Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Nominations, PoV Winner Bulletin - September 16/17

The HoH gets no blood on his hands

Derrick pretty much has it made in the shade. Here's a quick rundown --
  • As expected, he nominated Victoria and Caleb for eviction.
  • Cody won the Power of Veto again.
  • The Hitmen's next target was Caleb unless something changed drastically during the two feedless days.
  • Cody can't save anyone with the veto as he and Derrick cannot go on the block.
  • Cody is the sole vote.
  • Caleb is sure that Cody will vote out Victoria.
  • Victoria and Derrick are still acting on the outs.
  • Cody should vote out Caleb, the largest threat (other than Derrick) for the win.
  • Derrick once again won't have the "blood on his hands."
  • The final three should be Victoria, Cody and Derrick. 

Caleb will get bloody if he keeps picking his arms

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Big Brother 16: Not So Live Eviction Show Blog Party - September 16

Big Brother summer on Make A Gif

Bring your popcorn, get that grill going! Are you ready to party bloggy-style?

As the show airs here on the East Coast, I'll update this entry with the major happenings. Refresh the page to get the latest! As always (and perhaps especially tonight), the real party is in the comments area. I hope to see you there!

Rewind recap and more recap. Frankie is shocked. Too bad, so sad. Caleb has a big mouth. He pretty much told Frankie that the others consider him (Frankie) a threat.

Because they know what the veto comp will be, they're studying. Relentlessly studying.

Ack. The Team America offer rumored is TRUE. TA is over, playing for yourself. As an individual, if you win, you take home an extra 50 grand. Note that there's nothing about BOTH of them making it to the final two. It's just if either Frankie or Derrick win the show, it will be $550,000, not $500,000.

Freak Show comp is on again. Cody is up first.

Cody's time: 2:21
Caleb can beat it, nor Victoria. Frankie out. Derrick was almost done when time ran out.

Cody wins Power of Veto!

Veto meeting: Victoria gives her usual speech. Frankie thinks Derrick should be on the block instead of him. Cody does NOT use the veto.

Time to vote! Speech time - Victoria, the usual. Frankie, greetings to Mommy and Ariana, hope to make you proud, on and on, shine bright as a Frankie, kept all safe, final four agreement. Go Grande or Go Home and tonight I might be doing both. (That was cute.)

The vote to evict:
Cody -- Frankie
Derrick -- Frankie

Ding dong, the witch is dead! Which old witch? The wicked witch! Frankie is gone!

He went out with the hamsters well. But then he pulled a Richard Simmons act going out to Julie, throwing glitter and all.

HoH comp time -- It's a step forward/step back questions about events before or after. Caleb can't play as HoH. Cody and Derrick go to a tiebreaker. Derrick wins HoH!

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Leak BULLETIN - September 16

No Frankie!

Welp, we had a teaser of about ten minutes on the live feeds. Intentional leak? I dunno. But it was revealing indeed.
  • Frankie is not in the house.
  • Derrick is HoH.
  • Not only is he in the HoH room, but a thingee next to the "dream" one says "No.1 Dad."
  • They're wearing veto shirts and ready for the veto comp.
  • Victoria is worried, Derrick is consoling her.
  • Did I say it loud enough?

Also ... has the voting for fan favorite up at this link.

No. 1 Dad by HoH basket!

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds or lack thereof - September 15-16

The live feeds have been off since they received tie-dye shirt kits yesterday morning and recorded that for last night's BBAD show.

Hopefully Frankie is out the door now with last night being the eviction. Tonight's show was taped last night.

About the only thing of note which I didn't mention on yesterday morning's live feeds report is Derrick's talk with us (feedsters) in the wee hours. He definitely wants a final three with himself, Cody and Victoria. He understands that we might not think Victoria is "worthy" of being in the finals, but claims she's a good person and thinks she keeps a lot of herself private. He also thinks a lot of Cody. From the talk, it does sound like he wouldn't mind at all being in the final two with Victoria, but will try to honor BB. Hmm.

The live feeds should return after tonight's show. Remember (Becky!), the show airs at 8pm ET/PT! 

Jeff highlights

Derrick talked to us

Monday, September 15, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Sunday into Monday - September 15

I'm all that, daggummit!

Another day and evening of the doldrums in that Big Brother House of Waiting For the Next Big Thing:
  • The most excitement, other than them tossing fake limes and lemons into a bowl, was Victoria holding the (plastic?) knife to Derrick's throat in the photo booth.
  • BB Voice yelled at her to "Stop that!"
  • She obviously doesn't know the history of Justin Sebik and Kristy.
  • Derrick also had a huge long talk with Victoria later in the evening about not talking game with anyone until after Wednesday. She's sitting pretty with Frankie as the target now. But her loose lips fueled by alcohol just might sink ships.
  • Of course, Derrick doesn't drink at all.
  • He observes those who do, though.
  • Yes, he's protecting her game.
  • But he's protecting his as well.
  • Caleb still thinks that Frankie going home is the right move and he was justified putting him on the block because Frankie has betrayed his trust.
  • Cody wants Frankie to go.
  • Cody will not be using the PoV to save anyone.
  • And on it goes ...

Tossing fake limes and lemons in a bowl

Four, three, two, ONE

Hoboken has its bad sections

Keeping Victoria's head in the game

Think with your head, please

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Big Brother 16: Rewind HoH and Nominations Show Blog Party - September 14

Big Brother summer on Make A Gif

We got spoiled by having a number of Sunday shows start on time here on the East Coast. Well, FORGET THAT! Football is still on as I get this written up to schedule for posting.

As the show airs here (when it airs), I'll update this entry with the major happenings. Refresh the page to get the latest news! As always, the real party will be in the comments area. Come join in on the fun!

Once it starts here, I'll turn off the word verification and join the party! The show will start at about 8:50pm ET (nearly an hour late).

It's back to the rewind playing of the seed-saw HoH comp. Derrick again can't play. CALEB wins HoH this time, not Frankie (although Frankie came in second).

Cody is a dinosaur again.

Jeff and Jordan have to get engaged again.

Okay, I made the last one up.

Lots of hemming and hawing from Caleb about putting Frankie up as per the final three deal and plans made with Derrick and Cody.

On the TV screen, they're told there will be a luxury comp. They all have to go to the HoH bedroom where there's a big breakfast waiting as well as a big TV. The dinosaur costume is gone again. They watch the jurors burst into the house and create havoc throwing stuff around.

Hey! The in house hamsters aren't playing in the comp ... it's the jurors! They knock out the others one by one by finding pucks and putting them in the slot for the one they want gone. The winner gets 5 grand, as does one in house hamster on their team. The in house picks teams by t-shirts. No one picked Christine.

Jocasta got the first one and knocked Christine out first. Nicole knowcks out Zach. Then she knocked out Donny! Nicole got another one and knocked out Jocasta! Hayden got the last one and had to knock out Nicole! So, Hayden and Victoria each win $5,000.

The house is destroyed.

Nominations today. Caleb is in a quandary. He's being pressured by Frankie not to put him up and the other two to put Frankie up. What to do?

He nominates Victoria, then Frankie. He says he made a pact with the boys for the final four. He gives an odd speech about flamingos and pawns to Frankie.

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - September 14, 2014

Good Sunday morning to y'all! Since it is Sunday, this is my weekly off television topic reflection of the past week in both words and photos I've taken along the way. If you're looking for Big Brother live feeds content, you can find my latest (and the whole shebang!) right here at this link.

I know I'm late with this this morning, but I actually slept in. I'm on a staycation, having spent any vacation monies on my new refrigerator. It's the first time I've ever had a brand spanking new refrigerator in my lifetime of apartment renting. So, this thing better entertain me this week! I do plan a few small day things, maybe even the Feast of San Genaro in the city, but buying a refrigerator used up most of my discretionary cash.

September 12 marked what I call Vincent's birthday -- the day I adopted him. We met at New York City Animal Care & Control on September 12, 2009. So, this is his fifth birthday even though they thought he was around five when I adopted him. He's still my Spanish Harlem munoquito. Yes, the shelter is in Spanish Harlem ... so I can sing all kinds of songs at him. "There is a cat in Spanish Harlem ..."

A few refrigerator notes:
  • They do have an equivalent of a new car smell!
  • While I'll miss the side-by-side freezer space, this 18.2 is definitely big enough for me.
  • I had to buy it as the old one started being sporadic. It always looked beat-up and nasty as I bought it for $200 on September 11, 2001. Yes, THAT day. I was in my car heading to my then used refrigerator connection when I heard the news on the car radio. I had never had to buy my own refrigerator for an apartment before and cash was short as I had just spent all my on hand money (or most of it) on security deposit and rent while not having my previous security deposit in my hands yet.
  • I can't really complain. That was a lot of years for a cheap used refrigerator.
  • Alas, the used refrigerator connection has since passed away and I was desperately searching. I needed not only the refrigerator delivered, but someone to haul away the old one.
  • I checked out Craigslist, but no individual sellers want to deliver! Gah.
  • So, I checked out the Sears online -- there's an outlet location roughly a half-mile down the street from me.
  • For under $500 I got your basic refrigerator with both delivery and haul away of the old. Brand new, although they say it has a dent on it. 
  • I can't find the dent.
  • It has a humidity controlled crisper drawer and door bins large enough to hold gallon bottles. Despite some internet reviews, it's very quiet and the freezer door (top mounted freezer) does NOT open when closing the refrigerator doors. Nor are the shelves flimsy. What are they putting on them? Cases of beer?
  • I was going by price and the delivery/haul away factors when I panicked about the old one dying and ordered it. Afterwards, I read reviews. Overwhelmingly, people seemed to like it. However, as always on the internet, there were some haters. 
  • So far I really like it. Plus, it has a warranty anyway. I didn't buy their extended warranty. I have a couple of weeks to decide on that. I'm not rough on things -- I still have a working 8-track tape player and a microwave I bought in the late 80s. As long as it's built well, it should last me.
  • From the refrigerator manual in the troubleshooting pages
Problem: My refrigerator doesn't seem to stay as cold as it should.
Cause: Opening and closing the doors too often.
Solution: Stop opening and closing the doors so often.


Onto the photos of the week. I didn't really take a ton of photos as I only worked four days and only really walked/commuted on three days. On Thursday I had an all day meeting in Parsippany (NJ). Someone else drove. I had my camera, but you don't want to see photos of us stuck in traffic heading into NYC in the morning and traffic stuck coming out of NYC in the late afternoon. Oy!

 photo IMG_5754a_zps6c96e7f4.jpg
Sunrise over Plainfield

I love seeing the sunrise as I head to the train station heading to work! This was one morning looking at it from Roosevelt Avenue in Plainfield.

Due to the night's darkness lasting longer, I got some decent shots of the Harvest Moon, the last "supermoon" of the year, as I headed to work earlier in the week. To make the images full screen, click on the diagonal arrow on the bottom right of the slideshow.

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Saturday into Sunday - September 14

A chainsaw massacre could liven things up!

Oh my gosh. The live feeds couldn't get much more boring than they presently are. Now, I thought they were boring a few weeks ago. That was nuthin'! Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of I Gotta Get Outta This Place:
  • Frankie is still the target.
  • Both Cody and Derrick will be voting him out.
  • They know not to blow the opportunity this time.
  • Frankie doesn't actually KNOW he's going ... but deep down inside he knows he's going. It's just that they haven't told him yet.
  • That was the biggest game discussion yesterday and last night -- when and if to tell him.
  • They decided they don't want to totally blindside him. They want to give him warning.
  • So, now it's a matter of when to tell him. After the PoV meeting? Before the eviction? The morning of the eviction?
  • Unlike some of the others we've seen in the house this season, Frankie may be a lot of things, but he's not dumb. He knows his swan song in the game is coming up.
  • He's a slight bit more subdued.
  • That's a good thing.
  • In other news, despite his culinary skills as the self-appointed chef for most of the summer (probably so they would eat foods HE likes), Frankie doesn't know how to make hamburgers.
  • @@
  • They got the grill back. Derrick and the others suggested hamburgers. Frankie wanted to make them like meatballs. 
  • It didn't matter anyway. They ended up locked inside due to music being heard outside from some party in the area.
  • I believe in the last 24 hours, each hamster probably spent 2.3 hours talking about how bored they are.
  • Derrick is still sitting pretty -- both Cody and Victoria would definitely choose him for the final two if they were in that position. Caleb just might consider taking Cody, but Derrick keeps working on him.
  • Caleb seems to be next on the Hit List. 
  • But Victoria would always work, too.
  • Anybody but Derrick, in my opinion.
  • If anyone deserves to win this season, it's Derrick. He's been masterminding practically every eviction, adapting the few times things didn't go his way, playing a great social game taking interest in the lives of each hamster, winning a few comps yet never on the block.
  • True, he's been surrounded by fools, but ...!
  • That's all I have for you ...

Jus' washin' the dishes

Jogging yard laps

Jus' being Caleb-ish

Always alert

Dead man walking

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Friday PoV into Saturday - September 13

Sad Frankie in the tub

Okay ... I know I didn't post last night. I have a few reasons. First off, the whole 50 grand bonus controversy was taking me to task. I didn't want to post on that until I had a personal grasp on whether it was an actuality or something made up by a hamster as gameplay. Oh? The second thing? I fell asleep before the veto comp? I really didn't mean to! I've been running on empty between BB and my real job (which pays the bills).

Let's first look at that big BB bonus controversy --
  1. Supposedly, BB offered $50,000 as a bonus to the winner if both of the Team America mates are in the final two.
  2. This all came up because Frankie came out of the Diary Room crying and told Derrick that he had to wake up and go in there.
  3. When Derrick came out, he talked to Frankie about the "bonus."
  4. Hmm. Something is fishy here. I don't think it's a real offer by BB.
  5. First reason why -- BB is cheap. Had they made an offer, it would have been more along the lines of maybe 10 grand.
  6. Second reason why -- This would be a Team America thing. We (America) vote on Team America things. BB KNOWS that Frankie is pretty hated by the Internet crowd, if not by the show crowd. They KNOW that had a decision like this been put up for the vote, it would have gotten a huge NO. They KNOW that if Frankie were to get to the final two and win the supposed bonus, the show fans would be steaming that he'd be getting extra money they didn't vote to give him. Heck, I think BB KNOWS that if Frankie wins, there will be a big fan hot mess going on. They know he's hated. While they cannot control who wins, they're not going to offer extra money to have a hated by the fans person win.
  7. Third reason -- BB didn't cut in telling them not to talk about production. Had it really been a secret move by them, the feeds would have been blocked or they would have been hushed by a BB voice reprimand. However, if it's all fictional, they'd be allowed to talk on and air over the feeds. 
  8. Therefore, the whole bonus offer makes no sense whatsoever.
  9. I think it's probably yet another Derrick scheme covering his bases, making Frankie think he's on his side. Or, he's possibly setting things up for, in the case Frankie remains on the block, he might vote to keep Frankie and force Caleb to send Frankie home in a tiebreaker. That way, he'd have Frankie's jury vote -- "Well, I tried to save ya, buddy!"
  10. There is nothing about it on the CBS website, nor have they given us any teasers for it during the show or commercials.
  11. Everything considered, I doubt the offer was legit. Yet, it sure gives the grassy knoll folks something new and exciting to be up in arms about!
 Onto the other happenings of the day in that Big Brother Spool of Lies:
  • Although boring on the whole, some of their study habits for the comp were funny -- looking through fingers, boxes, blocking noses apart, long discussions on noses, crows-feet, etc.
  • When the veto comp came down, it was a CODY win with Derrick right behind him.
  • Victoria did a lot better than before, but still was apparently way behind the others. But she beat Frankie! He apparently froze during the comp! Woot! Woot!
  • Huh. Victoria also did better than Caleb. Good for her. Give her a cookie.
  • Caleb and Cody solidified the final three plan with Derrick as their third.
  • Caleb told Derrick and Victoria that he wants it to be a tie vote so he can send Frankie home.
  • Cody's not on board with that plan at all.
  • Nor is Derrick.
  • Cody and Derrick told Caleb they would both be voting out Frankie.
  • Victoria danced with the headphones on in the HoH room. It must be akin to a deaf person watching someone dance -- I couldn't hear the music, but I definitely had a good sense of the beat. Of course, that wouldn't work if I was the one dancing. At least Victoria CAN dance!
  • Of course, there will be no suspense awaiting the veto meeting. We know Cody won't use it as it would force Caleb to put Derrick up. 
  • That just ain't happening.
  • Unless Victoria goes totally whacko and scares them all, Frankie will go home.
  • Victoria will probably follow him next.
  • Then Caleb.
  • At least, that's Derrick's plan. Well, he might flip it and go for Victoria in the final two.

The big controversial talk

Keep smiling, girl!


My kneecaps are sweating

Yay for Cody, veto winner!

Dancing by myself ...

The writing is on the wall

Friday, September 12, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Thursday night into Friday - September 12

She can smile more now

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Finally Frankie on the block:
  • Frankie keeps being told that Victoria is going home and he's a pawn.
  • I doubt he believes it. I think he knows his fate is sealed unless he can win veto.
  • Caleb told him he put him on the block instead of Cody because Cody just went through suffering a week on the block before the rewind.
  • But ... but ... Derrick's never been on the block! Why not him.
  • Caleb told him that it wasn't fair to put Derrick on the block because Derrick couldn't play in either of the comps in the rewind. He had no chance to keep himself safe.
  • (Besides, they all want Frankie OUT!)
  • Lots of memorizing faces going on in groups, separately or, in Frankie's case, in the HoH tub going over each one.
  • Derrick told Victoria she needs to keep up the hating him act.
  • But she MISSES him!
  • @@
  • Caleb and Frankie are still bent out of shape about the jurors not only messing up the house, but getting five grand.
  • They're happy that Hayden won the money, not most of the others, but still. Y'know, America must hate them to allow the jury to get luxuries when they're in the lap of luxury.
  • It's only Derrick and Cody voting. As long as the nominations remain the same, they're both voting Frankie out.
  • If Victoria wins the veto (BWAHAHAHAHA!) and takes herself off, Frankie goes home.
  • If Frankie wins the veto and either Cody or Derrick go up, Victoria goes home.
  • Frankie thinks someone convinced Caleb to nominate him.
  • (cough ::: Derrick :::) 
  • Actually, he suspects Cody, too.
  • Caleb, being his Caleb self, isn't all that convincing that no one convinced him.
  • Frankie knows.
  • We know he knows.
  • Hopefully anybody BUT Frankie wins the veto.
  • Frankie has interrogated everyone except Victoria.
  • Derrick continues to solidify his relationships with everyone in the house, including Frankie.
  • A Frankie quote: "Public perception of me is extremely important to me."
  • Heh. I think his family should start researching shrinks now.
  • Derrick fixed Victoria's broken necklace but told the guys not to tell her he fixed it.
  • That's because they hate each other, of course.
  • Frankie said he was given a note that the TVGN (BBAD) audience doesn't like him to "perform" for them.
  • Ha.
  • Neither do the live feeders.
  • Victoria thinks the jury is bitter.
  • I think they are, too. But, listening to them talk the other day on the show, they definitely know who's playing a good game. Hopefully they'll vote on that.
  • The upcoming veto will be the deciding factor whether we're rid of Frankie or not.
  • I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Why did you put me on the block, Caleb?

Why not CODY?

I'll cover the noms photos with a towel

Chips chowing down

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Bulletin - Nominations - September 11

Caleb actually did it -- he put Victoria and FRANKIE on the block. Of course, he told Frankie that he's the pawn, but ...!

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Thursday into the afternoon - September 11

Who's this running into the house?

Well, Team Monotony ... er, Big Brother livened the house up a bit today. Here's what happened inside that Big Brother House of Jurors Running Amok:
  • Our oh-so-lovable hamsters slept in, as usual.
  • Caleb found a card from BB saying that Cody's dinosaur costume was once again extinct and that they were going to have a luxury comp.
  • Then they got locked in a room with a TV monitoring the house.
  • Who comes running in the door?
  • Our jury hamsters!
  • They rip through the house throwing food, Froot Loops and clothes all over the place, basically trashing it.
  • While they watched them on the TV, they all laughed. They certainly changed their tune later.
  • After the initial trashing, the feeds ended up being blocked.
  • However, it seems each present hamster had to put on a t-shirt with the team member of the jury's name on it.
  • That juror was playing for the hamster on their team, searching for a chip worth 10 grand -- five for the juror, five for the hamster.
  • Caleb was unhappy he got Jocasta.
  • Aw.
  • Victoria had Hayden.
  • Hayden found the chip, so they each get the money.
  • Frankie and Caleb are SO ticked about that.
  • VICTORIA gets money?!?!?!
  • Oh noes! Life in the BB house is SO unfair!
  • Then they all groused about having to clean up the mess left behind.
  • Victoria had a valid complaint that someone broke her necklace and someone crossed her name off where she had written it on the inside of the bathroom door.
  • (Hamsters through the seasons have marked their existence in the john.)
  • How dare the jury have a chance to win money?
  • How dare they mess up my house?
  • And so on.
  • Now we're pretty much back to boredom.
  • Nominations today, the screen said after the jurors left.

Dancing and trashing

Hamsters locked up laughing

The trashing goes on, as does the laughing

I'm so mad

No, WE are Team Donny!

Jus' spittin' in a cup. Ew.

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds overnight into Thusday - September 11

Will the new HoH do it?

Good morning, folks. We all know that today is a solemn day in our lives as we remember the terrorist attacks of 9/11/01. Here in the Greater NYC Metropolitan Area, we have reminders of the day every day in our daily lives -- things that have changed due to the attacks. But, on the actual date, it really takes us back in time. I'd rather go back in time to a day when we felt safe on our own soil. We'll never forget.

But life goes on. And, the BB house hamsters go on, as well. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of You Can Do It, Caleb!:
  • As you all know from my previous update, Caleb won HoH.
  • Heh.
  • I would have preferred Cody or Victoria, but I'll take anyone who's not named Frankie.
  • Of course, there was a lot of memory wall studying as they know they'll be facing the morph comp once again. They're sure it will be changed somehow, but it's anyone's guess what the changes will be.
  • In talking about the rewind, Frankie brought up that Jeff and Jordan will have to get engaged in the yard again. Derrick laughed and said as long as he doesn't gash his finger on a glass again.
  • Ah, so that's how he cut his finger! I didn't ever catch where the cut came from and assumed a comp.
  • They (Derrick and Frankie) haven't mentioned the Team America mission, whether it has to be redone or not.
  • Derrick told Cody that they have to convince Caleb to put Frankie on the block.
  • Meanwhile, the Victoria hates Derrick act continues. Victoria is having a ball with it. She knows she can't win the game, so she's putting her effort into securing a Derrick win. At one point she told the camera (us) that this was for Jana and Tenley.
  • She's putting great little touches on the act all by herself, too.
  • She made a point of saying goodnight to everyone but Derrick.
  • They're all falling for the act.
  • Caleb agreed with Derrick that Frankie needs to go (as he's the greatest threat for the big win), but disagreed on putting him initially on the block.
  • Derrick pointed out that if he's (Frankie's) on the block and wins veto, he saves himself. But, if Frankie is NOT on the block and Cody/Victoria or Derrick/Victoria are ... Frankie could save Victoria and either Cody or Derrick would end up going home.
  • Hmm ... pretty valid reasoning.
  • Well, until you think about it. I'm sure Frankie wouldn't save Victoria.
  • But Caleb might fall for it.
  • Caleb agreed that he will put Frankie on the block but convince him that Victoria is the target.
  • Caleb is still having delusions of grandeur.
  • He just doesn't realize that outside of the BB fan base, the cast hamsters just fade into total obscurity with the general public.
  • American Idol is about the only long time reality show to make stars of the winners and some of the better singers. Why has he never applied for that if he's such a great singer?
  • Frankie wants to have surgery on his ears because he thinks they look like bat ears. Derrick said they're more a bit elf. 
  • I think he should spend his money on a personality implant instead of his ears.
  • In his HoH reveal, Caleb got the CD from the singer who appeared in the yard for the engagement party.
  • Since BB opened up the yard, the hamsters aren't expecting the PoV comp until Saturday.
  • I'm really hoping for some changes this week ... like Frankie LOSING comps.
  • How about you?

A girl studies

A dinosaur studies

He said this one is a new costume

Going for the Emmy

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Special HoH Comp Re-do - September 10

As I get this posted, the live feeds are still blocked. I'll update when they come back!

9:18pm ET -- Feeds still blocked.


Caleb won the HoH comp

And Frankie didn't ... heehee

Contemplating the veto

Derrick is thrilled. He's sure that Frankie can't win the veto twice over him. Caleb wants Frankie out, but isn't sure about initially putting him on the block and letting him have the chance to save himself with the veto.