Monday, October 24, 2016

BBOTT: America's Nomination, PoV Comp - Monday, October 24

Shelby was worried, then relieved

Mondays are a big day in the BBOTT house. First, the America's nomination is announced. Then, immediately after that, the veto players are picked. And, then there is the Power of Veto Comp. I get tired just thinking of all that activity!
  • No surprise to me, Neeley was America's nomination for eviction.
  • Since she was chosen as a Have Not this week (also by America) and due to the fact that she sits wrapped up in a blanket wearing sunglasses indoors and out, day and night, without doing much other than trashtalk and gossip ... it was a given to me that she'd go up.
  • The way they work picking the veto players is that all of the hamster chips are in the doohickey. The HoH picks two chips. If she picks her own chip or any of the nominees, whomever picked gets to choose a player.
  • Kryssie drew Justin first, then she drew Scott. So, he could choose a player. He chose Shelby. Kryssie chose Whitney to host the comp.
  • Then the comp took forever. It was a Wall of Shame. There were pegs all along the wall. They had to climb over to a clue, then match it up with a numbered card on the podium. The time limit was 30 minutes and each had to go individually. The others were all sequestered indoors.
  • Morgan did great, finishing in about 8 and a half minutes.
  • Kryssie, who's not athletic at all, had a hissy fit and quit the comp claiming her hands were bleeding all over and on ... and on.
  • Scott was about a half-minute slower than Morgan's time.
  • Morgan won the Power of Veto.
  • Yep, the one nominee likely to get NO votes for eviction won.
  • Since Kryssie already mentioned her Plan B renom would likely be Shelby, I guess we can expect that.
  • But having Neeley in the nom mix might blow their plans to get Scott out.
I don't care much for either Neeley or Scott. However, I'd prefer Scott leave if I had my druthers. (What exactly ARE "druthers"?) He tends to creep me out. Neeley is just kind of no real there there. That's better than a creep out. 
Neeley is America's nomination

Morgan working the wall

Kryssie's Wall of Shame was shameful 

Scott is ready for his Wall of Shame

BBOTT: Alex's Nominations - into Monday, October 24

I don't think I'd want her preparing food for me

With the exception of the final Safety Ceremony doings and scheming here and there, Sunday was rather uneventful.
  • Kryssie's nominations are Morgan and Scott.
  • Now, she talked at length with Morgan beforehand. Morgan is a definite pawn. Morgan even volunteered to be a pawn, thinking Scott would be the ultimate target.
  • And, yes. Scott is the target. Originally, Kryssie didn't want to nominate him herself (even though she wants him out more than anyone else) because she didn't want it to look like an emotional play.
  • Rather than take the risk that America wouldn't nominate him, she did.
  • She used the reasoning that America put two of her allies on slop this week along with Scott. Neeley and Jason are Have Nots.
  • Hmm.
  • Scott seems to think that Neeley could possibly be voted out.
  • I think Scott could possibly be voted out unless he wins the veto.
  • Kryssie's bunch doesn't want Alex to play in the veto because she herself is safe this week and someone not a target would have to go up.
  • They seem to have lost the realization that the veto winner can't be nominated anyway.
  • But it's their game to lose, not mine.
  • Danielle has realized that Neeley really isn't her BFF in the house. She's been talking to the other girls in the house about her! How dare she!
  • Everybody's talking about you, girl. Maybe if you didn't talk so much about yourself, they wouldn't be.
  • Justin is stirring the Neeley/Danielle pot.
  • Whitney thinks Justin is the best/most dangerous player in the house.
  • Now, I'm not getting that feeling so much. What Justin has in his favor is that he's truly gregarious. He likes hanging out with people, doesn't matter what people or what side. Because he does that, everybody seems to think he's playing the game. Nah. He's just playing Justin. 

But, what will America do?

How Neeley will always be remembered

If she wasn't safe, she wouldn't be

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - October 23, 2016

Good morning! Since it's Sunday morning, it's time for my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way. This is a regular Sunday part of this blog in addition to the television posts. Right now I'm covering Big Brother: Over the Top daily -- you can find those posts at this link. I'm also live blogging Survivor episodes as they air on Wednesday evenings. Come join the blog parties!

Tonight is the big season premiere of The Walking Dead. Yes! Finally! I fear Lucille's target will be Glenn. But I hope I'm wrong.

We went from summer to winter this week here in New Jersey. Well, not quite winter, but close. Until late in the week, our temperatures were hitting records with a few days just a couple degrees short of the 90-degree mark. Then yesterday morning, it became raw with an at times wind-blown cold rain coming down sideways. We do need the rain. My area was one of the counties in the state listed under a drought warning this week. While we had rain on and off for about 24 hours, I doubt it put a dent in the reservoir levels.  

Work continues to be very stressful for me. I feel like I'm surrounded with people who don't care and are undependable. I swear everybody's calling out or taking vacation every other week while I have so much on my plate that I feel like I'm scrambling every minute I'm there. I've been working more hours than usual and still feel I'm not getting things done as well as I should. Oh, well. If I can make it to retirement (maybe next year at this time!), all will just be a bad memory.

That's it for now. Onto the photos! Clicking on an image will bring up a larger version ...  

The best season of all, it's FALL!

Autumn is usually my favorite season of the year. While spring is a close runner-up, fall is usually more crisp in the mornings, warmer in the afternoons with cool overnights. Generally, it's not as rainy as spring (although we need the rain this year) and it's colorful. I love the seasonal displays near my workplace. Unfortunately, I've seen some of the smaller pumpkins go missing. Why can't people just appreciate seeing them and not feel the need to steal? Sigh.

If only ...

In front of the Friends (Quakers) Meeting House on Watchung Avenue in Plainfield, if only peace on Earth could be possible. 

Golden dreams


BBOTT: Have Nots and Saturday Safety Stuff - into Sunday, October 23

At your service, Madam HoH

Yesterday's big news of the day was the beginning of the Safety Ceremony and the Have Nots (chosen by America) announcement. Not necessarily in that order, mind you.
  • The Have Nots "we" chose are: Jason, Neeley and Scott.
  • Hmm. Scott was a given in the minds of most. Neeley? Her personality and way of just sitting around trashtalking others instead of winning anything or actually doing anything is affecting how the public looks at her. 
  • Then there's Jason. HE thinks America chose him because he's been playing both sides of the house to an extent. He thinks Justin does that much more and is more deserving of being a Have Not.
  • Nope, that's not it, Jason.
  • Y'see, we DO like you. But you've grown too smug and need to tone down the nastiness a bit. This is the equivalent of an NCIS Gibbs cuff across the top of the head. A wake-up call, if you want to call it.
  • Kryssie, on the other hand, has upped her image a bit in my mind. She's really taking the HoH seriously and weighing all her options while trying to work with almost everyone in the house a bit.
  • Well, everyone but Scott, that is.
  • Since they found out that three will go to the finals instead of the usual two, Justin and Jason are the ones NO ONE wants to be with at the end. All think that either of those two would beat anyone else in a popular vote by America.
  • Friends, allies, whatever -- most just feel those two need to go before the final three.
  • Meanwhile, Kryssie wants to get out someone who "doesn't deserve to be there" this week rather than a power player. She's about the only one who says that if she makes it to the finals she doesn't care if she's up against popular players.
  • She means Scott as far as one who "doesn't deserve to be there."
  • We all know that.
  • Sure, he won HoH last week and made the "big" and "personal" move of getting Shane out.
  • But, for the most part, Scott is just sort of trying to be in with the in crowd and just not making the grade.
  • For all we know, that might just be the story of his life. I don't mean to be cruel. I certainly spent enough early years of my own life doing the same thing. For all his expertise about BB, he just lacks the social skills to actually fit in well with others at all -- either the in crowd or the Misfit Toys. The Misfit Toys of life would accept him if he didn't come across as he feels he's so much better than they are.
  • I still want him gone this week. He annoys me.
  • In the first Safety Ceremony round, Kryssie made these allies of her safe: Neeley, Justin and Danielle. 

Shelby is pretty when she's not making faces

Give him slop for his constant trashtalking!

Stuck inside due to nearby concert

I've grown weary of him. Dismiss him!

Some are safe, some are not

Saturday, October 22, 2016

BBOTT: America's Care Package, into Saturday - October 22

Your Safety Servant on duty

Yesterday's big action of the day was America's Care Package. America did the right thing in my mind. Of the house hamsters, I think Alex was the most likely to be targeted and out (unless America shook up the vote) this week. I'm not ready for her to go yet. She's a smart player and willing to take chances. I want to see what she can do.
  • The America's Care Package was Safety Servant -- she has to wait on the HoH (Kryssie) and cannot be nominated for eviction this week.
  • Kryssie picked up on the fact that this is twice that America has connected her and Alex. What could that mean? Does America want them to work together?
  • Hmm.
  • I don't think that's necessarily the case. I personally think America would like someone else who's more annoying or just not playing the game well out.
  • Not that I can speak for America, but I think we probably target one of these more: Scott, Danielle, Morgan. While Shelby is strong on the hit list for the Late Night Jamboree hamsters, I don't think America feels quite as strongly against her.
  • There was a bit of a rift between Neeley and Kryssie. Y'see, Jason and Neeley were giving Kryssie all of their ideas of what she should do with her HoH. 
  • Kryssie balked after Jason left the room and said it was like they didn't even recognize she was in the room. She wants to wait to see the Have Nots to see where America stands with the hamsters before making any decisions.
  • I can't blame her.
  • Neeley got miffed. But she got over it.
  • In other news, this is shallow of me, but I feel I must say it. Why in the world do Whitney's eyebrows look so fake and almost to the point of being Spock-like?!?! Why do women do that to their eyebrows? I'm a woman and I just don't get it! She either comes across as perpetually surprised or Vulcanish. Gah.
  • Morgan approached Kryssie, telling her that Scott is trying for reverse psychology. And, if she or Whitney go up as a pawn, the girls will vote Scott out.
  • We know that Kryssie's real target is Scott.
  • But after her hissy fit breakdown about Shane being backdoored and an emotional move by Scott, she doesn't want her nominations to be taken as an emotional move against Scott.
  • Follow that?
  • She told Morgan that Scott is the target with Shelby being Plan B.
  • Hmm.
  • I'd just as soon Scott go. He adds nothing to my personal entertainment value of the show. While it's kind of scary to see the men diminishing from the house so rapidly this season, he can go away. Far away.
  • Danielle is bugging me, too. She was all over Shane in her showmance and went so quickly to acting like he was never in the house. That's cold. 
  • What do you think? 

You guys know it's MY HoH.

Still annoying, but now feels safe

Morgan isn't an Alex

Whitney in thought

Friday, October 21, 2016

BBOTT: Into Friday, October 21

This is how we roll

Good morning! How are the hamsters? Well, no one has had fisticuffs. And, alas, I doubt there will be fisticuffs. Women aren't so much into them, y'see. And, if you've noticed, the number of males in the house is getting near nil -- Jason, Justin and Scott. True, they started at one less male, but they're a vanishing gender on BBOTT.
  • Kryssie made a big deal of how Scott made a personal decision when he backdoored Shane. She cried more than Danielle cried.
  • She also cried because she felt Scott made a personal attack in his nomination speech to her.
  • So, is she going to go all personal and target Scott now that she has the power?
  • Well, she says her target is Alex (probably a stronger competitor in the long run than is Scott).
  • Meanwhile, Scott feels that Alex saved his life in the game on Week Two and she deserves to stay over him.
  • After all, he would earn four grand for his four weeks and that's not chump change (according to him).
  • Of course, that would dwindle a lot once taxes are taken out!
  • Scott feels he's blown his chance.
  • He says it would be nice to have Halloween in the house, but he should go home before Alex.
  • Hmm.
  • And Morgan is willing to throw Shelby under the bus to save Alex.
  • Hmm.
  • I personally would rather Alex stay in the house over Morgan. But Alex definitely has more of a target on her back.
  • Justin has been working as a double agent. He hangs out with the girls, then reports back to the Late Night Jamboree crew.
  • Surprisingly, Danielle hasn't wept a tear over her love Shane getting evicted.
  • Justin told Jason he doesn't trust either Danielle or Neeley.
  • Jason told him that as long as they're with him (Jason), they're with him (Justin), too.
  • Neeley wants to protect Morgan. Or, at least, she's telling her that.
  • Kryssie is hoping that America puts Scott on the block. 
  • But she wants Alex out even more.
  • And the beat goes on. 

Now he can be smug with reason.

Fun in the sun

Huh, Scott said no way could Kryssie win HoH!

I need to go instead of Alex. I've screwed up.


Neeley's new fascinator ... er, hat.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

BBOTT: New HOH! - October 20

Paul and Pablo hosted

I didn't think I'd still be up, but I am.

KRYSSIE is the new HoH! 

Searching the balls

Alex disadvantage goggles

The comp itself

Well, it will be her first week not on the block!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

BBOTT: Weekly Episode and Live Eviction

I'm a bit otherwise occupied this evening. However, I'm putting up this post so anyone who wishes to do so can comment on the weekly show. As it is with this online show, I will post about the HoH comp in the morning. Midnight starts for it are too late for East Coast people!

I will step back in for the live eviction, though! 

Okay, it's 11:06pm here and time for the live eviction.

Neeley, Danielle and Shane get to give a little speech pleading to stay. Nothing earthshattering. Shane says he knows he's going home, will not hug the fakes when he leaves.

The votes to evict:
Alex - Shane
Whitney - Shane
Kryssie - Danielle
Justin - Danielle
Morgan - Shane
Jason - Danielle
Shelby - Shane

With America's vote, it's a tie. Scott votes to evict Shane. Bye-bye, Shane.   

Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X Blog Party - October 19

As Survivor airs here on the East Coast, I'll be live-blogging with the major events.  As always, the real party is in the comments area. Please feel free to join in on the fun!

Here are the blog pool match updates from the Lovely Lifeguard Laurie:

Millennials - Vanua Tribe 
Adam Klein - Brian, Kelsey NY, Sharon N 
Jessica Figgy Figueroa - Donna in Alabama, Laurie 
Justin Jay Starrett - Becky, Jackie, Shayne
Michaela Bradshaw - Donna in NY, Krysta G, Pinky 
Michelle Shubert - Ed in Ohio, Nickelpeed 
Taylor Lee Stocker - Donna in FL, Janice from GA, Stephanie in Baltimore 
Zake Smith - Beachmom, monty924, Glenn
Will Wahl - Cheryl, Indiana Jane 
Hannah Shapiro - David, meb, Terry is a Texan 

Gen-X - Takali Tribe 
Bret LaBelle - Brandi Peralta, Judi Sweeney, Skyriverblue 
Ciandre CeCe Taylor - Anonymouse, Merrilee 
Chris Hammons - Cheryl in NC, Jennasmom, Lanell from TN
David Wright - Buzzmaam, MikesGirl, Sharon C 
Jessica Lewis - Cupcake, Jean, Petals 
Ken McNickle - Dolores in Hollywood, Margo, Russ
Sunday Burquest - Brenda, Kristen from Ohio, SueGee

Rachel Ako - As first boot, her blog pool people have been reassigned.
Mari Takahashi - cwcamper, Marthalight 
Paul Wachter - ChickMc, PDX Granny
Lucy Huang - Delee, ML 

Survivor fans ready? Sixteen are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

Older Kids: David feels vulnerable because he saved Jessica with his idol. Jessica tells him she will give him her legacy advantage if she is voted out. Or, did she tell Ken that? Either way, you know that they'll stick together after this! Because an idol is returned to play, everyone is out searching for it. Whoa! David finds a second idol! Yay for him!

Immunity Challenge time? Hmm. Drop your buffs, switching things up. Switching to THREE tribes. They're pulling random colored rocks.

Vanua Orange - CeCe, Chris, David, Zeke and Michelle.

Takali Purple - Taylor, Figgy, Adam, Jessica and Ken.

Ecobula Green (sp?) - Michaela, Hannah, Jay, Will, Sunday and Bret

The last tribe has one extra person and must make a new camp. 

Figgy realizes showing off the showmance with Taylor will harm their game. Taylor disagrees. Ken and Adam are hitting it off.

On the new Vanua tribe, Zeke is hitting it off with fellow Okie Chris. It turns out he's a big football fan and all. 

On the new Green tribe, Michaela went above and beyond making fire. It's a big emotional deal for her and her tribemates are thrilled. 

NOW it's time for the Immunity Challenge. Two tribes will win Immunity. Diving to retrieve buoy, swim to platform, five buoys, throw buoys into baskets. Will sits out. 

Thanks to Michaela, the Green tribe wins Immunity first!  Takali wins the second Immunity! Vanua will go to Tribal Council.  

CeCe and David think Michelle will go and they keep Zeke. Chris wants to vote out CeCe and tells David that. Both David and CeCe did horribly in the challenge. Michelle is worried nonetheless. She tries to talk strategy and voting David out with CeCe. CeCe tells David. He's worried that he'd be next. He's thinking playing chess and planning moves ahead. Will he save CeCe with his idol?

Tribal -- David does not play his idol.

Michelle, CeCe, CeCe, CeCe.

Goodbye, CeCe.  

BBOTT: Renom, into Wednesday, October 19

Will she rebound?

You get lots of screen caps today! I snagged some early yesterday and then never got my report up. Work has been a bear once again. (Sigh.) Well, it's not like it's been a thrill a minute. But, here's the big news --
  • Justin used his PoV to save Kryssie. 
  • Scott put Shane up in Kryssie's place.
  • Alex did not use her PoV.
  • So, as we head into eviction, on the block are: Shane, Danielle and Neeley. 
  • Neeley should be totally safe (as Kryssie would have been, too).
  • Scott wants Shane out.
  • Jason thinks Danielle out would be better for his own game than Shane leaving.
  • Jackie (me) would prefer Danielle go because she's way too dramatic and into herself.
  • It might be a tie tonight.
  • Then again, it might not.
  • We won't know until we know.
  • In other news, I watched Justin dance a pizza from the storage room to the kitchen.
  • The BB piped in voice, "Stop that. That's really annoying! Stop it."
  • Say what?
  • Going back and looking at another cam, I found out the voice was chiding Jason and Danielle for talking about its voice.
  • Danielle stopped her crying jag.
  • Now, at times, she seems overly giggly.
  • Whatever happens, at least the showmance will end tonight. 

Some things never change

In cahoots

No ants reported so far

"Better her than me."

When the debt collector calls ...

"It is what it is."

Dancing with his pizza

From tears to smiles, tonight back to tears

Monday, October 17, 2016

BBOTT: America's Nom, PoV Winners - Into Monday Evening - October 17

America's nomination reveal

And the winner is ... DANIELLE! Yes, she wins nomination for eviction from America! Feels good, doesn't it, girl?
  • Ahem.
  • I'm usually not that evil.
  • She broke down when she learned she was America's nomination.
  • Shane consoled her.
  • Alex and Justin were random draws to compete in the Double Veto comp with Scott, Danielle, Kryssie and Neeley.
  • The veto comp was a four-piece puzzle with them going in rounds, choosing whom they'd play against in order of winners.
  • Danielle did win one round, but Justin won the next time she was up.
  • She went into a huge hissy fit, crying in the corner as the rest watched Alex and Justin get their PoV medallions. 
  • Apparently BBOTT can't afford two necklaces. Neither Alex nor Justin can wear their PoVs.
  • Danielle went on and on about how Justin should have thrown the comp to her.
  • Justin told the others that when he came into the house, he decided that he would try his best at everything. And, so he did.
  • Justin tried to work his way into things with the HoH crowd (Scott, Alex, Morgan, Shelby and Whitney), complaining about Danielle.
  • He said he'd do whatever they wanted him to do with it.
  • Although it looks simple that Danielle should go home, they still want Shane out.
  • They didn't tell Justin that.
  • They think (probably rightfully) that if Shane goes home, Danielle will be totally useless for anything.
  • It sounds at this time Alex will use her veto and Shane will go up. They have the votes to send him home.  

Danielle cries about being nominated

Alex wins against Kryssie

Jason hosted the comp

The puzzle

Danielle breaks down in the corner

BB won't spring for two necklaces

Big kitchen happy dance