Thursday, July 17, 2008

Big Brother 10: Live Feeds Since Live Eviction

I'm the HOH. No. Really. I am.

I'll be quiet. I'll be the maid and cook.

Meanwhile, down on the farm.

I couldn't help but having fun with some of the screen caps I took last night. Here's the latest from that Big Brother House of Pinhead Rules:
  • Jerry wants Steven to go on the block.
  • Jessie thinks Steven is a smarter player than Dan.
  • Angie said she wants to go home and back to her life.
  • April is still at odds with Keesha. She told Ollie that Keesha is a flipflopper.
  • Ollie told Dan he should put up Angie and Dan, then backdoor Steven.
  • Jessie is still fussing about Renny calling him immature. @@ How immature of him!
  • Jessie believes it will be a calm week with everyone working out and tanning.
  • Dan helped Renny make a cake.
  • Jessie said everyone wants Angie up but he has no personal reason to put her on the block.
  • HOH room fun. @@
  • Then they started a game in which they each had to say something nice about each other. Cumbaya and all that, y'know. It was Keesha's idea.
  • Libra is suspicious because Keesha is hanging out with Angie now.
  • Michelle and Jessie have become quite the alliance. I think Michelle might end up ruling Jessie's HOH. Jessie can win the comps and she can tell him what to do.
  • Jessie thinks that Jerry would be loyal to them if they brought him into the alliance.
  • Jessie isn't sure who to bring into the alliance. Maybe he should have Michelle decide?
  • Jessie wants Angie to come talk to him about nominations this week. So far she hasn't.
  • He's bothered that Steven hasn't come to him either.
  • Angie thinks that every time she talks to Jessie, she just gets a blank stare. Heh.
  • Angie finally went and talked to him. He told her he wants Steven out this week.
  • Jessie told Angie they'd keep her in their alliance. She's not sure what their motives would be to do so.
  • Jessie wants her to prove her loyalty to them. Jessie said that she'd be safe the next three weeks if she is loyal to them now.
  • The plan is to put Dan and Steven up for eviction.
  • Libra told Jessie she won't flipflop.
  • Supposedly Jessie is acting like he wants Renny gone.
  • They're all asleep as I post this.


delee said...

Thank you for the overnight report, Jackie.

How wonderful to wake up and read what the house did while we slept WITHOUT reading about who did who and various forms of debachery (sp). This group may seem a little dull but compared to BB9, I think we will take it!

Delee said...

Nominees for 60th Emmy Reality Shows:

Top Chef

AR is up against same shows it has been up against since this became a category and has won every year!

This year they have added a reality host category. Jeff Proust and Tom Bergeron and can not find out who else.

John Adams received 23 nominations..

meb said...

delee... By watching Sho 2, I have to admit this group does actually come up with some games to play instead of just sitting around doing nothing, and which can keep your interest. I found myself playing along with them on one of them and actually laughed out loud when either they or I messed up.

Keesha may actually get herself in trouble if she doesn't steer clear of Angie. She tells Libra that she's not stupid, but then she acts like she is. I do think April over-reacted in the "fight" they had, watching it all go down on Sho 2, but Keesha is a grudge holder. They both should just let it go, it was a mis-understanding. Sho 2 made it appear they were the best of friends and then "boom" fierce enemies????

Libra really does appear to have it all together. I also thought, except for Renny going on/and/on about Jessie, that the answers people gave to Julie's questions were intelligent. Libra was put on the spot about leaving her family to go on BB10, and yet she answered it very well without giving an excuse to the public stating her family supported her in this decision. I liked that response! Of course she had made a comment somewhere that the reason was because they really needed the money. Don't we all! Go Libra!

Well, I'll be pleasantly surprised if Jessie doesn't put Renny and Jerry up. I'm liking Renny a lot better after watching her on Sho 2. She's right when she told Julie she had toned down a little. Jessie needs to get over his grudge too.

Have I written a book? I'll stop for now and chat later.

RBennie said...

Good morning all. Thanks for the update Jackie. My question is this, how can Jessie possibly promise Angie 3 safe weeks? She surely is not dim enough to buy that one! I think any Jessie alliance is doomed. If Angie wants to go home after only a week or so, I say grant her wish and boot her butt out of there. I'm impressed with what I've seen of Libra so far. She seems to be the peacekeeper of the bunch and even when Her and Steven got into it they seemed to squash it pretty quickly and not let it fester. Now if she knew about some of his comments, that conflict could heat up again.

delee said...

The 3 safe weeks confuses me too, the only thing I can think of is it might mean they would not vote for them if they get on the block. Considering no one knows WHO will be HOH, so what does it really mean?

Anonymous said...

Wow the Jokers members, most of them, really hate Libra.

I do not understand why.

But they say vile things about her.


joy n said...

It's hard to keep up with these people. Thanks so much for keeping those of us without the feeds or SHO2 up-to-date.

Delee, the other reality host noms are Ryan Seacrest, Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum. I'm totally surprised that Phil Keoghan is not on the list. I would love to see Jeff Probst win it.

Awake in Theory said...

Libra may be intelligent and a good player, but I don't like the people she has surrounded herself with. Bleh on April/Ollie.

I like Angie and hope she stays. I think she's just bummed b/c one of the few people she liked in the house is gone and now she has a target by association.

Also Jessie talking to her like "We decided to save you and we made the decision to keep you around" makes me vomit, but I guess Angie just has to swallow it and be grateful that she won't be on the block

Caroline said...

After Jessie won HOH I was thinking it would be a poor move to put Rennie up, especially if she's quieted down now. I was already thinking Steven & Angie would be good picks since although they didn't vote to save Brian, they obviously didn't agree with the group decision. Glad to hear/read these people are using some strategy.

As far as the Keesha/April fight, I only know what they showed on CBS last night. It appeared that April and the boys were talking about Angie flipping and trying to take Keesha with her, it didn't really seem like they were bashing Keesha. But from reading stuff you guys wrote it seems like they have a bunch of issues (all petty) between them.

Should be interesting to see how alliances form over this next week or if they'll all just unite to boot Steven.

Btw, I noticed another poster named Caroline so to keep things clear I'll sign my posts with an "NJ" to keep it clear. But I have a question for her...Caroline, do you pronounce your name Caro-Line or Caro-Lynn? Mine is Caro-Lynn and I constantly have people messing it up. Just curious.


joy n said...

I have to say that Jerry is getting on my nerves a bit. If he mentions one more time that he's not wearing his military garb, I'm going to barf. It's getting old. He sure seems to "cave" easily to these younger HG's, too.

I also like Angie and hope she can stick around for awhile.

And what a difference from BB9. Ollie and April share their first kiss after SIX whole days in the house. How refreshing.

Mom 2 My Bees said...

Can you believe, Jackie, that you've had over 1.5 million hits on this blog? That is crazy!

I think my myspace page has had about 3,000 hits in several years, lol!!!!

ORKMommy said...

Does anyone else think Brian looks like Rob Lowe? Every time I look at him I get the willies!

Look at this picture of Rob, then look at this picture of Brian.

I'm just sayin'!

Donna in AL said...

They do favor somewhat but Rob Lowe is much more handsome.

Anonymous said...

Food comp was held, seems Jerry-Rennie-Keisha-Memphis-Libra and April are on slop.

Libra is very upset as she had 2 old people on her team and if complaining to everyone! Libra just went down in my book.

monty924 said...

It seems Libra is going down in a lot of folks' book. One of my favs may just turn into a nerd (aka nerd herd). I haven't got a chance to catch up on the doings in the house yet, so I will make my mind up later.

Now on an off topic note... I had a sad afternoon. I've been feeding my mom's cats and changing their water while she is visiting with my sister. I've written about them before. They're basically ferrel but she's always taken care of their needs. When I went to her house after work, on my usual trip daily to put out more food and water, one of the little kittens had died. Somewhere between last night when I was there and this afternoon.

I haven't done it since I was more than a child (12 or so), but I took her and buried her in the pet cemetary in the back yard. So needless to say, I'm in a sad mood tonight. She was a cute little kitten and was actually friendly, well more so than the other ones. She would actually let you get close enough to pet her.

The life of an outdoor cat isn't easy and this little one must have succummed to something. There was no sign that she had been hurt. Anyway, just wanted to share my feelings with all the cat lovers on here.

It makes me want to see Roofus again, even more now! ~Monty

Zoetawny said...


Loved those captions!

Is being HOH making Jessie more full of himself? I would think so.

I'm still not clear on who's aligned with whom?

Libra is very self-assured and a strong player. I hope she aligns herself with the "right" people.

Keesha sounds like she does have an "I'm not stupid" complex. She needs to stop saying that after every situation. I don't think she and April will completely let go of their differences.

Ollie Ollie, Ollie don't let your attraction to April derail your game play. April will use Ollie for her own gains but Ollie seems to be protective of her.

I was liking Angie but not sure what I think after she campaigned for votes for Brian and then voted to evict him.


Jerry needs to stop with the "military" repetition. But, I do think he feels deep guilt for going against his promise to Brian.
Being such a huge BB fan, he didn't think that he could get through the entire game without ever going back on his word, did he? His keeping his word might ultimately be his demise.

Michelle doesn't seem like a strong player at first glance but I think she is going to prove to be a good manipulator.

I wish there weren't so many days before the next show. Everything changes so quickly in the house.

Thanks, Jackie, for all the updates so I don't get lost in all the BB slop.


Jackie said...

Monty - My condolences, it's very sad. But you're right, the life of an outdoor cat can be rough.

I was actually at the train station this morning -- no Roofus in sight. I'm not all that worried. Roofus sightings are hit and miss.

Jackie said...

Mom 2 my bees - A lot of those racked up when AOL kept featuring it. But now that I write for TV Squad (owned by AOL), it's not featured. It does a steady crowd even though I haven't done my best at getting it linked everywhere. In a way, I like the traffic and community as it is. When I'm swamped, the commenting community gets hit. So right now, it's all good!

dla said...

(((Monty))), I feel for you!! ;(

Just know that the little kitty is up in "Kitty Heaven" running like the wind with all of our lost loves, and she is in good company.

Hang in there. I know it is tough.

delee said...

Monty, so sorry to hear about the tiny kitty. I agree about Roofus, hope Jackie sees him soon.

Nana in the NW said...

I've wondered about Jerry, too. He says he hasn't missed an episode and, yet, he does/says things that seem like he's never seen the show!! Maybe he's having a "senior moment". LOL

So, April and Keesha had a cat fight....I was wondering how long it would take for the blondes to turn on each other.

I don't have any favs. yet as I am still trying to figure out who's who and what they are all about. Most of the daily chit-chat and scheming is everyone "posturing".

I must say the more I see Ollie the cuter he is....and his body is hot! I would take him over Memphis and Jessie any day....OK maybe not REALLY take him...I don't want to have a heart attack!! LOL

Monty-sorry read about your Mom's kitten. It seems like no matter who's pet it always sad when one dies that you've become attached to.

TerryinCA said...

Monty so sorry about the kitten...losing a kitten or pup is very hard...Hope your Mom takes it ok.

Patty said...

Orkmommy-I think Brian has some features of David Cassidy from the Partiage Family...eyes or smile or something.