Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Big Brother 10 Live Feeds Into Wednesday Dawn

Sheesh. Every screen cap of Ollie I take ends up weird. He'll be sucking his thumb or his eyes will be closed. Go figure. My full review/recap of last night's show is up over on TV Squad. Here's the latest news from inside that Big Brother house of Womanizers and Easily Offended Boys:
  • Although Libra fussed that she lost 12 pounds on slop and Jessie whined that he's lost 6 pounds on the block, Keesha thinks she's gained 10 pounds.
  • Despite their alliance with Jerry, the gals (Libra, Keesha, April) still bash him behind his back. At least they don't threaten him physically because he called them womanizers. @@
  • Dan and others now think that Jessie is portrayed as the "bad guy" in the house. After last night, I think it's a tie between Memphis and Jessie. Oh, and not "bad" per se. More like pathetic.
  • Jerry told Keesha he's never been in a real actual fistfight in his life.
  • Memphis is already showing signs of abandoning the Jessie/Michelle alliance. He told Keesha that he wants to work with her and promised her safety.
  • Although they bash him behind his back -- Libra, April, and Keesha got mad when Jessie was once again namecalling and giving Jerry a rough time in the yard.
  • Keesha mentioned to Renny that BB never gave her the HOH camera. They still don't know the live show is changed to Thursday.
  • Renny would like to cast a vote for Jessie to leave, but Keesha's plan is still Angie.
  • Renny actually worked out with Body Boy.
  • Jerry told Dan when it's down to the last bunch, the girls will stick together.
  • Keesha, Libra, and April went through Renny's clothes stash looking for interesting outfits for a birthday surprise.
  • April made Renny a cake. BB didn't celebrate the birthday like they have in past seasons.
  • Libra and April are suspicious of Dan. They think if there's a twist this season, it's Dan.
  • Libra actually talked to Dan about it. He claims that he enjoys the companionship and wanted to know who questioned his game.
  • And, now, even though she told him she was the one with suspicions, a new bond has formed between Libra and Dan.
  • All are asleep as I post this.
OFF TOPIC: For those folks who have been awaiting news on one of our beloved community friends, MEB, please check out the last part of the comments on my previous live-blog show post. Sydney was in touch with her daughter and there is an update there. Please continue the prayers and thoughts for MEB!


Sydney said...

THere is a MEB update on the last post for anyone who didn't see it...

Sydney said...


Did anyone catch Andy Baldwin (the Bachelor) trying to give safety tips on CBS's morning show just now? He SUCKED at it.

and if just confrims fo rme that he likes the celebrity and is trying to now parlay into being an "expert" on TV.

At first they were interviewing him as someone who had been in LA during yesterday's quake. But he ended up plugging that he was in an office "shooting a promo " for some charity (I wondered, is he plugging himself or the cause by mentioning it?).

Then he made it more dramatic (as so many are) by saying people were screaming etc.. Then they kind of asked him as a doctor what you should do in an earthquake -- as if he has any special training or authority on that. He contradicted himself by saying you should get out of the building, but then he said he got under a desk and then recited something like the three D's -- duck, something and something.

THEN they went so far as to ask him what you should do to be preapred in case of a disaster and he started haltingly reading from a sheet they must have given him, his eyes dodging from the page to the camera nervously --"you need yer blankets when it gets cold, if the power goes out you need things like yer flashlights (um, hello, he had to read that one) etc...

What were they thinking? If he has an agent he's told he wants to morph into a news "expert commentator" once his military stint is over, they need to give him some lessons for speaking on camera first, then book him for subjects he's an expert for.

OK, nuff said.

Witt said...

Syd, thanks for posting about MEB. My mom had major surgery a few years ago and it is a relief when you know the patient is past the critical stage. She also said no visitors too, and preferred people send her emails (it let her rest and gave her something fun and interesting to read). I know that her daughter is glad to know she has a large group of friends pulling for her.

Now to the show -- JessMe's threatening of Keesha and following her around the house pleading SOOOO got to me last night! "I've lost weight!!!!" OMG. I'm glad she finally said "This is what I'm doing, just stop bothering me!"

As much as JessMe said that Libra would hang herself if on the block, I think he's doing that himself. Doesn't he realize he was never the target to begin with???? I wish people would make a bold move and vote him out, but I don't have high hopes.

Witt :)

nancy in nj said...

morning all.

sydney..thank you so much for the MEB update. i think about her everyday and pray that she will heal quickly and as pain-free as possible.

WE LOVE YOU MEB!!!!! first i wanted libra to be AP just to drive her nuts at hopefully having to so something she didn't want to do ( like pick fights with those in her own alliance :) ) but once i heard that the pay was $20k, i changed my mind. not sure who i want, but don't want libra to pocket the 20. i was a bit confused...angie and jessie were eligible to be voted for on AP. what if the one evicted is the one voted in? sorry guys..i must be on stress overload or too much sand and surf on the brain..not following things at times. pass the xanax ( sp.?) please.

i think keesha got a burr up her butt about angie, and is hell-bent on ousting her...consequently she is not seeing the big pic..i think she is making a big mistake spending so much energy getting angie out. her only hope for next week is if the HOH comp requires thinking. so jessie doesn't win.

alls quiet in the rabbit cage?

nancy in nj said...

oh jessie losing weight.....i THOUGHT his head looked smaller than usual.

sharon said...

nancy...the fast talking guy said,re:AP,that if the hamster chosen gets evicted then the next highest vote getter will win!

I still am amazed that Keesha is that stupid,she has gone waaayyy down in my opinion of her "smarts"!Too bad Jessme isn't so weak from hunger that his mouth won't work!I need him gone,like yesterday!


Sydney said...

I have a question -- how are we to vote NOW for AP next week when we don't know who is getting voted out?

I sometimes feel these things are chosen by CBS anyway (it's clear to me they are behind JessME. They aren't advertising April as a hot girl on BB are they?) and so this year am not voting at all.

Laurie said...

Duck, cover and hold! California kids get drills on this for earthquakes. You are supposed to duck down, cover yourself with a desk (at school) and hold your position until you are told it is safe. The last thing you do is go outside. End of earthquake training. Please let CBS know I'm available for a fee.

So glad to hear MEB is healing and that she is getting good care. I know it's no fun to be in the hospital but right now it's where she needs to be. Prayers keep going her way!

Now that I know the AP gets $20 I'm thinking it should be Renny. She's already an odd duck, so if she did things strangely nobody would notice. Plus, I'd love to see her win something!

RBennie said...

Good morning all. First off let me say thanks to Sydney for the MEB update. It was a relief to hear some news about her. As always my thoughts and prayers are with her.

Now on to the show. How pathetic is Jessie? He has taken desperation to a new level. Wasn't he told early on that he wasn't even the real target this week? Why was it so hard for him to just sit back and let Keesha do her thing instead of driving her insane with his pleading. I'm no great Libra lover, but it was truly overkill the way he was trying to pile all of the world's plight on her head, LOL. I wouldn't have been surprised if he had started blaming her for the war in Iraq, hunger in Africa and what the hell maybe even throw in the Holocaust!

I've been thinking about who I would want as AP, but I really don't know. I don't think any one of them would be effective at convincing them of anything. Jerry, Renny and Dan's opinions carry no weight at all. Michelle, Memphis and Jessie can only influence each other. Angie either has zero powers of persuasion or has chosen not to use them as proven by her not trying to fight to stay in the game. Libra is considered the liar (said the pot to the kettle) so I don't think she would have much luck. April and Ollie have better things to do, LOL. So I guess that leaves me with Keesha. I think she at least has a shot at influencing Libra, April, Ollie, Jerry & Renny - which is enough. The other thing we need to remember is that the person chosen has the choice of accepting or not. Personally, as long as I thought I had any chance of making it to the end, I wouldn't do it. Eric being AP in his season did nothing but hurt him IMO. If he had been free to think and vote the way he wanted to, it would have been a very different game with a very different outcome.

Donna in AL said...

House of BOYS is spot on..even Jerry acts a little immature sometimes..especially around the girls. That was a nice gesture for April to bake Renny a cake for her birthday. Why were the gals going through Renny's clothes to surprise her? Were they going to dress up and do a show? Did they ever do any of that?

About April being represented as the hot girl... when she was sitting on the bed in the HOH when Jesse was pitching a fit...she looked absolutely horrid...her face looked like thin skin pulled over a skull! Jessme and Libra is losing all the weight but April is the one that looks like she has lost the there wasn't much to begin with.

{{{MEB}}}&{{{KIM}}} & Family, patience, understanding and love.

Jackie said...

Laurie - I recall the earthquake drills in school my two childhood years of living in California. Under the desk or into the hallway where a narrow alcove had sweater hooks. If you're at home, a doorway is the safest place. We did have an earthquake here in NJ just the other day. But the ones around here are just enough to say ... hey, what was that?

NJ Earthquake

Nana in the NW said...

Good morning all! It's hump day(I know that's everyday for April/Ollie)--but here that means the middle of the week!

Syd-thanks again for getting us an update on Meb. I know you felt uncomfortable calling but we are like little Gnats--just keep bugging you until you do what we want!!

jennasmom--thinking of your friend and hoping a lung comes available soon(which is always sad because it means someone's life is over).

As for BB:

What's up with no party for Renny(for her BD) from production?? If they need to cut budget there are plenty of other ways. I hope the HG did something special for her. That's always been a part of the show I liked.

I was thinking about AP....since it's only for 1 week I bet anyone in the house would agree to it. If you are in an alliance and act strange for one week the others will cover for you and then you can do damage control the next week.

I would not choose Jerry--it would confuse him--, April--don't think she could keep her mouth shut(she can't keep anything shut!), Keesha--she's made too many promises and seems to feel obligated to keep those, Michelle--I just don't like her and don't want her to win any money, Libra--because she is just a "mean girl". Any of the rest would be OK. Although I think it would be funny to watch Renny try to pull off some of the stunts they have AP do.


The Bachelor is having an open casting call here in Tacoma next week. I just may go down and check it out :}

Any thoughts or rumors on who is going to be on DWTS?
I heard Lance Bass might be one.

What was the name of the show that Simon Baker was in, along with Dabney Coleman? Dabney played his dad-was a high powered attorney. Simon was an attorney and worked for the prosecutor's office...defended people who didn't have money. I think it was placed in Boston or Philly. Simon is the blond guy who will be in the new show "The Mentalist".

It rained here most of last night so the house is too wet to paint(YAY) so I will fold laundry and scrapbook.

Will check in later.....

AlbGlinka said...

Hi Jackie, Sydney and Guys: I can't believe it, I was able to load up Jackie's blog finally!!!!! A geek friend suggested I try Mozilla Firefox as my web browser. Now I can waste even more hours on Re:Ality TV! Wooo-hooo!

Anyway, here's my take on BB: last season sucked so bad I couldn't watch, don't know if any of you skipped it too. This season I have to root for Keesha-- maybe a Janelle-lite? VERY-lite??? Maybe Dan, although his religious "Never met a homo before" stuff was a turnoff, but at least he seemed pretty open-minded.

JessMe (luv it) is a nightmare, I think he suffers from No'Roid-Rage.

okay, that's it for now :-)

Patty said...

Thank Sydney for the update on MEB.

(((MEB))) I hope you are feeling better with each new day. Please know that many of your friends at Jackie's Place are thinking of you and praying for you to be restored back to good health. Take care.

Sydney said...

Really Jackie? You had an earthquake too yesterday? On the opposite coast? I know fault lines run everywhere but I never felt any when I lived in NY/Boston... but who knew if I thought it was a delivery truck rolling by or the subway. IN nY you move so fast yourself you prolly couldn't even tell if the earth moved. Sure hope the States aren't about to fold up from the outside ends, lol.

Nana- That would be great if you check out the auditions in Tacoma --LOL on your hump day/everyday comment. I will never see Wednesdays the same again.

ANd I heard SNORE that Kim Kardashian signed on t o DWTS

(((((Albglinka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)))) I am SOOOOOO glad to see you back! We've missed your comments for sure.

We all barely peeked at last season thru our closed fingers over our eyes. We all huddled together here and talked about almost anything else we could, and waited it out til the summer season, hoping AG would get fired.

Rbennie -- LOL about all the things Jessie could lump on LIbra.

Anonymous said...

nana in NW the show with Simon Baker was The Guardian, and it was filmed in Pittsburgh

Nana in the NW said...

THANK YOU ANON 11:48!!!! Now I can sleep at night! LOL Everytime I saw the commercials for his new show I would go nuts trying to remember the name of that show.

Kim Kardashian on DWTS--barf! Pair her up with Louie Van???--he won't put up with her attitude!

Nana in the NW said...

albglinka--WELCOME BACK!! bloggers have been wondering where you dissappeared to.

terry--are you back from vacation? How did you survive the EQ yesterday? Hope your vacation with your daughter was great!

Donna in AL said...

I thought I would share a link with you guys I found. Find and connect with local businesses for free from your phone. The number is 1-800-GOOG-411 but this link has a video of how it works:

joy n said...

I'm not voting for AP either.

Today's our twentieth wedding anniversary. Twenty-two years together. Going out for Mexican in a bit. Ai! Ai! Ai!

Sydney, I read yesterday on realitytvworld that Andy Baldwin is now seeing Katrina (DWTS). (Mario's ex) I'm wondering if he EVER planned to settle down when he appeared on The Bachelor. Seems to be a bit of a womanizer.

RBennie said...

Congratulations on your 20th Joyn! Enjoy your dinner out. I will reach that milestone myself in Sept. 2009.

PlaidChick said...

Happy Wednesday Waffle day Campers!

How fun is it to say that again!

Sydney-- thank you for the MEB update big hugs to her

Joy- Happy Anniversary!

Renny would be my AP choice. The only good thing that might come out of it is we could once again say who we want out-- JESSME

Has there ever been anyone else (besides Will, but he was fun to watch) that we as watchers wanted out so badly? This guy has Zero fan base.

Donna in AL said...

Congrats Joyn! Hey have fun being your anniversary is on HUMP day.

sharon said...

Happy Anniversary,Joy....and many more!

I still say that Renny deserves the $20K more than any in that house and since it's only for one week,why not? I voted for her.

Is Jessme liked on other boards? Or does the sentiment run the same? I do have to say that we have very good taste on this board and are very good judges of character,right,guys?

I loved Simon Baker on The Guardian and like the looks of his new show. I was shocked when I found out he wasn't an American actor! I find him very sexy...ooohlala!!

I hope DWTS doesn't get down to scraping the bottom of the barrel for celebrities! KK is already getting there and if a Hilton shows up,then I think I will be done,unless we can vote them off first!!

Laurie said...

Congratulations Joy N! 20 years is a big milestone and Mexican food on any night is a big treat in my book. My hubby and I just celebrated 40 yrs of marriage and we are still happy and still talk and laugh with each other.

He doesn't care for reality TV but he's still a good guy. Oh wait, it's BB he doesn't like and it's because of the voices. Each season there's one that grates. He does watch several others that involve cooking, travel, or design with me!

I totally missed last night's show. I meant to tape it but I went to bed without setting it up. I've been down with a UTI for several days and I'm just not up to my usual sassy-self. I tried going back to work today but I still have a fever so they sent me home. So sad ... at least I can still get paid, so I can't really complain.

Thank heavens Jackie has the blog going and we can all chat here. I swear I know each one of you personally and now I see we are welcoming an old time back. Welcome back, albglinka. We must have passed like ships in the night.

On topic: I think the action between Ollie and April stopped the day he discovered they do film at night. Am I wrong? I mean it could be coincidence but is it?

Have we ever disliked a person as much as we dislike JessMe? I'm only a 3 year viewer so I can't really say. I do love that he's such an easy target. The comment that he did lose weight, his head is smaller nearly knocked me off my chair!

Keesha is playing the game way to personally, IMO. If she changed the vote right now she would have Angie as an ally (spelling??) and send JessMe home for good. Well, in his mind he will return as an All Star but really ... really?

Okay, I've got to stop chatting and should find something to eat. Why am I not losing weight when I'm barely eating? Is it the Cipro? Is there a doctor in the house?

Brent McKee said...

Has anyone heard the rumour that Dan Quayle wants to be on DWTS? I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Actually when someone polled celebrities on which reality show they'd love to be on, the majority of those asked said "Dancing With The Stars." No one said "The Amazing Race."

Margo said...

I think if they send Jessie home his head might get bigger cause the house thought he was such a big physical threat. He would get that nobody likes him except himself.

Sydney said...

JoyN- Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!

If this Andy breaks Katrina's heart I can't feel sorry for her. She's choosing men who have bad track records. I can see why she and Mario got together. They worked so intensely and had some fire and WERE partners for many many weeks. This choice of Andy... hope it's just so she can date someone "first" who also has a great bod to kind of get that revenge on Mario after the break up, make him a little jealous or have second thoughts. It's easy to judge, but for whatever reason, it's playing with fire.

Laurie --Feel better!! Our Albglinka is a very talented painter among other things and he has a fun and colorful blog.

Brent -- Can you imagine Dan Quale on that show?????? If you figure out more, let us know!

Witt said...

May I just say these boards are the most fun around? I love reading your comments and love the comraderie.

Hope all are having a great day; happy anniversary, Joy n!!

Witt :)

Jackie said...

Welcome back, Albglinka!
Happy anniversary, Joy

Anonymous said...

On the "View" today they said Dan Quale had been asked to be on DWTS but they don't know if he accepted

Sydney said...

I agree Witt, Jackie has made a nice place for us and some of the comments here make me LMAO on a daily basis.

I tried commenting on another blog once or twice but the harshness just doesn't appeal to me at all. I think the folks here are the best bunch in cyberspace!!!!

becky said...

Thank you, Sydney for the update on MEB, I hope she knows about all the prayers and good thoughts going up for her.

Now, as for this --- Nana in the NW said...
Good morning all! It's hump day(I know that's everyday for April/Ollie)--but here that means the middle of the week!

THAT needed a spit alert!

Donna in AL said...

I read Albglinka blog this morning and it is very colorful! I really enjoyed his paintings. I am going to visit again when I have more time to comment.

monty924 said...

Nana in the NW said...
Good morning all! It's hump day(I know that's everyday for April/Ollie)--but here that means the middle of the week!

Teehee, I love it!

Sydney, thanks for the update on MEB. MEB, still praying and sending warm healing thoughts your way.

Happy Anniversary Joyn! 20 years is awesome. I never made it past 5, either time, :-0

I threw a couple votes Libra's way, because... well I don't like her. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that JessMe goes 'a steppin'.

Sydney said...

Donna -- I actually asked about one little drawing Albglinka had posted, since I know he sells his work, and I bought it! He's really talented.

cha cha said...

I am having a problem with the AP being only one week. So when we pick the next person don't they think the first person will get it and know who it is?

I know I can be dense sometimes but I think they need us to pick AP and stick with that person for the season

Donna in AL said...

Sydney, I saw some I would not mind having but with my son going to college to be a graphic artist...

I am still at work (late) because I want to go see the new Batman movie. Going to head to the theatre now.

mrs.whiggins said...

Morning all...Happy Anniversary JoyN.
cha cha: AP is a one time one week deal. If the hamster chosen turns it down, end of AP. At least that's the way I heard it.

Keesha, please girl send home Jessme so my headache stops. Anyone know why he was going off on Jerry in the lastest promo?

joy n said...

Thank you everyone for the very nice anniversary wishes. Just got back from dinner and am totally stuffed. I also had a extremely tasty and rather large pina colada and have to admit I'm feeling it. (I never drink) I'm heading out to take a little walk and then very possibly, a short nap when I get back. Bear, my hubby is already zonked out. Thank you again.

Nana in the NW said...

joyn--Happy Anniversary!! 20 yrs. is a milestone. We are headed to 37 in a few months(I was a child bride! LOL)

Andy Baldwin with Katrina? He sure jumps around...a few months ago he was dating Marla Maples(Donald Trump's ex).

Dan Quayle on DWTS?? He may be good since he had enough rhythm to be in a Rock-n-Roll band.

donna @ 2:44--oh, the places your mind wanders....LMAO

Laurie--sorry to hear your under the weather. Don't try to get back to work until your body is really ready! Just sit back and enjoy blogging all day..teehee.

As for April/Ollie--I was wondering if they would stop once he figured out they were being taped. Their pattern seems to be one day on(literally) and one day tonight should be an on day!

This blog is a great place to be....I can always count on it putting a smile on my face!

Syd--is the girl in your avitar you?

BTW--I came home from the horses races on Sunday with more money than I started out with!!!

Sydney said...

Yes Nana, I'm venturing out of the closet. I figure at 7 or 8 or whatever years old it's still a little anonymous, lol.

joy n said...

Off topic. I'm getting side-tracked here. Matt Grant of Bachelor now has a report on RTVW claiming that he never agreed to Shayne keeping the $65,000. engagement ring. He says it was never discussed. He thinks they should sell it and each of them split the money for a donation to a charity of their choice. He sounds rather irritated with her. He says that she sometimes just says things and expects him to go along with it. Methinks, Matt's true feelings about this breakup are beginning to surface.

Nana in the NW said...

just finished watching some videos on youtube...just misc. stuff. I definitely think Jessie's song should be "Your So Vain"--he literally can't walk be a window, mirror or anything else that shows his reflection without stopping as posing!!

I still say this is the most creative group of HG they've ever had. The American Gladiators was funny!

Laurie said...

Oh Sydney, I love the avitar and remember having a similar bike. I loved my bike once I learned to ride it.

Nana, I was a child bride, too. We were both too young to know anything but sometimes that works!
I am taking it easy and just letting my body do the healing it needs to do. I can do some of my work from home, so at least I don't have to use all my sick time. It certainly is nice to have the blog to come to for entertainment.

Now I have You're so vain, you probly think this song is about you running through my head. Now that was good music!

Terry in CA is still busy with her daughter and grands visiting. I think tomorrow is Disneyland all day and into the night. I don't know where she gets all the energy. Her avitar should be the pink bunny!

flipflopsinthewinter said...

Let me preface this with I want Jessie out as much as the next person...
But he does have a point. It really wasn't his plan to put Steven up - they did kind of "talk him into" his nominations. I think Keesha is a total moron - I am secretly hoping her little alliance turns on her.

What's up with Jessie obsession with his privates in his unitard playing Gladiator last night? He was like a 3 year old in discovery mode.

Still no real favorite - but really enjoying Renny more and more every day! Just keep laying low for a few more weeks Renny.

Patty said...

I have such a nice boss. He let me watch Housecall today.

Gretchen confirmed on the show that the banner was wishing someone who lives in the area a "Happy Birthday." It had nothing to d with sending a message to the HGS. Too funny!

It was a very smart move or game play for the other side to plant.

Patty said...

sorry I do not know where the rest of my message went.

I meant to say that it was a smart move or game play for the opposite team of HGS to plant this in the minds of the opposing team. They do not know that it is a lie.

formerly anon said...

I really hope Michelle gets the AP offer. There's no way she could refuse, and it would just totally totally mess with Jesse's head! He's paranoid enough as it is, can you imagine hist most loyal friend suddenly going haywire on him (not that she's so stable anyway). It would be fun to watch.

I think she definitely is the best choice for this

dla said...

nana, I also watched The Guardian occasionally, and I really like Simon Baker, so The Mentalist has possibilities. (depending on what they have it up against!)

Joy, happy anniversary! Enjoy!

I voted for Renny for AP. I think she could stir things up a bit, and it may be FUN.

Sydney, I did not catch Andy Baldwin on the morning show, but I also read that he is now with Karina from DWTS. Unsure of his motives with The Bachelor, but it now appears that he is liking his 15 minutes, and working to stretch it out to 20 minutes. :)

Witt, I have been meaning to say welcome to you! Great to see your comments!

albglinka, good to see you back!

Regarding earthquakes... I had three experiences while living in OR. The first woke me from a drug induced sleep while I was on pain meds after crushing my big toe.(yes, it is true.) I told everyone in the house that there had been an earthquake during the night, and they laughed at me and told me to take another pill. When we turned on the morning news, sure enough, I was correct. :)

The second woke me from a sound sleep, but I was tired and could sleep another hour before I had to get up for work, so I went back to bed.

The third time, I simply rolled over and went back to sleep. Nothing gets in the way of a girl's beauty sleep. lol

They were not big ones (obviously), but they do freak you out a bit if you have not experienced it before.

Back to BB: I sure hope that Keesha get off the personal campaign to vote out Angie, and does the right thing. She could be toast if JessMe stays in the house and any of that crew ends up with any power.