Monday, September 24, 2018

Big Brother 20: Live Feeds and Looking Back - Sept. 24

Sorry, Bayleigh

Here's the latest from inside the Big Brother House of Napping:
  • I have practically nothing to report.
  • Lots of napping.
  • Lots of small talk.
  • Lots of talk of being bored.
  • They were given tie-dye kits yesterday.
  • Kaycee and Tyler haven't told JC that neither will take him to the final two as they had a final two deal since the beginning and both a part of Level 6.
  • JC still hasn't put together there was a Level 6 alliance even though he helped them all season.
  • They do plan on telling him. I personally think the sooner the better -- give him a chance to cool off before exposing things on the live show.
  • On a bizarre note -- the Have Not room is still open. Weird.
  • And, that's pretty much that.
So, now what? Even though the season has yet to name a winner, I'd like to do my own little take on BB20:
  • For me, someone who has seen both the aired shows and live feeds since BB1, this season was the best in YEARS.
  • I wasn't too thrilled when the cast was revealed.
  • Yet, every hamster played a part in making this such a great season.
  • Well, maybe not Steve so much. We never really get to know that first one out the door. 
  • This cast, despite the amount of recruits, was here to play the game -- even though some (Sam, Fessy) had no clue how to play the game.
  • But ... they all played vital roles in the success of the season.
  • This cast actually kept the house much cleaner than past seasons. Sam would clean so she had something to do. Scottie was an outright cleaning mania man. Angela, Tyler, Kaycee, Brett all spent a lot of time washing dishes and general clean-up. Most washed their own dishes after eating.
  • Fessy wasn't into cleaning so much.
  • He obviously was too busy strategizing!
  • Some show fans didn't care for Swaggy -- yet he was the impetus to how the whole show played out.
  • His alliance was blindsided and determined to grow stronger.
  • Sure, they often won power.
  • And got blindsided again and again.
  • The Level 6 group was more successful mainly because they kept things secret. They didn't hang out in public as a group. 
  • For the longest time Brett was pretty amazing as a double agent for Level 6.
  • But, once it's known that a Level 6 member is planning on turning within the group while there are still other targets -- ZAP. Gonzo.
  • They planned well and planned ahead.
  • They also rolled with the punches quite well.
  • The final three are all people deserving to be there.
  • Sure, JC has been problematic. BUT ... he's definitely been playing the game. Despite his lack of comp wins, he's been working it.
  • We can't say that every season.
  • It doesn't hurt that Tyler is a cutie-patootie.
  • Heehee
  • At this time (judging from the live feeds), it should be Kaycee and Tyler in the final two.
  • I'd personally prefer a Tyler win. I feel he's done more strategy and leadership of decisions for Level 6 while Kaycee has been more of a follower.
  • However, it will be up to the jury to decide the winner. Since Kaycee has stepped up with her comp wins and she's liked by all (since she personally never nominated anyone for eviction and she's got a good personality, too), the jury just might pick her for the win.
  • Either way, I'm okay with it.
  • I'm certainly not going to complain about such an entertaining season!
  • What are your thoughts?

Survivor: David vs. Goliath - Jeff Probst Cast Assessments

Yes! It's almost here! The season premiere is Wednesday at 8pm ET/PT leading into the season finale of the best Big Brother seasons in years! 

Entries into the blog pool will close tomorrow (Tuesday) at noon PT or 3pm ET. If you haven't signed up yet and wish to do so, please sign up only on THIS LINKED POST. Requests on this post you're presently reading or others might not be noticed.

As for this season's cast -- on a personal note I find it very interesting that Jeff Probst is mentioning one castaway as the impetus for this season's theme. Pat Cusack. No, I don't know the man. But, dang. He's from Watervliet, NY. That's family stomping grounds for me. You don't see many folks from Watervliet out and about outside of that area. My father worked for years at the Adirondack Steel Casting Company in Watervliet. Many relatives worked at the Watervliet Arsenal. I believe both are long gone these days. My still favorite fast food place ever in my life started in Watervliet -- Ted's Fish Fry. They remain there and in several locations around that area. Unfortunately, there are no Ted's Fish Fry locations where I live now.

Onto Jeff's cast assessment videos --

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Big Brother 20: Memories Show Blog Party - Sept. 23

Tonight's show is running about five to seven minutes late in this area. Since this one is the walk through memory lane, I won't be live blogging all the happenings. Oh, yeah. I'm sure to comment now and then. And, as always, the real party is in the comments area!

REMINDER: The cut-off for the Survivor blog pool is coming up soon! If you haven't signed up, you need to head to the pool opening post to do so. Please don't ask elsewhere -- it could be missed! AND... no stragglers, PLEASE. Merci! 

They did the previously on segment as if this show isn't going to be mostly previously on. However, I think if you've only watched the shows and not the live feeds, some things might be new. And, we're promised the start of the first part of the final HoH comp. Woot. 

Tyler and Kaycee want to work together on the final HoH -- Kaycee do the physical, Tyler the mental. Kaycee definitely plans on remaining loyal to Tyler.

Now it's time for brunch and a visitor. It's Jeff Schroeder! Champagne toast all around! He brings up all the blindsides. We get to see all of them once again and they're still priceless, especially with Fessy DR commentary. Then it's into the house meeting by Hacker Haleigh.

Jeff asks about showmances -- Tyler mentions Bayleigh and Swaggy. So we get video clips. JC says he considers Tyler and him a showmance and Angela tried to steal Tyler from him. Sp. we see Angela/Tyler clips. JC doesn't think Fessy and Haleigh were a showmance; Tyler disagrees.

Time to reminisce over each and every departed hamster. Kaitlyn up first. "Yatus" clip is always funny. Brett throwing Rockstar under the bus with his lying speech. We did have some new classic moments this season! On my daughter's birthday!

Jeff is now curious about Sam. That leads into crying and emotional DR sessions. Into a segment on the punishments dealt out this season.

We get a whole minute or two of the start of the first part of the HoH. They have to ride their "jet-packs." It's an endurance comp. They are tilted and blasted with stuff.

Big Brother 20: Live Feeds HoH Part Two Aftermath - Sept. 23

This game isn't FAIR!

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of a Salty Sulker:
  • Due to the late hour last night here on the east coast when the feeds finally returned, I didn't go into much aftermath detail.
  • I believe JC sees the writing on the wall.
  • He's such a sore loser -- even to the point where he claims BB rigged it so Kaycee would win by making the second part so physical.
  • Apparently the comp involved wall climbing and answering questions.
  • According to what Tyler said, JC only lost by 40 seconds.
  • JC is steaming because he claims he had more answers right but couldn't keep up with the physical.
  • After all, he worked this season with Tyler because he (JC) was the brains while Tyler was only there for the physical comps!
  • Heh. At least that's what he says and thinks.
  • Now, if he hadn't been such a schemer himself all season, he might think there would be a chance for either Kaycee or Tyler to bring him to the final two.
  • But, no. There isn't.
  • Although both Tyler and Kaycee haven't told him of their final two deal or Level 6 alliance, JC thinks they would take each other because (of course) neither could win against him!
  • Around JC, Kaycee tells him how well he did in the comp and complains about how sore she is, acting rather subdued.
  • Around JC, Tyler keeps telling him to think positive.
  • Not around JC, both Tyler and Kaycee are calling themselves the Final Two.
  • Both are thrilled with their alliance and also with their final two deal since the beginning of the game.
  • Without a doubt, Kaycee will take Tyler to the final two if she wins Part Three.
  • I believe Tyler will take Kaycee, too. However, he doesn't seem AS excited as Kaycee.
  • Perhaps because he may have felt that either JC or Kaycee would take him to the final two.
  • I don't know.
  • If he wins the final part and is against Kaycee, the final two deal early in the game might show loyalty which the jury didn't see with him. He could claim bigger moves although their wins have been pretty even number-wise. Kaycee won many vetoes but didn't use them while he had to "get blood on his hands."
  • Kaycee's argument to win would be based on her loyalty, her social game and her number of comps wins. That's a good record and she has a much better social game than either Tyler or JC. She was friendly with everyone and, need I say, doesn't have any "blood on her hands." With a bitter jury, she'd be a shoe-in for the win. 
  • If he were to be in the Final Two, JC would probably be problematic -- as he has been all season. While I do think all of his game playing that he did, he's certainly worthy of being in the final three, I think he's a bit delusional about his own game versus the games of others -- specifically Tyler. I think JC would lie, cheat and steal in any final plea to win the game. 
  • I believe that all three deserve to be in the final three. We can't say that every season.
  • And, I think that the final two will be Kaycee and Tyler, no matter which one wins the third part.
  • Kind of like the Derrick/Cody Hitmen, their personal alliance will go in the records if they make final two together.
  • But will Tyler be Derrick or will he be Cody?
  • At least JC has certainly been no Victoria!
  • We will have to endure three days of JC whining and pouting over the part two comp. He's fussing that he wants to leave and acting like a belligerent small child.
  • The hamsters seem to be going back and forth between thinking the finale is tonight or Wednesday.
  • Nope, not tonight. They'll have to suffer for three days.
  • And, so will we.
  • In other news, Allison Grodner confirmed that this season the winner and runner-up are indeed eligible to win America's Favorite Player.
  • REMINDER: If you want to be in the blog's Survivor: David vs. Goliath pool you need to sign up ONLY on this here linked post. Please do it soon! Every season we have people wanting in after the cut-off time. You have no clue how annoying that is! So, take a moment NOW and sign up or you might not make the cut-off on Tuesday.  

Resting easy now

Hurting, but it's happy hurting

Big Brother 20: Live Feeds Saturday, HoH Part Two Winner - Sept. 22

New peg-wall work

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Boredom:
  • Of course, the boredom will get worse after today.
  • At least today they had the second part of the final HoH comp ahead.
  • They napped.
  • They snacked.
  • They chit-chatted.
  • Kaycee spent a lot of time studying faces on the memory wall and going over previous comps.
  • Tyler cooked.
  • JC napped some more.
  • The live feeds went down around 6pm their time.
  • It's only Kaycee and JC competing.
  • How long can it take?
  • Apparently, three and a half hours.
  • Kaycee won Part Two.
  • It will be Tyler and Kaycee competing in Part Three in the finale.
  • I predict feeds boredom until then.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Survivor: David vs. Goliath - Blog Pool OPENS

Yep, it's that time! The season premiere is Wednesday at 8pm ET. I ask that people who want in on the pool PLEASE sign up by the deadline listed at the bottom. Every season we have stragglers and it's usually regulars on the blog who really should know better. One of these seasons, we're going to say no and it could very well be this one.

The Lovely Lifeguard Laurie has once again graciously offered to run the blog pool for the show. She, but of course, rocks!

I want in! What do I do?
If you want in to the blog pool, you need to sign up in the comments of this post and this post only! Please don't try signing up on any other posts -- we might miss your comment.

Is there money involved in this?
Of course not! You needn't pay anything to get into the pool. You don't need to buy a pool pass or anything! Mind you, you don't win any money either. What you do win is bragging rights until the next season and the smugness that goes with it.

How does it work?
Lifeguard Laurie makes random picks for the castaways and the blog folks. You cheer on that castaway all season until they either win or get their torch snuffed along the way.

When is the cut-off for entering?
All pool requests must be in comments to this here post and submitted by Tuesday, September 25, 3pm ET. Be there or be square.

Big Brother 20: Live Feeds HoH Part 1 Winner - Sept. 21

Can he make it to Final Two?

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Three Hamsters:
  • When the live feeds returned after last night's live show, the final three were still in a celebratory mood.
  • While Kaycee and Tyler talked about how much they liked Angela, JC's obvious jealousy over her kept surfacing.
  • My gosh, I think his crush on Tyler is almost akin to the Tangela showmance/romance.
  • But it's certain to be unrequited.
  • Tyler is, without a doubt, head over heels with Angela.
  • He has no interest in JC other than a friend and someone to beat for the win.
  • Lots of chat about the season gone by so far and what the schedule might be for the remaining time.
  • JC told Tyler that it's because of him (JC) talking to Kaycee that Kaycee voted out Angela.
  • Yep, all his doing that Tyler remained in the house (and he should be grateful and possibly fall in love with JC).
  • Of course, we (and Tyler and Kaycee) know otherwise.
  • We know that the two are faithful to their final two deal made on either Day One or Day Two in the house.
  • Whether they'll stick to that when it comes down the line, we don't know.
  • I think Kaycee would win against either in the final two, but iffier with Tyler.
  • Beforehand, Tyler and Kaycee had come up with a nod code to win/lose the first part of the HoH.
  • Since some people get confused every season with this final HoH comp, I'll lay it out here -- Part One is always physical endurance and is done after the eviction of Hamster Four (in this case, Angela). It used to be on the live feeds and is no longer shown on the live feeds. They should be doing the second part on Saturday (also not on the live feeds). The final part will be done live on the finale show. The winner of Part One goes against the winner of Part Two in that live Part Three. The winner of Part Three chooses who will join him/her in the final two.
  • Other events we will have (not shown on the live feeds, mind you) is that this morning they will tape the breakfast memory segment and Saturday there will be the Jurors Round Table with Dr. Will Kirby officiating.
  • Oh ... you want to know who won Part One of the three-part final HoH comp?
  • Tyler.
  • After the live show, Kaycee had tried to get Tyler to throw Part One to her because she's better in physical comps.
  • He didn't say he would. And, most obviously, didn't.
  • In conversation away from JC, Tyler said he was going to let her win when she unexpectedly dropped.
  • Now, if he wins Part Three, he'll have control over who would be with him in the final two.
  • Kaycee will go against JC in Part Two tomorrow.
  • When the live feeds returned after Part One, they were all hurting hamsters and covered with blue goop.
  • Apparently it was some sort of hanging comp.
  • JC went down first, then Kaycee, leaving Tyler in it for the win.
  • Of the three, Kaycee seems to be hurting the most -- her hands and arms are sore and she's ice-packing.
  • Once again JC tried telling Tyler how they wouldn't be there if not for him.
  • He still thinks he should get all the credit for Tyler (and himself) being in the final three.
  • JC also tried to get Kaycee to commit to a final two deal with him.
  • She told him she was too tired and too sore to deal with thinking at the time.
  • Plus, she already has a very committed final two deal with Tyler.
  • But she didn't tell JC that!
  • On it goes ... 

Ice bagging her hands

Will sit out Part Two now

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Big Brother 20: PoV, Live Eviction Blog Party - Sept. 20

Final Four owl-style

As the show airs here, I'll be live-blogging it -- refresh the page to get the latest news! As always, the real party is in the comments area. Please feel free to join in on the discussion!

We're down to the Final Four and probably not ones we thought would be there had we been asked in the beginning of the season!

What's a party without a pool? Here's where we stand going into tonight's show:

Kaycee Clark - Sharon N, Skyriverblue, Indiana Jane, Jenna G
Tyler Crispen - SueGee, Glenn Allen, Jessica Underwood-James, JennasMom
JC Monduix - Brenda, Delee, T-Town Chick, Willie J
Angela Rummans - Janice, Chacha, QuixoticElf, Tilda

Bayleigh Dayton
Angie Rockstar Lantry
Faysal Fessy Shafaat
Scottie Salton 
Haleigh Broucher
Brett Robinson
Sam Bledsoe 
Hamster watchers ready?

Goodie, goodie -- we do indeed get a jury segment tonight!

JC is gleeful with his HoH win while Level 6 is commiserating.

Nominations time! JC nominates Angela, then Tyler. JC says Angela threw him on the block as did Tyler.  

Jury house. Fessy says Bayleigh can get a little snappy sometimes. Scottie returns to them. Heh. She tells Fessy they're not all as stupid as him. Then Haleigh enters. Fessy is happy to see her. Rockstar says that Kaycee is playing the best game, winning comps and likable. Fessy seems to be laughing off the bad showing of FOUTTE while Bayleigh is indeed snippy. 

Brett arrives. Brett tells them Tyler told him he was going to backdoor Angela. Haleigh realizes it was Tyler who planned this. But Bayleigh, like Rockstar, thinks that Kaycee is doing the best. 

Sam arrives. She tells them that Tyler made a final two on day three. Brett mentioned his final two, but tells us that it makes him respect his game more. 

Final Power of Veto - get a clue about a competition, get ball  using pulleys in correct spot, two strikes and you're out -- called Down to the Wires. 

Round One - JC has a strike
Round Two - JC second strike, eliminated
Round Three - Tyler gets a strike
Round Four - Tyler second strike, eliminated
Round Five - Angela gets a strike
Round Six - KAYCEE wins the Power of Veto!

Kaycee has the sole power to evict tonight. To the living room. 

Angela - Thanks family, friends and CBS. My little Peanut, hard decision, three best friends, whatever decision I will respect. I love you.
Tyler - Shout outs. Proud of Kaycee and JC great reps of LGBT community. In love with Angela.

Kaycee -- Both of my best friends on the block, between the three of us we've won 19 competitions. Love Tyler. Love Angela.  Strictly game, I have to evict Angela.

So, Angela is out! Kaycee's goodbye message -- final two since day two with Tyler. Tyler tells her his secrets -- deal with Kaycee on day one, got power app and head over heels in love with her.

Big Brother 20: Live Feeds, Veto Winner - Sept. 19

Not much of an HoH crowd

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Final Four:
  • They had the veto comp before the live feeds returned.
  • The veto ceremony itself is expected on the live show.
  • The audio to the feeds returned before the video and it was odd.
  • Picture Nicole talking in JC's voice!
  • Oh? You want to know the winner of the veto comp?
  • Kaycee kept up her veto streak.
  • She can't use it because she'd have to put herself on the block and lose safety.
  • She's the sole vote this week.
  • We know she has a final two deal with Tyler. She doesn't have one with Angela.
  • We know JC has a rather disgruntled final two deal with Tyler and definitely none with Angela.
  • JC doesn't know about Kaycee's deal and vice versa.
  • JC is really working on Kaycee to the point of telling her that Angela only calls her Peanut when she wants something from her. He says she's a strong competitor and unpredictable.
  • Meanwhile, Tyler and Angela snuggled.
  • Tyler told his secret to Angela -- he's a Big Brother superfan.
  • She was shocked and told him he lied to her.
  • He said it wasn't lying, it was withholding. 
  • JC had to go to the Diary Room to tape his goodbye messages.
  • I'm thinking Kaycee will vote to evict Angela.
  • But I could be wrong.
  • You never know. 

"I'm really a BB superfan."

My two best friends are on the block

Orwell sees all, Tyler and Angela!

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Big Brother 20: Not So Live Eviction Show Blog Party - Sept. 19

As the show airs here, I'll be live-blogging it -- refresh the page to get the latest news! As always, the real party is in the comments area. Please feel free to join in on the discussion!

Why "Not So Live" in the title? Because it's not. This was taped yesterday and the feeds were blocked from around 9am their time and will be blocked tonight until after the show airs on the West Coast. Rumors, credible ones at that, are out and about. But we'll pretend we don't know them. Shhh ...

What's a party without a pool? Like BB, I revived Scottie in the pool. Here's where we stand going into tonight's show:

Sam Bledsoe - Shayne McCaslin, HowSad, tbc, Sharon C
Kaycee Clark - Sharon N, Skyriverblue, Indiana Jane, Jenna G
Tyler Crispen - SueGee, Glenn Allen, Jessica Underwood-James, JennasMom
JC Monduix - Brenda, Delee, T-Town Chick, Willie J
Angela Rummans - Janice, Chacha, QuixoticElf, Tilda

Bayleigh Dayton
Angie Rockstar Lantry
Faysal Fessy Shafaat
Scottie Salton 
Haleigh Broucher
Brett Robinson 
Hamster watchers ready?

Julie calls the hamsters to the living room, telling them not to sit in the nominations seat. She tells them eviction is a night early -- one will be evicted and sent to the jury. (It actually came TWO days early!)

And ... we're into "previously on." 

Moonves is here to stay in her name. 

Angela thinks Level 6 is unstoppable. Sam tells us it's the fourth time in a row on the block. JC is upset because he says that he's had Tyler on the block. Tyler wants to sit next to a Level 6 at the end.

JC tells Tyler that he feels all alone in the game. He thinks Tyler has Angela, he has no one. He continues to work on Tyler to cut out Angela. 

Power of Veto comp time!  But first ... the whipped cream fight in the kitchen with all but Sam. She's crafting in her private Have Not Room.

Now, it's time. They have to get into gear and head to separate rooms. It's a huge hedge maze. They're dressed as knights in the BB Labyrinth. They need to do three things to remove the curse. If they take more than 30 seconds between steps, the witch cackles and they start again. There is a thirty minute time out. They do this separately while the others are sequestered in the house. 

Kaycee - 5.46
Sam - Timed out
Tyler - 6.29
Angela - 10.50
JC - 11.09

KAYCEE wins her 4th veto comp! 

Time already for the veto meeting! No speeches shown again and Kaycee does not use the power of veto. 

Tyler tells us how bad he feels having to cut loose one of his friends. Too bad, so sad. 

To the living room and eviction.
Sam - Didn't expect company. Nothing planned, love all of you. Would love the opportunity to stay. If I go, please feed the fish.
JC - Thanks CBS, etc. Loves Sam, hugs her. Tyler has to keep me because he's the love of my life and on and on.

The votes to evict are:
Kaycee - Sam
Tyler - Sam

Buh-bye, Sam ... it's been a long strange trip it's been. She tells Julie she thought she would stay because JC is annoying.

HoH comp time! Questions format ... What the Bleep, with the videos and bleeped out words. Seven questions.

1. JC, Tyler get points
2. JC gets a point
3. All were wrong
4. All three got it right
5. All got it right
6. Tyler and JC right
7. Kaycee got a point

JC is the new HOH! (But I personally beat him with all right!) 

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Big Brother 20: Eviction, HoH RUMORS - Sept. 18

The live feeds won't return until tomorrow after the show ends on the West Coast. So, we're talking midnight here on the East Coast.

The feeds have been down all day since before anyone other than Sam and Kaycee were even awake. They shot something for BBAD tonight -- which I won't see because I only PAY for 24/7 live feeds. PopTV is not a part of my cable package.

But ... to the rumors -- not saying this is totally true as it's not coming from my very own viewing. But ...

Sam was evicted. (Well, duh.)
JC won the HoH which was a What the Bleep comp.

So ... will he target Angela? 
What does this mean for Tyler?

Survivor: David vs. Goliath - Hyping it!

Since the Big Brother live feeds are probably down until the show airs tomorrow on the West Coast (yes, the Wednesday eviction is taped) ... what better time to start in with Survivor?

Next Wednesday night, September 26, we'll have a full night of television starting with the Survivor: David vs. Goliath premiere and ending with the Big Brother 20 season finale.

Yes, there will be a blog pool for the show -- Lifeguard Laurie has once again volunteered her services! Please do NOT sign up for the pool on this post. I will open the pool sign ups on a post just for that task. That should be Friday morning.

Without further ado right now, let's go to some videos!

Monday, September 17, 2018

Big Brother 20: Live Feeds into Monday Evening - Sept. 17

Are you okay, Mr. Camera?

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Misfit Mice:
  • Today's big event on the schedule was the Veto Meeting.
  • With that we expected the unexpected yet received the expected.
  • Kaycee did not use the veto.
  • While JC has been told he's safe, no one came out and told Sam either way.
  • I believe she knows she's going to be evicted. She might not realize the eviction will go down tomorrow and the taped eviction will air Wednesday.
  • With Sam, it's hard to tell if she's upset or just being Sam.
  • She still has her little private Have Not room all to herself.
  • Yet she decided to fix a "snack box" and sit on Bayleigh's old bed in the corner of the Pink Room.
  • She told the camera that she was there because BB can't let her have a "proper eating place."
  • Um. There is just the table and the island with stools.
  • She had no problem using the table to spread out all her bits and pieces crafts stuff. But she can't eat there.
  • She spent more time than usual mumbling to herself about not wearing make-up, doesn't like the pillows on the bed because other people sat on them, can't sweep the kitchen because people are eating and on and on.
  • Later Sam told Kaycee that she was in that bed because she's cold.
  • For more than a few minutes, she held her hand up at an odd angle. I think maybe she thought the fruit fly would land on it kind of like a bird of prey.
  • In other news, JC has constantly been a singing, humming and tapping issue throughout the summer. The first two result in blocked live feeds due to copyright issues. I say they should dock his stipend for being such a problem! Half the time he ignores the BB voice telling him to stop.
  • But today he (and Kaycee) seemed to have BB's okay to create their own song about Tyler.
  • In it Tyler is a girl.
  • But ...
  • None of it quite rhymes.
  • And, it does have a beat.
  • But I don't think I'd want to dance to it.
  • In yet other news, they had a long HoH lockdown that neither they nor I know what it was about.
  • Perhaps fish tank or other technical related. 
  • As I finish this up, Sam is shredding a blue t-shirt with her hands and a butter knife. I don't think it's going to be like the sheet roped prisoners use to escape. But she's making something.
  • That's a wrap! 

Everything's all right.

I can't have a proper eating place

Had to clean the cereal out of the HoH shower

Does really hate Febreze

Rest like an Egyptian?

Usually upbeat even when bored

Belting out The Real Tyler Song

Big Brother 20: Live Feeds into Monday Morning - Sept. 17

Sam spent a long time under the foosball table

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of the Final Five:
  • Strategy-wise, there is very little going on.
  • JC has been told he's safe this week. But he knows that unless he wins the next HoH, he's next on the hit list.
  • Sam hasn't really been told either way, but is certainly not helping her own case at all.
  • Unlike previous seasons when we've watched hamsters actively isolate a single hamster, Sam is isolating herself.
  • She spent an inordinate amount of time under the foosball table on the skywalk. 
  • Now, a more savvy player might do that to eavesdrop on what's going on in the HoH room.
  • She remained there long after the HoH crowd went downstairs.
  • Sam also spent a lot of time in (what looks like) her stairs jail. She has coffee there. She eats there. She almost sent Angela for a header down the stairs there. She also told Angela a long convoluted dream story about hummingbirds carrying a baby bunny from there.
  • Plus, Sam is still being mollycoddled by BB and allowed her own private room in the Have Not room -- yeah, the one that is always locked down once the Have Nots stop. But not this season!
  • Kaycee hasn't told Sam that she won't be using the veto although Sam did go at her about it. 
  • I will say that Kaycee is a very kind and patient person.
  • I would have blown up at her and told her to leave me alone.
  • In other news, Level 6/3 took a bubble bath (wearing their bathing suits) together.
  • While Angela proposed it, I would guess the idea came from the Diary Room. I'm sure they'd consider it "good tv."
  • In yet other news, after socializing, Spanish lessons, eating and generally boredom-driven conversations, there was a whipped cream fight.
  • It graduated into other foodstuffs like mayonnaise and cereal as time went on.
  • Everyone except Sam was involved in it.
  • Sam would be horrified at the wasted food and mess.
  • They likened it to the slippery mess from the Hide and Go Seek veto comp and it was just as slippery.
  • The BB voice told them to be careful as Tyler fell, Kaycee almost fell.
  • They cleaned up the mess, then themselves.
  • What was Sam doing during that?
  • She was self-exiled in her private room talking about busting everything and breaking out. 
  • She is getting increasingly strange as time goes on.
  • For what sanity she might still possess, she definitely needs to get out of there.    

Sam spent a lot of time on the stairs

Level 6/3 bubble bath

JC remains social (and a bit annoying)

Learning more Spanish from JC

Sam's self-exiled eating

Whipped cream fight aftermath

Sam in her own private Idaho

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Big Brother 20: Nominations Show Blog Party - Sept. 16

As the show airs here, I'll be live-blogging it -- refresh the page to get the latest news! As always, the real party is in the comments area. Please feel free to join in on the discussion!

Please remember the show posts, like this one, are spoiler-free zones. While many already know the PoV winner and more, it has not played out on the show. Feel free to post spoiler comments on any of the live feeds posts, but not here ... also please don't ask for spoilers information in this post. Thank you!

Tonight's show is scheduled to start at 8:30pm ET, a half-hour later than usual. Oh. And tonight the hamsters will be entertained by Bebe Rexha. Um. Okay. Better them than me. 

We're running about six minutes later even due to the schedule change. Bear with me! 

8:37pm ET and we're finally on "previously on."

We pick up after Brett goes. JC isn't happy. He's upset that Tyler didn't fill him in ahead of time on the move. Now he's questioning trust. We're getting inside info on Tyler (fake) scheming with Brett to backdoor Kaycee and Angela ... Brett bought it. Tyler tells JC to trust him (knowing that Brett will probably go up). Tyler also reaffirms Sam's trust even as she badmouths Angela. Then Angela and Tyler planned Step One Ahead and Two Steps Ahead bit. 

Sam apologizes to Angela about calling her the B-word. Angela hugs her and accepts the apology but tells us she will be sending Sam out the door. Tyler lies to Sam, telling her Brett was coming after her and she accepts that. Tyler is just trying to cover his bases if one of them wins -- it's on to JC next. JC isn't as gullible as Sam. JC tells us that if he wins HoH, he will put Tyler on the block.

But, first ... he'd have to win HoH. He's the only one in the house who's never won any comp.

HoH Comp is a movies theme. They're in a home theater with movie posters of themselves. BBFlix and Chill. It's question and answer based on clues to each movie. Seven rounds.

Round 1 - All got it right, Angela first so she gets a point.
Round 2 - Angela gets a point.
Round 3 - JC gets a point.
Round 4 - Sam gets a point.
Round 5 - Sam gets a point.
Round 6 - Angela gets a point.
Round 7 - delayed by commercial break 
Round 7 - JC gets a pont

ANGELA wins HoH! 

Angela tells us she wants Sam out because she is friends with everyone in the jury house and there's no way any of them can win against her. Tyler is worried because he knows both Sam and JC have trusted him throughout the game ... but they're not Level 6.

Ohh ... from separate beds, Angela makes Tyler pinky-promise not to tell anyone and then tells him she's in love with him. He feels the same. Angela DR session has her thrilled with him. Tyler in his DR tells us he's the happiest person in the world and is in love.

JC corners Tyler about being on the block. He says Brett wasn't a good game move, if Tyler wins veto he needs to use it on him so Kaycee would go on the block, the girls have been using Tyler ... and on and on.

They have to gather in the living room. Angela reads off a card that BB is giving them a Bebe Rexha concert in honor of making it to the top five. They seen to know who she is. I had to Google her. 

Not so much my cuppa, but the hamsters are thrilled with the private concert. It had to be weird for her and her band. 

Time for the nominations ceremony --
Angela nominates Sam, then JC. She says she has had to get so much blood on her hands so far and they've had none -- if she sits next to either in the final two she will lose.

Her target is Sam.

Big Brother 20: Live Feeds into Sunday - Sept. 16

Thinking it's the beginning of the end

 Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Caped Crusaders:
  • The PoV comp, although blocked to the live feeds, was definitely discussed.
  • It was a maze comp with smoke, cackling witches and other evil beings.
  • The smoke/fog/whatever has really affected Angela -- she's coughing seriously enough that I think BB should have a medic check her out.
  • Kaycee is also coughing a lot, but to a lesser degree.
  • Tyler is even coughing now and then.
  • BB should probably be a bit more careful with the stuff! 
  • Kaycee won the comp (to her own surprise as she "sucks at mazes") with a time of 5 minutes and change.
  • Tyler was second time-wise with less than a minute off of Kaycee's time.
  • Sam timed out. No surprise there.
  • With the Kaycee win, JC knows he won't be taken off the block.
  • Tyler keeps telling him he's safe this week, but don't say that to Sam as they don't want Sam to freak out.
  • Tyler knows that JC feels betrayed by him. He wants to tell JC about Level 6/3 but Angela doesn't think that's a good idea.
  • Tyler told her about how JC has worked steady with him throughout the game, giving lots of information and such.
  • Because Angela never really had much of a relationship with JC, that all came as a surprise to her.
  • They planned a family dinner for themselves, complete with dessert and all.
  • What about Sam?
  • Well, BB continues to mollycoddle her and let her have her private room in the what should be closed off Have Not room.
  • Now, I will admit that if I were in the house, I too would hide alone in the Have Not if I could. I don't do constant people well. I can understand why Sam is using it. But BB has always closed off the room when the Have Nots end. They are mollycoddling her!
  • JC went to the Have Not to invite Sam to dinner.
  • All of her replies were in her Baby Sam voice.
  • It was four for dinner, not five.
  • When she does eat, she sits on the stairs because she doesn't like to be "out in the open" as she eats. @@
  • Angela thinks the practice is disgusting and unsanitary.
  • I think it's just weird.
  • Kaycee and Tyler reaffirmed their final two and both wondered how they would tell Sam she's going this week.
  • They think, due to numbers and timing, that it might be a week with two evictions and possibly less time before the first one. They hope it's the case. They both care about Sam but don't want to deal with an upset crazy Sam until Thursday.
  • Tyler and Angela cuddled and coughed together.
  • I believe this is a true romance, unlike the Haleigh/Fessy one.

Her wins are L6 wins

Body language says it all

Sam timed out

Inviting Sam to the "family" dinner

Samless at the "family" dinner