, Sharon S, monty924, Janice from GA
Christine - ReeseB0329, EileenH, Willie J, Ronda, Rbennie
Cody - Delee, Nickelpeed, WolfpackRed, Nell the Southern Belle, Sally in Indiana
Derrick - Ed in Ohio, Jessica UNderwood, Marlo, Stormy, Erinkate
Donny - Buzzmaam, Tami, JonMD1267, Margo, Kelsey
Frankie - Aya, JOKATS, Ninboh, Tammy, Becky
Victoria - Dr_Celine, ORKMommy, Sharon N, Faye
Nicole - Jo, Witt, Celticskye, Tilda

Jocasta - Brenda, Kelly Davey, Cheryl in NC, Old mom, Maquinn78
Hayden - Donna in FL, Chacha, Sasha, Uncartie, Clover
Zach - Brian, NikkiB, Kathy, David

    Joey - Not included in pool 
    PaoPao - Jackie, Lisa Bishop, Chrob61, lynn1
    Devin - Donna in Alabama, Lili, Sparty, Merrilee, SarahT
    Amber - Caela, Sharon, Glenn, PDX Granny, Jennifer
    Brittany - Dierdre, ML, Shannon, Gaylos, Donna E
As you all know, the real party is in the comments area! Come join us there!

Christine's husband will be in a segment and they said HOH will be endurance. If the comp runs beyond the show end, I'll put up a separate post to cover it.

Segment on whether the hamsters think it's safe to keep Nicole or not.

Frankie gets word from DR about their mission. If America voted it mission completed, in the show they'll be asked as a Have Not, what food should America give them. They answer apple pie. If she says it's approved, success. Denied, America said no.

We can add rewards or punishments in the HOH comp in a Twitter vote at this link.

Into the living room with the apple pie code. OVERWHELMING NO  on the apple pie! The mission failed!

Christine's husband with gauged ears and all. He's not overly thrilled with how she is with Cody. Some lines have been crossed. Her Mom hates it and wants her to get away from Cody. Her father doesn't like it either. The brother isn't happy either. Cody's father says they're all touchy-feely. Cody's sister thinks he needs to back off.

Julie tells us about the last minute effort Frankie and Caleb made to flip the house and keep Donny. Did it work?

Donny -- Regular speech
Nicole -- Love, grateful, etc.

The votes to evict --
Christine - Donny
Victoria - Donny
Frankie - Donny
Caleb - Donny
Derrick - Donny

Yep, Donny is gone. We're in commercial. The Bold and the Beautiful want him to guest star. He'll be fine. I think he's better off psychologically out of there. Derrick left him a message obviously for his vote. Will it work if Derrick makes it to the final two?

HoH comp start. Sloppy the Snowman, transferring snow to snowman head -- it's the slip-slide one. Smaller snowman can get a reward and a punishment, $5,000 dollars and 5,000 hollas. Once a HoH is crowned, it's over.

Next week is a double eviction.

The HoH endurance comp coverage is at this post right here.

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds into Thursday - August 28

Praying for the mission's success ... NO!

Although the results haven't been announced, the Internet buzz is a huge NO on the success of the mission. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Flip-flopping All Day and Night:
  • Nicole packed. Donny probably just stayed packed for the most part as he's up on the block every week.
  • They went on indoor lockdown for the comp prep in the yard about noon their time yesterday.
  • Donny has started campaigning. He went to Frankie making a plea as a Team America mate. Frankie told him he would have to "vote with the house" and that if he could get one more vote, maybe.
  • Frankie suggested he get Caleb's vote rather than Christine.
  • Well, DUH. Christine has been saying since the first week that she wants him out!
  • She claims she "hates" him.
  • Hmm. Before fish cut him off, Frankie was singing about getting drugs from the Diary Room. I wonder what meds he's on? Why are there always so many hamsters on drugs in the house? Can't they get people who don't need medications other than the occasional Advil or over the counter pain reliever? Hmm.
  • Frankie warned Caleb that Donny was going to approach him. He told Caleb that Donny has a way of making him feel weird (and bad) about voting him out. Caleb told Frankie that Donny deserved to stay longer than Victoria because he's had to fight every week to stay in the house. Frankie shrugged (screen cap below) as Caleb left the room.
  • Caleb really doesn't need to be convinced to keep Donny over Nicole. He's voiced it before even though he thinks Donny is a super spy or something.
  • Frankie claimed that the DR told him that Julie will ask one of them (on the live show) what they'd like for an extra if a have not for the week. They're to answer "apple pie." If she says their wish is granted, that would mean the Team America mission was a success, it it's denied -- failure.
  • We'll see about that.
  • Derrick and Frankie think/hope it will be a pass. They claim they had no other option and saving Donny wasn't doable before the veto meeting. Perhaps AT the veto meeting if they convinced Cody to save Donny, but not before as the instructions indicated.
  • Semantics, I say. Had they done it, America would have ruled it a win, methinks.
  • Want to know how disgusting Frankie is?
  • I'm sure you want to know.
  • You need to know.
  • At one point Victoria was standing in a room when Frankie entered (screen cap below, but I refuse to screen cap what he did). When he saw her standing there, he took his um ... privates ... out of his pants (thankfully still covered in underwear) and let them hang out over top his pants. When no one noticed, he tucked them back in after walking in back of her.
  • What is wrong with him?
  • Derrick told Donny that he's willing to consider keeping him (and three more Team America missions), but it's Frankie on the fence about it.
  • Yeah, right, Derrick. I like ya, dude. But you're just going for his jury vote on that one!
  • Derrick claims to be torn and, at times, he honestly seems to be. If the others (Frankie, Caleb) decide to keep Donny, he'd go for it rather than be odd man out. But he honestly wants to keep Nicole over Donny as Nicole is better for his personal game. Donny has him made; Nicole via Victoria has fallen into his web.
  • Caleb pushed Derrick for a keep Donny vote.
  • And, so it went ... flip-flopping throughout the evening into the night.
  • Derrick told us (the camera, alone in the room) that he could flip the house (keep Donny) if he wanted to.
  • We know he could.
  • So, do it, kiddo!
  • But I doubt he will.
  • Frankie wants Nicole to go because she'd put him up on the block if she wins HoH.
  • Derrick told Nicole that she needs to put Frankie on the block if she wins HoH.
  • Now Nicole only likes Victoria. Well, Donny, too. But Donny will be gone (as far as she can tell).
  • Nicole told us (and Derrick separately) that she deliberately folded on the veto because she knew what Cody was doing and knew Donny was their target, not her. She couldn't risk Donny winning.
  • She told us she has to play strong now.
  • Talking with Donny, Caleb told him that he's only one vote and can't make it happen. 
  • So, although hope was up for a Donny save, it still looks like a Donny go.
  • Derrick has done it again.
  • Puppetmaster.

Bonding gals in the bathroom

Second-thinking himself

What do I do now?

Victoria concocts wax to remove hair

Caleb talks the pros of keeping Donny

Just before Frankie was lewd

Cody will snuggle anybody, Christine even


Caleb proves he can jump high

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Big Brother 16: Power of Veto Show Blog Party - August 27

Big Brother summer on Make A Gif

Are you ready to party? As the show airs here on the East Coast, I'll update this entry with the major happenings. Refresh the page to get the latest news!

But, as you all know by now ... the real parTAY is in the comments section. Come watch the show with us and join in on the fun!

Cody is pondering putting Frankie up. Derrick is a naysayer.

Donny gets the Team America mission which is to create their own mission. He'd like the mission to keep all the members in the house. America will vote on whether what they do is worthy. It has to be done by veto meeting time.

Victoria's wisdom teeth are coming in and she's not only in pain, but has chipmunk cheeks. She passes out in the bathroom and Nicole calls Derrick to help. Derrick yells for a medic and tries to help her the best he can. The medic treats her and she's feeling a bit better. Now she feels loved.

Frankie and Derrick don't think America wants the mission to be to save Donny. Little do they know ...!

Veto players pick time -- Cody draws Christine who makes a horse noise, Nicole gets Derrick, Donny draws Frankie. He didn't want Frankie.

Frankie wants to put a play on. Derrick agrees that the play isn't a great idea and Donny hates it. He thinks Frankie is always "up there" and never on a "Donny level." Derrick tells him that it's too risky for their own games to try to flip the house.

The veto comp is as they thought, counting fold or stay. The others come up with a plan to rig the comp so Donny doesn't win. They have a Scorpion show tie-in. The winner not only wins veto, but gets a special showing of the new Scorpion TV show.

First round, the perfect numbers guy Frankie is out. Donny wins the round.
Second round, Cody wins.
Third round, Cody wins as all fold. He only needs one more win.
SHEESH! They all folded and Cody wins veto!

They deserve to lose for that! They obviously don't know when to hold or when to fold! By folding, it was an automatic win for Cody. Cody invites Donny and Nicole to attend the show with him.

Frankie has this brilliant idea to put on a play. @@

They play the evicted hamsters. @@

Donny's Devin is spot on.

I say no.

Cody would like to take someone down and put up Frankie. They'd have the votes. Derrick is reluctant.

Time for the veto meeting. Donny congratulates him, would love to stay, will respect if he doesn't use it on him. Nicole doesn't expect it. Cody chickens out and leaves both of them on the block instead of going for a Frankie ouster. I would have respected him so much if he had made the big move.

Survivor: San Juan Del Sur Cast Video Released

There's good news; there's bad news. The good news is there are no returning players this season. The bad news is that we do know a few of them. The "twinnies" from The Amazing Race can't, won't last too long, will they?

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Tuesday into Wednesday - August 27

Caleb and Nicole take a tumble

Yep, yep. I'm still here watching the grass grow. Too bad it's artificial turf!  Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Boredom:
  • The screen cap above is the most entertaining thing that happened all day yesterday. Caleb and Nicole were sitting next to each other. He was leaning back on his chair and leaned back too far. He grabbed Nicole's chair as he went, thus dragging her over, too. He claims it was an accident. But, since he had grabbed on and rocked her chair before, it was probably on purpose -- he might have just thought he wouldn't be really able to pull her over.
  • After she got up, she threw the water from her glass at him and he managed to perfectly escape getting hit by any.
  • How boring was it for them? It was so boring that all were in bed before 2am their time -- a first for this season.
  • Let's see ... what happened ... what happened. 
  • Um. Cody got his HoH camera.
  • Nicole told Christine that she'd like to meet Ian and Dan at their after party. I can totally see that.
  • Victoria and Nicole bonded more. Victoria is still on her jealousy kick about Christine while we all know Christine betrayed Nicole. So, they have some common ground going there.
  • The BB voice yelled at Cody for jumping into the pool.
  • I've decided I'd personally like to have that backyard for myself. Get rid of the cameras and mirrors, though. Oh. I'd like the kitchen and storage room, too. I'd have to redecorate the whole place, but I could live there. Without hamsters and cameras, of course.
  • The live feeds were blocked as the hamsters did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.
  • Victoria told Nicole that her whole view of Christine changed when she saw what Christine did to her (Nicole). She vowed to never put Nicole on the block if she wins HoH.
  • That's a big IF, but the sentiment is good.
  • Derrick and Nicole have bonded a bit due to Victoria and Nicole bonding. He told Nicole that he's said all along that Victoria was a good person.
  • Nicole is really struggling as a Have Not.
  • Donny seems to be taking it in stride. He's taken a lot in stride this summer.
  • Derrick and Cody compared notes on Christine, deciding she's a pathological liar.
  • Too bad they didn't think of that before Cody didn't use the veto!
  • Cody said he'd rather Frankie and Christine go away before Nicole.
  • I say, "Yay, Cody! You da man!"
  • Unfortunately, Derrick inputted with what a huge competition threat Nicole is. Grr, Derrick.
  • Caleb is disgusted with the Cody/Christine physical petting and cuddling.
  • So am I.
  • Of course, she also pets Derrick. 
  • She pets the girls, too.
  • If she touched me, I'd give her a look that would KILL.
  • Nicole has bought Derrick's tale hook, line and sinker. She told Victoria she'd trust him with her life.
  • While I bet Derrick could be trusted with her life outside the house, inside not so much. (As we all know.)
  • Christine told Cody that Frankie and Nicole offered her final two deals.
  • Oh, well. Hamsters spinning their wheels in a hold position for now.
  • And, they're all still asleep.

You two can leave anytime. Please.

Hot tub gathering

Has Donny finally gone bonkers?

More thinking about exercising than actual exercising

24 hour darts are back

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Monday night into Tuesday - August 26

Walking the yard

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Misery:
  • Frankie thinks that Nicole and Victoria are "dangerous" together. He would prefer Nicole leave this week rather than Donny because Nicole put him on the block.
  • Frankie doesn't think Donny would put him on the block.
  • All Frankie has to do is convince Derrick that Donny staying is best for their games and the Team America deal. Frankie doesn't think America would have picked Donny for the team if he were a bad person. They (we) must like him.
  • Derrick, on the other hand, knows that Donny is the only one who realizes that Derrick's been calling the shots all summer long. Donny is the biggest threat in the house to Derrick's game.
  • OMG - These hamsters need to stop randomly yelling and screaming. I have to keep jockeying my volume up and down. They're going to scare my neighbors.
  • Donny said he likes it when "normal" people are on shows like Survivor so that fans can relate to them.
  • I agree. I wish more "normal" people were on Big Brother, too. Instead, we get over the top "characters" like Frankie.
  • Meanwhile, Nicole and Victoria grow closer.
  • Heh.
  • Lots of playing pool. I guess I'd rather watch them play pool than chess. But, geez. They should all be experts time the summer is over.
  • Christine, the staunch (and raunchy!) Get Donny Out Person, told Derrick she thinks Donny would win it all if he made the final two.
  • Derrick seems like he might be wavering a bit.
  • Only Frankie, Derrick, Christine, Caleb and Victoria can vote this week. Caleb will do whatever Frankie wants. Victoria will do anything Derrick wants. Hmm ... maybe the vote could flip.
  • They wouldn't need Christine.
  • But then Donny would be stuck there lonely and sad for yet another week.
  • I honestly don't think he can make it to the end. I personally wonder if prolonging his misery isn't the right thing to do. It's a wonder he hasn't gone bonkers.
  • Frankie told Derrick that he thinks the Diary Room hinted at him that saving Donny might be best.
  • They can't tell them to do things -- the hamsters will do whatever they want. But they can, through their questions, hint and plant seeds. Many of the previous hamsters said that they could tell be the questions asked how some of the things are going on the show. That's the extent of production meddling despite what you might read elsewhere.
  • We'll see. I just don't know what good it will do. Donny has too much opposition to get to the end. An endurance comp would probably knock him out second at this point (Victoria first).
  • Caleb (remember Caleb, the cowboy Eminem stalker dude?), said that if he wins HoH, he wants to put Nicole and Christine on the block.
  • So, Caleb thinks it will be Donny out this week.
  • Cody told Derrick that Frankie is trying to get him to save Donny.
  • Um. Cody can't save anyone at this point. He has no vote and there won't even be a tie-breaker vote as it's an uneven number of hamsters voting.
  • He has no real power at this point.
  • Victoria is getting jealous about Christine spending time with Derrick.
  • @@
  • She has a real crush going on there while Christine is a bit of a sleaze who probably will caress anything in pants. (Especially named Cody.)
  • As I get this posted it doesn't seem as 100% positive that Donny will go home this week.
  • However, I still think it's a very very strong possibility.
  • It would probably be a good thing for his psyche to get out of there. I can't imagine what he's going through being constantly targeted and being so different from the others.

Is she staying or going?

She has a serious crush, he doesn't

Cody, pool shark

Is it really that cold there?