Monday, July 21, 2008

Big Brother 10: Live Feeds Overnight into Monday 7/21

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I apologize for getting this report up a bit late this morning. My knee didn't want me to sit and type. But here I am now.

This group of houseguests are not the normal crowd, for sure. They get together most nights doing some sort of group event like everything is hunky-dory in the house. Yet, there are all kinds of internal disagreements going on.

As a side note -- as I write this up, I have The Sopranos on on A&E. Very weird. I live in New Jersey. I knew more Mafia people when I lived in Connecticut and upstate New York. Oh, there are plenty of gangsters around here. They're just probably not Italian. Onto the feeds ...
  • Both Dan and Steven told Michelle not to feel bad about not using the veto.
  • Angie and Memphis talked about getting rid of April and Libra. Memphis thinks they should wait until the final eight, then try to get Keesha in with them and get Libra out of the house.
  • April thinks Steven is worse than Brian. Keesha agrees that he can't be trusted.
  • Jessie, in his infinite wisdom, thinks that Libra is playing the game the way she is because she's a strong black woman and has something to prove.
  • Michelle said Steven said he was going to take off all of his clothes and be vulgar upon being evicted.
  • Ollie told Libra that Steven was trying to get everyone to backdoor her before the POV meeting. She asked reaction and he (lying) said everyone thought it was "bullcrap."
  • Although he's supposed to be a shoe-in to stay, Dan has been checking on his votes. He knows for sure at least five people have his back.
  • Libra, Keesha, and April told Memphis that Jerry creeps them out talking about sex too much. Memphis said Jerry's sex talk even creeps him out.
  • In a related note -- Jerry went into detail about his first sexual escapade at the age of 17.
  • April told Libra that she thinks Angie is flirting with Ollie just to bug her. Libra said that April should do something for him (sexually) to make him hers. April said his parents would freak out and he's too shy. (Yeah, right ... if that wasn't sex they were having the other night, then those pigs are flying over Hoboken.)
  • The anti-Jerry sentiment is growing in the house. It was more anti-Libra before. But she seems to be in the midst of the anti-Jerry stuff all the time. Could she be manipulating them?
  • Jerry thinks that the men in America have treated women poorly -- too many single moms, etc.
  • Memphis went around Jerry-bashing.
  • Brian left Angie his hat. Memphis thinks she's wearing it just to annoy people.
  • Renny made a cake for those who can eat even though she can't.
  • Libra didn't want Ollie to eat any of the cake but April said he can eat whatever he wants.
  • Jerry, Angie, Steven, Memphis and Dan played Porno Password. @@
  • Lots of sex talk and no cool shows tonight.
  • All are asleep as I get this posted.


Anonymous said...

wow..I havent even been watching the after dark because they are boring me so far. But thanks Jackie for your hard work and keeping us up to date. I dont blame them for getting creeped out when Jerry talks about sex, it creeps me out just reading about it.

Patty said...

Jackie-You are so right about the house being rather boring. The majority of them are in heat.

Renny, Steven and Ollie got their groove on for a while. I was hoping they all would join in.

I chuckled when Steven gave Renny the so called lap dance.

Did Jessie and Michelle think they were being cute, hiding behind the pillows? I am sure they did not want to be outdone by April and Ollie. Nothing happened, they just talked...stupid.

Have a great day everyone!

MEB-Wishing you a better day today! We are all thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

did i miss something?..ollie and april had sex already?

Nana in the NW said...

I agree about Jerry--to listen to him talk about being able to give lessons in masturbation---ugh! Sex talk from a 75 yr. comes across as a dirty old man and, IMO, shows he's trying to "fit in" with the younger HG. Next thing we know he will be doing a Viagra info-mercial!

I think most of Jesse's alliance will turn on him when he's not HOH.

I've watched BBAD on the EC feeds a few times and the house is boring after they do their "shows". I also realized the reason we haven't seen any hottub scenes is that it is not working. The HG keep asking BB production to fix it--maybe prod. is not fixing it on purpose. It forces the HG to find other things to do!

Cool day here so I'm going to work in the garden.

My baby turned 32 did that happen and I haven't aged a day since she was born?? LOL

RBennie said...

Jerry talking about sex would creep me out also. It's like thinking about your parents having sex. You know, of course, that they've done it, but so don't want that visual in your head, LOL. My kids gag every time they see me kiss my husband!

RBennie said...

Jackie, how are you holding up in this heatwave we're having. I'm in Brooklyn and this weekend was a killer.

Jackie said...

RBennie - I stayed inside most of the weekend with my air conditioning on. I'll only have to worry about paying the bill! ;-)

Alas, I'm heading out in the heat now to go to physical therapy. Feh.

Patty said...

Okay, Stephen must be voted out. He has gone too far in trying to save himself with the ladies. What he tried with Renny is enough for me. If he thinks it is cool, funny or whatever, it's not, it is disgusting. Poor Renny.

Anonymous said...

I think Jerry is just trying to fit in with the other houseguests.

I think some of them fail to realize that they will all either be his age someday or works no other way.

I think they have to look at Jerry as a person first and forget his age. Sure it would be better for Jerry's safety in the house if he was more of a Father figure.
But I also sense there is age discrimination going on. And the sad thing is, none would recognize it as it is seldom talked about in society.

I guess they figure old people do not have sex. LOL!


Anonymous said...

Before Jerry even talked about Sex, the houseguests seemed not to like him. I think they have an issue with someone as old as him being in the house. I think some of those people in that house have lost respect for the older generation.

I hate when they talk about wanting Jerry out before sequester because they do not want him there.


joy n said...

I'm sure there is some age discrimination going on in the house, but making all kinds of sexual references isn't helping Jerry. Maybe he is trying to fit in with the younger crowd, but making them feel uncomfortable isn't going to do it and I doubt there's even one of them who wouldn't know all they need to know about masturbation. I'm 61 and talking about sex doesn't make me uneasy but there's a time and a place for everything. He is definitely coming across as a dirty old man.

joy n said...

That's the reason Libra wanted Brian out so badly. She saw that he was as strong a competitor as herself. She stays under the radar only slightly less than he did (which wasn't much) so I don't see her staying too far into the game.

ginnyjulie said...

I thought the scene with Jessie and Michelle behind the pillows was irritating as heck. I couldn't believe BB let it go on as long as it did.

I'll be glad when there are fewer people in the house. It's hard to keep up with all of them.

Would love to see Jessie in a "knowledge" challenge.

TerryinCA said...

okay Im offically creeped out...does Jerry think the cameras go to sleep or something?
For that matter...Ollie and April must be sure the cameras stop rolling!
I think the premise of different ages may sound good on paper, but Jerry looks his age..he doesnt fit
in and his talk is nasty

Caroline said...

I'm only making judgements based on what was on CBS and what I've read here...but generally speaking if I was in the house, I think I'd want Jerry out too. I'm in the age range of most of the houseguests and the sex talk from Jerry would definitely creep me out. You associate people you meet to people you know and at first glance he definitely reminded me of my grandpa, so it all resonates as creepy for me. I'd imagine the younger girls feel the same.

Plus it seems like maybe he has a short fuse. In show clips we've seen him snap at people a few times for not immediately understanding what he was talking about. That would get old real fast with me, being snapped at all the time. Strategy wise he doesn't seem to have picked up much from watching EVERY episode of BB and so far his alliance choices aren't working out well. His days may be numbered, whereas Rennie seems to be finding her niche and getting along well with everyone. The people who man the kitchen and feed everyone always seem to win a few points in the house in the first few weeks. Could be the tide is in her favor now.


CaliSurfer said...

sorry t hear about your knee, hope it feels better. I like your blog, it's so detailed! I agree with most of the people here that say your recaps are less boring than the show.. which I haven't watched lately.

Scott & Shannon said...

This is why they need a far more diverse crowd. I am getting tired of watching a bunch of "hot" looking young adults thinking that all of america is swooning over them. I would like to see them really go back to a "first season" type show with some of the more now additions to the game.

PlaidChick said...

Yep, I'm starting to get bored. The flexing by Jessie, PeePaw's sex talk, the talk of Renny is on medication, Ollie and April z-z-z-z

They're getting rid of the people who can play and scheme which I guess is good for them, but boring for us. All the pre-show talk of them being completely opposites of each other, creating drama, has fizzeled.

Petals said...

Jackie - I lived in NJ, pretty close to where they filmed ALOT of the Sopranos scenes. When I watch it now, it's sometimes like a trip back to NJ.

I agree with CJ, who said that Jerry is prolly just trying to "fit in" by talking so much sex.

My theory on the unusual BBAD hi-jinks is that the past coupla BBADs have been mind-numbingly boring. Aside from nudity, what else went on? Perhaps the 'ducers advised this new bunch that more viewers will tune in if there is something going on OUTSIDE the hot tub?

Me, I love this group. Dan is still my fave, next to Jerry. I like Michelle, too but I really don't know why. I just like her. hm

Anonymous said...

I am definitely sick of seeing Jesse's 18 inch biceps and his freakish body in general. I think his muscles got so big it kill off part of his brain.

MEB I hope you are feeling some better. I am sending good vibes and prayers.
I hope you will take it easy until you are 100% well.

I had to sign on as anonymous because I am not using my home computer and can't remember my password.

monty924 said...

Pigs are flying over Hoboken, LOL! Love it. :)

TerryinCA said...

plaidchick, when you said "peepaw's sex talk" I laughed out loud....Im just worried he's gonna pass out in one of thse contests....he may do situps but he looks los t a lot of the time...

meb said...

KLB here for MEB. Thank you all so much for your kind words and prayers. I copied and printed all comments and took it to her today. She was blessed. In the last two days they have found a second blockage in her colon so at 12noon Tuesday, they will be removing 85% of her colon. She is in good spirits and at peace with it and I know will feel 100% better when recovered. They anticipate anywhere from 3 to 7 days in the hospital. Boy will she have a lot of BB10 taped to watch and a ton of blog to read. Please continue to pray. God is our strength and peace. I will let you all know how she's doing tomorrow evening.

becky said...

KLB, will continue prayers for your Mom. Thank you for keeping us posted.

She can pass the time when she returns home by watching BB shows and reading the blog.

monty924 said...

Awww, the slip-n-side revival. I love it! These HGs know how to have fun.

KLB, tell your Mom to hang in there. We are all praying for her and God speed back to health. Hugs.

Auntie Leigh said...

Gosh I am so sorry to hear about MEB. How nice that her daughter is keeping her connected to the site!
I am loving the show this summer and especially all of your reporting, Jackie. It is true that even when the show drags or gets stupid or whatever, this blog site is still totally fun. And funny!! Pee-Paw! So, thanx again for watching the boring "feeds" so that we don't have to. And does anybody like Jesse? I think he is a punk kid with an awful lot to learn and we are going to get to watch him learn!!! Go houseguests! Get him! Soon.

jb said...

Those who wish Jerry out, IMO, are just like some in the house: Not play'n the game. You keep the weak players IN and the strong players OUT.

It's just common sense. I'd keep Jerry for a very long time.

Clementine said...

Get well soon, Meb! Saying a prayer for your speedy recovery.

Zoetawny: love this graphic! It really "pops"

sue said...

KLB, it will be a long day for all of you tomorrow, but know that we here at Jackie's will be thinking of you. Tell your mom that she is a favorite here, imo, because of her spirit. It shines through every post she makes. Whether reading about the jet ski weekends, or how she loves to spend time with her family, or hearing her thoughts on last season's hgs, I can tell she is someone who embraces life and all it has to offer. The next few weeks might be a challange for her but she will persevere and be back at Jackie's before long filling us all in on 'what she did on her summer vacation'.And we will mother hen her, just as we have been doing for Jackie post surgery. Tell her Sue at Jackie's said hello and that I will say a special prayer tomorrow at noon (eastern time)just for her. Thank you for keeping us informed and please let us hear again when you can.

Zoetawny said...

OMGosh! I didn't know "our meb" was having a serious health problem.


It's so good of you to post for Meb. Please forgive me for not reading anything about this sooner. You know we will all keep Meb in our prayers and thoughts for a full and successful recovery. Please give her a tender hug from me. We will miss her and will be here to cheer her on and welcome her back when she's ready.

joy n said...

KLB. please give your mom my best wishes for a quick and full recovery. I will continue to pray for her. Hopefully, when this is over, she will be able to breath normally again and go back to her very full life. We miss her comments. Tell her to keep thinking about that peaceful soaring plane in the clouds.

Donna in AL said...

MEB, we love you here and wish you a speedy recover. Special prayers are being said for you as you undergo your surgery. I sure do miss your comments and your stories about you and your family.

Laurie said...

KLB, thanks for the update on your mom. Please add my name to the long list of people who are praying for her with the firm knowledge that our prayers are heard and responded to. Give gentle hugs from us.

Patty said...

Meb-Good Luck tomorrow!!! Please know that many of us here are thinking of you and wishing you the best.

KLB-Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to let us know how things are going. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers also.

dla said...

meb, I wish you a successful surgery followed by a speedy recovery. You are definitely missed, but please feel our love from afar.

KLB, thank you so much for keeping us posted, and wrap your Mom with lots of love.

We are thinking of your entire family during this time.


Anonymous said...

Anybody else tired to watching Jessie eat? He's going to be flexing some fat soon.

Sydney said...

what is with Jerry? Does he think this is the way to show he's "young" and "hip" so the kids will think he's one of them?

I read of Hamsters that he said something to Keesha like "I picture you masturbating" ! WTF?

I wonder if he was not wearing his military stuff when he did that.