Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Monday evening into Tuesday - September 2

Badminton injury/foolish casualty

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Expect the Expected:
  • Nicole knows she will be going home Thursday and is now holding her head high.
  • But she'd still rather stay.
  • Being consoling during all of Victoria's crying is getting to Derrick. His patience is starting to wear thin.
  • Holla!
  • Derrick told Christine that Nicole said that Frankie is playing the best game in the house.
  • I didn't hear her say that. I suppose it's possible she said it as they didn't backdoor him this week, though.
  • Christine said she'd rather lose to any of the other three guys, but not Frankie.
  • She can't stand him, y'know.
  • Nicole said that they put the exact kind of people she said she didn't like in the house. Basically fake happy people, not real people.
  • Derrick has been studying for comps, as has Christine.
  • Cody doesn't think anyone has been studying other than himself and Christine.
  • He needn't worry. Derrick wants him in the house.
  • For now.
  • Christine doesn't think she's done anything to embarrass her parents.
  • How about her husband?
  • Cody got all worried because Caleb talked with Frankie about the idea of backdooring him before deciding to put Victoria on the block.
  • Cody and Derrick think that Caleb needs to go before long because he can't keep his mouth shut.
  • Of course, they could have been rid of one obstacle this week had Caleb put Frankie on the block.
  • Cody and Derrick think Caleb wanted to save Frankie because he sees him as a connection to the music industry.
  • @@
  • The ONLY connection Frankie has is that his sister is apparently and up and coming pop star. If she's bright, she'll distance herself from her brother.
  • Nicole told Derrick that Caleb plans to take Cody to the end so he "can beat the best."
  • Derrick said that's foolish. He plans on taking someone he can beat.
  • Can you say "Victoria?"
  • I'm tired of hearing Derrick say he's 30 and a grown man. 
  • I was on my own and "a grown woman" per se by the time I was 18. 
  • Of course, he is in a house with a bunch of children who still live with their parents for the most part.
  • Frankie doesn't live with his parents, but I'm sure they have a hand in supporting him and his lifestyle.
  • Nicole is still enthralled with Derrick, now thinks Cody did both her and Hayden in.
  • Yawn.

What? She's not caressing his toes?

They need to get him OUT

Can you find the dragon?

Monday, September 01, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Bulletin - PoV Meeting Renom - September 1

Scared to make the big move

As Nicole put it: "This place is always so predictable."

Christine saved herself as no one could blame her.

Caleb put Victoria on the block with Nicole going home this week.

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Sunday overnight into Monday - September 1

Nicole reacting to Christine's evil eyes?

Good morning, hamster watchers! (Not to be confused with my buddy Dingo at Hamsterwatch, mind you!) Happy Labor Day to you all and I hope most of you won't have to labor through the day! This is a bit of an abbreviated feeds report because most of the talk was circular over the wee hours. Nonetheless, here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Will You PLEASE Get Frankie Out?!?!:
  • Caleb is in a tight spot.
  • He has a chance to make a big move and put Frankie on the block in Christine's place when she saves herself with the veto later today.
  • Much of the night was spent with Cody, Derrick and Caleb discussing the pros and cons over Nicole going home versus Frankie going home.
  • I personally think Frankie going home would be the better choice for all of their games, including Derrick.
  • Derrick was staunchly saying Nicole should go but then admitted that Frankie is more likely to beat them in comps.
  • And on it went.
  • All night long.
  • Now, if Victoria goes on the block with Nicole, Nicole goes home.
  • If Frankie goes on the block with Nicole, Frankie goes.
  • Caleb and Cody seem to have more reasons for Frankie to go.
  • Either way SHOULD be good for puppetmaster Derrick -- Nicole has already told him that if he makes the final two, she's a jury vote for him. If she stays in the game, she's not going to put Derrick on the block.
  • I think his main worry might be that if he's in the end with her, she just might win.
  • But, even if she stays this week and even through the double eviction coming, I don't think she'll make it to the final two.
  • Caleb continues to embellish his military experience. He's gone from being a prison guard with no combat under his belt to being a hero.
  • When he gets out of the house, I'm pretty sure he'll go from hero to zero rather quickly.
  • After the long long long (did I mention it was long?) circular talk about the renom, they decided Nicole would go home (which means Victoria will go on the block).
  • Sigh.
  • Derrick went and told Nicole he did the best he could, but it doesn't look too good for her.
  • @@
  • We'll see what actually happens at the veto meeting later today.
  • Well, we won't actually SEE it because they block that to the live feeds.
  • But we'll know.

So full of themselves, both of them

Call me Dino!

Am I the backup plan again?

Spittin' his tobaccy in a jar

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Sunday into the Evening - August 31

Dragon at rest

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Reality Bites:
  • Holla
  • Victoria is still all up in arms about Christine "moving in" on Derrick.
  • Derrick is pleasant to Christine, but she's far from his cuppa.
  • The photo booth opened up for Sunday photo funday.
  • Yawn.
  • Caleb is worried that if Frankie wins the HoH comp in the double eviction they're sure is coming this week, he'd put Cody and himself (Caleb) on the block.
  • Easy fix for that, I say. Vote Frankie out before the Hoh comp!
  • Caleb told Nicole that he's sure he'll win against Derrick, Frankie or Christine at the end.
  • @@
  • I'm not so sure that he'd win against Derrick. Frankie and Christine, yeah. But those two need to be gone before the final two. They annoy me.
  • Caleb also said that the Diary Room said that they haven't been getting a lot of alcohol this season because they haven't been requesting it.
  • It could be true. Other seasons they kept begging for alcohol. Not so much this year. Frankie doesn't drink at all; Derrick's not a big drinker. I think some of the others who are gone weren't drinkers.
  • Caleb really doesn't trust Frankie and SEEMS to be pondering him on the block, definitely whoever wins HoH had to put him up.
  • Derrick (for his own game and the possibility that Team America might carry on) keeps saying it's too early.
  • Nicole tried to mend fences with Frankie. Like Donny before her, it's a desperation move.
  • Sure enough, Frankie twisted just about everything she said around.
  • Caleb still thinks he'll be a big celebrity when he leaves the house. He's imagining getting offered movie deals, singing deals and modeling deals.
  • Silly boy. He just vanish into obscurity and will only be known by Big Brother fans.
  • Cody has to pay $800 a month on his $80,000 college loan debt.
  • Oy.
  • Derrick told Caleb the perfect final four for him would be himself, Caleb, Cody and Victoria.
  • Obviously, Caleb would think that Victoria would be the expendable one leading into the final three.
  • I'm not sure that's what Derrick's thinking, though. He's probably thinking he'd be a shoe-in for the win against Victoria in the final two.
  • Another megaphone outside the yard incident. They said something mentioning Frankie, Caleb and Derrick. Possibly derogatory about Frankie; hard to tell.
  • They were sent inside.
  • Derrick claimed they were talking trash about all of them. 
  • Hmm.
  • Nicole said that Christine's laugh will haunt her all her life.
  • All of us, Nicole, all of us.

Keep telling yourself it's just a game

A sight for sore eyes, bandaged ones, I hope

Sunday photo funday

Big Brother 16: HoH Comp, Nominations Show Blog Party - August 31

Big Brother summer on Make A Gif

Gee, for a moment I forgot that the television viewing only audience doesn't know who the latest HoH is! Well, that will be remedied tonight. As the show airs here on the East Coast -- actually starting on time -- I'll update this entry with the major happenings. Refresh the page to get the latest!

As always, the real party is in the comments area. I ask that you please try to keep comments to a PG level. I also ask that you not post spoilers from the live feeds in comments as some folks do just watch the show. Yeah, they're getting only the CBS take on it all, but that's how some people do watch it.

Ready to party?

They continue on with the slip-sliding comp we left off with on Thursday. Derrick wants to go for the money, but has to act like he wants HoH for the others. Lots of falls. Ouch. Derrick got the 5k and the hollas. Nicole tells Christine the gel in the back is thicker -- Nicole figures she was last behind Christine, Frankie and Caleb, maybe Christine would help her.

Caleb wins HoH!

Frankie is bitter about Donny and feels that Donny didn't pull his weight. Frankie tells America he doesn't care.

Caleb is a hurtin' puppy, (As all if them are.) Frankie goes off on his paranoia about Nicole and Christine working together and pushes Caleb to put both on the block.

CBS is actually showing Frankie as the jerk he is on the live feeds.

They all limp up to Caleb's HoH room. Frankie has attached himself to Caleb as he does with any HoH who will let him. @@

Victoria tells Derrick that Christine is mean, has a weird laugh, laughs at everything. Valid points, I say.

Nicole tries to talk to Caleb. Not to any avail ... he'll "ponder on it."

The Have Not food is "Snot Roast" - variety meats, mushrooms and garlic. Derrick volunteers to be a Have Not.  No one else volunteers. Caleb said they've all done it twice. Frankie has only done it once but doesn't volunteer. Caleb picks Nicole. She cries.

Cody rats out Frankie throwing Caleb under the bus to Caleb.

Nominations today. Caleb nominates Nicole, then Christine. A holla to Derrick keeps interrupting it.  Nicole smart, cute, had three chances to save herself since she came back. Christine, you know why, hope you win. 

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - August 31, 2014

Good Sunday morning to you, albeit a bit later than my usual! Hey, it's a holiday weekend, y'know! This is my weekly off television topic post reflecting on the week gone by in both words and photos I've taken along the way. If you're looking for my latest Big Brother TV show/live feeds content, you can find that by clicking on this link right here. This photo post is a year 'round staple on the blog; BB is only three months. I could sometimes add "thankfully" to the latter.

I have a rare three-day weekend going on and I've already totally messed up my sleep pattern by taking really long naps Friday evening and yesterday, then being up most of the night. I must not nap today! I can't get into that pattern as I'm back to work on Tuesday. One positive is that I had a four day work week this past week as I took my last paid vacation day yesterday before my PTO turns over. This coming week, I have a four day work week due to the holiday. The week after I have a four day work week as I'm taking the Saturday as a vacation day leading into VACATION. Yay.

As I type this up, CBS Sunday Morning has a segment about workers not taking their full paid vacation time off from work. I never NOT take it. I need it. I've earned it by working decades at the company. I want it. I take it. To the last minute ... my personal days, my holidays and my vacation time ... I take it all. I let sick hours bank up when I'm not having a health crisis of one type or another.

Nothing much has happened this past week. I'm still running on empty despite the four day work week. I will admit that right now I'm feeling incredibly well-rested. What an odd feeling indeed! But I know it won't last. Sigh.

I still have no clue about the new upstairs neighbor(s). I see two Hispanic last names on the mailbox, but I'm wondering if they just didn't know how to make a hyphen with the P-Touch label maker. It sounds like one person, quasi-nocturnal. He/she/they are still ranking as great upstairs neighbor(s) with fairly quiet walking and just the occasional music or television noise wafting through the floors. I've dodged the upstairs neighbor from hell once again. Yay.

They say Plainfield is a rough town. And, it can be in places, sort of like any city I've ever been in. But, now and then, the true spirit of the city shines through. A prime example -- the other day I was walking on the sidewalk near my apartment. I saw a woman standing looking at her car which was parked a bit haphazardly on the street. What I couldn't see is that she was looking a flat tire on the driver's side. I could see she looked confused and like she was about to cry.

Along comes one of the local black street type dudes on his bike. I've seen the guy around for years and he always says hi to me. He stops his bike and asks the woman if he can help. She's a Latina, speaking no English. He proceeds to gesture at her tire and trunk of her car. She smiles and opens the trunk. He gets out the jack and spare tire and starts to work.

When I told him that was very nice of him, he said, "God put me in front of two different ladies with flat tires this week. He must want me to help them, so I do."

Yes, that's Plainfield. The majority of people I know in town are good people and I enjoy living here.

 photo IMG_5576a_zpsd5bda6d4.jpg
Just after sunrise these days

Yep, the sunrise is coming through as I walk to the Plainfield Train Station now. I enjoy that. I like sunrises. I actually don't mind the days of walking to the station on the dark mornings, either. It's not like walking the streets of town at night -- the denizens of the streets are gone by the time I pass through after 6am.

 photo IMG_5607a_zpsbb468129.jpg
Watching me watching him

The Plainfield Train Station groundhog seems to be disturbed that I know his hiding place. I imagine one of his burrows is near there.

 photo IMG_5560a_zpsa0df4c98.jpg

The night crowd, mostly drinkers and street people, have taken some of the bricks from where the wall at the Plainfield Train Station let go in the cold from this past winter and have made creations on the ledge. One day I'll go by and it will be a shrine set up to an empty beer bottle or red Solo cup; the next day it's Brickhenge. By the way, they actually did repair the wall at the station.


Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Saturday Night into Sunday - August 31

Always thinking

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Stop Singing:
  • For those of you without the live feeds, every time the hamsters sing, BB yells at them and the feeds cut to the fish cam/theme music. That's because it's considered copyright violations as they broadcast the music over the internet without paying for the privilege.
  • Yet, Frankie and Caleb in particular, keep bursting into song. Sometimes it's Victoria.
  • Hey, hamsters! This ain't Big Brother the Musical! Knock it off!
  • Usually I'll be watching an interesting (for this season) conversation on one of the group of two feeds roughly on the same thing. Then, unbeknownst to me, someone starts singing on the other two cams. Wham, I'm shut down, too!
  • That's another live feed gripe I have -- although we have four camera feeds, we actually only have two. Two cameras are always on different views of the same room, yard, etc. Sometimes it would be nice to truly have four cameras going on four different rooms, etc. Not so much now that there are so few hamsters, but ...!
  • Okay, off my soapbox and onto the happenings.
  • Apparently for being the first out of the PoV comp, Cody has to wear a dragon costume.
  • Roar.
  • Nicole thinks she would have done better if she had some sort of support upon her return to the house.
  • Of course. She's not a good lone wolf.
  • Derrick reassured her that he meant what he said to her about hoping his daughter grew up to be like her. He pointed out that he has nothing to gain by saying that. He means it.
  • Of course, that doesn't help Nicole in the house.
  • Nicole told Derrick she would campaign for him in the jury house if he makes the final two.
  • He puts on the humble modest act and said it would take a lot of luck for him to end up there.
  • They're pretty certain that a double eviction is coming this week. This time they're right.
  • In various different talks, the final three most talked about is Cody, Caleb and Derrick.
  • I honestly wouldn't mind that. I certainly don't want Frankie and Christine in there. Victoria has been playing a weak game although she doesn't annoy me like Frankie and Christine. And, Nicole has no chance whatsoever of making it to the final three. She has no chance of making it past Thursday.
  • Meanwhile, both Frankie and Christine are throwing each other under that bus to an extent.
  • Victoria knows that Christine has been bad-mouthing her.
  • She doesn't realize that most in the house have no respect for her game.
  • Probably not even her buddies, Nicole and Derrick.
  • That doesn't mean they don't like her as a person. 
  • With the exception of Frankie and Christine, they all seem to enjoy each other quite a bit. 
  • Cody has a weird love/hate relationship with Victoria that's amusing to watch -- kind of like a brother and sister bickering. "Mom, he touched me!" Touch. "Make him stop!" "Stop looking at me like you want to melt my face off!"
  • Victoria is worried about Christine spending a lot of time with Derrick. He told her that they don't talk game. For the most part, they don't.
  • Caleb said he earns $16,000 a year as a personal trainer. 
  • Yep, he's such a good catch!
  • He also previously said a good wage where he lives is $12/hour. 
  • That wouldn't cut it around here in the NYC greater metro area! 
  • Caleb said Frankie told him he earns $1,000 a week. Even that can't cut it in Manhattan or Brooklyn. Maybe Staten Island, the Bronx or Queens or parts of NJ.
  • Frankie, who didn't compete in the comp, says he knows his colors because he's gay.
  • @@
  • The backyard opened and they have a real badminton set, not one from the dollar store.
  • Alas, there was more shouting over the fence, so the yard didn't last long and they went back on indoor lockdown.
  • They got booze and combined it with the saved booze from the night before.
  • Nicole and Derrick can't drink because they're Have Nots. Frankie doesn't drink. So the others, especially Cody and Victoria, got zonked.
  • Derrick continued his "I can't win against you" talks with Caleb, Cody and Frankie (just in case!) prepping for his final two bids.
  • I personally think, as apparently Frankie does, that he just might because he's had a hand in almost every eviction (according to Frankie). I say every eviction -- even when it was someone he didn't particularly want, he turned it around and led the charge.
  • Frankie told Derrick he would take him to the final two due to the Team America thing. We know Cody and Derrick are the Hitmen final two. All he needs to do is secure Caleb taking him to the final two. Caleb seems torn between him and Cody because all three have "played the same game" being loyal to each other, winning some comps and playing the game as clean as they can.
  • Caleb is still going on about how he's a shoe-in to win the favorite player money.
  • @@
  • Although he's been entertaining in a house of boring people and more entertaining than Frankie the Entertainer, that should rightfully go to Donny. I don't believe there's ever been the reaction to a hamster that Donny has received.
  • But they don't know that.
  • Victoria, as I could have predicted, became a sad drunk. 
  • Derrick, as I could have predicted, became the one who tried to console her.
  • Nicole told Victoria that she (Nicole) loves Derrick and now knows why she (Victoria) loves him.
  • Cha-ching, Derrick's got the two jury votes in the bank right there. Nicole already told him she would campaign for him in the jury house.
  • THAT is how to be a puppetmaster!
  • Now he just has to get to the final two!

If a dragon and two BB gals enter a bar ...

Drunken dragon

A delicate operation

Melancholy lady

He's thinking, she's drinking

Cody gives Christine a big head

And now Frankie?

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Saturday/PoV Comp - August 30

Messy comp, for sure!

Well, well, well. I'm sure it will surprise you that Victoria did not win the PoV comp and, thus and therefore, cannot save Nicole this week. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Pain:
  • In the veto players pick, the only one who isn't playing is Frankie.
  • Christine picked Victoria's chip. Heh.
  • She was upset about that because she claims Victoria is vacant and does nothing.
  • I don't know. If I had to pick one of those two who doesn't skeeve me out, I'd go with Victoria every time. While she does little gamewise, she isn't horribly annoying for me.
  • Christine told Frankie that they should tell her if she (Victoria) wins veto and saves Nicole, her buddy Derrick will go on the block and go home.
  • Caleb, Cody and Derrick talked (pre-veto) that if Nicole stays and wins HoH, she'd put Frankie on the block and they'd send him packing.
  • Caleb is still mad that Frankie set him up about the Amber ouster.
  • Caleb said that if Nicole wins veto, Victoria up and Christine goes this week.
  • Ah, they are starting to cannibalize each other ... if only in their scenario talks.
  • Derrick thinks that Christine and Frankie have a lot of haters now.
  • Y'think?
  • Derrick is cementing Caleb's paranoia about Frankie not wanting him in the final two. Derrick has Caleb convinced that Frankie wouldn't take him (Caleb) because he thinks he would lose the jury vote to him.
  • Wheels in motion for a Frankie nomination?
  • I hope so.
  • Then the veto comp went down.
  • Christine won.
  • It was a messy one having to do with paint colors in a sequence.
  • Remember, we don't see these comps. We only hear them talk about them.
  • Cody went out first in the comp.
  • Frankie, of course, said he would have done so well in it.
  • Christine muttered, "Yeah, it's always all about him."
  • Heh.
  • Fractures keep forming!
  • Derrick told Victoria that he's sure Frankie isn't going up, but isn't sure who is. He said Nicole will be the one leaving no matter who goes on the block with her.
  • Sigh.
  • Christine flirted more with Cody.
  • Gag.
  • Frankie and Derrick fussed about  if they've losing their winnings from the Team America mission and wondering if we were out to "get them" due to how Julie was so emphatic about the play's failure.
  • I said "emphatic," not them. I'm not sure they know the word.
  • Frankie thought it was demoralizing the way she said it.
  • Good.
  • Derrick said his heart was crushed.
  • As it should be.
  • Frankie thinks that America voted no just because they didn't save Donny.
  • Well, yeah, to an extent.
  • But we did it also because the "play" idea absolutely SUCKED. Perhaps if they had come up with a real mission, it might have passed muster.
  • And on it goes.
  • I doubt Caleb will put Frankie up in Nicole's place.
  • It's nice to dream, though.
Ho, ho, ho - Jolly Green Cody

Couldn't save her friend

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Friday into the night - August 29

Frankie's moved back into HoH

I know, I know. I haven't posted for nearly 24 hours again. Y'see, the Thursday night endurance comp did me in. I hurt all over from vicariously living through their slip sliding falls. Ow!

Ahem. Okay, I'll tell the truth -- I had to go with my alliance and they voted I fall asleep. Um. No. It's actually called I only had about two hours sleep, went to work and then accidentally took a several hour "power nap." But I'm all flashbacked and moving forward now! Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Predictable Patsies:
  • Derrick is getting his hollas. He's taking it in good stride. But, you know ... the rest all have to deal with it, too.
  • While they're all banged up and sore from the comp, Caleb's knee seems to be the worst. He doesn't think he'll be able to compete in the PoV comp if it's anything physical.
  • During a morning outdoor lockdown, they returned to find the latest Have Not "extra" food on the table -- the show is calling it snotroast. It seems to be variety meats, mushrooms and garlic.
  • Derrick volunteered to be a Have Not. No one else would volunteer, so Caleb made Nicole a Have Not for the second week in a row -- both of her weeks since her return from the jury house.
  • I personally miss the Have Not/Food comps of the past. When you have the HoH pick Have Nots, it's usually personal. I prefer it either a comp loss or the luck of the draw. There's enough personal stuff already going on in there!
  • Nicole cried.
  • She knows it's a given she'll be nominated, too.
  • Derrick told Victoria that she wouldn't be going on the block. He didn't mention to her that she's the back-up plan if someone gets saved with the veto.
  • But she probably can figure that out all on her own.
  • Nicole thinks that Frankie is pushing Caleb to target her as both a Have Not and a nominee.
  • Caleb thinks he has a good chance of becoming America's Favorite Player.
  • Oh, I'd say Donny probably has that one in the bag.
  • To give Caleb some credit, I have liked him better since the Amber fiasco ended. He's actually been the voice of reason at times.
  • Who woulda thunk it?
  • But he's still all full of himself.
  • Nicole, in a talk with herself (and us), said that she does like Derrick -- he's a nice guy and is playing a great game.
  • And, mind you, she only knows a bit of the game he's playing. He's actually not quite the nice guy she sees in the house. I'm fairly sure he is indeed a nice guy outside. But, inside ... he's called the shots all season long.
  • While talking about who to nominate, Nicole is a definite as everyone inside and outside the house knows. But, who to put up with her? Derrick told Caleb it has to be Christine. If Christine is not on the block and wins veto, she would probably save Nicole. If on the block and wins it, would save herself. 
  • They plan on telling Christine that if someone (other than Nicole) wins veto, they'll take her down and Victoria would go up.
  • And that's how the nominations went down -- Christine and Nicole on the block.
  • Yawn.
  • Christine had to go cuddle with Cody to soothe her nerves.
  • @@
  • Christine is irked about the nomination. After all, she's done so much for the Bomb Squad, so much for the Detonators.
  • Hey, can't she read the writing on the wall? She's supposed to be a fan of the game. Did she miss the year of Britney?
  • Oh my. I just personally flashbacked to season one's Brittany and her "love bed" where they'd all hang out. That was the year before HoH started.
  • Nicole hates Frankie. Frankie hates Nicole. Everyone is fussing about physically hurting from the comp (except Cody).
  • They all want to go to bed early tonight.
  • Crying, fussing, moaning.
  • Scheming, braggging and posing.
  • Yep.
  • Victoria told Nicole that she used to tell Derrick more but feels he's grown too close with others. She said she doesn't tell him what they (Nicole and her) talk about. 
  • Good. She's finally standing up a bit on her own. However, if she loses Derrick to hold her up, she just might fall.
  • Cody and Caleb wondered if anything they said will affect their outside lives after the show like last season's racist remarks, lost jobs and such.
  • No. Of course, just going into the show might make them a mockery. But none of them, present or evicted, seem to come across as horrible racist people or even deep-down controversial.
  • While Frankie might have an anti-fan club, it's more about him being so full of himself and taking over the spotlight at every chance than any sort of horrible evil hatred within his soul.
  • He's annoying us.
  • BB once again hit bargain liquors for a slight amount of booze and the dollar store for off brand PlayDoh and face paints.
  • Derrick talked to us on camera. He thinks he's in a good position in the game and is just about ready to make a big move -- I would HOPE that's getting Frankie out, but he didn't specify. He said he did really like Donny, but it was lousing up his own alliance and own game, so he had to do it. He said his closest ally in the house is Cody.
  • Um. Well. I had that all figured out with the exception of him being ready to make a major move.
  • Do it already.
  • And make it Frankie.
  • That's just about it.
  • I'm ready to nap again.

Derrick volunteers to be a Have Not

Nicole cries about being a Have Not again

Talking strategy

The new sheriff in town

Surviving BB

Memory wall evokes memories

You want my face to melt off, Victoria!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds into Friday - August 29

Who wants to see my HoH room?

Well, it's over. I can't imagine folks waiting until Sunday to find out who's the new Head o' Hamsters. My HoH endurance comp report is at this link right here if you haven't already seen it. Here's what's happened since the comp in that Big Brother House of Bruised Bodies:
  • As you realize, Caleb won the comp. He deserved it.The ranking of the others following him were: Christine, Frankie, Nicole. Derrick decided he couldn't win it as he sucked at it, so he went for the reward/punishment and got that. Victoria just sucked at it, but didn't give up. I'll give her credit for that.
  • Since it was so hard on them -- all of them are hurting now -- not a heck of a lot has gone on since.
  • They didn't even get the HoH room reveal for hours.
  • I'm sure they all just wanted to collapse.
  • Victoria told Derrick she didn't want to go against her best friend (in the house) for the money, which is why she continued even though she knew she couldn't win.
  • Derrick fell the most, but it seems to be Caleb who's sporting the ice packs and having the biggest problem walking.
  • They had all noted the huge applause Donny got leaving the house.
  • Frankie thinks America is "obsessed" with Donny.
  • He's kind of right there. Heh. We're not obsessed with him, at least not in a positive manner as we are with Donny!
  • He thinks America must have voted on mental comps so Donny could win them.
  • Um. They were setting up this comp before they knew he'd be gone. It almost turned around there a few times.
  • Cody told Caleb that Nicole was helping Christine in the comp, telling her to scoop up the jelly-like stuff in the bottom of the tanks more so than the liquid on the top.
  • Um. That would seem to be common sense.
  • Frankie sucked up all over Cody.
  • We could have predicted that.
  • Frankie went on more about his sister as now they saw her in the videos of loved ones.
  • @@
  • Frankie obsessed more about America being obsessed with Donny.
  • Frankie whined to Derrick that he (Frankie) has no chance for America's Favorite because ... America is obsessed with Donny.
  • Heehee.
  • Derrick asked America for forgiveness and wants to go on to the next mission.
  • He said they got the message loud and clear.
  • Good.
  • But, had Donny stayed, this comp would have wrecked him. I couldn't make it through it, for sure!
  • They're thinking next week will be a double eviction.
  • They're right.
  • Caleb said if the prize money had been ten thousand instead of five, he would have gone for it.
  • They rehashed the comp a gazillion times.
  • Christine told Cody that Nicole did not tell her about the gel on the bottom despite what Frankie says.
  • They correctly predicted that Frankie would be all over Caleb.
  • He's already started throwing his ex-buddy Christine under the bus.
  • Caleb reiterated that he's not to be called Caleb. He is to be called Beast Mode.
  • Okay, Caleb.
  • Whatever.
  • Nicole is worried.
  • Caleb said he'll talk to her tomorrow (today).
  • Frankie thinks doing the drag bit on their show turned off America.
  • No, that's not it, Frankie.
  • It's you. And Derrick. And the fact that Donny's suggestion of a mission would have been better with America.
  • Yeah, we're obsessed with him, not you. Get over it.
  • Derrick told Frankie he needs to stay close with Caleb and make sure that Christine goes up with Nicole on the block so that she can't save her with the veto.
  • It looks like the target will be Nicole, with Christine as a second nominee. Victoria up on the block and out if Nicole gets saved.
  • No surprises there.

Everybody hates me. I don't care.

Summit meeting?

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Endurance HOH Comp Coverage - August 28

Feeds came back on quick this time!

 Once the live feeds come back on, I'll provide coverage of the HoH endurance comp along with some screen caps.

Right now, we're in waiting. Refresh the page to get the latest news/screen caps!

Occasional Jeff interludes, Victoria is horrible at this.

10:13pm ET - Caleb went down, started crawling and we went to Jeff interviews.
10:16pm ET - Feeds back, Caleb still up.

Uh-oh. Frankie has picked up his pace. It had been Nicole and Caleb leading.

Nicole and Frankie

No one is going for the reward/punishment

Cody looks bored out of his mind.
Christine isn't struggling as much. Looks like Victoria in last so far. What a surprise!
Frankie keeps singing and making the feeds get blocked.

10:41pm ET -- Looks like Frankie and Christine are about tied for the lead with Caleb and Nicole just a bit behind them. Derrick is doing poorly. Victoria is doing worse.

Derrick decides to switch

Derrick, far behind on the large one, goes for the reward/punishment. I don't think he'll make it.

Caleb and Nicole both have bees on their lanes. Must be the suds attracting them. Nicole went down, up again.

Nicole and Christine - Quad cam

Caleb has regained his stride.

BeastMode steps up a gear
Christine is also doing well. Frankie and Nicole seem to have fallen behind them, but I can't seem to get a decent view of Frankie's snowman head.

They're all going to be hurting puppies tomorrow.

Okay, got a view. Christine, Frankie and Nicole are about the same around the nose. Caleb's is higher.

A cricket in Nicole's lane is annoying her.

Caleb keeps mumbling some sort of army marching commands to himself.

Nicole, Christine, Frankie

Derrick's almost at the reward/punishment level for winning that one.
Christine seems to be in the lead, but I haven't seen Caleb's lately.
They decided Derrick has fallen the most/best.


Derrick got the ball from the small snowman head -- gets the 5000 dollars and the hollas. He also gets to rest while the others continue on.

Are we sure Frankie hasn't been sneaking peeks at tennis? He's making those awful loud yells every time he kicks off from his snowman like they do when they volley.

Caleb definitely in the lead