Saturday, February 24, 2018

Celebrity Big Brother: Live Feeds, HoH into Saturday - Feb. 24

Somebunny is the new HoH?

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of One More Night:
  • Critter Cam after the live show ended.
  • Extended Critter Cam.
  • Followed by ... Critter Cam.
  • When the feeds finally returned, we have a new HoH.
  • Annnd ... it's ROSS (once again).
  • He apparently made some kind of deal with Mark not to put him (Mark) on the block.
  • The numbers have dwindled so much that there isn't much choice.
  • I think his strong bond with Marissa keeps him from putting her on the block unless he has to do so.
  • He is (currently) planning to put Omarosa and Ari on the block.
  • Ross's target (once again or still) is Omarosa.
  • He says ANYONE but Omarosa needs to win the veto.
  • Anyone.
  • But not Omarosa.
  • I dunno.
  • Omarosa has proved to be pretty good at comps.
  • She's better than Marissa at them and better than Mark most of the time.
  • Aha! Ross says his deal with Mark is that if he wins the veto, he must use it to save Ari and that he will vote Omarosa out.
  • Despite all the scheming and wheeling and dealing, they all are getting along together just fine.
  • They're also neater than the normal hamsters.
  • Mark, James, Metta and Brandi were the most housekeeping chamsters this season.
  • One thing I've caught onto that differs from the "normal" hamsters is that this crowd actually cares about the perception of the public more. They're definitely more interested in not making total idiots of themselves on national television and the Internet.
  • They're all asleep now.  

Once again, he's HoH

Sir Cleans A Lot

Watch out, Ross!

Friday, February 23, 2018

Celebrity Big Brother: Live Double Eviction Show Blog Party - Feb. 23

As the show airs here on the East Coast, I'll be updating and live-blogging away the best I can. Refresh the post to get the latest news! For more information on how I'll be handling this season on the blog as well as the show schedule, check this post out. As always, the real party is in the comments area -- join on in!

ALERT! ALERT! - Survivor: Ghost Island starts up next Wednesday! The blog pool is open but you need to sign up for it ONLY ON THIS LINKED POST. Requests not on that post might be missed. And, I don't think y'all know how annoying it is that every season people regularly in the pools want in after the deadline. If you want in on the blog pool, go to the post and sign up before the deadline. Please! 

The recap ended and Julie tells us there are more alliances in the house than houseguests left in the game. She's so right about that!

Mark wants Brandi gone out of the Brandi/Ari nominations. We get the standard "I have to win veto" speeches.

Omarosa, like both Mark and James, wants Brandi out. James tells Ari that Brandi is the target. She's worried that Brandi will win veto.

Time for Omarosa's obligatory White House moment. 

Veto Player random picks -- Mark got who he didn't want -- Omarosa. Brandi also got her nemesis James. Ari got Marissa. 

Ross isn't playing his hand too well with Ari. Hmm.

Julie tells the house it's a double eviction. But they knew it had to happen. 

A segment on Brandi acting out. She even dared people to say something bad about Julie. Then she decides to poke at James. She is right when she says he can be super cocky.  Then Brandi gets upset at Marissa for not standing up for her. 

PoV Comp -- compete one at a time at a secret location, then to HoH to watch the others compete. A BB Toy Company, action figure faces don't match the body. It's a morph type comp. 

Omarosa up first. She tells us she doesn't want to win this veto and deliberately messes up. 38.52 minutes. She tells Ross that she thinks she should be the choice for a final two with him.

Ari up next. 9.10
James is up. Disqualified after he went past Ari's time.
Marissa is up. Disqualified after she went past Ari's time.
Mark is up. Disqualified after he went past Ari's time.
Brandi is up. Disqualified after she went past Ari's time.

ARI wins the Power of Veto! 

Brandi wants Omarosa to be put in Ari's place. Mark isn't sure. He still wants Brandi out. 

Mark tells James that he's nominating Marissa -- twofold in reasoning. He wants Brandi out and fears if he puts up Omarosa then Brandi might not be voted out. Plus Marissa has never been on the block.

Veto Meeting time -- Ari saves herself. Mark puts Marissa on the block. 

Live Eviction One time --
Marissa - Won't campaign against Brandi, cancer survivor, love to family
Brandi - Amazing friendships, love a lot of you, hope Ari wins, shocked Omarosa and I get along.

The votes to evict:
James - Brandi
Ari - Marissa
Ross - Brandi
Omarosa - Brandi

No surprise here. Brandi is out. She was very good with Julie.

HoH Comp time - HG had the time to study works of art knowing they might be part of a comp. Sequestered in separate rooms. BB Auction. Questions on what they studied. True or False. Seven questions, point for each right. 

Tiebreaker between James and Omarosa.

OMAROSA is the new HoH! 

Live nominations -- Omarosa nominated Ross and Marissa.
Oh my. 

Live veto comp! Art-Rageous. Six paintings, a replica in each of six rooms ... one not an exact match. Incorrect, eliminated. First one right wins. 

ROSS wins the PoV! 

The Veto Meeting. Ross saves himself. Omarosa puts James on the block with Marissa. 

Live Eviction Two:
James - NO fun campaigning against Marissa. Consensus is no one can beat her in a final two. Keep me.
Marissa - Better chance of getting you to that final two!

Votes to evict:
Ari - James
Mark - Marissa
Ross - James

Buh-bye, James. He was cocky with Julie.

Sounds like they'll play an HoH before Sunday's show. Tomorrow is clips at 8pm ET/PT but the HoH will "start." (Probably not live.)  I'll let you know what happens in a feeds report tomorrow.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Survivor: Ghost Island - Casting and BLOG POOL OPENS!

The Lovely Lifeguard Laurie has once again graciously offered to run the blog pool for the show. She, but of course, rocks!

I want in! What do I do?
If you want in to the blog pool, you need to sign up in the comments of this post and this post only! Please don't try signing up on any other posts -- we might miss your comment.

Is there money involved in this?
Of course not! You needn't pay anything to get into the pool. You don't need to buy a pool pass or anything! Mind you, you don't win any money either. What you do win is bragging rights until the next season and the smugness that goes with it.

How does it work?
Lifeguard Laurie makes random picks for the castaways and the blog folks. You cheer on that castaway all season until they either win or get their torch snuffed along the way.

When is the cut-off for entering?
All pool requests must be in comments to this here post and submitted by Tuesday, February 27, 3pm ET. Be there or be square.

Celebrity Big Brother: Live Feeds, Renom - Feb. 22

On and on she goes

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of No Brouhahas:
  • That is one thing I'm missing this season -- a good brouhaha.
  • As you know from my bulletin after last night's show, Ari won the Power of Veto.
  • Since she's on the block with Brandi and knows her BB, it should go without saying that she'll save herself.
  • And, so she did.
  • Omarosa is still pushing her anti-Ross campaign.
  • For all the good that does.
  • All the women in the house are starting to get antsy about Mark and James as a duo and, more singularly ... James.
  • But, of course, Mark has the power in the renom.
  • Now, we all remember that Mark did promise Omarosa he wouldn't nominate her or backdoor her if he won HoH.
  • When the PoV meeting, blocked to the live feeds, ended -- it's Marissa on the block with Brandi.
  • Ari and Omarosa talked about how, if it came down to Marissa and Ross in the finals, Marissa would win.
  • Hmm.
  • I think Ross has played more and had to scramble a lot more than Marissa.
  • Oh, whatever.
  • So, are they going to vote out Marissa because she's a threat for the win?
  • Or, are they going to vote out Brandi because she can be annoying? 

I'd be like this listening to Marissa rattle on, too

Better than pimple popping?

Lockdown antics

James likes to poke this bear

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Celebrity Big Brother: Live Feeds PoV Bulletin - Feb. 21

No real full-fledged live feeds report tonight. My back is screaming from sitting through live blogging three hours of television.

Ari won Power of Veto.

I'm assuming Mark will probably put Omarosa in her place, but I don't know -- I was live blogging three hours of television!

The Amazing Race 30: Season Finale Blog Party

Ready for two hours of this? Oy! I'll be live blogging the major happenings the best I can as they air here on the East Coast. But the real party is in the comments area -- come join in on the fun! 

Four teams remain going into tonight's show ... one team will win the million dollars! 

The Left Coast Lovely SqueeGee SueGee has updated the blog pool --  

#TeamBigBrother (Cody & Jessica)    DeLee, ChicMc, Megan H
#TeamExtreme (Kristi & Jen)    Janice from GA/FL, Kristen From Ohio
#TeamIndyCar (Alex & Conor)    SueGee, Brian, Brenda
#TeamYale (Henry & Evan)    Jackie, Ed in Ohio

#TeamRingGirls (Dessie & Kayla)   
#TeamGoatYoga (April & Sarah)    Sharon N, Merrilee

#TeamSlamDunk (Cedric & Shawn)    Nickelpeed, Willie in NC
#TeamChomp (Joey & Tim)    David, Chrob61, tbc 
#TeamWellStrung (Trevor & Chris)    Fred aka TwoBlackAces, Petals 
#TeamFirefighters (Eric & Daniel)    Judi Sweeney, Indiana Jane
#TeamOceanRescue (Lucas & Brittany)    Donna in FL, Glenn Allen

Are we ready for this? Let's GO! 

Teams are flying to Hong Kong where they will have to find a photographers kiosk for their next clue. All teams are on the same flight. It's three teams against one as they all want Yale out. I'd like Yale to remain in because that's my blog pool team. But they are the weakest and youngest team. Plus, they have a Speed Bump ahead due to nonPhilimination last leg.

At the kiosk a photograph must be taken.

Henry and Evan have to illuminate and hang 40 Chinese lanterns as their Speed Bump. 

Detour - Secure Hairy Crabs for fishermen, prepare 50 crabs in a typhoon or a game of "telephone" ordering a Chinese dish told to them in Mandarin. Indy gives up on the crabs because they're vicious.

Henry and Evan, doing the restaurant, are the first team to finish the Detour, followed by Indy. Later Jess and Cody, then the Ski Gals finish the crabs.

The Roadblock has them smashing electronics to find a clue. Yale in the lead, followed by Indy. Oh noes! One of the Ski Gals is breaking down instead of breaking up stuff in the Roadblock!

Teams have a briefcase and must unlock it by heading to the nightclub district , arrange signs to symbolize previous legs, then use it to open it. 

Henry and Evan get their briefcase open first and are headed to the Pit Stop. Jess and Cody out of there next.

Pit Stop:
1. Henry and Evan - Phil told them they're heading to San Francisco but it's the next leg.
2. Jessica and Cody - bummed out Yale because they obviously weren't happy they were there.
3. Kristi and Jen 

Alex and Conor Philiminated ... they never got the briefcase open. 

Once in SF, they have to find the Say Hey Kid statue at the ball park. Once they get the clue, they have to kayak to find baseballs numbered with Willie Mayss home runs. 

Kristi and Jen out first, then Jess and Cody.

Roadblock - The highest ascending climb, 20 stories, on the bridge and then a free fall jump. Cody through first, then the girls.

The clue has a diagram of where they need to go. Teams must find the fortune cookie factory and make 102 perfect fortune cookies.

Jen and Kristi beat out Jess and Cody at the cookies and are off to their next clue. Yale and BB are just about even. 

Teams are heading to the USS Hornet. Ski Gals, Yale then BB. They have to search the Hornet for twelve parts of a plane, then build the plane according to the legs they've traveled. 


Henry and Evan came in just a few minutes later. 

Congratulations blog pool winners DeLee, ChicMc, Megan H!

Celebrity Big Brother: HoH, Nominations Blog Party - Feb. 21

As the show airs here on the East Coast, I'll be updating and live-blogging away the best I can. Refresh the post to get the latest news! For more information on how I'll be handling this season on the blog as well as the show schedule, check this post out. As always, the real party is in the comments area -- join on in!

Starting off with a recap ... 

Brandi thinks Metta saved her by leaving. Yeah, he did.

Metta had made a final plea to Omarosa to put him up. She lost an ally. She thinks she'll make nice with others, stay below the radar and play up to the power.

Ross knows he was the target before winning the veto. Another final four is made -- The Roomies -- Mark, James, Ross and Marissa. Marissa and Ross also have a final four deal with Brandi and Ari.

James thinks breaking up Brandi and Ari is more important than going after Omarosa because the latter has no alliance. Ross wants Omarosa out because he knows she's after him. Ari thinks the biggest threat to her game is James. Yeah, she's probably right.

Omarosa does her planting evil seeds bits, telling Marissa that she's (Marissa) is a target of the "boys."

HoH Comp time ... Red Carpet Ride - in rounds. Enter Club BB by being HoH.  Suspended red carpets, must crawl over them. The carpets turn over. 

Brandi, Marissa, then Ari came in that order in the first heat.
Then it's the guys up. Mark first, then James and Ross is having real problems. He finally makes it.

Fastest time Mark 1.23
James 1.52
Brandi 6.48

Those three will compete in the final round.

-- Despite they're "celebs" there is a fan favorite vote for 25 grand on the website -- 

Whoa, James is really giving it to Mark! He made it through and is waiting for Mark to get across. Mark falls and has to start again. It dawns on Omarosa that James can compete in the next HoH and they - James and Mark - must have a final two deal.

Mark wins HoH ... sorta kinda. 

Mark wants to split up Brandi and Ari. Marissa isn't worried about her own safety. She talks to James about Omarosa wanting to put him up. Meanwhile, Omarosa feels safe because Mark doesn't want to target her. 

Segment on Mark singing in his head as he exercises.

Obligatory Omarosa White House statements, mostly about riding on Air Force 1. 

Segment with Brandi asking Mark about his bromance with James and whether the HoH throw was set up beforehand. She says it had to be a plan for down the road. 

Nomination Ceremony --
Mark nominates Brandi, then Ari. He says good things about Brandi, then says he heard she's targeting him. Says good things about Ari, but it's time to break up Brandi/Ari.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Celebrity Big Brother: Live Feeds, Nominations Tuesday - Feb. 20

The way to ruin a top!

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Good Thing It's Ending Soon:
  • This report is going to be rather short. I don't know how sweet.
  • The next person who wears cat ears, fuzzy or not, should be automatically evicted. They're cute on a small child, not so much on grown women.
  • As you know from my last report, Mark won HoH albeit given to him by James.
  • We all know that both Mark and his buddy James don't like Brandi.
  • So, it's no surprise that she's the number one target.
  • They want to break up an alliance, too.
  • Thus, Omarosa is relatively safe this week as even those who have worked with her know not to trust her.
  • Ross and Marissa are a pair.
  • Brandi and Ari are a pair.
  • Mark and James have become pairish.
  • Omarosa is a lone wolf.
  • Ari is, at least from my observation, the strongest BB player in the house with superfan kind of knowledge, plus she's good in comps and has a good read on people.
  • Mark and James are friendly with Ross.
  • Marissa's name only comes up when relation to Ross.
  • So ... who does Mark put on the block?
  • Brandi and Ari.
  • Now, if the nominations remain the same, they're likely to vote out Brandi even though Ari is a bigger threat for the win if she makes the finals.
  • I could be wrong. 

Burn the fuzzy cat ears!

Best BB player in the house?

Did Mark get shorter?

Celebrity Big Brother: Live Feeds - HoH - into Tuesday - Feb. 20

Da Boyz in da house

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House Non-Salacious Celebs:
  • I'm still enjoying the lack of showmances and "hook-ups" with this crowd.
  • I'm also enjoying that they usually don't go around half-naked.
  • Is something wrong with me?
  • Ahem.
  • Omarosa thinks that the fans will think they're all quitters -- due to both Metta and Keshia.
  • While I do think percentage-wise the celebs are indeed more inclined to quit, I think the fact that since they aren't as hungry for money as most regular hamsters, they actually CAN quit. 
  • Yet, it's evident that everyone in this house with the exception of Metta are really into actually playing the game.
  • Keshia was until she wasn't.
  • James told Ross that he doesn't think Omarosa is the best target right now because she's flying solo. But ... Ari and Brandi are working together and should be split up.
  • James also told Ross that he didn't need to use the veto as they had the votes to keep him.
  • Ha. James obviously would prefer that Brandi was gone! Of course, others felt differently -- Marissa thinks Ross "saved the whole house" with his actions.
  • All of the chamsters think Omarosa was more along the lines of Nice Omarosa in putting Metta on the block instead of another one of the alliance people. 
  • Some think it was for the jury vote. But, if Metta has his way and Ross is in the finals, I think his vote will go to him.
  • Brandi thanked Omarosa for putting Metta up. After all, it almost 100% saved her in the house.
  • But we all know that, if nothing else, Omarosa didn't necessarily do it because she's a nice and caring person. She did it more for appearances and strategy!
  • We got Critter Cam for nearly four hours as they played the HoH comp.
  • And, guess what?
  • MARK is the new Head of Household!
  • They say James threw it to him because James wants the next one.
  • James said he let him win because he knows how much Mark wanted to hear from home.
  • @@
  • According to James, Brandi just gave up. I can actually see that happening. She is SO not a competition beast!
  • Ross thinks he's safe with Mark as HoH. I hope he is.
  • Mark and Ross talked about not being able to trust Omarosa.
  • Mark thinks Omarosa should go as well as Brandi and Ari.
  • Hmm.
  • Ross talked to Brandi about getting Omarosa to act out to make her even a bigger target.
  • Mark got his HoH room, goodies and photos from home.
  • You'd think they've been gone for five years the way they act!
  • It's looking like Brandi will be the main target.
  • But we'll see. 

With Ross winning PoV, Mark can target her?

No buddy of Mark's!

What to do ... what to do

Safe this time? Or not ...

I'm so handsome. Just ask me!

Monday, February 19, 2018

Celebrity Big Brother: Live PoV, Eviction Show Blog Party - Feb. 19

As the show airs here on the East Coast, I'll be updating and live-blogging away the best I can. Refresh the post to get the latest news! For more information on how I'll be handling this season on the blog as well as the show schedule, check this post out. As always, the real party is in the comments area -- join on in!

For a change, let's start with a recap! 

Julie teases us about the veto voted on and we're into the aftermath of the nominations ceremony. Omarosa wants to break up the pairs. She tells us that Ross is her target. Ross is taking it all in stride while Brandi thinks her own alliance may be turning on her.

Omarosa tells us she's planting seeds to turn alliance members against each other. And, she indeed is doing so as she questions all the final four deals going around. Now Mark is telling the others that he might go on the block. Ari thinks he might have made a deal with Omarosa and James. Aha! It begins to dawn on Ari, Marissa and Ross! They let Brandi in on it.

Ross thinks he needs to talk to Mark and James, try to get them on his side. 

Now they're playing with the mics, pretending call in radio show again. It brings us to the Obligatory Omarosa White House comment of the night. One "call" was to James asking if he made a deal with Omarosa. He sidesteps.

Ross does talk to Mark and James. The editing is showing that they might just go against Omarosa's wishes. After all, James really doesn't like Brandi anyway. James talks to Marissa, but he has worries about Ari -- claiming she would win against anyone in the finals. 

Mark, Metta and Marissa were randomly chosen to play for veto.

Veto comp -- VIP veto won, can use veto twice tonight. 

Live Veto Comp -- Club BB -- Invitation Only -- Race on red carpet, get puzzle pieces, put puzzle together, hit button. 

ROSS wins Veto! Omarosa was right behind him. Metta should have just tried to escape again he did so poorly. (But I still enjoy him on the feeds.)

Veto Meeting time! 
Ross saves himself.
Omarosa nominates Metta because Metta wants to leave.
Ross doesn't use the second time (probably worried one of his allies will go home). 

Live eviction time:
Metta - Thanks to BB and CBS, difficult to be away from family, love all in the house, thank you.
Brandi - Likes Metta's speech

The votes to evict:
Ross - Metta
James - Metta
Mark - Metta
Ari - Metta
Marissa - Metta

And he's gone! Bwahaha ... he got an Orwell out! 

In his Julie talk he's in tears, loves the whole bunch of people. He'd like to see Ross win.

On Friday two will be evicted. On Sunday, the finale, three more will go.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Celebrity Big Brother: HoH, Nominations Show Blog Party - Feb. 18

As the show airs here on the East Coast, I'll be updating and live-blogging away the best I can. Refresh the post to get the latest news! For more information on how I'll be handling this season on the blog as well as the show schedule, check this post out. As always, the real party is in the comments area -- join on in!

Recap, recap. 

To the start of the HoH comp. I hope the editing makes it look more exciting than it actually was! 

Ari tells us that Brandi whispered to her that she was the hinky vote for Mark. Now Ari is taking her trust of Brandi into question. 

Metta is out first. His size did really work against him in this. Then Ross comes off. Mark is out. So, those three will be on slop.

Marissa out. 

Sweat, t-shirts, mini basketballs are being occasionally winged at them.

Brandi is down. It's Omarosa and James remaining. Omarosa suggests a deal. She'll keep him safe, no backdoor. James drops and Omarosa is the new HoH. 

The ones who are Slopped will be on it for 48 hours.

Omarosa thinks the pairs in the game are the most dangerous. Marissa tells James that they understood why he took the deal. Brandi has suspicion cast upon her for the hinky vote. Lots of shock and distrust going on. Ross, Ari and Marissa now all have issues with Brandi. They pretty much tell her so. And, now she's upset. They decide they need to keep her as a number.

So, they go try to console her. Oh, they love her.

Omarosa wants to make Ross her primary target. Brandi goes and tells her about the vote for Mark. Now, Omarosa has to figure how to use that to her advantage.

Everybody has to gather in the living room. 

The game is about to be shaken up. America will be voting on how to "twist up" the next Power of Veto competition. -- announcement read by Omarosa 

Omarosa tells Mark she needs to new allies. She tells him that Ross has been her target since the start and he plays them all. She asks for a week's safety if she doesn't put him on the block. Deal done.

She talks to Metta, tells him if he supports her, she'll never put him up and that he can go all the way. He agrees.

Then she talks to James.  She tells him that herself, Metta, Mark and he would be her ideal final four. He seems willing to go along ... at least for now. 

Obligatory Omarosa politics talk. Interesting ... she was working for Hillary and ended up in the Trump White House. 

Omarosa acts like she's trying to get the four women back together, but she's just searching for the best one to put on the block with Ross. She'd prefer not to get much more "blood on her hands." Ari and Marissa are obviously on the outs with Brandi at the moment. Ah ... an opening! 

Nominations Ceremony. She nominates Ross, then Brandi.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Celebrity Big Brother: Live Feeds Updates, Nominations - Feb. 17

Trying to line up partnerships

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Get Your Game On:
  • As you know from my HoH updates post, Omarosa out-sat the others and is now HoH.
  • Instead of the Survivor slogan (Outwit, Outplay, Outlast), Celeb BB's will be Outprimp, Outnap, Outsat.
  • Omarosa's target is Ross. If not Ross, Brandi will do.
  • I think she thinks Ross is more of competitor and threat while she knows Brandi is nasty about her behind her back.
  • She talked to both Mark and James, telling them she needs their support and their vote for Ross to go home.
  • Mind you, at that time nominations hadn't even been made yet!
  • She had promised James safety if he dropped in the HoH comp and he did so.
  • She thinks that Ari/Brandi or Ross/Marissa need to be broken up.
  • And she likes Ari more than she likes Brandi!
  • Brandi admitted to all her hinky Mark vote. She claims that it was a sympathy vote for Shannon's sake.
  • Um. I thought she had seen BB often enough to know the hinky vote should never be admitted and just cause drama!
  • The slop eaters -- Metta, Ross and Mark -- are only on it until tomorrow.
  • They're actually pretty excited about experimenting with slop recipes. 
  • Well, not Metta so much. He said he'll nap more to avoid it. But, then again, Metta doesn't need an excuse to nap.
  • It would be very different if they knew they had to be on it for a week ... or two.
  • While Omarosa enlisted both Mark and James, it's not an alliance.
  • All three feel they're playing their own games and the protection deals, which work for Omarosa next nominations, are just in place for now.
  • Omarosa actually coughed real coughs while alone. They sounded very different from the fake camera coughs seen on the show.
  • The chamsters have come to the realization that they have an incredibly busy day followed by doldrums.
  • Omarosa is definitely a superfan. She told the others that the feedsters keep track of whether the hamsters wash their hands or not coming out of the toilet.
  • Heh.
  • So far, I haven't caught anyone on this cast.
  • Brandi tried to talk Omarosa into nominating Mark.
  • Like that's gonna happen!
  • Mark and James tried to figure out moves ahead and the best one out (of Brandi or Ross) for their own games.
  • When the nominations (blocked by Critter Cam) were over, it's ...
  • (building the suspense)
  • (still building the suspense)
  • But, first ...
  • ... those were cute adoptable puppies!
  • ... Brandi and Ross!
  • Ari rightfully figures out that Omarosa made deals with Mark and James to target Ross.
  • Both nominees are taking it in stride. 

The Rocky Horror BB Show

Yes, he does do the dishes

Metta mulling possible twists aloud

Pool table on the sky bridge

Can he win the veto?

Friday, February 16, 2018

Celebrity Big Brother: HoH Updates - Feb. 16

Once the live feeds return, I'll be updating this post with the happenings of the HoH comp. Refresh this post to get the latest.

10:01pm ET - Kitty Cam on. 
10:05pm ET - Puppy Cam on. They're adorable, but give us the comp please!

10:10pm ET - Feeds back, looks like all are still up. They got sprayed with something that's supposed to be sweat.
Brief Puppy Cam 

By the way, the BB time they use is about three minutes behind real time.

 10:25pm ET - All still in. This might be the most boring endurance comp ever on the show. They should be standing. They might be able to sit longer than I can with my back issues.

10:30pm ET - Metta is out -- his size was a disadvantage.

10:38pm ET - Ross out.


11:02pm ET - Mark down
11:04pm ET - Marissa down

So, it's Metta, Ross and Mark on slop.

 11:14pm ET - They threw balls at them. It should be rocks thrown just to get this MOST BORING COMP EVER over with!

11:24pm ET - Brandi out

So we have Omarosa, James still up. Some deal talking. Omarosa promised James safety and ... he drops after a bit.


And, I am SO out of here for the night!

Celebrity Big Brother: Live Eviction Show Blog Party - Feb. 16

As the show airs here on the East Coast, I'll be updating and live-blogging away the best I can. Refresh the post to get the latest news! For more information on how I'll be handling this season on the blog as well as the show schedule, check this post out. As always, the real party is in the comments area -- join on in!

I'm not feeling very well tonight, so I ask that folks bear with me. It probably won't be my best live blogging on record. 

I once again refuse to recap the recap. 

Julie is wearing red once again, this time a pinky kind of red. But at least it's not a box!

We pick up the aftermath of the nominations. Shannon feels very betrayed. She doesn't think that she's as strong a player as they think she is. Tears, oh those BB tears. James thinks he's just a pawn and Shannon is the target. Yes, Brandi, he's cocky but I don't think it's knocking him down a peg at all. 

Shannon is going around pleading her case. As a superfan, she should know that just being a superfan is an issue. Then to be so strong in comps? Girl, you put the target on your back all your little self! 

And, it's not really a great idea to debate with Nice Omarosa who's being quite firm but not excited. Yep, Omarosa -- flatter her and then vote her out, huh? More tears. Now, I know that Omarosa can be such a #@#$, but she's smart. Her DR take on Shannon's reaction is spot on.

Brandi has no filter! She asked Omarosa if she ever slept with Donald Trump!?!?! "God, no!," says Omarosa. 

Veto Comp player pick time. Random draw, of course. Ari gets Ross. Shannon gets her nemesis Omarosa. James gets Brandi. 

Ah, a Metta and Orwell segment. I love me some Metta entertainment! He finds out that Orwell is a guy. Heh. He'll love him anyway.

Shannon thinks that she can work on Omarosa. Omarosa tells her that Marissa wanted to backdoor her before. Oh my. She plays it all up so well. Then Omarosa plants seeds with James that "they" want him out. James asks the others about it and tells them that Omarosa told him.

Ah, there's the sneaky Omarosa we know so well. They all know they can't trust her and talk about putting her up as a renom if someone comes down ... just to make her worry.

Omarosa denies all her sneakiness that indeed went down. It's kind of like she's a more attractive Tony from Survivor, or Russell Hantz. They get James and Omarosa in the room with them. He says she said he's in trouble. She says she was just encouraging him and being nice. James wants out of the conversation saying he wants no part of the drama. He leaves. The others know James is telling the truth and Omarosa is lying. Hmm.

What? Now Ari isn't sure that they should evict Shannon before James. Ross tries to point out to her that whoever of the two remains in the house will target them. They think that it might be best to work with James and make a deal for next week, tell him he's not the target. Brandi is a bit reluctant because James is so obnoxious. But they'll give it a go anyway.

Shannon just knows they're all upstairs talking to James. She confides in Metta. She tells him she'd work with him. He's not keen on the idea. 

The "others" offer him final five deal. He says okay to it, telling us he's just telling them what they want to hear. 

They're spoiling these chamsters. Now they get video messages of encouragement from home. Ari breaks down ... her father is very ill and gave her greetings. Heck, now Mark's in tears.

Obligatory Omarosa/White House talk -- Sean Spicer, she likes him but mocks him. Says Trump wouldn't be there if something rose to the level of impeachment.

Veto Comp time! Swanky restaurant, dining in the dark experience, immersing you in the food, four course meal as quick as possible. Moving through, completing all four courses, turning on the light ... quickest wins. We get night vision cameras. Ross is in first. Pea soup is attacking him. Each course is in a different room. Cheese and honey next. Walking through the honey. Handmade spaghetti and getting lost in sauce is next. Exploding chocolate lave cake next. 

James goes second. Then Ari. Omarosa next. Brandi's in there now. Last, but she who needs to win the most, Shannon.

Ross 9.46
Ari 12.02
Omarosa 19.29
Brandi 21.29
Shannon 8.49
James 6.24
Those are minutes and seconds. JAMES WINS POV! 

More Diary Room tears from Shannon.

Ari doesn't want more blood on her hands, but someone has to go up. They talk about putting Mark up. They think that Omarosa would be a riskier choice. 

Time for the veto meeting. James saves himself. Ari puts Mark up in his place. (Mark knew it was coming from the live feeds -- they said he's a pawn. The show is editing to act like he doesn't know his pawnmanship.) 

Ross told Shannon she's safe and she says he won't have her vote in the end. Shannon told James that he needs to break up Ross/Marissa and Brandi/Ari. 

Eviction time!
Mark - The house makes you an emotional wreck, talks about wife and kids, honor to play game with all, ton of fun, late at night the question will haunt you ... who will do the dishes and towels.
Shannon - Thanks CBS, favorite show, her animal charity work rhino horns and elephants, we need to make change now.

Votes to evict:
Ross - Shannon
Marissa - Shannon
Omarosa - Shannon
James - Shannon
Brandi - Mark (ohhh ... a hinky vote!)
Metta - Shannon

So, she's out. Bye, Shannon, you played too hard at the start! She exits graciously and tells Metta where Orwell is hidden.

HoH - BB Arena - Court side seats -- last person sitting will win. First three to drop get slop. It's a sitting wall comp as opposed to the usual standing ones. 

I have a post in the wings to follow this on the live feeds. Head there next!

Celebrity Big Brother: Live Feeds into Friday - Feb. 16

Why? I'm tired of "ears" in the BB house!

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of An Expected Eviction:
  • Yep, yep ... no suspense going on with this one.
  • As you know, James won the Power of Veto.
  • While James's game strategy is more along the lines of "I'm so good at this, I'm bound to win" versus any actual strategy, he's not a total fool.
  • He saved himself at the Veto Ceremony.
  • As per the earlier conversations among the Powers That Be, Ari put Mark up on the block as a pawn.
  • Right now, since he's a floater -- not doing much of anything in the game itself, yet getting along well with all -- he's a perfect pawn.
  • But, I'd say, with double evictions coming up next week, he should turn his game on. If he continues to float to the end, he's likely lose against anyone who's actually played.
  • So, it's Shannon and Mark on the block.
  • She knows the score.
  • She knows she's going to be evicted.
  • Thankfully, her breakdown of the other day ended and she's more accepting of things.
  • Instead of breaking down, she's trying to reach out to make deals with others -- she'll throw comps, she'll vote they way they want, she'll do this, she'll do that. 
  • She put effort into her campaign. But she knows she's sunk at this point.
  • Shannon spent a lot of time with Metta going over strategy, possible comps coming up, the strengths and weaknesses of others in various types of comps.
  • Meanwhile, Omarosa continues to be Nice Omarosa. 
  • James is still big on the target list.
  • While they prefer him out, they've decided that if he (James) wins HoH, they'll push for Metta/Omarosa nominations and Omarosa out.
  • So, even though she's been cordial, mingling, friendly Nice Omarosa, they know she could turn on the drop of a hat.
  • Providing he doesn't win HoH, James will be the next target. After him, Omarosa, then Mark. Probably then Metta. It's a fairly tight Ari, Ross, Brandi and Marissa pact. The biggest doubt for staying within that would probably be Ross -- Omarosa has pointed out that he's been playing all sides. As the numbers dwindle, his sneakery might catch up to him. 

You're just the pawn, Mark.

Bwaha! I have them all fooled!

This is my shocked look

Coaching the Coach

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Celebrity Big Brother: Live Feeds into Thursday, PoV - Feb. 15

Oh my. There are no words.

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Chamsters Gone Wild:
  • The day started out with Shannon apologizing for her breakdown and more pep talks.
  • Metta thinks he'll only lose if he walks out of there making no new friends.
  • They talked about there being no quitters in the house, but Metta said they wouldn't LET him quit!
  • Metta surprised Ross by telling him that he (Metta) had been in a few gay bars in Vancouver. Ross had it in his mind that both Chuck and Metta might have some problems over his homosexuality. No way with Metta. I actually don't think Chuck would have had any problems either.
  • Lots and lots of small talk.
  • The idea is still that, if Shannon comes off the block, James will be evicted.
  • James, of course, is unaware of this. He thinks he's loved by all. Cough.
  • The others have him convinced that he's on the block as a pawn.
  • Heh.
  • The feeds were blocked for several hours with Critter Can as they did the PoV comp.
  • Well, I guess James isn't going home.
  • James won the veto.
  • BB gave them a HUGE Valentine's Day/After PoV Comp feast.
  • Omarosa and Metta talked about how Ross did really well on the comp and that he's better at the game than people notice.
  • The chamsters talked about regular BB hamsters having sex on the live feeds and in the house.
  • Y'know, I do like that this bunch isn't all into hooking up and showmances! To me, it's a breath of fresh air!
  • Now Brandi is feeling bad that Shannon will go this week.
  • Ari reminds her that Shannon is good at the game and is playing the game. They need to get her out while they have the chance.
  • Brandi told Ari that they're making a mistake by keeping Metta -- if he's there at the end, he'll win.
  • Um. I adore my Metta entertainment in the house. But he isn't great at the comps and his total lack of BB game knowledge hurts his chances.
  • The names of Omarosa or Mark up as a pawn against Shannon were mentioned.
  • They think Mark would be less risky.
  • So do I. 

Huge after comp feast

Marissa has balls!

Comp sweatshirts

Late night hanging out