Wednesday, July 23, 2008

BB10 - Latest Live Feeds

My latest live feeds report is up over on TV Squad At 8 PM, severe thunderstorms permitting, I'll be live blogging the show as it airs here on the East Coast. Everyone is welcome to join in the comments!


Anonymous said...

I am very disappointed in Ollie. I really thought I would like him going into this, but he's acting like some of the previous hamsters. Don't these people care that their families, not to mention the whole country, are watching? Especially with his father being a minister. That is bound to be embarrassing for his dad.

Hey, am I actually the first to comment?


monty924 said...

I'm also adding Ollie to my "tool" list. I thought I would like him but nah!

Jackie, stay away from the windows. Storms scare the bejesus out of me.

I'll miss most of the live show. I have to get on the road here shortly.

Tom`S said...

Jackie, I apologize for being off topic, however I felt very strongly about an upcoming race, to the point my nerves were and still are being shattered, My family and I have been fans to your blog for years, I have rarely mentioned my extended relatives, after I shared my fears last week, ( my instincts were in regards to the Toyota vehicles ( whether in general or not ) it was on a personal level.
It's a long complicated process but it bothered me terribly.
Persistent lobbying by drivers of other car makes, particularly Chevrolet, helped draw attention to Toyota's horsepower advantage.
After the June 21 race at The Milwaukee Mile revealed a significant horsepower advantage for Toyota over Ford and Chevrolet. Toyota's peak horsepower number was 632, compared with 611 for Ford, 612 for Chevrolet and 628 for Dodge.
Though NASCAR measured both peak and average horsepower in the test from Chicago, there's inequity in the way the respective engines pull through the corners.
it's not just the peak numbers, its5,500 rpm in the middle of the corner and 8,500 at the end of the straightaway. Dyno tests in Toyotas along with another hidden factor is what I felt needed to be done, yesterday Nascar introduced a new rule change, of course many people who are fans of the # 18 car will cry foul, but that wasn't the point.
The effect of the change is to limit air flow to the engine, thereby reducing horsepower, by narrowing the diameters of holes in the tapered spacer NASCAR introduced into the series this year. Installed at the intake of an engine, the spacer functions as a restrictor plate. The smaller the holes in the spacer, the lower the horsepower.

Specifically, the rule change requires engines with a cylinder bore spacing of 4.470 inches or more to run a tapered spacer with four holes measuring 1.100 inches each in diameter, compared with the 1.125-inch holes previously required. Toyota engines currently are the only ones in use in the Nationwide Series that feature a cylinder bore spacing of 4.470 inches or more.

NASCAR's intent with the rule change is to balance competition. Toyota has won 14 of 21 Nationwide races this season, with cars fielded by Joe Gibbs Racing accounting for 13 victories. ( Blah ) The No. 20 JGR Camry has won nine times, with four different drivers behind the wheel. Thank Goodness Tony Stewart is getting away from Toyota!!!
One thing I know about Tony he's very honest.

Jackie and to everyone in here, I believe in all of you,
whether your fans of Nascar or not, Its the closeness I've felt in this blog by being able to write about my fears, I'll add some BB into my post, haha - I've lost just as much weight as Libra! I'm unsure which BB HG I like, hopefully I'll join you all next week, I'm off to the races. But If I need to vent I know where to vent haha..