Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Big Brother 10 Live Feeds Into Tuesday Dawn

Barely containing the excitement.

All the thrills became too much for Angie.

What drove Memphis to bad fashion taste? Yep! The excitement!

Okay, I'm kidding. Here's what's been happening in the Big Brother House of Inflated Muscles and Inflated Egos:
  • Keesha still wants Angie out this week, says she isn't worried about Jessie. @@
  • The HG haven't been told that the live show will be Thursday starting this week.
  • Libra talked about how much Jerry annoys her, but he isn't mean like Jessie is.
  • Renny, Keesha, and Libra all sat around talking about how nasty Jessie is. (Why not vote him out, then? Sheesh.)
  • Jessie told Memohis that he (Jessie) started the game out as the underdog. (Hopefully Riff-Raff will thump him!)
  • BB gave them beer, just not a lot of it.
  • Angie told Jessie to lay low because she doesn't want to be in the house anymore. Jessie told her he's not all that interested in staying -- he thinks if he stays now, he's out within two weeks.
  • Renny did some of her impersonations.
  • April doesn't understand how Jerry's dentures work. @@
  • Jessie continues to come up with ways he can annoy Jerry. Angie asked him to stop.
  • Renny's birthday is today (Tuesday).
  • Libra thinks others were "fake nice" to Renny about her birthday.
  • April said she would date Ollie outside the show. She just might if he becomes "baby's daddy."
  • All are asleep as I post this.


RBennie said...

Good morning all. Ha Ha I beat you this time Terry! Glad to hear from you Jackie, was starting to worry a bit. I hope you're feeling a little better today.

My thoughts and prayers are with MEB.

Anonymous said...

Well, Jerry obviously heard us talking about his Richard Simmons look; he has sleeves on now at least in these photos!

Sydney, thanks for the welcome back!

I know I can be slow on the uptake, but is Keesha's only reason for targeting Angie that she didn't stand up for Steven? Angie's involvement in this game is so minimal. And if Jessie is irritating people and his temper is showing -- come on people, how many times do these chances prevent themselves?

I am also finding Renny more interesting; I hope she wins it all!

Hope all are well this Tuesday morn.

Witt :)

nancy in nj said...

jackie and sydney are back!!!!!YEA!!!

i've never seen a bb house as boring as this before. i too think libras hair looks awful. i wouldn't care if she were pink with purple polka dots...if i thinki her hair looks awful i'm gonna say it. throwing in the "racist" angle is just trying to start trouble. (MO)

can't believe renny, keesha, and libra aren't seeing the big picture of wrath should jessie remain in the house and (God forbid) win HOH again! i wonder who renny would put on the block if she were HOH. i can't imagine her winning it...but not sure if its because she COULDN'T or because she has game on and is THROWING it. little miss renny smaten'd up pretty quick after week one....don't underestimate her! i say lets get jessme, jerry, angie, and memphis out. THEN boot libra.

nancy in nj said...

nana in nw..........u ok? haven't heard from ya for awhile. painting?

Witt said...

Nancy, I don't think Renny will win it either; I just think it would be great if she did...but what a difference between week one and now, huh? Now since everyone confides in her and they don't see her as a threat she is last on everyone's eviction list (except perhaps JessMe).

Becky said...

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let JessMe go home this week.

Jackie, glad you are feeling better.

Patty said...

Jackie-frat update and you summed it up perfectly.

I feel Keesha's issues of Angie are on a personal basis, which I wish were not. I think if these two aligned they would have been a force to reckon with. They would have been in the driver seat to the end.

I liked how the season started, but it has been so boring that I am losing interest once again. I want to see some game playing going on, not the kids play.

Sorry if the news has been posted, but how is MEB? I need to go back and read the previous post and maybe the answer is there. (((MEB))) I sure have been thinking and praying for you and I hope everything is going well for you. Hang in there and get better.

I will not be playing adult kickball or anymore volleyball for the season. I wrecked my knee and the only thing they can do for me is surgery. I have been hobbling around and hoping some mircle will happen, but I think I am going to lose this battle. It can happen so fast. My mother is still being mother to me. She tells me I am not as young as I use to be. Once again, she is right.

Jackie, I hope all is going well for you.

Have a great day everyone!

Patty said...

It should read: great update.

The fingers will walk where they want to. Ha!

PlaidChick said...

Happy Tuesday All

Glad to see Jackie is here!

But first..


Someone throw a spoon in there and get it stirred up!

Jackie I don't blame you it was a most boring day and who wants to listen to Jessme and Bulldog?

Everyone send mental messages to Renny: Renny convince Keesha to get Jessme out! You get an extra day!

TerryinCA said...

I was thinkin Keesha was gonna be smart, but now I know she is just jealous of Angie for some reason...JESSME should go go go, come on !! Someone send a banner plane.....
rbennie, glad you got the jump girlfriend....Im enjoying my daughter and kidlets so Im not hoppin on like normal! (wait did I say I was normal?.pshaw!

Sydney said...

Do we care? Jessie was on reality TV dating shows a couple of times before. No surprise here -- manages to take his shirt off and flexes his muscles all the time (claims to have been with all kinds of girls).




I couldn't even watch them in total, lol, but I'm passing them along in case you can!

Sydney said...

Patty -- Bummer to hear about having to put kickball on hold. Baby that injury right now in hopes it will get a little better -- but for sure, no worse!

joy n said...

Off Topic Bachelor news. RealityTVWorld has an article about Shayne Lamas. Shayne says she has every intention of keeping the engagement ring, a little Tacori 2.85 ct. platinum and diamond number. She says "Matt can come over to look at it" as they are still friends.

She also states that she didn't cheat on Matt as they had broken up before she went to Vegas and she was just a single 22-year-old woman having fun. They just didn't announce the split until after she came back. Riiight!

cha cha said...

OMG......AN Earthquake in Ca...It registered 5.6. The houseguests felt it and some were a little scared....The fish are ALRIGHT

Sydney said...

cha cha -- yo have few comments but they are some of my favorites.

Sydney said...

Google says 3.1 quake... that should not be enuf to scare those ppl!

RBennie said...

LOL, CNN says 5.8 - who should we believe?

Sydney said...

I take that back. now news says 5.8 in diamond bar CA... close to LA a little south east looks like.

Laurie said...

Welcome to California ... land of shake, rattle and roll!

It wasn't a very big one (as earthquakes go) but I'll bet it shook a few of the houseguests up!

Sydney said...

When I lived there in the late 80's early 90's I experienced one about that severity. It lasts only about 5 seconds but feels like MUCH longer. Time stretches out. Was middle of the night at the time.

Sydney said...

Funny how so many of us have this computer on all day tuned to Jackie's . It's 2:00 and I have to STEP AWAY FROM THE DESK and try to do something else, lol!

RBennie said...

The woman who sits next to me was on the phone with her daughter in CA when the earthquake hit. Her daughter just said ooh we just had an earthquake and calmly kept on talking!

Laurie said...

I've lived in CA all my life so I'm pretty experienced in earthquakes. I still wonder each time "Is this the one?" ... You don't know how long it will last and 30 seconds can seem like an hour at that point.

I felt this one just slightly and I'm about 110 miles sounth of it. I'll bet Terry felt it as she is closer to that area.

As far as the house goes, at least they aren't bored right now! I wonder if anyone was napping. I hope they show us the reactions!

Sydney said...

Yes, you get kind of used to it when you live there. They said they had 15 aftershocks already. I too am hoping they will have some footage of the house shaking for us to see since this week would be a snore otherwise...

Knowing BB editors, they won't show the footage til next week, and they will cut it together so it looks like it lasted for 10 times longer. Then we will see repeats of it in black and white for the next 3 shows....:-D

Sydney said...

Just got a note from a GF who has a restaurant and 2 little children in LA -- no big concern on her part over anything, lol

"just had one I guess ... chandeliers swinging but other than that just a mere blip in the day"

Laurie said...

Sydney said: Knowing BB editors, they won't show the footage til next week, and they will cut it together so it looks like it lasted for 10 times longer. Then we will see repeats of it in black and white for the next 3 shows...

OMG, Sydney you are so right about that. Good one!

cha cha said...

I live in N.O. and will take a hurricane(not like Katrina) over earthquakes anytime. I know to get out ahead of time.
On the Jokers site, Jerry said he aged a year from the quake.
The BB edit will have it lasting a whole segment next week...The earthquake of Jessie.
If the idiots don't get him out.
I have a feeling its going to be an endurance comp. He could possibly win that..what yall think
How scarry is that.

Laurie said...

Oh ChaCha, I really hope the comp is something that requires paying attention to something other than yourself, something that requires thinking, something that isn't about brawn. Please, please, please!

RBennie said...

I think if they don't get rid of Jessie this week, BB will do everything and anything to ensure that he is HOH next week. Can you imagine the drama that would ensue? My guess is he would put up Keesha (talk about disrespecting him!) and Jerry (since he seems to really hate him for some reason unknown to me).

Although I would love to see the house do a switch up and vote Jessie out, I also don't think Angie has done anything this week to prove she deserves to be there! Jessie has given her all the ammunition she needs to fight with, and she does nothing to try to save herself. She frustrates me immensely and I really don't see what many of you here like about her. Play the game girl, play the game.

cha cha said...

If this is Angie's game then she should go. Isn't this the Girl Julie said could go all the way. With what? She doesn't play the game. At least Renny is playing now..Keeping her mouth shut has been the best for her.
Do you think maybe tomorrow she will start campaigning? God I hope so.
Go Home JESSME. Michelle needs to leave next.
Let Jerry stay a while. He really isn't hurting anyone.
I really don't mind the other houseguests except J/M..

Laurie said...

rbennie, I haven't seen much from Angie either. In fact I was wondering if she suffers from depression or something. She doesn't show much spirit about anything.

I would still rather see JessMe go because I really don't want him lasting long enough to be in sequester. Although, it would be fun to see how he would do in there if he was all by himself! Lots of time for self-admiration.

Sydney said...

it's true, I am officially over Angie. She seemed level headed, now maybe it's just a flat line in there... I keep hearing the hiss of TV snow when I see her slouching with that sad sack look on her face. She is expressionless most of the time and it ain't due to botox.

Anonymous said...


RBennie said...

Exactly Sydney. Since she seemed to be so well thought of here, I tried really hard to find something to like about her, but she gives you nothing. Maybe Brian was the only one who could bring her out. She at least seemed a little happier and into the game when he was there.

Zoetawny said...

Jackie said the house was boring so we had an earthquake to shake them up. ;) There's no damage in my area but we did feel it. I'm surprised because we are hundreds of miles (don't know the number) away from the epicenter, Chino Hills. I'm sure the house guests felt it stronger than I did but they don't seem to be concerned but I didn't see them immediately after it happened. I don't know if I heard right but thought I heard Keesha say that LA doesn't get earthquakes, duh! Keesha has lived here for 4 years (I think) but I'm not sure how long Jessme has lived here. I've got the east coast feeds up and they were playing in the pool. Dan was teaching Ollie how to swim. LOL

((((Terry)))) ((((Laurie))))
I'm glad to see you here and know you are both fine.


You can't compare a little shaking to Katrina. LOL Tornados have caused catastrophic damage as we have sadly seen this year. No matter where we live there will always be natural hazards.


We always feel better when we see your post. Ironic that we told you to take the time you need for yourself and then we get all concerned when we don't see a new post from you. ;) I'll have to reply to your email later since I have many phone calls to return right now. I hope you aren't feeling so "ick" today. Thanks for the update and putting up the bull dog graphic. I have nothing against bull dogs. LOL

Anxiously waiting to hear how you are doing and keeping you in my prayers.




cha cha said...

just watched the video anon..4:01 put in. I am sure it was a friend of Jessme..Just don't see what people see in that.

Donna in AL said...

Oh my, I hope Ollie and April wasn't having sex during the earthquake or one of them will think it was so good, the earth moved.

cha cha said...

I know what you mean about natural disasters..I was just thinking that I have lived in La. my whole life. I can't imagine going through an earth quake... I don't like anything spontanious(sp). Like that anyway.

Witt said...

LOL, Donna in AL!!

Anonymous said...

TMZ has a couple of nude model poses of Jessie on their web page

monty924 said...

Hi All,

Happy Tuesday! I'm looking forward to seeing what this POV comp was like on tonight's CBS show. Sounds interesting and besides, I want to watch Jessme cry! Boofreakinhoo!

I know some on here frequent Hamsterwatch and for those who don't, you should check out Dingo's daily ratings. Jessme's have been a hoot for the past four or so days. First a "non picture" avitar because him seeing his own pic makes him too damn happy... complete with a letter from Dingo, LOL. Now the evicted hamster wheel had been above his avi for the past three days. I like, make that love, that sort of mojo being sent his way!

Grow some big ones, any ones, HGs and kick the idiot the curb/Julie's lounge this Thursday. So glad live evictions are back on Thursday's.

(((MEB))) Thought's and prayers still coming your way.

Jen said...

I just read on BBDish (http://bbdish.blogspot.com)that CBS is bring back America's Player like BB8 for one week! They are going to announce it on tonight's show. We are going to get to vote which house guest we want to be AP.

Who do you all think would make a good AP?

monty924 said...


Renny or Dan? Its only for one week and I don't want to screw up any of Renny's chances in here but I definitely don't want it to be any of the others. Angie would make a horrible AP, as would Jerry or any of the others. Too bad we don't have an Eric in there for this. He was good at convincing others to do America's work. I just don't see it in this cast of characters.

They can always say NO or so it seems.

Petals said...

Jen - I whole-heartedly think Jerry should be America's Player, for obvious reasons.

joy n said...

I hated that America's Player crap. Thought we had seen the last of it. UGH!

nancy in nj said...

you know, i never really gave it much thought..but eric really was a great AP. i still chuckle at the thought of him and ED flinging cereal to the side and ED's going all over eric.

i wonder if jessme wet his pants when the quake hit. better that than.....you know.....

jen..i read your blog....we have second grade in common!

donna in la.....LOL picturing ollie and april thinking they had reached nurvanna!!

i'd like to see libra get AP...only because i think it would drive her nuts to have to do something that was not her idea and out of her control!!

Anonymous said...

Kcal 9 in Calif is showing the BB footage of the earthquake on the TV.

Donna in AL said...

anon. can you put it on utube? or is there a website were we can view it?
BTW, Jackie has a new post up.

Jen said...

donna in al you can view it on http://bbdish.blogspot.com they have it up there.

nancy in nj...Aren't 2nd graders awesome!! Are you a 2nd grade teacher? I taught 2nd grade for 4 years and now I am moving on to SPED! I am kind of nervous about it!!

As far as AP I think Ollie would be good because he's in the 7 alliance which is the majority of the house and he can up his game play since right now he's laying low. Although I do agree it would drive Libra nuts if she were AP and that would fantastic!!