Thursday, April 24, 2008

Big Brother 9 Live Feeds Into Thursday Morning

So, it's the bromance alone in the house. Now, if it were a true bromance, not just two immature dudes full of themselves, it might be more interesting. Here are the highlights of last night's happenings after the end of the live show:
  • They sat around and walked around stunned.
  • They had champagne.
  • Ryan repeated his "never trust a stripper, let alone a Penthouse Pet" line like he thought it should be trademarked to him.
  • Ryan mimicked Sheila's plea to stay in the house. Adam joined in mocking Sheila.
  • Adam thanked BB while looking in the camera. The camera nodded.
  • Ryan told Adam that he couldn't figure him out the whole game.
  • Adam told Ryan he wanted him around to be a smoking buddy. Then he said keeping Ryan was due to Sheila.
  • They congratulated themselves for playing so well.
  • They talked about how Sheila was campaigning all the time but had no gameplay in her.
  • Then they got into trashing Sheila hardcore.
  • Ryan thinks Julie Chen has a crush on him. @@
  • Adam is mad that Sharon threw the Glass Houses comp.
  • There was a Diary Room audio leak in which Ryan angrily just about demanded the show give them cigarettes.
  • They continued bashing the others from the house.
Oh, this is gonna be such fun until Sunday!


Anonymous said...

take a much needed break jackie!! you deserve it!! it will be quite boring till sunday nite...
debi in calif

RyzandShyn said...

Julie has a crush on Ryan? He can read women well, can't he?
I hope the Sheila bashing stops. If they could only see her exit with Julie, they'd know she bashed herself enough for a lifetime already. No one could want an interview with her now. She's broken.
I really, really don't want to see the Ryan and Jen reunion.

sharon said...

All I can say is,these two deserve each other! And Adam apparently has mush for brains,in giving R all the credit for him even being there.And how old are these two? Grow up and be a man,for God's sake! They don't know that millions of people are going to know about them trashing and degrading Sheila,or they just don't care about another human being's feelings? R is just a poser and a jerk!

I'm hoping that Sharon will tell the whole JH about all that R has won. I'm not sure Sheila will be in the house long enough for her to spread the word,but I don't want Ryan to win. It's bad enough if he walks away with second place.

I thought Sheila was pathetic in her exit interview,but I do feel really sorry for her. Of all of them,she really gets the raw deal. No money for JH,no time to decompress and no money in the finals.

Can I just say,once again,that Matt is an a$$!!!!!

Sydney said...

I'm back to not liking Adam and decided a few days ago that I couldn't stand SHelia, but last night's show sealed the deal. And Ryan, he's a tool. None of them deserve to win.

I agree on taking a break! How's your prep coming in the apartment, with food, etc... for the upcoming knee surgery? HOw is Spring coming along in NJ? What's the cat up to today? All INFINITELY more interesting than the BB house.

sue said...

A person can win with grace and class or they can be Ryan and Adam.

They sure know how to make themselves look bad by being themselves. And just when Adam had us all convinced he was a good guy who wasn't really in it for the money. I realized he wanted to win 1st place the day he was telling Sheila whose votes he had on the jury.

I can't think of even one hg this entire season who came out of the house and felt good about themselves. Adam certainly shouldn't when he gets out and hears how he has been in the national news stories. But, Ryan, will probably be oblivious to any bad reviews...Just show him the money, nothing else matters to him.

RBennie said...

Good morning all. I was splitting my time last night between BB and Top Model and I missed Natalie's arrival at Jury House. Can someone please tell me what the reactions were?

Becky said...

There was a Diary Room audio leak in which Ryan angrily just about demanded the show give them cigarettes.

Oooooh..... I hope BB doesn't give on this. Can you imagine two heavy smokers without their cigarettes and locked in a house with each other for days? LOLOLOL What a visual! I wonder if the DR "leak" was an accident?

RyzandShyn said...

Jackie, I know you have obligations to TVSquad but I don't think anyone here would be upset if you took huge breaks in reporting between now and Sunday night. I could do with just a blurb about what they have to say after Q&A with the jury.
This is starting to remind me of when Allison and Jun were the last two in there, or Maggot and Evilette, no one you'd care to spy on.

nancy in pa said...

rbennie...can you believe they did not show nat making it to the jury house? they showed her already thiere and upset that matty is being mean to her and won't stay in the same room as her...then they showed sharons entrance! UGH!!!!

RyzandShyn said...

Believe it or not, they didn't show it...we were robbed of the experience.
They showed Sharon coming in. Matt got all excited that "Team Matt" made it to the end. They watched the tape Sharon brought. Chelsia made them rewind so they could all see the knowing nod/look Ryan and Adam shared. Sharon realized they were working together.
We saw Gnat doing her old routine to nice to me like you are to the other people here, blah, blah, blah. It was really pathetic.

meb said...

How can the "boys" sit and trash Sheila like that. They can't be that stupid not to know that Sheila is going to see this and hear what they really thought of her. That's sad. Sheila was sad. I feel so sorry for her.

While she was talking with Julie I was on the edge of my seat thinking Julie was going to offer her a small stipend due to being the "last couple standing" as Sheila put it earlier. Maybe that'll still happen in the finale'.

I'm not saying she should get something for nothing, otherwise, everyone else who was in the house should. But since it was a "couples" house in the beginning, maybe she'll get a reward for lasting to the final 3. I hope so.

RBennie said...

You have got to be kidding me! They never showed Natalie's arrival at jury house? What is up with that? Could they be saving it for some reason to show on finale night? How was the group's reaction when Sharon showed up?

nancy in pa said...

morning all! everyone else...

thanks to all of you who asked about and/or commented on my grandaughters echo yesterday. it was a long day, but one that went well. we had all three girls with us (ages 3,2, and 6 months) and they were all well behaved and all news was good. yes, it has been a hard road. we knew there was a problem while the baby was inutero (sp?) but we were fortunate enough to not only find the problem, but live close by to childrens hospital and have the dr. perform the surgery that pioneered the actual procedure. at two days old they stopped her heart, broke her sternum, and actually took that little heart out of her chest. i won't babble on all the details and recuperating (that has taken a full 2 years) but i will say that the hospital is phenominal, God has been very good to us, and the baby is doing great. echos all her life once a year...thats pretty much it. thanks again all. your words of encouragement really did mean a lot.

ryzandshyn....your "sheila won't realize till a year from now..." really cracked me up. just one of those lines that caused an LOL

i'm not all that thrilled about the vote is still for adam...but i can't blame any of them for giving signs that they were in this for the money or for themselves......i would think they were ridiculous or lost focus if they pretended otherwise. isn'tt hat the whole point and reason of the game?? to win money for oneself? honestly, i am not a mean person...but if i subjected myself to that game with those rules...locked up, strange people, no outside world....heck yea i would be doing it for the money!

i am interested in seeing if R&A can maintain their "bro-hood" after a few days of nothing but togetherness, no cigs, and knowing one will take all the money and one will not!

nomad said...

Put an emotional woman in a house with much younger people who don't give two hoots about her, and this is what you get.

I feel so bad for Sheila.

Like you said, ryzandshyn, she was broken, and her fellow players on BB9 are who broke her.

It was beginning to happen to James too, I was glad he left the house when he did.

There is nothing worse than standing all alone in a crowd of people who dislike you, but try to act like they actually like you.

And, oooo, I HATE how disrespectful the remaining two are of EVERYBODY they played with now that they don't need them anymore.

Like you said, Sue, a person can win with grace and class or they can be like Ryan and Adam.

They disappoint me.

Makes me wonder how awful I would be at the end of a stressful three months after winning. Would I have grace and class or would I feel invincible and cruel?

nancy in pa said...

rbennie....the reaction to sharon walking in the house seemed to be genuine surprise. they didn't really say who they THOUGHT it would be.....then, the james, chelsia, josh alliance were bummed...and mr. me-me-matty said it was HIS team that made it all the way. thats not a quote..but basically he seemed to be taking credit for having the winning team. @@

Anonymous said...

OMG! Ryan thinks Julie would have a crush on HIM??? I'm sure she would prefer someone who can pull up his pants with a belt. I see lots of teenagers with that look, but isn't he a little old? But then looking at his behavior, I think he is stuck in junior high!

sharon said...

It's just too bad that they don't let "us" have a hand in who wins or is eliminated each week. I'm not sure which one we would have picked this season,maybe we would have had the option of "none of the above" or the GPs. Why is it almost always somebody we can't stand.......(sigh)!

Anonymous said...

really cant stand either but I do
think Adam has a deal with Shiela
and will give her some money.

RBennie said...

With all these promises of giving money Adam has made - Ryan, Sheila, charity, I wonder how much he'll have left for himself, LOL.

Laurie said...

Nancy in PA: Good to hear the news about your grandbaby.

Jackie: I agree with those saying to take it easy and don't worry about us.

Personally, I am not surprised at how the stoopid boys are behaving. Disappointed but not surprised. They are like teenagers in big blubbering bodies and are making the most out of their bromance. Once the adrenaline wears off and they realize they are stuck with each other (without ciggies or beer) they will probably just sleep until the end.

Mamas don't let your kids grow up to be BB players.

Remember the earlier Witless Protection Program? I'm sure the families of both boys are packing up their belongings and leaving no traces of themselves even as we speak.

Sheila is a sad case. I hope there's someone inher life who will direct her towards serious help. Adding BB whacko to her resume is not going to help her and I imagine there are sleazebags out there who will want to take advantage of her the moment she walks out that door. Poor, poor lady. Really, I worry about her now.

On a lighter note, I was walking my dog early this morning and had an annoying gnat flying around my face. I was swatting it away and then started laughing out loud. Maybe you had to be there... but it was very funny as I saw Zoetawny's graphic in my mind.

sue said...

Nancy, Thank you for posting the amazing story of your granddaughter. I think it is the most positive statement I have read here for a long time. So often I write about things I don't like (the weather, the hgs, anything and everything) and to hear you say you had good experiences with great doctors and hospital was a breath of fresh air. My best wishes for her continued good health.

I had a nasty little critical joke to make about BB, but have now thought better of it.

Laurie said...

I'm watching my tape of last night's show and had to stop to comment on the JH clips. OMG ... Matt truly is an a$$, isn't he? I don't think Adam and Ryan consider themselves pat of Team Mattie anymore!

Matt clearly gets off on teasing Natalie and she sets herself up for that. Buy a clue, Nat and let it go. While you are at it, buy different pants. Ugh!

Oh dear, Sheila is about to be evicted. Do I watch it or not? I just had breakfast ...

RBennie said...

I can definitely relate to what you're going through Nancy. When my now 12 year old daughter was 4 she was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor - which is a cancerous tumor growing on the kidney. My tiny little baby went through surgery to remove her left kidney, radiation treatments and 6 months of chemo. As you can imagine it was a very scary and emotional time for my family, but I'm happy to say she came through it all like a champ! She was such a little trooper, we were all amazed at how cheerful and upbeat she remained through the whole thing. She still has to go back to the hospital once a year for a barrage of tests. She was treated at NY Presbyterian Hospital. The staff there is truly excellent.

Sydney said...

Anon 10:19 -- thank for reminding me of that. That helps!

ryzanshyn said: This is starting to remind me of when Allison and Jun were the last two in there, or Maggot and Evilette, no one you'd care to spy on.

THis makes me think if it was any better watching Boogie and Cruella in there with her trying to maul him in the hot tub ignoring that he could barely stand it...and watching him still get physical with her despite that he could not stand her or it... I man, that on the heels of a real romance between Janelle and WIll! IT was like going from heaven to hell.

Just think about it -- If God is omnipresent and limitless then watching our world (leaving out any others that may exist for the moment, lol) must be a lot like watching the BB house. We coul driff on that for hours!

as for Nat not being shown entering, glaringly the ONLY one, I wonder if it was a bad scene... and/or if it was OK, and she wanted to stay in his bedroom again, and he said yes -- or no and she couldn't help sneaking back in in the middle of the night... hence her extra pouting about him and his treatment???

Either way, I'm curious to know who thinks she still did him a favor, so to speak??? I think she might have tried? ANd then we could take a poll to see how many think he declined! We have time to kill right? :-P

Sydney said...

I can just see God's @@'s!!!

Nana in NW said...

Last night I watched the show on EC feeds and then again on my time(WC)---yes, I must be crazy! I wanted to pick up all the little things you all had commented about. When I had a chance to write here(11:30p.m.) I was too tired and thought I would respond this morning.

Somehow this morning nothing Thing 1 and Thing 2 are doing seems worth the effort!!

I do feel badly for Shelia when she sees the tape of the way they are trashing her....there is no need for it-she's gone!!

nancy in pa.--meant to comment about your granddaughter yesterday. I am glad to hear things went well. It is bad when your own child is suffering and you can't help BUT when it's your's horrible! My youngest granddaughter had to have tubes in her ears and I was a mess at the hospital. I can't even imagine all that you have been through. Your faith must be strong.

Jackie--take a break and get ready for your surgery. No posts on BB, maybe just some of your great pictures!

nancy in pa said... glad to hear your daughter is doing well. kudos to you for getting thru the emotional toll it takes on moms, grandma's.etc...i understand!

sydney...i too wondered if there was a reason little gnats entrance to the SH was absent.....the skeptical side of me wondered if some BB powers that be read some of these blogs and responded with leaving it out. my guess is show employees do in fact check in to what the public says on blogs in order to help keep a pulse on public opinion....and maybe "toy" with us on occassion.i would think driving an audience nuts helps ratings to a point. no different then when they edit things to create response. i also felt they were messing with the audience when they were making it difficult to see if adam was still there or not a while back. just a paranoind, skeptical, don't-trust-the-media outburst. :)

nancy in pa said...

thanks nana nw

delee said...

The statement that they are only there for the experience is a bunch of phooey. They all enter the hamster cage for the $$$, period. To say otherwise is such a lie.

If they want ciggies, it should come out of the stipend. The booze too.

Since both are such pigs (cleaniness wise), let the ants rule and slobbiness rule! I just can not imagine drinking out of or eating out of items that are replaced to the refrig. Yuck

Please let Adam win so Jen does not get her hands of the big bucks. $50,000 will be gone in a wink.

Sasha said...

Nancy in Pa, I'm glad to hear you had a good experience with the hospital and all. Sounds like you have a little miracle in your granddaughter! And Rbennie, sounds that way about your daughter, too.

Laurie: Thanks for the laugh. I love "Mamas don't let your kids grow up to be BB players."

Jackie, thanks as always! And even moreso considering having to watch those two in the house. Personally, I'll watch the finale but really couldn't care less about their day to day doings. Yuck, don't even want to think about them.

Have agreat day, All!

Anonymous said...

The REAL Sheila walked into BB on that first show and she exposed herself for what she really is. She was horrible. That is putting it mildly. I can never forget that. She humiliated Adam right off the bat. Her crying and begging at the end because she is a single mom was as horrid as her entering the house was. Why does she think SHE is the only one that should win. 45 years old and crying about it with Julie, not to mention inside the house, was totally bizzare!!!!!!!!!!!! I am glad she is gone. The way she acted wasn't exactly how a mom should behave on TV for her son!!
They are all weirdo's. I think Adam is the less evil however. Maybe??? Who knows. BAD CASTING!

formerly anon said...

For me, it was like a switch has been flicked - I now have zero interest in the rest of the show. Don't want to see the feeds, I have BBAD recorded from last night, not going to watch it.

It just feels wrong, I guess it's the trashing of Sheila et al that really bothers me, especially now when it's obviously not gameplay, it's who they are as (sub) human beings.

They bungled so many obvious game plays that they cannot even be credited with having game play to justify their positions.

Just a horrible ending to a horrible season.

I watch BB (and similar shows) because to me, it's a chance to study certain aspects of human behavior. And it's ugly isn't it?

: sigh :

Patty said...

Nancy-sorry I missed reading about your granddaughter. I am glad to hear she had a great outcome.

Nana NW-I too stayed up watching the little boys think they had conquered the world. I thought it was disgusting to watch to what level they both would go to, thinking they have won it all.
So Ryan thinks Julie has a crush on it the other way around? I think that shows us that he is very delusional. I listened to him walk and that boy was breathing pretty heavy just walking. He doesn't need anymore cigs. He brushed his teeth, only moments later to go to the kitchen to eat. I only hope that Sharon will have the guts to mention to him how Chelsia pointed out the celebration of the boys on her way out...let's see him studder a bit and say something other than"you know".

Adam is Adam. He got louder as the night went on. It's gross, but I loved Adam coming out from using the bathroom, fails to wash his hands and hands Ryan his beverage while Ryan is showering...Ryan takes a healthy swig and hands it back to Adam. That just goes to show you they will stop at nothing.

They bashed Shelia the most, but they took a shot at pretty much everyone. They think they rule the playground. We can only hope now that the ousted ones can give them a little bashing of their own on Sunday night. I'm not counting on it, but made it will knowck them down a notch or two.

As for not seeing Gnat arrival, do you think Gnat slapped Matty's face like she claimed she was going to do? Made CBS does not want to be involved in the assult case if it would happen. I hope if she did slap him, she slapped more out of him than that.

I do not know if there is truth to this, but I did read about Adam and his comments he made about kids. It stated that CBS has the ability to edit what it airs and they may have done so in a way that made Adam not look so well. I am not sure if that is why CBS did not act on his comments and made the Autism Group come to their conclusion of Adam not being associated with them any longer. I hope that once Adam is out of the house, all parties involved can sit down and discuss what indeed took place in it full content. I do not think that it is fair of Adam to speak of these individuals as in his words, not mine "retards" and it go unnoticed or Adam not held accountable. However, with that said, it also is not fair to Adam if CBS edit it in the wrong fashion also. CBS should have to let the Autism Association watch the unedit version of what took place and what was said. I think the Autism Association has the right to question both parties to the fullest and make a fair decision based on what they hear and see from both sides.

Jackie-I would like to say "Thank You" for your precious time you have given of yourself to this site. It has given us all a place to go and post our own lives, along with speaking our minds on the HGS. I wish you well with your upcoming surgery and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that you will have a fast, but healthy recovery. Take the time for YOU. Do not worry about keeping the rest of us caught up on the happenings. We can make it through watching whatever is broadcasted to us and use our imaginations if it is too good to be true or not. In other words, make us think a little for ourselves. Good Luck Jackie!

I'm going to take a little time off commenting and help a good friend on mine get through her cancer. Also, I want to take the time to enjoy my mother, who is battling Alzheimer's. I think I need to spend more time with something much more important than a TV show. I guess I cannot change the outcome of how a show went, but hopefully I can make a difference in someone's life.

Thanks everyone for letting me sound off throughout the season. I wish everyone great days ahead and may everyone stay very healthy. Hopefully I will talk to all of you in the next season. Just because I won't be commenting much, does not mean I will not be lurking.

Until we meet again take care everyone and have many great days ahead.

Sorry in advance for such a long post.

delee said...

I wish BB would do an hour show of just sequester house doings. Why not? It would be most entertaining, unfortunately BB wants to keep the mystique alive.

RBennie said...

We'll certainly miss your posts, Patty. But of course real life concerns come first. My thoughts go out to your friend and your mom.

Jackie - thanks so much for all that you do. I hope you have a speedy recovery. Get as much rest as you can.

Does anyone know if Sunday's show will be 1 hour or 2?

Gayle said...

Rbennie ~

Sunday's Show is 1 hour.

monty924 said...

Funny how Ryan even has the nerve to ask BB for cigarettes. He didn't bring any in to begin with and has smoked all of Adams.

BB will NOT give them cigarettes so he's basically SOL.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
The boys behavior is beyond sickening. But in the past, seems like everyone left in that house has to trash the ones that are gone. Of the two, I guess I would like to see Adam win because MAYBE he will use some of his money for the autistic kids.
Now Sheila, is it me or did anyone notice that during all the blubbering to Julie...not one tear fell. My two roommates and I all commented almost simultaneously "What an actress she is "trying" to be." I'm sorry, I've listened to her all season and I think she is full of bull. All the people in the house talked about their jobs outside of the house...did anyone hear Sheila say she was anything other than a "46 year old single mom"? Get a job. Also, she talked about being afraid of the water because she almost drowned a few years ago in Hawaii....How many single moms do you know that can afford a trip to Hawaii. I just don't buy all this pity party BS. She seems to have lived off men and her family for a long time.
She didn't win. She gets no more money than the rest that didn't win.
Now, Natty. I'll be the firs to say I can't stand Matt but I do know how she clung to him and followed him around in the house. They only showed her whining in the JH but how much of that same behaviour has been going on there. She probably HAS been driving Matt (and everyone else) nuts. She too is a sad case who needs to get some help and a LIFE.
Whew, I feel much better just banging out my opinions.


PlaidChick said...

Nancy in PA-- I'm assuming you all live close to CHOP? I volunteer a lot of my time for peds cardiac unit at Children's @ Dallas, and I am amazed by those kids.

We lost power from the storms last night, so I'm quite glad I didn't have access to the feeds. Power came on after 3 this morning, and I feel like a zombie.

RyzandShyn said...

The Hawaii thing did not escape my notice either. I wanted to comment on it, but I didn't know how to without seeming jealous or Hawaii...ha! That made me so mad!

RBennie said...

The thing I noticed most about Sheila's Hawaii comment was that she said she almost "drowneded" LOL.

joy n said...

Sounds like Adam has become as much of a scumbag as Ryan. They're in the f2 already. What reason could they have for tearing Sheila and the rest of the HGs apart now? What low-lifes they're showing themselves to be.

Ryan's ego is beyond humongus now if he thinks Julie has a crush on his sorry butt. If he wins this thing, I hope Jen sucks every dime out of him and then dumps him. AFTER the shopping spree, of course.

I think Adam is acting like a little puppydog around Ryan and Ryan is loving it. Adam never did get that spine. Well. if he wins, maybe he can buy one.

And for heaven's sake, why is Adam all upset about Sharon throwing anything, when he got pretty good at doing that himself?

Adam, I didn't like you at the start, and then I thought you had a heart of gold. I should have stuck with my first impression of you.

These two jerks deserve to be stuck together in that house with NO cigarettes.

sue said...

Sheila said she was in Hawaii for work, I don't know if for a movie part or modeling. That was 12 years ago, so her son must have been about four. She talked of traveling a lot..Asia, etc.

Disgusting men. There talk isn't worth repeating and I wish I had turned off the feeds sooner. It is habit, or I wouldn't have had them on in the first place. I do want to hear what they say after the jury questions, though. Tomorrow? Now we know what Adam wants the money for. If he gets the big money, he will buy a TV for every room in the house...if he settles for $50K then he will only spend some of it on a TV.

I know they are there to win the money. My comment is to just say that it is interesting to see how people think of spending a windfall. I know my own spending priorities have changed through the years.

Sharon wanted it to pay off debts she and Jacob ran up. Sheila said she wanted to make a better life with her son, but I think that translated into a 'if mama is happy' then the life is better. I doubt her son would have seen much of it and I think she would continually have reminded him of the hell she had to go through to get it. I don't know if Ryan has any plans for the money..other than spending it. Does he have a degree? Will it be enough to support him for a while so he doesn't have to work? I don't know what the others wanted. Chelsia's bio said she has a trip to Germany coming up. That sounds wonderful and like she is a good student. Maybe she is still in college. ??

Nana in the NW said...

rbennie you asked about Sun. show being 1 or 2 hrs.
Someone else has resonded that it is 1 hr.....and Thank God!! CBS wouldn't be able to scrape together enough footage of those 2 to fill up 2 hrs.

patty-we will miss you! You have your priorities and friends are #1. If you get a few minutes on the computer stop by and say "Hi". Hopefully, you will be back for BB10.

Many commenters were sounding like they are leaving us now that BB9 is over. I hope someone sticks around....I don't think I can go through withdrawals of not blogging! There are still plenty more shows to talk about!!

Everyday there seems to be an OFF TOPIC subject to chat about too.

Oh, I did want to say that Sheila's whole drowning thing was ridiculous...she was in 6 inches of water and even when she fell the pool was only about a foot deep!! Excuses, Excuses.....

Laurie said...

Nana in NW: Thing 1 and Thing 2 called and they want an apology.

Sydney: I think God must want to turn of the feeds sometimes and just walk away from us! And yes, I imagine she did "do him a favor" (again) hence the pouting and his cheesier than ever grin. When he said I'm sorry yesterday I wanted her to turn around and slap his face. Yuck!

Patty: We should all take a page from your book and do something to make the world a better place, one person at a time. We need it for our own Karma after watching this show for the past 3 months. Good luck with your friend and your mom, and be sure to take care of you at the same time. Caretaking is a lot of work so get plenty of rest and eat well.

Joy: The only crush Julie would have on Ryan is the crush from her expensive boots on his mushy face. He is too much!

Seriously folks, we have two loser pigs who are going to walk away with the money. If it weren't for the great folks here we would have all walked away from this show in week 2!

monty924 said...

Laurie said...

Joy: The only crush Julie would have on Ryan is the crush from her expensive boots on his mushy face. He is too much!

I'm still coughing from laughing so hard. Good one!

Sue said...

I don't know if Ryan has any plans for the money..other than spending it. Does he have a degree? Will it be enough to support him for a while so he doesn't have to work?

I think he mentioned (right after he took the 10k from Sheila) that he has student loans to pay off. I think his bio indicated he was still in school, but I'm not sure. That seems like ages ago when we first got a peek at this bunch and now its almost over.

I have mixed feelings about the trash talk. It seems like the final two do that every single year and maybe it comes from a point of relief that its almost over and they can finally say what's on their mind. I'm not sure Ryan and Adam said anything more than what a lot of us on this blog said throughout the season. Maybe they saw it the way we did back when.

Most of the bashing was about Sheila playing the 'deserving single mom card', but they did venture into the Penthouse Pet and insuated that Sheila was a Pro (as in prostitute). I didn't agree with that, but I also didn't agree with Eric insinuating that Dick and Danielle had an incestuous relationship.

Oh well, its almost over and we can all take a deep breath and get ready for the summer and BB10.

Laurie said...

Monty, you are probably right about the trash talk and the reason behind it. Sometimes talk like that gets a live of its own ... been there and done that for sure.

Glad I made you laugh with the "crush" joke. My work here is dun.

Sydney said...

Patty -- I know what you mean about taking time for the important things, and it sounds like you have plenty of that on your door. Just know that we are here if you are needing a little cheer, or to vent or want a little distraction. You'll be missed!


Anne said...

Oh my, even I feel sorry for Sheila class idiots - but now that I think of it, should we have expected anything but the usual boorish behavior from those two clods?

Nancy in PA (my mother's name) - reading about your granddaughter's experience brought tears to my eyes - thank you for sharing such a happy ending - my grandson is 2 1/2 and he chases all the dark clouds away - I don't know what I'd do...God bless you for your strength. (I almost wrote God bless you God).

Jackie, what is the surgery date? I'm thinking nothing but good thoughts for you - at any point in time you feel the need, e-mail me and I'll bring you something yummy to eat - or vacuum for you - you're over the bridge from me - not sure which one but I know one of them links your neck of the woods with my neck of the woods.

Patty, enjoy your time with your mom - the 6 weeks I had to share with mine before she left for greener pastures were a precious gift I'll never forget. Lurk away when you get the chance....

I hope to be here with the rest of you as we go through Jackie Blog withdrawals - surely none of us will go through BB9 withdrawals - this has been like pulling a great big bandage off very, very slowly...

Laurie,"witless protection program" and the gnat story? Thank you for the laugh - I so needed that!

I had the day from hell today at work; my boss totally threw me under the bus and this is the first place I came when I got home - I needed a touch of humanity - thank you Jackie - and all of you - I must have subconciously known I needed to pop in where decent people abound -(or is that unconciously - I'll have to ring Natalie and ask her to clarify for me).

Friday is almost upon us :>)

Zoetawny said...

Good afternoon all!


I hope you are taking care of your own needs first. With your pending surgery I know you have much to organize. We should give you a blog party before your surgery date. :) Was that date May 14? I neglected to write it down in my date book. I join in with all here to thank you for all your sacrifices making BB9 enjoyable in spite of the shabby quality of this first Winter season.

nancy in pa...

I'm happy for you that the echo turned out fine. Your little granddaughter will be putting a twinkle in your eye for many years.


I've really enjoyed reading your comments. I commend you for putting your friend's needs before your own pleasures. She is very fortunate to have such a good friend. We will miss you and hold a seat for you when you have time.


I hope your father is doing much better. Write me an email when you have time to let me know. Thanks for the vocabulary lesson. ;) What was that word? ;) We've both tried to find reasons why we watch BB after every season. LOL God willing we will be here again for BB10. Are you ready for Sunday?

I don't know what else to say about the show that hasn't been said already. You all have expressed excellent insights on every aspect of BB9. Let's hope that BB10 does have a better class of house guests. I know it sounds trite but sharing this show with you and Jackie's amazing writing talent have made this season so much fun. I only wish I had more time to comment on some of the other shows Jackie blogs.

I can't wait to hear what they all have to say at the finale. I'll be surprised if they say all is forgiven and we love each other and will stay friends outside of the house. Ya right! It's only human nature to put your best foot forward when you know you're on live TV for the entire nation to see. It's always amazed me that they seem to forget that the camera is on them 24/7 in the house. Maybe you do forget about it after a while. I know I would be uncomfortable even using the bathroom knowing there are technicians behind those walls. VBG Not to give the house guests too much credit , but it must be very difficult and unpleasant to be cooped up in a small place with a group of strangers with no outside contact to the real world or family and friends. I know I couldn't do it. Most of us couldn't handle the scrutiny. It's more fun to watch and critique. I hope my graphics weren't too harsh on those hamsters. VBG

Speaking of the real world, I had better get some work done. ;)

Take care~

monty924 said...

Zoetawny, your graphics were NOT too harsh. What would we do without you? Love'm and keep them coming. Hugs!

nancy in pa said...

patty, sue, laurie, plaidchick, etc etc etc....i just want you ALL to know i have appreciated your comments and good wishes. this blog site is a treasure. thank you all. plaidchick...i live about 45 minutes from CHOP...that place is extraodinary!! i couldn't begin to tell you how they bend over backwards to accomodate children and family alike. honestly it is like a playland/family/home all in one.

patty...will look forward to your return for bb10? enjoy your time with your friend and mother. things like that are very rewarding (although difficult). i am the only sibling living near my aging their 80's. my mom has alzheimer's also and usually does not realize quite who i am. it is hard...i miss my mom terribly and it is hard to be with her and her not really be there. i miss having her to talk with. take care!! my thoughts and prayers are with you!

from what i am reading, the bromance boys seem to be a little full of themselves. sounds like a jun/allison repeat. UGH! i too think sheila is a drama quessn and got a little tired of her bossy behavior, poor me attitude, and fake tears. oh please.'re the bomb. or as gnat would

joy n said...

Zoetawny, your graphics are all "right on". Keep 'em comin'! My personal favorite, of course, was the first "Gnat" Thank you again.

Nana in the NW said...

laurie--your avatar and comment had me ROTFL!!

You are right about talking sometimes taking on a life of it's own....the difference is that it's not being done for all the world to see and the person it's about to hear!! What they are doing is mean and cruel...I hope someone in their lives with decency reams those 2 when this is over!!!

Zoe-your graphics have been so great. It's part of what I look forward to when I come to Jackie's Java Jive!

I was testing Kind. this morning on a story and one of the questions was about a pesky bug, the child had to choose A,B,C,D. One of the choices was gnat...I started laughing....the child was confused!!

meb said...

We went to dinner tonight and I swear Gnat's mother waited on us. It was all I could do not to laugh. But that would have been mean. I wanted so to take a picture and try to show it to you all, but I thought she would think I was nuts. Well...

You know I'm here for the duration. There's always something interesting on Jackie's blog. She makes it so.

Zoetawny...keep those graphics coming. They are highlights to the blog too.

Jackie I wish I were closer to you so I could help out. You just take care of yourself. Get prepared now so that everything will be easier for you after the surgery.

To everyone who has written about babies, and moms and friends, let me say you are all in my prayers. Keep us posted on all that is happening. And if you feel you have to leave for little while, please hurry back.

~~Silk said...

Ryan is a college student.

TerryinCA said...

Everyone here is hysterical! Im loving all the comments back and forth...Laurie this year you finally got into it with me! wahoo! now you have surpassed me!
Nancy in sorry about your baby concerns...we are all praying for you and so glad you are so close to that CHOP.
Nana sending hugs

nancy in pa said...

been catching up on the latest guys are so stink'n funny!!

zoetawny, meb, and terryinca....thanks!

Laurie said...

Zoetawny, your graphics and Jackie's writing have been the highpoints of the season for all of us. Hey, we could call you Team JZ!

Nana, I'm glad you liked my humor. I'm going to keep Thing 1&2 as my picture for awhile. They make me smile.

Terry, eternal thanks for leading me (ok, dragging me) to the show and to the blog. I'll be hanging around here all summer.

Jackie, we will all be with you as little angels (with horns) (horney angels?) while you have your surgery and while you recover. We will keep you entertained ... unless it hurts to laugh.

Everybody, this is such a great crew here. I love rising and shining with you all.

PlaidChick said...

Nancy in PA; I know a lot of doctors and residents who want to go into peds at either CHOP or Children's @ Dallas. Both places are amazing, though I have never been up there, I know their reputation from the big wigs at Childrens. I don't know if you ever heard the story of the boy from Dallas who was a Red Sox fan and his doctor is from Boston. He had a heart transplant and did beautifully. She and he flew up to Boston for the world series and he threw the first pitch at one of the games. The doctor is one of those docs who cares about nothing except the kids, and you would never know what she does unless you asked her. She and I have been to some Red Sox games in Dallas, and I jokingly called her and said I could of been her PR director since it made national news. She gives up a week in the summer to go to heart camp with the kids. No pay. She does it because she wants to. Your grandbaby is going to do great, and you guys got great care!

PlaidChick said...

I saw this on BB9 Dish and I have to say I completely agree!

Pyke said...
I thought I should post this in here too. Changes I want to see made to Big Brother because now I really do believe the producers manipulate to get an outcome they want or just manipulate period.

I also wanted to add, I watched some youtube of Adam convincing Ryan to let him vote Sharon out because the next endurance comp is this (he proceeds to name and describe word for word of the endurance competition, doing examples and everything). that sealed the deal that the DR cheats for me.

So, changes I made to prove to audience nothing is rigged:

1) Live-Feed viewers have a PERMANENT access to the Diary Room with ONE FEED. Add a feed if you need to... I say this because, "If you have nothing to hide, then why is the Diary Room hidden?"

2) We live-feed viewers get to watch every competition... live. No feed cuts... I understand legal feed cuts such as singing to talking about someone not on the show. We should be able to watch the POV competitions and HOh competitions live, all of them. Even as the new rules are being explained. Why hide rules form viewers unless you plan on only revealing those rules in order for certain houseguests to benefit?

3) During HOH competitions, as the QUESTION is being ASKED we already have the ANSWERS on our TV SCREENS. (Especially after that Guinea Pig question!) And no more guessing game HOhs or crapshoots!

4) Get back to the OLD competitions where it dealt with house issues. lets review the last few HOHs: "Guess what houseguest said in the Diary Room." then "Guess what AMERICA things based on OUR editing." "Guess the number." "Guess whats fact or fiction based on no knowledge." I miss the old HOh competitions where it required true mental ability... not a gambling game. If you want to make it a guessing game, let's just roll a dice to see who wins. That actually might be fun and make this game a more SOCIAL game.

5) No more crude behavior. We want intelligent housegeusts... this does not mean crazy, sex craved, insane, sluts, dumbass houseguests. This means houseguests whom vary in age and intelligence. We like dominating competition houseguests (Jedi Jani), Dr Will manipulating houseguests.

6) NO MORE TWISTS! Nuff said!

PlaidChick said...

Did you guys see the Jury Q-n-A was last night? Turns out that Sheila was pissed-- Sharon-- Hoops came out-- Josh was mad, James was cool, Matt, and Natalie, not much say, and Chelsia, not much say there either.

Patty said...

I just wanted pop in real quick to say "Thank You" to everyone for the kind wishes sent my way. It means so much to me.

NanaNW-We are getting the snow you had a few days ago here in South Dakata. Do you want it back? Crazy! A few days ago I cleaned up winter around here and had the house all opened up.

It appears the guys thought the evicted HGS were a little too tough on them with their questioning. Adam was really worked up after it was over. He was nasty enough to wish Josh to have cancer and die...Adam, that is such a horrible thing to say.

Just an update of what I heard. Dick said he has been told directly from Allison G, that BB will try to make Season 10 a bit 'older' and also morelike Seasons 2&3 with no twist involved. I guess we will have to wait and see if there is truth to this statement.

Gotta go!

Anonymous said...

Any kind of game like this IS about the money. That's the problem. It's a game where anything goes to win the money. That's why I could never do it. They don't and won't keep "nice" people around. They get rid of them as soon as possible. The people who win games like this are those who are shrewd and tell big white lies. It's the game, unfortunately.

I thought the jury house did not see everything. I thought that was part of the game. They do not see everything or the DR rants. Am I wrong (probably)?

Since they do have live feeds and we do get to see the DR rants, they'd never give us the chance to vote. They want the jury to vote on the basic stuff they hear from some of the feeds. If they heard everything, they'd be so hot, they wouldn't vote.

At least with Allison and Jun, they knew both of them were b*****s. And, Boogie, well very few liked Boogie. With Adam and Ryan, they do have some redeeming qualities (I have to think what they, they did beat the others. Plus, we didn't like many of the others either. It doesn't give many good choices.

Jackie - my prayers are with you. Take care of yourself, you need to come first.

Zoetawny - I love your graphics. You are so talented!!

Well, Sunday will tell everything. It'll be interesting to find out what comments the jury members have to say. What gets me is they always have something bad to say, but they're just mad because the final 2 got to them first. Everyone of them was disliked for something. We always complained about them. So, remember that at the finale. LOL.

Jackie, love your photographs!