Sunday, July 13, 2008

Big Brother 10 Cast Interview Videos

I have a post in pending over at TV Squad with six of the video interviews by Diane Henry (BB5, BB7) and Jen Johnson. I'm not sure when that will publish. But I think all 13 interviews anywhere at one time will be a bit overwhelming. Without further ado, here are the other seven --


debbie said...


Just wanted to Thank you for all your hard work on this forum. Also mention, I had knee surgery on my right knee 2 years ago, still have that pain in my calf, no blood clot they say
MRI number one "a tore gastrocnemius muscle"

bed rest for 1 month

MRI number two
a tore soleous muscle? this is while being on bedrest? Still have the pain, I have to tip toe when I first wake up until the muscle relaxes every morning, I have pain all the time.

Zoetawny said...


Thanks so much for uploading all those videos. It was convenient to watch them together in one place. You are a blog wizard. ;)

I'm not sure if there are many "normal" people (whatever that is) on BB again this summer season. I don't know why I keep thinking there might be some. After all, how many of us could or would want to leave their life for 3 months. Besides, it might make for boring TV.

I've been wondering about Jerry's wife. Jerry said that he's keeping strong and fit so that he can take care of his wife who has Alzheimer's. Who is taking care of her while he's in the BB house for 3 months?


I'm sorry to hear all the problems you had to endure after your knee surgery. It's good you learned that if you tip toe when first out of bed in the morning it helps relax the muscle. My husband had a 4 level back fusion surgery over 2 years ago and he's still in so much pain that his doctor has kept him on Oxycontin, much to my disapproval. Many of these orthopedic surgeries are not a "slam dunk".

Sorry about all the off topic stuff.

I'm eager for the show to start and it's only 2:50 p.m. here in CA. Which reminds me, I'd better set the dvr just in case I get a slew of phone calls during the show. When I've told people not to call me when BB is on they think I'm a little obssessed...ya think? Well, at least I have good company with all of you. LOL


I'll be looking for you here. I hope you got the emails that I've sent a while back. I've been concerned about you.

See you all later! WHOOHOO!

Sydney said...

Bummer -- I can barely stand to listen to these interviews -- the interviewees as well as the interviewer... DIane. Hopefully Jen's were better. BUt the lady from New Orleans made me want to turn it off.

Libra I listened to til the end but was wincing by the time she started sining more than 4 bars....

And I couldn't even go near Keesha.
And then I gave up.