Monday, July 16, 2018

Big Brother 20: Live Feeds into Monday Evening - July 16

Will he change his own nominations?

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of She's a Life Coach?:
  • I don't have a heck of a lot for you today.
  • That's because not a whole lot happened.
  • Kaitlyn cried.
  • She also talked to Tyler in this odd gurgling voice like she was hiding more tears deep down in her throat.
  • Tyler never really trusted her and now really doesn't trust her.
  • Kaitlyn also cried all over Scottie and told him practically every breath she's taken in the game -- including her vote to send Steve packing.
  • She also told Scottie about Sam's power although she doesn't know all the details.
  • @@
  • Perhaps she might be a good life coach for gerbils.
  • But not for people!
  • When the time came, the feeds got blocked for the veto ceremony.
  • As expected, Scottie kept his nominations the same.
  • So, unless Sam uses her power to possibly bring the evicted back, either Brett or Winston will go home.
  • Right now it's looking like that would be Winston out the door.
  • Once again, it won't be a unanimous vote and might only be a vote or two deciding.
  • Winston is walking around asking people what he should do.
  • Brett is letting girls flirt on him.
  • And on it goes ... 

Raising the awnings duty

Call the wahmbulance and take her away!

Bros summit conference

Oh geez ...

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Big Brother 20: Live Feeds into Sunday Evening - July 15

To read or not to read ... in the shower

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Shakespearean Readings:
  • Actually, the Crap App punishment for Haleigh was the highlight of the feeds today.
  • She'd have to don the costume and read wherever directed on cue.
  • I was a bit surprised that some of the hamsters started skipping the sessions.
  • That's rude.
  • It's not like they have much else to do!
  • Haleigh actually read quite well. 
  • JC helped fan her at times, carried her soapbox at times. I think he likes to feel useful.
  • The Have Nots were selected. It's Brett (who somehow got to be Have Not due to the veto comp), Sam, Tyler and Angela. 
  • Kaycee volunteered for Have Not, but Tyler out-volunteered her.
  • At least they have the Slop Chef Sam in there!
  • The rest of the house will probably suffer without her cooking!
  • Angela is the other steady cook in the house.
  • I predict  a lot of easy dishes this week.
  • There are still some rumblings about the women making it an all woman house. I dunno. I can't see Kaitlyn existing without a man to hang on.
  • Brett's been fussing about doing so poorly in the veto comp. He says he didn't understand the rules.
  • Um. Okay.
  • Kaitlyn, talking to Bayleigh, said that Sam is indebted to her for her flipped vote and if she goes up as a renom, Sam would have to save her with her power.
  • @@
  • Then Kaitlyn fussed to us because she didn't win a power app.
  • Ha.
  • After all, she says Fessie called her the best BB player of all time.
  • Oh my. This girl's in for culture shock when she gets out of the house.
  • Sam had a long talk with Brett. She seems to really like him. 
  • I can't help but wonder if she might be considering using her power to save him. She can give it to another player.
  • Hmm.
  • Other than that, it looks like Scottie will keep the nominations the same.
  • It's a toss-up which bro will go. Now it's looking like Winston, but give it a few more hours and it will be Brett again.

Listening to Sam

Long, long Sam and Brett talk

Exploding head time?

Singing a Nirvana song while gargling

I can't. I just can't.

Big Brother 20: Nominations, App Store Show Blog Party - July 15

As the show airs here, I'll be live-blogging it -- refresh the page to get the latest news! As always, the real party is in the comments area. Please feel free to join in on the discussion!

Please remember that the show blog posts are spoiler-free! While the PoV has already happened in the house, that won't air until Wednesday.

On with the show ...but, first -- previously on. Run and get your snacks now!

Scottie thinks if someone else on his alliance -- Swaggy and Company -- gets blamed for the hinky vote, he will move up on the totem pole with them. Of course, they pretty much realize soon that he was the vote. 

Although Bayleigh is still professing her love of the Swagster, she realizes she needs to get her head back into the game. In the bromance arena, Brett thinks they need to avoid having two Level 6 people on the block. Fessy is irked over the vote. He doesn't think Scottie would flip. Rockstar clues him in. He's still sure it was Haleigh flipping. Rockstar works on him some more and refers to Scottie as "Evil Genius." She even thinks he might not be a virgin!

Fessy talks to Kaitlyn who denies knowing anything about Scottie flipping, didn't know before and doesn't know now. Poor Fessy doesn't know who to trust right now.

First rule of BB -- You can only really trust yourself!

Lucky us! We get a segment on the Brett/Winston bromance. Bros for life! 

Scottie wants to target them, either one. He wants to make it seem like it was everybody else's idea. He asks people what they voted for the Steve vote and who they're scared of in the house. Tyler notices that Scottie seemed to concentrate on Level 6. He tries to divert the attention to Rockstar, saying that she told Kaitlyn that Scottie was the vote.

Ohh ... Sam tells Scottie that Winston voted to keep her. Winston told Scottie he voted to keep Steve. More ammunition against the bros for Scottie! Heh. Winston finds out that Sam told the truth. Now he must do damage control.

Winston thinks his best approach to Scottie is to tell him he had lied to Sam. Yeah, like that's gonna work. Brett wants to cover their butts with Scottie. Brett tries to blame Haleigh and Rockstar. Scottie thinks he got misted.

We get a math lesson regarding the amount of left-handed people via JC and Fessy.

The App Store is open for the last time! 
Haleigh gets the Crap App and chooses Read It - must put on costume and read Hamlet on demand. It will end once she's read the entire book.
Bayleigh got the Power App. She chose Identity Theft -- first half of game, can steal the identity of HOH and make the nominations.

Sam is telling Tyler and Kaycee that this week is her last chance to use  her power app or the evicted next week gets it. They think all of Level 6 might be safe if she uses it.  

Brett is confident he and Winston will be safe.

Bayleigh feels she needs to check in with Scottie. She doesn't want to use her power if she doesn't have to do so. Scottie goes ahead and tells her that he thinks Brett "misted" him. 

Nominations Ceremony time is here. Scottie nominates Brett, then Winston. He says it's because of their strong relationship. 

Big Brother 20: Live Feeds into Sunday Morning - July 15

I'm too sexy for my shirt

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Grumpy Groundhogs:
  • As you know from my last post, Scottie won the Power of Veto.
  • And, yeah ... now the waffling begins.
  • Sam's offer to be a pawn is still on the table. If she doesn't use her power this week, next week it goes to whoever gets evicted.
  • But I sincerely doubt Scottie will change the nominations.
  • The latest waffling is between the original target Winston or Brett.
  • It will be a bro going out the door.
  • But, which bro?
  • The latest logic is that Winston will always be a target because he doesn't get along with people. Yet, he can't seem to win comps for the life of him.
  • Then there's Brett. The gals seem to be under his spell. He gets along with the guys for the most part, too. As for comps? Some think he's throwing them.
  • Hmm.
  • What to do? What to do?
  • Scottie is considering keeping Winston over Brett because it would always be easy to get Winston out.
  • Hmm.
  • Meanwhile, Tyler and Kaycee formed more of a bond. They don't think they can really trust Kaitlyn.
  • Well, duh.
  • Kaitlyn will spill the beans to any guy who gives her attention!
  • Rachel is pro-Brett Stays because he's a number for their side and can win comps (although he has yet to show the latter).
  • JC thinks they should get Brett out now while they can.
  • So, even though Winston is rather universally disliked in the house, it's not a shoo-in that he'll be evicted.
  • I personally think this dilemma so much better than the predictability of previous seasons with their whole house votes!
  • And, though I like Tyler, I don't mind the sides evening up a bit. I like to see Scottie play his game, too.
  • I wouldn't mind seeing some of the girls step up their game, as well.
  • The bros went to Scottie proposing a final three and backdooring Kaitlyn.
  • Nah, I doubt Scottie would do that. He promised Kaitlyn safety.
  • For all her worries about being the next target, Bayleigh is now flying under the radar. Tyler and Company are a bit concerned she'll come after them. But no one is targeting her. 

Boy got game

The yard opened up

Poor JC

Line dancing

Workin' on Scottie

Currently on no one's radar

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Big Brother 20: Power of Veto Winner Bulletin - July 14

You know how it would throw a wrench in the works if a bro won this Power of Veto? You know how Sam forced Scottie to put her up as a renom in that case so she could use the last week of her power because next week it will go out to whomever leaves?

Well, that didn't happen.

Scottie won the PoV

Big Brother 20: Live Feeds into Saturday Morning - July 14

Brett who? There's a Brett?

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Loquacious Louts:
  • The big dilemma for Scottie is -- if a bro wins the veto, who will he put up.
  • No one other than Brett or Winston would use the veto (it seems).
  • Sam has volunteered to go up as a renom pawn.
  • I hope she doesn't do that, but think she'd be safe.
  • I myself am a bit curious if Brett would step up and actually play the game if Winston goes away. Of the two, it's more Winston-dominant game play.
  • Brett is known for (other than being in the bromance) flirting with Kaitlyn.
  • That's pretty much it.
  • Winston is more Scottie's target than Brett.
  • Scottie, although he has stated he wants to even out the sides, seems to be working with people on "both sides."
  • He keeps saying that he's targeting the Bros because they're the only pair left in the house now that Swaggy is gone.
  • Kaitlyn cried and hung all over Brett after nominations.
  • I think she's trying to break Amber's crying record in the house.
  • Scottie and Rockstar wonder if Brett's been throwing comps.
  • Scottie told his fellow hamsters that he would never want anyone to throw a comp for him -- they're here to play the game.
  • Heh. Winston told Sam he felt blindsided. Um, maybe he should wonder why he's on the block two weeks in a row now. Maybe it's HIM.
  • Bayleigh wants to get JC in on their side, but Fessy warned her to be careful because he will talk.
  • Winston's threatening Scottie really isn't helping his cause. Kaycee thought Scottie was exaggerating but Winston confirmed he threatened him.
  • JC tried to tell Winston that was a bad move.
  • Winston doesn't regret it.
  • Jackie thinks Winston is a loose cannon.
  • The morning, with the exception of the blocked veto players pick, has been uneventful.
  • The three veto players picked were Rachel, Tyler and Rockstar.
  • I don't think any one of them would use the veto.
  • Tyler maybe, but he knows Sam would go up and have a chance to return if she uses her power. (I think that's why she's offering. She only has this week to use it or next week it gets used on whomever is evicted.)
  • Nobody really likes Winston that much other than Brett.
  • Hmm ... 

Promised safety by Scottie

Evil genius? We'll see ...

Well, better than cat ears

A Sam moment in time

Dressed for success. Ha.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Big Brother 20: Live Feeds into Friday Evening, Nominations - July 13

Master of his domain?

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Lonesome Losers:
  • Scottie certainly is not a Kaitlyn. 
  • Tyler and JC tried and tried.
  • I tried to telepathically send signals. 
  • No good.
  • There's no way Scottie will nominate Rockstar for eviction.
  • Nor will he plan to backdoor her.
  • Sigh.
  • Some hamsters were griping about JC's disrespect of the rules in the house.
  • Horrors! He slept on the floor in the Have Not room instead of in the satellite dish bed.
  • I guess it isn't really fair. Fessy got spoken to about putting his legs up on the dresser while in his satellite dish bed.
  • Maybe he should try sleeping on the floor?
  • The App Store opened for business.
  • Haleigh got the Crap App.
  • Tyler told Kaitlyn that he was on that TKO show -- the episode to be shown this coming Wednesday just before BB airs.
  • I doubt I'll be watching as those kind of shows just aren't me.
  • Well, it didn't take long to find out the Power App winner -- Bayleigh told Fessie she got it.
  • I didn't have anything to do with her win.
  • I know Jessica (of Jessica and Cody) had an online campaign for her to win.
  • And people a lot less jaded than myself probably felt sorry for her.
  • Oh well.
  • Bayleigh claims she has the power to change nominations before they happen with the HoH retaining renom power if veto is used. And this is supposed to be good to be used once up until the final eight?
  • Hmm.
  • Bayleigh told JC she didn't win the power, but was sure Swaggy would have won it ... if he was still there.
  • @@
  • No, girl. And you probably only won it because he's gone!
  • JC worked an anti-Rockstar campaign on Bayleigh.
  • Not too sure how that worked out. I think Bayleigh is closer with Rockstar than she is with JC.
  • Long feeds block for nominations.
  • No surprise -- Scottie nominated Brett and Winston. 

Thankfully not pouting

Not on a yatus

Yipes! Now his hair is even worse!

Had more influence over Kaitlyn

Big Brother 20: Live Feeds into Friday - July 13

Too much excitement?

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Krazy Kats:
  •  And, so the guessing game starts.
  • Haleigh told Rockstar that she thinks Scottie is trying to frame her for voting out Swaggy.
  • Now, while Haleigh refused to wear the Swaggy shirt during eviction, she voted for Winston to go.
  • Scottie wore his Swaggy shirt and voted for Swaggy to go.
  • I still don't think the shirts (except for Swags himself) should have been allowed during the eviction. 
  • Tyler and Kaitlyn knew Scottie planned to vote out Swaggy.
  • JC is guessing he flipped.
  • Brett told Angela it was Tyler who got Scottie to flip.
  • Well, yeah. 
  • No never mind now. He's gone.
  • Haleigh is sure she will be the next target.
  • She was ticked that Fessy told Kaitlyn that she voted for Winston to go. She wanted them to think she voted with them for Swaggy to go.
  • Heh. They already figured it out.
  • Move along, little hamsters. Nothing to see here.
  • Kaitlyn, obviously trying to cover all bases, told Fessy and Haleigh that, had there been a tie, she would have voted for Swaggy to stay. Here "guides" told her so.
  • Yeah, right.
  • At least JC is owning what he did. He talked (nicely) to Bayleigh and told her he liked Swaggy, but had to do what's best for his own game.
  • Tyler would like Rockstar to be the next target.
  • So would I.
  • Do you hear us, Scottie?
  • Bayleigh really wants to know how Tyler got Kaitlyn to do that deed to her lovey-dove!
  • Heh. Perhaps because he's playing the game while she was playing a showmance!
  • Ohhh ... Fessy actually heard the audience cheering when he got eliminated in the HoH comp. It shows him where he stands with the public.
  • Although, I must admit that Fessy doesn't bother me all that much. He's not mean. He's kind of a big lunk. I prefer him over Winston in the house.
  • But one is known by the company he keeps.
  • Rockstar. Ew.
  • While Kaitlyn and Rockstar are scheming to have a female alliance and booting guys out, Fessy and Scottie were discussing evening the sides a bit.
  • Is Scottie just talking?
  • After all, now they're dubbing him Evil Genius for wearing the Swaggy shirt while voting out Swaggy.
  • The HoH room reveal went pretty much as they all do -- full of fake excitement. It turns out Scottie has a sister named Kaitlyn.
  • The fake excitement turned to boredom for some ... rather quickly, too.
  • Scottie lied to both Angela and Kaycee, telling them he voted for Winston to go.
  • Then, as a way of making nominations decisions, he questioned them about their votes during the Steve/Sam nominations.
  • Angela said she voted for Steve to go because because he was saying things about her and she felt targeted. Kaycee said she voted for Steve to go because she liked Sam more.
  • So, Scottie told Sam that Angela and Kaycee are good with them because they were honest and he treasures honesty.
  • ... even though he started out the conversation with them with a lie.
  • Rockstar told Scottie they need to get rid of the bros (Winston and Brett).
  • For my entertainment value, they're pretty useless.
  • Scottie told her Winston lied to him about the Steve vote, so ...
  • He wants the liars out!
  • As that talk was going on, Winston and Brett schemed to lie to Scottie and tell him they lied to Sam about the Steve vote.
  • Silly boys.
  • Meanwhile, Scottie continued his lie about voting to keep Swaggy and continued probing about the Steve vote.
  • The honest answer people in his quest are JC, Rachel, Angela, Kaycee, Plus, he previously told Sam, Tyler and Kaitlyn they are safe.
  • Tyler tried to work his puppet strings a bit to influence Scottie to go after Rockstar. He told him that Rockstar lied about things to both sides and can't be trusted.
  • But I don't think he's really going to be swayed.
  • I wouldn't be surprised if, when the nominations come through, it will be Brett and Winston. 
  • At least Scottie won't be crying and cuddling all week. 

Better without the glasses, still annoying

I'm Brett. I just hang around here.

Control your HoH reveal enthusiasm, girls.

I need a cigar!

Sam secures safety with Scottie.

Waiting for Godot?

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Big Brother 20: Live Eviction Show Blog Party - July 12

Will the Backdoor Swaggy plan come to fruition?

As the show airs here, I'll be live-blogging it -- refresh the page to get the latest news! As always, the real party is in the comments area. Please feel free to join in on the discussion!

What's a party without a pool? Here's where we stand going into tonight's show:

Sam Bledsoe - Shayne McCaslin, HowSad, tbc, Sharon C
Haleigh Broucher - Brian, Sharon S, Monty924, Buzzmaam
Kaycee Clark - Sharon N, Skyriverblue, Indiana Jane, Jenna G
Tyler Crispen - SueGee, Glenn Allen, Jessica Underwood-James, JennasMom
Bayleigh Dayton - Ayana, Margo, Krysta Gibson, KelseyNY
Kaitlyn Herman - Chantel, Michelle Carpintero, Donna in Alabama, Auntie Leigh
Winston Hines - Petals, David, Nickelpeed, Bizaro22
Angie Rockstar Lantry - Merilee, Babs, Jean in Tampa, Chauncey
JC Monduix - Brenda, Delee, T-Town Chick, Willie J
Brett Robinson - Judi Sweeney, Lovelakexo, Ed in Ohio, JonMD1267
Angela Rummans - Janice, Chacha, QuixoticElf, Tilda
Scottie Salton - Lili, Chrob61, JO C, DonnaNY
Faysal Fessy Shafaat - Caela, Marthalight, Cheryl in NC, Marina Tatum
Rachel Swindler - PDX Granny, Jackie, CherryPie, Dr_Celine
Chris Swaggy C Williams - Jennifer, MikesGirl, Nora, CRC, ChickMc

Steve Arienta

Hamster watchers ready?

I'm not sure what that is that Julie's wearing. It's black and makes her look shouldersy. But, first ... we sit through "previously on."

But first ... Julie hints that Sam might use her power to save him?!?! Say it's not so!

Kaitlyn says Faute is over -- a good thing because I've never been able to spell it! Poor Scottie is confused. Swaggy seems subdued but determined. Kaitlyn cries more. She says she's proud of herself. Bayleigh acts sympathetic towards her ... but it's an act. Kaitlyn cries some more to her. 

Rockstar and company count their votes -- Rockstar, Fessy, Bayleigh, Haleigh and Scott -- deciding they need seven votes total. Swaggy needs to work it.

Winston is worried whether he'll have the votes to stay, even though he knows he's supposedly not the target. 

Fessy is confused (a regular state of mind for him in the house). His two best friends, Kaitlyn and Swags, are turning on each other. She cuddles with Fessy and tells him she loves him.

Swaggy heads to the HoH room to talk to Kaitlyn. He tells her she was fed a lot of miscommunications. Since Tyler told her those, he's happy he's in the room. Oh geez, if he leaves he will miss Bayleigh all summer. Kaitlyn feels sorry for him. Too bad, so sad.

After he thinks he gave an Emmy winning performance with Kaitlyn, he goes to pull on Sam's heartstrings. He tells her the woes of his life. She tells us she sees the person under the persona. In the DR, probably at the prompting of production, she questions whether she should use her power to give him a second chance.

Julie talks with the nominees. 
Swaggy - Thank God and family, want to stay and mix it up, want to keep you safe. On and on.
Winston - Enjoyed getting to know you all.

The votes to evict are:
Bayleigh - Winston
Brett - Swaggy
Kaycee - Swaggy
Tyler - Swaggy
Into commercial ...
Rockstar - Winston
Haleigh - Winston
Fessy - Winston
Scottie - Swaggy
JC - Swaggy
Angela - Swaggy
Rachel - Swaggy
Sam - Swaggy

Swaggy C is history. On the way out, he hugged some, but didn't say a word.

He thinks Haleigh voted to evict him. Julie corrects him. Now he feels bad he didn't hug her. In his reactions to the goodbye messages and Julie's questions, the Bridgeport, immaturity and sore loser sides came out.

BB App store is OPEN. 

Tyler is going to be on that TKO show next Wednesday? How's that going to work? 

HoH comp time! Product Launch - watch two product launches, series of questions, true or false (Swaggy was right with his peek)

Kaycee is out first question.
Tyler, Bayleigh, Haleigh, Brett, Winston, JC and Angela  out
Sam out

Rockstar out (good!)
Fessy out
Tiebreaker between Scottie and Rachel ...

SCOTTIE is the new HOH!

Big Brother 20: Live Feeds into Thursday - July 12

The bros ... for what they're worth

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Tonight, Tonight:
  • For people at each other's throats, this bunch gets along too well.
  • Rockstar is trying to convince people that Swaggy needs to stay because he's a superfan of the show and it wouldn't be fair for him to be the second eviction of the season.
  • "He would miss out on so many things!"
  • Um. That's more of an argument to get rid of him, methinks.
  • So ... he's very good at comps AND a superfan!
  • Nope, I don't want to keep going against him! Evict while we have the chance!
  • Kaitlyn told her that her long talk with him the other day changed her mind about him.
  • However, it looks like her latest mindset is that he will be evicted this week.
  • (Not that she said that to Rockstar. I'm saying it to y'all.)
  • She did hint to her that Swaggy will probably go, though.
  • Kaitlyn is sure she will get a power next week.
  • I really hope not.
  • She'd probably tell everybody and ask others what to do with it.
  • And then cry about it.
  • Meanwhile, Winston is worried that Swaggy has the power and will save himself this week.
  • Darn, that boy is dumb as a rock. IF Swaggy had a power, he definitely wouldn't be scrambling to stay. 
  • Swaggy thinks he's worked the vote up to a tie.
  • It's possible.
  • I predict that Kaitlyn will cry when voting Swaggy out if it's a tie vote.
  • Swaggy told Kaitlyn the "other side" can't win comps like his side can. 
  • He also thinks no one could beat him or Fessy in an endurance comp.
  • Well ... Swaggy might do okay in one, but Fessy's bulk is bad news in such a comp. Swaggy is tall, but slim. Still, some of the girls could do better. I bet Angela would be fierce in endurance.
  • Swaggy thinks only a few in the house know he and Bayleigh are a couple.
  • Um, right. Keep thinking that.
  • Swaggy wants all his supporters to wear SwaggyC t-shirts for the eviction.
  • @@
  • Haleigh says she won't wear one and will vote according to Kaitlyn's wishes.
  • Swaggy thinks he has five definite votes to keep him -- Fessy (well, sure), Haleigh (doubtful), Scottie (doubtful), Rockstar (well, sure) and Bayleigh (well, sure).
  • I think that's likely to be THREE votes.
  • In a move to protect his own game more than anything else, Tyler told Kaitlyn if she talks to Swags, he needs to be there.
  • Tyler thinks Scottie is waffling and needs attention.
  • Haleigh really doesn't want to wear the SwaggyC shirt during the eviction.
  • I think the show shouldn't allow those shirts during the eviction anyway. After all, voters at polling places are protected by laws keeping the politicians and their supporters from influencing them as they step into the voting booths.
  • The backyard is closed for HoH comp prep. Swaggy said he saw there were booths, possibly a true/false set-up.
  • Both Haleigh and Kaitlyn think that Rockstar is a "ticking time bomb" and they're trying to distance themselves from her.
  • Okay, I buy that. Rockstar tends to be the most brazen about things.
  • Swags told Bayleigh he loves her. Aw, ain't that just so sweet? Less than a month! I must be true love!
  • ...cough...
  • Swaggy is worried that if he gives a mean save plea at eviction, he might lose Sam's vote because "she likes nice people."
  • Actually, I always think it best to not give "mean" speeches when you want people to keep you in the house no matter who is there.
  • Maybe that's just me.
  • It looks like Swaggy will indeed be voted out tonight, but not unanimously.
  • I don't think Kaitlyn will have to break a tie, though. 

So, they think they can dance

Kaitlyn's zombie power is on

Sam does talk a lot

Fessy - "I liked you because you're weird."

My last BB20 Swaggy screen shot???

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Big Brother 20: Power of Veto Show Blog Party - July 11

I'll be live-blogging the show as it airs here on the East Coast -- refresh this page to get the latest update! As always, the real party is in the comments area; please feel free to join in on the fun!

I will be quiet as we sit through "previously on ..."

Kaitlyn reminds us that her target is Swaggy, not either of the nominees. We will now hear from all those who feel they must win the veto. Tyler is thrilled. His Swaggy plan is in motion. Fessy is happy because he thinks Winston is the target. Kaitlyn wants to convince her alliance that she's still with them (not with Tyler).

Veto players pick time -- Kaitlyn got HG Choice and chose Fessy. Scott randomly picked Rachel. Winston randomly got Tyler.

Kaitlyn tells Fessy she doesn't want him to win. We know why. But she tells him it wouldn't look good to win two weeks in a row. Fessy still wants to win it anyway.

The doorbell rings! It's Jessica and Cody. Exciting, exciting. They get a house tour from the hamsters. And, they announce they're getting married. They also tell the HG there is a new site only for previous hamsters to connect.

Go through the BB Dating Pool, dive through to find what the previous HG would like to do on a date after reading information on that HG. They are all sequestered and will play individually, go over 20 minutes and eliminated. 

Rachel 5.49 leads
Tyler 5.29 now leading (Scottie and Winston out)
Fessy out
Kaitlyn out

Tyler wins the Power of Veto!

Now Kaitlyn's getting "really nervous" because it's such a "huge move" she's about to do. Poor Kaitlyn. 

Tyler thinks he should use the veto to save Scottie rather than Winston. Kaitlyn gets more scared. She thinks the others will all be after her. Now Tyler needs to get her back on track. 

Kaitlyn tells Fessy that Tyler is going to use the veto to save Scottie and she will put Angela on the block.

Kaitlyn cries to us. She says she could use the "best friend I ever had." Oh my. In her 24 years of life, her best friend ever is some guy she's known for three weeks? @@

The doorbell rings! A man acting like SNL's Chris Farley comes in screaming at and insulting Rachel. They run through individual screaming incidents.

Kaitlyn cries to Haleigh and tells her of the backdoor Swaggy plan. That puts Haleigh on the spot. She can't really go tell the others because she herself might end up on the block.  

But Haleigh runs and tells Rockstar. She tells her not to tell anyone, not even Orwell. But Rockstar hints around that there might be problems to Fessy. He still thinks Angela is going on the block. 

Kaitlyn goes to Fessy before the meeting, apologizes for what she's about to do and tells him she hopes he will still trust her. He looks befuddled -- he does that look quite well. She didn't tell him specifics. 

Veto meeting time. Tyler uses the veto to save Scottie. And, Kaitlyn goes through with putting Swaggy on the block as planned, crying all the way through it. Bayleigh needs to close her mouth before flies fly in. Fessy is mad. Swaggy is mainly stunned. He promises to make everybody's life a living hell.

Big Brother 20: Live Feeds into Wednesday Morning - July 11

Well, her real boyfriend dropped her ...


Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Waffling Weasels:
  • Not necessarily IN the house, but -- word on the internet is that Kaitlyn's real boyfriend at home has dropped her and rescinded his waiver with the show that allows her to talk about him.
  • At least I have the satisfaction that, if I went in that house, none of my friends would drop me like a hot potato. Since I'd be hiding around crying to go home, they'd all feel sorry for me!
  • Swaggy is trying so hard to stay this week. I don't think I've ever seen anyone work so politely and thoroughly as he is doing.
  • He's talking long deep sincere kind of talks with EVERYONE .. except Winston and Brett.
  • Meanwhile, Winston isn't campaigning at all. He claims he'll campaign tomorrow (today) just in case of a twist. I haven't seen him start that yet.
  • My only concern if Swaggy stays is that he'll target Tyler and I personally like Tyler in the house.
  • We know Swaggy can win comps.
  • Winston hasn't stepped up to the plate with comps. Maybe he's just holding out.
  • But I see a mean streak in him that I don't really see in Swags.
  • I do think Sam hit the nail on the head when she told Tyler that Swaggy is "pliable." 
  • Kaitlyn pouted about people not hanging around the HoH room with her like they did with Tyler the week before. She wants friends! She needs friends! Where are her friends?!?!
  • Heehee
  • Of course, most of the ones who hung out with Tyler up there were the Level 6 alliance and she's not a part of that. Nor does she know it exists.
  • Rockstar is just realizing now that everything she confided with Kaitlyn on, Kaitlyn told Tyler.
  • So, Kaitlyn might be getting the trust of all the guys, but she's not doing so well with the girls!
  • Kaitlyn told Bayleigh and Swags they can use the HoH room for sex any time they want between now and Thursday.
  • @@
  • I just don't know what to say anymore about that. My dead parents would rise up from their graves and kill me.
  • Then Kaitlyn forgot to give them the room last night.
  • Good.
  • Nothing report-worthy has happened thus far this morning.
  • It still looks like Swaggy might go, but maybe not.
  • Heck, it's so much better than knowing the whole house is going to vote for the same person every week! 

Kaycee looks like such a kid!

Gets a A for effort to save himself

Winston isn't even campaigning.

Swaggy working on Rachel

Waiting for him to play the game