Sunday, February 24, 2008

BB9 - Power of Veto

The power of veto wasn't used as we knew it wouldn't be. I'll be live-blogging tonight's show from here on the east coast.

Please stop back!


Terry in CA said...

ah the dilemna! Academy Awards ot BB9?
Mostly I will count on you dear Jackie!
Hope you are feeling better!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jackie,
I was hoping to read your thoughts on those last two episodes of Lost.
Have you seen them yet?

Denise in TX

Sydney said...

HI -- I see we've moved on to a new post so I will just put this here not the last one...

OK, a week or so ago, I picked James as my favorite in this wretched crew, and porn or no porn, I still hold that he's still worthy.

Here are some of the reasons why, in defense of James' character. When you watch the Youtube clips of Amanda fainting the FIRST person to react when Natalie called for the HG's is James. He jumps from the hot tub, and races to check Amanda. He's also the first to think to hit the panic button. He then immediately looks straight at the camera and claps like "C'mon BB -- ACT" with a very anxious look on his face. Then he rushes back to Amanda. This is the kind of person I want to stop if I have an accident. not the people who freeze or gawk.

And I
He was the only one who reacted to the fake fight between Josh and Amanda. When Amanda pushed Josh in the pool and Josh looked like he was going to come after her, James ran over and got between them, actually in front of Josh with his hands out, and talked to Josh... not in an aggressive way, but in a peacemaking, protective of both way.

Also, the night before he was going to have to nominate couples as HOH, he spoke to Ryan and Adam SINCERELY about not wanting anyone out and whomever of their alliance had to go up against Amanda and Alex because of the numbers, it should be fair, like doing Rocks/paper/scissors. He was so tipsy at the time... I can even say a judge of who someone is is how they are when drunk... do they turn into an angry monster, a loosey goosey or are they all sweet and happy. James is the latter. (And a little loosey goosey too with Chelsia around, lol, but what boy wouldn't be under the circumstances). He's not a jerk like Matt with the ladies, not a domineering macho boob like Alex, or an unPC cro-mag like Adam , nor is he a bitchy, gossipy, hater like Josh.

Pron or no porn, I still think these things speak for who James is at heart. :-)

I don't know one person who doesn't have something they did early in life that they thought was really stupid, regrettable or that they never want anyone to know. I think he did the porn young and stupid and needing quick cash. Have we not all thought, when seeing all the news about Paris/the Lindsay/Britney's --that if we had a crew filming all the stoopid things we'd done when we were young we'd be mortified? Ahem, I rest my case.

joy n said...

I have to admit that at least James HAS a personality.

Jackie said...

Denise - I just got to watch the most recent Lost today. I've loved both, but with the change to Thursday nights, I'm not going to be able to give detailed reports on them. :(