Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Big Brother 10 Cast in Depth Part 2

Continuing on from my previous cast post, here are the next four houseguests and my take on them!

I don't know. Maybe it's my "not as fit as I should be" persona screaming from within, but I think Jessie may be a turn off for me. As with my impression of Dan, I fear Jessie might want to be a controlling so-an-so. Although I have never been a bodybuilder, it's far easier to be in shape when you're 22. This kid is wet behind his ears -- I hope he's not pushy about the health regime.

Alas, his bio on the CBS site makes it sound like he might be a health guru know-it-all. Uh-oh. Hopefully he just wants to be inspirational. I guess. He does like Hamburger Helper so he might not be a total bodybuilding nut. I'm still a bit concerned that he seems to be so impressed with how much he helps others. Heck, I'd rather see someone who's been to the other side be inspirational rather than some kid who's lifted weights a lot. Geez, Richard Simmons comes to mind. Love him or hate him, he's a fat man gone in shape. What was this kid before bodybuilding? A high school student?

Onto the Daniele Donato doppelganger ... Keesha. Blond, annoying voice, Hooters waitress. According to her bio, she doesn't eat red meat and is a PETA enthusiast. She has all of her career ideals thrown into her Hooters. Ah. but I'm sure if this "blond bombshell" can get her foot in the door to Hollywood, she'd give up those Hooters dreams in a moment.

Her proudest accomplishment is leaving home, moving to California, and making her way with her Hooters job. Yep, that's a truly worthy accomplishment as you face your thirties. @@

According to her bio, Libra isn't a Libra. She was born August 6. What she seems to be is a very politically active Obama supporter and possibly very vocal in her beliefs. I've already mentioned that pushy people aren't my cuppa. If she is indeed of the school of "I'm right and you're wrong and everyone should think my way" -- then she will lose me.

I think she's going to be a bit too political for my liking. Oh, not that I'm totally apathetic when it comes to politics -- I just find it all the same old rhetoric on all sides with folks who are so passionate about the subject. Your mileage may vary.

Memphis the mixologist, eh? I don't think a houseguest can ever get more stereotypical of a reality show contestant than the fake "cool" name and the fancy-schmancy title for "bartender." According to his bio, he is from Tennessee, but not from Memphis. I guess being called "Collierville" doesn't have quite the same ring to it.

I'm not overly impressed. Something screams shallow or mimbo (Seinfeldese for male bimbo) about him.


sue said...

Mixologist...always reminds me of the old Jonathan Winters commercial about Gar..Baggg for garbage. I liked J Winters.

What will we be watching for on Sunday? Will we look for secret alliances that have already been sealed with a pinky swear and a spit on the hand? Will we look for who will hook up first and most often? Will there be a Bible in the house? How soon will it take BB to get them in a forced sexual situation (as in the first HOH comp in last season)? Personally, I think I far as first impressions listening to decibal levels on their voices. Squeakys won't score high with me...nor will non stop Sheila type one sided convos...although I will appreicate it if one hg will take some time every night or so and talk to the camera to fill us in on what they are really thinking...could we hope for a Dr. Will who 'gets it' and understands but can also be charming about it all?

Thanks Jackie.

lynn1 said...

I swear my first thought when I saw Keesha was she has had plastic surgery to look like Dani Donato.

Probably not but hey who knows.

Maybe she is Evil Dick's Love child? LOL Just kidding.

Lucy said...

My take on these four:

Jesse- Wide-eyed, naive and easily swayed. Only has one thing to talk about, his muscles.

Keesha- Annoying voice. Stars in her eyes but willing to settle for a Hooters career path, enough said.

Libra- Want to like her but I'm afraid she will come across as bossy. She needs to be open-minded and lay low if she wants to last in the BB House.

Memphis- Can't get a true reading on him but I want to like a guy who lists his mother as his hero. Could be sneaky considering his faux-Nike past.

joy n said...

I'm not crazy about any of these four for pretty much the same reasons Jackie stated. I almost feel sorry for Keesha. Hooters as a career goal? Sheesh!

Anonymous said...

Howdy all,

wow jackie, i'm totally with you on the danielle donato comparison; she looks just like her and then there's the Hooters part, lol

I also think I'm gonna like the old guy and i hope he wins something at least.

and i'm gonna get really pissed off if these houseguests chatter incessantly about politics cuz that is not y we watch the show

i'm glad ur recuperation is going well jackie

Thanks for keeping us entertained as usual. I'm really looking forward to this as my summer's entertainment.


Donna in AL said...

I am trying not to form any opinions until I actually see them in action. Contrary to that statement, I know I will not like the guy whom is soooo conservative and vocal about it. I tend to lean more toward the liberal side with alot of things.
I can't wait until Sunday. There is just not anything worth watching on TV now.

Laurie said...

Memphis the Mixologist (formerly known as Bobby the Batender?)

Just the names of half this cast make me shudder.

Sassy <---- grumpy today

monty924 said...

URL to the Diane (bb5-bb7) interviews if anyone is interested. Each one is around 10 minutes each so plan on spending some time in front of the puter!

There's some interesting things to learn about all of them from these. :)

TerryinCA said...

I am feeling I am climing up the roller coaster right now...almost to the top and wondering if I wil be screaming with glee or puke...some of these people!
Jackie, as always your take on the human hamsters is spot on...the eyerolls, HOW I HAVE MISSED THEM!!!
@@ on we go gals and guys....cant wait for Sunday!!!

Nana in the NW said...

good morning all--I feel like I have been gone for days!! Currently finishing painting my deck--ugh! This is taking much longer than I thought. I also painted some fun colors on my deck furniture....since the deck is gray I needed some color to brighten it up. Of course, halfway through a chair I ran out of paint, couldn't get anymore of that color, so had to re-paint the whole and my big ideas!

Glad The Bachelorette is over--it reminded me of why I quit watching it!! Wanted her to pick Jason but glad she didn't. Deanna will get tired of going to work and coming home to Jesse(not working) having romantic dinners ready. As we all know, when the lust wears thin and the reality of life sets in it's hard work to keep a relationship going.

Is anybody else watching "The Baby Borrowers"? I think having the toddlers was much harder on the couples than the infants. Won't say more unless someone else watches.

What about "Nashville Star"? I forgot to tape it on Monday. If you watched it please tell me who got voted off--oops--I can just go to the website and find out!! ;}

As for BB......

I really like the house decor, however, I didn't count enough beds for all the HG--someone must be sleeping on the floor!

I agree about Angie/Brian...they may be the showmance of the season.

Keesha...Evil Dick's love child--LOL Hooter's career goal...PLEEEZE!!

Libra...needs to keep her politics in check or she will be gone early....and so will I.

Memphis--all I can think about is Elvis(maybe because of his home). Hope he is more intelligent than I'm guessing.

Love the old guy--he needs to be careful not to "grandparent" these kids--but if he tries to act like he's 20 that will make me mad!!

Oh well, after Sunday I will have a much more "informed" opinion about them all!! LOL

Off to swimming classes...summertime.

Auntie Leigh said...

Oh Jackie...that was soo funny about Memphis the Mixologist!! I think I like the sound of Collierville! And the girl can be Hooterville.

debbie said...

Yes Jackie Ia m watching the baby borrowers!! I loved it!! I cant wait until the next group of kids come in!!
I am excited for BB to come back on, only wish there were more older folks, a mix, so the younger ones dont start picking off the older ones just because they are older.

Anonymous said...

Memphis - He was probably born in Memphis. I use to live in Memphis and worked in Collierville. That was about 25 years ago and the hospitals handling maternity were in Memphis.

Kathy in NC

Amanda said...

FYI Collierville is about 10 minutes from Memphis. It's considered part of the Memphis metroplex.