Wednesday, September 18, 2019

BB21: Power of Veto Blog Party - Sept. 18

I'm still a bit slow with typing. I'm making too many typos to live blog like I usually do. But, I will try to post the major events. Tonight we have the most important power of veto competition of the season. The person who wins the veto tonight we'll be the sole voter for eviction as Nicole cannot vote as HoH and the other two will be on the block.

If you have not noticed, we have the blog pool opening for Survivor -- please sign up for it at this link only.

Let's get this blog on the road!

We have to watch them not break up the showmance once again, oh the humanity. 

We have to listen to each one tell us why they need to win the veto, Cliff thinks he has deals set, Jackson tells us all deals are off, Holly is upset. Nicole and Cliff actually think Holly will deal to betray Jackson.

Time for a luxury comp based on the number of changes made in the house while they were in lockdown, Ovi is there as a change. Prize is $10,000. Jackson wins!

Time for the veto. With a slingshot knock down the faces of the hamsters that answer the questions or statements.

Jackson wins beating Nicole by about two minutes. Holly was about two minutes behind Nicole. Not a surprise, Cliff did the worst 20 minutes behind. Cliff still thinks he has a deal with Jackson. Ha.

Jackson sobs ugly happy tears and tells us he won't betray Holly, Cliff still thinks he has a deal.

Jury meeting tomorrow on the show.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Survivor 39: Blog Pool OPENS! (and info, too)

Lifeguard Laurie has graciously offered to do the pool once again this season. She always rocks!

The season premiere is next Wednesday, September 25. The blog pool sign up must be made on this post only. The deadline for signing up is next Tuesday, September 24 at noon eastern time.

Jeff Probst doesn't seem to have a video assessment online.  But I found this link to an article in which he talks about each one with photos. Boston Rob and Sandra are not competing, so will not be a part of the blog pool.

BB21: Live Feeds Brief - Sept. 17

Happier days after BB Comics comp

I'm still having trouble typing. But I notice that my computer does that speech recognition I just had to set it up. It does not want to work well in Blogger. I have to type/speak into a document, then copy and paste into Blogger. It also doesn't like working on Facebook. I have a wrist brace ordered which might give my hand more stability. This is driving me bonkers. My left hand types fine while my right hand types gibberish. No good for live blogging, but here's an update:
  • Veto meeting won't be held until live show.
  • Cliff will go up and out despite deals he made with Jackson re: voting out Holly.
  • It's his own fault -- he should have listened to Nicole and broke up the showmance!
  • Holly is being sex-crazed and needy with Jackson.
  • Holly is being nasty to Nicole. She blames Nicole for Jackson's deal to have her throw the HOH comp and the fact that she went ahead and did it.
  • @@
  • Nicole is speaking up for herself yet often remains too nice to them (IMO)
  • That's where we are.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

BB21: HoH, Brouhaha,Noms Show Blog Party - Sept. 15

I'm still having problems, so the floor is yours! Carry on but leave brouhahas to the hansters!

Saturday, September 14, 2019

BB21: Live Feeds - POV - Sept. 14

My apologies -- I'm still having problems with my right hand.

As expected, Nicole nominated Jackson and Holly. Cliff wants (foolishly) to have Jackson in the final three, Nicole wants Holly. Cliff is off the hook with deals, sounds like he could very well betray Nicole. Veto winner is the sole vote this week.

The veto winner is JACKSON

Thursday, September 12, 2019

BB21: Live Feeds HOH Comp Updates - Sept. 12

This post will be updated once the live feeds return, check comments too!

Um, okay.

Feeds came back a few minutes after the show to a Nicole win 

BB21: Live Eviction Show Blog Party - Sept. 12

Tonight is a big one and typing is still an exercise in frustration for me. I'll try my best to update this post with the major events but invite you all to fill in the details in comments.

The HOH is supposed to play out on the live feeds.  I will put up a separate post for that, but same deal. Lifeguard SueDee's latest blog pool standings are at this link here.

Apparently the excessive live feeds block blocked much chaos.

Tommy tells Nicole and Cliff about Christie. Cliff throws Nicole under the bus to Jackson. Jackson eavesdrops on Tommy campaigning to Nicole and Cliff then fabricates friction based on it to them. Nicole wants a house meeting.

To the living room --

The votes to Evict 

Nicole - Tommy
Cliff - Tommy

He tells Julie about lies Jackson told to play him.

Why is every endurance comp epic?

Crash and Turn comp BB Stunt Camp Spinning on disks from ropes slamming into stuff

BB21 Blog Pool - Who's YOUR Hamster? UPDATED

On live eviction show nights, I'll be linking this post (updated each week) in the blog party post. We had 56 entries and the Lovable Lifeguard SueGee randomly matched each hamster with three or four blog swimmers to help them along. Let's give a hand to SueGee! YAY!

Here are the latest pool standings!

HAMSTER                      BLOG POOL PEEPS

Holly ----------------> Dr_Celine, SueGee. Ashley, Quixotic Elf
Nicole ---------------> JonMD1267, CherylNY, Sherri Vegas, Donna in AL
Tommy -------------> nora, Icy Pixie, ChaCha, Jean
Cliff -----------------> Kelsey NY, Monty924, Sharon C
Jackson -------------> Jennifer, Janice, ChicMc. Krysta Gibson


Wednesday, September 11, 2019

BB21: Power of Veto Show Blog Party - Sept. 11

I'm going to have to bail on you again tonight. People who read my FB can fill you in on what's going on with me -- extreme troubles typing, please update on show in comments. 

Saturday, September 07, 2019

BB21: Live Feeds Saturday, PoV - Sept. 7

Gave HoH room to Nicole, yet canoodle anyway

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Scampering Squirrels:
  • Jackson does seem to have quite the thing for Nicole.
  • Thankfully, not a sexual thing.
  • When she won the first HoH, he started beaming like a proud father.
  • Now, she already had Cliff doing that role.
  • So, let's call Jackson her brother. It is that kind of true friends, sibling relationship going on.
  • He ordered Backstreet Boys for his music for her as that had been her choice. While the first HoH in a double gets basket goodies, they don't get the room or music.
  • Then Jackson told BB he would give up his photos to let her move hers to the HoH room.
  • Then he gave up the HoH room to Nicole. At first she didn't take it, but then broke down.
  • Not to take anything away from Jackson's Nicole-Love, but I will. On Thursday night when no one had the room, he was telling Holly he preferred the room they were in over the HoH. He doesn't like the temperature in the HoH and he thinks its dark and dreary atmosphere affects him.
  • I've been having to really lighten up any screen caps I take of the HoH room as it's so dark. So, I guess it's not just dark on the live feeds, but in person, too.
  • Nicole is still in heaven. 
  • She talked to us from her HoH bed last night. She thinks that whatever's meant to be will be and really hopes one of the four win veto.
  • If she herself wins veto, she'll take Cliff down -- "you don't take risks with your number one."
  • In that scenario, the only person Jackson would be able to put up would be Holly.
  • Technically, Cliff and Nicole (who would be the only ones voting) could turn on her, keep Tommy and vote Holly out.
  • I don't think either would break their word, though.
  • It might be different if they had a shot at Jackson.
  • Today Nicole told Jackson that she will take Cliff down if she wins veto and her reasons behind it.
  • Back to her conversation with us last night -- she said if Cliff wins the veto he would take himself down. She understands and figures Jackson would put her up with Tommy instead of Holly. In that case, she hopes loyalty will come through and she would still be safe.
  • She figures that if Holly or Jackson win the veto, the noms would remain the same.
  • I think she's got things pretty well pegged there.
  • The only real threat is that if Tommy wins veto -- it would be quite likely Cliff would get evicted.
  • Due to BB having the same comps year to year roughly at the same time in the season, they're all pretty sure it's the BB Comics comp.
  • Not every year, but almost every year they've been on a zip line and it's quasi-athletic as well as mentally challenging. 
  • The comp has been playing out for some hours now as I type this up.
  • Y'see, I type to the beat of the BB theme music with the feeds minimized.
  • Tommy, perhaps thinking that Christie would blab in the jury house anyway, more likely some sort of ploy for sympathy -- went and told Holly and Jackson about his long time outside of the house previous relationship with Christie.
  • Tears streaming, of course.
  • We ended up with blocked live feeds the second he mentioned his aunt.
  • Since Christie and the aunt ended their long relationship on a bad note, I doubt she's signed a release for them to talk about her. Thinking back, when they were alone both Tommy and Christie talked about some previous life things, but never really talked about the aunt.
  • So, either there's no release or BB is keeping the drama to themselves.
  • Tommy begged Jackson and Holly to keep the information secret and not tell the others.
  • Hmm.
  • I'm hoping they remember that Tommy was full of accusations that Nick and Nicole knew each other not all that long ago.
  • I'm really not sure how this poly might work into things.
  • I didn't see Jackson and Holly stepping up to Tommy and telling him that they sort of kind of knew each other because Jackson followed Holly's Instagram until his then girlfriend made him stop.
  • However, that's totally different than going to grade school with someone and having a sever-year relationship with his aunt, going to family doings for nearly a decade and all.
  • I guess Tommy might have been going for the angle that he had to play Christie's game or adapt his game to it and wants the chance to play for himself?
  • I don't know.
  • I just wish the comp would end and the feeds would return.
  • Just waiting and waiting.
  • No sense posting this then usurping it with a PoV winner post.
  • But really.
  • The feeds need to come back on. The comp needs to be over. 
  • YAY! 

I will win veto! I must win veto!

Definitely smitten in a sibling way w/Nicole

If I win veto, I'll take Cliff off the block

Friday, September 06, 2019

BB21: Live Feeds Nominations Bulletin - Sept. 6

Today was a busier than usual Friday for them between the delayed HOH comp and the nominations. That means a whole lot of blocked live feeds for us. When they were on, it seemed like some kind of mutual admiration society going on. Jackson got his HOH room and goodies. 

Oh. And the nominations were totally expected -- Tommy and Cliff. If Tommy wins the veto (BB Comics) and saves himself, we could very well lose Cliff this week. The only way Cliff wouldn't go home is if Jackson put Holly up in Tommy;s place. I just don't see that happening.

BB21: Live Feeds into Friday, 2nd HoH - Sept. 6

Nicole was pumped after winning 1st HOH
Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Jumping for Joy:
  • Did any of you notice during the show's HoH comp that when it was announced that Nicole had one piece left, Cliff deliberately picked a piece he already matched and fumbled around to throw it to her?
  • Then she missed the first shot and Tommy almost won!
  • Eek.
  • The feeds came back a while after the show, then went into the adoptable animals for a few hours.
  • But that wasn't HOH. Or, if it was supposed to be it ended up not being it.
  • Technical difficulties maybe?
  • I think this might be the first time ever that everyone in the house seemed to be so happy for someone's HoH win.
  • Well, maybe not Christie. And, true, Tommy was happy to a lesser extent than the others. But even he told Nicole how proud he was of her.
  • Cliff acted like a proud Dad and never mentioned his "misplaced" puzzle piece. He kept going on about how she earned it.
  • Jackson told her that from the bleachers where he was he felt like he was a proud father cheering on his child in a sport.
  • Holly too was so happy for Nicole. While she was certainly happy she was safe, she pointed out that Nicole's whole winning and Cliff's winning veto was the first time she honestly felt trust working out in the house.
  • While Tommy is the main target for any of the other four and he knows it, he's taking it better than some we've seen.
  • The four decided that if one of them wins HoH, Tommy and anybody would go up, Tommy voted out.
  • Cliff and Nicole think Tommy would target Jackson/Holly if he wins HoH. And, if one of them came down, it would end up a tie with Tommy breaking it.
  • Nicole was a joy to watch not only when she first got her HoH basket with goodies, letter from home and photos ... it was even more fun to watch her go through everything one by one later when she was by herself. She even read the letter out loud and replied to each sentence.
  • The feeds were finally blocked around 12:30pm ET for the delayed comp.
  • Okay, the feeds are back and we finally have the second HoH.
  • JACKSON won HoH.
  • This means that unless he wins the veto, Tommy will be evicted this week.
  • I'm thinking he might be good at BB Comics. Hmm.
  • If Tommy wins veto, I think that Cliff might go. 
  • Although the nominations aren't made yet, from their conversations last night, it sounds like Cliff would go up (as a pawn) with Tommy.
  • If Tommy comes down, either Holly or Nicole would have to go on the block with Cliff.
  • If it's Holly, Tommy might vote her out over Cliff. So would Nicole. 
  • But I don't see Jackson putting Holly in that position.
Nicole got unicorn slippers in her basket

Quieter than usual, but not mad at Nicole.

BB21: Live Feeds - No Second HOH Yet - Sept. 6

Just a quick note to let you know that, for some odd reason, the HoH comp was NOT played last night. The feeds were blocked for a few hours, thought it was being played, but nope. 

I think there might have been technical issues. As with other production things, they can't talk about whatever is going on other than they're expecting HOH to play out today. After the feeds returned from the blockage, no one seemed to be hurt and it didn't sound like they played at all. They didn't mention Bayleigh and Swaggy being there. However, on Twitter both of them said they arrived there yesterday. 

Nicole got her HoH basket with goodies and photos. But they didn't let her have the HoH room, not even for the one night.

So ... I don't know. I figured you should know what I don't know. When I do know, I'll let you know.

Thursday, September 05, 2019

BB21: Live Double Eviction Show Blog Party - Sept. 5

Unlike the PoV show full of filler fodder, this show should rock along nicely. I doubt they'll have a jury house update until next week. I want action! Cliff or Jess will walk out the door. But … who will win the HoH and evict the second one tonight? And who will even be nominated and poofed away? I like double evictions!

For those of you in the blog pool -- SueGee has updated the pool and you can find your hamster right AT THIS HERE LINK.

For those of you who might have missed the news -- CBS has renewed Big Brother for the BB22 season, hosted by Julie Chen-Moonves. So, this cast didn't get the show dumped!

I'll be live blogging the major events of the show and constantly updating this post as the show airs here on the East Coast. Refresh this page to get the latest news! As always, the real party is in the comments area -- please feel free to join in on the fun!

Julie put on a red dress for tonight's show. But then we have to sit through the previously on segment.

Day 79 and we have to endure more Holly/Jackson. Jackson explains his duos strategy -- seems to me a repeat from last night. Jess going and the two other duos knocking each other out.

Christie goes to Cliff, telling him Jackson is working everybody. She says Jackson is making it clear that he's working with Cliff and Tommy. Cliff doesn't quibble with her but heads to the HoH room to tell them. He tells Jackson that Christie is throwing him under the bus. Jackson tells him the final four with Nicole and Cliff is real. Holly knew Christie would be a problem. (Yet they haven't succeeded in getting her our.)

To the living room for the first eviction (and "surprise" them about the double) -- She tells them there is no jury battle back. Tommy overacts about the double eviction announcement. @@

Jess -- Shout outs half of her time, love you BB guys so much, one shot at the game, want to be here, if I'm good for your game keep me.
Cliff -- Shout outs too -- Speaks highly of Jess, want to stay, love you all, will walk out with pride if need be.

The votes to evict:
Holly - Jess
Nicole - Jess
Christie - Jess
Tommy - Jess

Oh noes! The outcast is unanimously outcast! Jess is OUT!

She holds the door open for the others to see a long time and then forgets to bring her hag out. When asked, she tells Julia she thinks Jackson will be going out tonight, too.

HoH comp time. On Thin Ice -- build ice puzzle, score hockey goal -- first one done wins. Jackson can't play.

YES! NICOLE WINS HOH! Tommy was very close behind her! 

Cliff talks with her briefly. They discussed how each should nominate Tommy and Christie before. That seems to be the plan. Cliff tells her if one comes down, either Michie/Holly up. And we go to commercial.

Live nominations ceremony begins. Nicole nominates Christie and Tommy!

Power of Veto is ON. What the Bleep classic comp, all playing. Bleeped out word or phrase from previous hamsters, Julie will complete and they answer true of false, seven questions.

1. All right
2. All right
3. All right
4. Tommy and Jackson don't get a point
5. Cliff, Christie and Nicole get it right. I got it right.
6. Cliff, Christie, Tommy and Michie right.

I don't think he needs the two minutes to strategize. In a brief talk, Cliff and Nicole say the noms will remain the same and Christie should go. I personally think they should get rid of Tommy because Christie is nothing without him, but they didn't call me to ask.

To the living room -- Cliff does NOT use the PoV. Christie and Tommy remain on the block.

Back in the living room for the eviction.

Tommy -- Not prepared, obsessed with game and Julie, dream come true, proud of Nicole. Loves all.
Christie -- Cries, cries, cries, you're amazing and will probably win (to Jackson?)

The votes to evict --
Jackson - Christie
Holly - Christie
Cliff - Christie

Finally, the annoyance is gone but the actual game threat Tommy remains. 

She cries, but quasi-recovers talking to Julie. She does think they should have taken Tommy off instead of her for their games. She thinks Jackson will probably win. Julie brings up her relationship with Tommy. Hurt or helped game? Definitely helped her. 

Swaggy and Bayleigh will host the next HoH. We can also expect BB Comics veto.

Now, the next HoH will probably play out late tonight. When I know something I'll post an update in a separate post. I expect the live feeds to be blocked for it and, if they start way late, my update won't be until morning.

BB21: Live Feeds into Thursday - September 5

Hmm … can't play in upcoming HOH

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Repetitive Rats:
  • I know I've complained about chess being boring during past seasons.
  • This season I found out that backgammon is just as boring.
  • I've come to the conclusion that board games are bored games if you're just watching them. Playing them is another matter entirely.
  • Despite like, a day, like, with Jessica running around campaigning and singing her sad song, it seems to be all for naught.
  • The only real question about the Jess eviction will be whether it will be another sheeple house vote or not.
  • With Cliff working on Christie, he might have flipped her vote.
  • If Christie votes for Jess to go, so should Tommy.
  • If Jess gets voted out by a unanimous vote it will give her more insecurities about being an "outsider."
  • I learned much after my childhood years and well by the time I was her age, to embrace my outsiderisms. My own particular weirdness grew on me and I found out more people like me than I thought at one time in my life.
  • She needs to get over it.
  • Or, not go on a show like Big Brother.
  • I also learned I would never put myself in that position. That would be asking for the men in the white coats to take me away.
  • Haha, hoho, heehee.
  • For not having won anything, Nicole has worked her way into favor with so many.
  • She might have messed up the love from Christie, though.
  • In a long talk which set the stage for Cliff's campaign to Christie, Nicole got her to trust her enough to swear on her nonexistent sister that if she (Christie) won HoH, she'd go after Holly and Jackson.
  • Of course, in solidifying her standing with Holly and Jackson, Nicole told them all about her conversation with Christie.
  • If that gets back to Christie, there would go the Nicole love.
  • While Nicole did/does have the opportunity to work with either couple -- Jackson/Holly or Tommy/Christie, she's chosen the pair she thinks is stronger -- Jackson/Holly.
  • I'm not sure that's the case heading into the double eviction.
  • Jackson can't play for the first HoH round of the night and Holly is quite sick. That would necessitate a Cliff or Nicole win which we know is probably unlikely (but would be welcomed by me).
  • I just can't see Christie as a power player in comps. She foolishly throws comps she should try to win and fails at winning ones that are important to her game.
  • Tommy, on the other hand, was holding back for much of the season. At this point he's already exposed his working with Christie, so he has nothing to lose and all to gain by winning.
  • No, still their secret about knowing each other so long and so well remains unknown to all the others in the house.
  • They have decided that it's quite a strong possibility that they're heading into a double tonight.
  • In other news, they made little homemade puppets. That was more fun to watch them playing with them rather than watching them play a board game.
  • Christie named hers Ariel and set it on the table to "take a nap."
  • The BB voice announced, "Ariel, no napping." Christie laugh so hard she snorted and cried.
  • I can't see how she claims to not be a crier outside the house. Heck, she cries when she laughs.
  • So, there you have it. 
  • Jess will be talking to Julie tonight unless worlds collide or something today.
  • And, we should have a show more interesting than the live feeds and definitely more interesting than the Holly/Jackson snit filler that we saw on Sunday's show.

Hmm … is sick heading into the double

Tommy told Nicole he'd vote for her to win

Like, I'm about to be an outcast outcast

Handmade puppets, Ariel is center.

Not going anywhere, at least in the first round