Thursday, July 24, 2008

Big Brother 10: Live Feeds Since the Live Eviction

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Zoetawny made a neato graphic in honor of Steven's unanimous eviction! So, how will things change with Keesha ruling the roost? Here's the latest from that Big Brother House of Hooters Rule:

  • Libra and April seem to have forgotten any differences in the past and are happy with the Keesha win.
  • April is upset with how the show is portraying her. She thinks Ollie is being portrayed fine because he's a preacher's son and she's being edited to be a loose woman. (Then don't have sex on the feeds. You're lucky the show didn't air that, April!)
  • Jerry is upset with Libra's answer to Julie's question about the old people on teams. He should be upset -- she just reiterated her position and isn't acknowledging that April was the weakest link in that comp.
  • The HG think Julie asks questions to stir the pot.
  • April said she had to force herself not to throw up after eating so America wouldn't think she's bulemic. (Hmm ... is she?)
  • Keesha told Libra she's definitely going to put Angie on the block, she just isn't sure of the second nomination. They think Angie is manipulating the men.
  • When Jerry told Michelle she walks like a duck, she insisted she tries to walk like a model. @@
  • In her HOH reveal, no one stayed away. Renny stayed after everyone else consoling Keesh who cried over her letter from home.
  • Amongst other things, Keesha got a photograph of her new nephew who was born after she left for the show. Hair color, family photographs ... but no photographs of her boyfriend. Hmmm.
  • In a Renny/Keesha talk, Renny told Keesha she shouldn't worry about going back on her word because Libra has been backstabbing her. Keesha told Renny she had an original agreement with Libra.
  • Renny told Keesha she's fine with someone like her (Keesha) winning, but not Libra.
  • April wants Keesha to put up Memphis and Angie.
  • Keesha won't put Jerry on the block -- she promised him.
  • Keesha told Memphis she's putting Angie on the block. He's not a happy camper.
  • Memphis told Jessie and Michelle that Keesha wants Angie to go this week.
  • Keesha and Libra had a heart to heart talk. Ain't that sweet?
  • Then Libra and Dan had a heart to heart talk. Can't you feel the love?
  • BB gave them alcohol. Everyone but Jerry and Angie hung out in the HOH room drinking.
  • After everyone left HOH, Dan remained behind. He told Keesha he has no one in the house and generally worked for a reprieve from nomination this week.
  • Keesha is still determined to put Angie up, still uncertain of the other nominee, and wants to trust Dan. She's not thrilled with April, but I don't think she's seriously considering putting her on the block.
  • All are asleep as I post this.


Sydney said...

Morning everybody - :-)

Sydney said...

I really like Keesha and think she has a head on her shoulders, and that's why she reminds me more of Janie than Dani. But I think Angie is one of the sharpest in the house and it's a drag she will go so quickly. This is how we end up with the undeserving at the end. People want to pick off the good ones,thinking (as they've been saying about Renny) the others are no threat and can always be gotten later... thus putting targets on their OWN backs so THEY also go. All that's left are weaklings in varying departments and we all end up mad that that's the payoff after months of watching.

Right now though, I'd not be unhappy with Renny in the end, and I'm glad Jerry is also there (regardless of his comments),just to keep some balance in the house.

RBennie said...

Good morning all. It's raining buckets here in NYC this morning!

I still really don't have any clear cut favorites in the house. It will be interesting to see how Keesha handles HOH this week. She wanted Libra to go instead of Steven, so this is her chance to "put up or shut up". I would like to see Jessie go this week.

lynn1 said...

I am not surprised tha Keesha is considering putting Angie up for eviction. I thought both Libra and Keesha said they "hated" Angie.

I hope she will consider putting Jessie up as well. I wouldn't mind seeing Michelle on the block either. I would enjoy seeing the pinhead alliance broken up a bit.

I really don't think now is the the time for Keesha to put Libra up. I wouldn't care if Libra left but I think it would be a bad for Keesha this week.

Jackie, I hope you are feeling improvement from a day or 2 ago. I know it must be painful for you to have to sit in one position to keep us up to date and to write your reports for TV Squad. I for one appreciate all you do. I am often amazed at how much you do when you are still recouperating from you surgery.

(((MEB))) hope you are still in good spirits. I think of you every day and pray that you will have a speedy recovery. You have my best wishes and prayers.

Donna in AL I think your son looks like Suede, a designer, on this season's Project Runway. I think your son may be considerably younger though.

ORKMommy said...

Oh please please please put up Angie & Michelle! By doing that she'll pit the twosomes against each other and that will be fun to watch. Memphis will campaign for Angie & Jessie will campaign for Michelle and they'll end up hating each other!

Sydney: I'm just curious as to why you think Angie is so sharp. Do you have the feeds? I realized last night that they haven't shown a whole lot of Angie on the show so I don't know anything about her...

RBennie said...

Sounds like a plan to me ORKmommy. I wonder if Keesha will come up with that idea. Putting Memphis up against Jessie would work too, but one of them would almost assuredly win POV and take themself off.

ORKMommy said...

I didn't event think of the POV. If Jessie or Memphis get to play for it they'll be setting themselves up for more fighting if they decided to use it on one girl over the other! I hope Keesha is as smart as I think she can be!

Anonymous said...

Keesha is gonna be royally skrewed after this week. Memphis is guaranteed an HOH next week and if she puts him up, he'll probably win the veto. He and Jessie are the best at comps for the men. Her own alliance deosn't even like her (Libra, April, and Ollie, could easily convince the rest of the house to target Keesha instead of themselves when the other side gets in favor.)
She should target Jessie since we all dislike him.

Thanks for the update Jackie.

RBennie said...

How is Memphis guaranteed HOH next week? What did I miss?

Patty said...

Orkmommy-I did not think of having those two go up and cause a stir in the house from the guy. Good thinking!

I like Angie. She is so in control of herself. I think that is what I like about her. If it does not pertain to her, she lets whoever handle it. I do think she is very aware of her surroundings and maybe it is her plan to let the rest bash each other and see each for who they really may be.

Michelle makes it her business. She will take a role in whatever it may be, asked to or not, IMO.

Renny is a beautiful woman. At first I could not tolerate her vocals, but she has indeed backed way off. I like how Renny is handling herself for the most part. I thought she was calming for Keesha when they talked one on one in the HOH room. Renny was a great listener.

IMO, last night Keesha talked way too much about things with everyone. I wish she would have just kicked everyone out and enjoyed some "alone" time. I felt she showed her hand to the HGS and they know her whole game plan now. The others will work that to their advantage. I think it will come back to bite her very shortly.

(((Meb)))I hope today is going well for you and you are feeling much better everyday.

Well, off to the doctor. I think I blew out my knee playing Adult kickball. I'm thinking I did something with tendons and ligaments. The knee does not look good at this time. So much for spending about one hour doing my stretching before the game, it did nothing for me. I forget I am not seven anymore and parts of me do not work as good as they once did.

Have a great day everyone!

Donna in AL said...

Lynn1, I haven't ever watched Project Runway so I don't know who he is. My son is 24 though and his mohawk is white now. I don't have a good picture of it yet.

I agree with Sydney, they get rid of the ones that may have game play at the beginning and we are left with people like Booger in the end! I would want her to put Michelle and someone else up and backdoor Jesse.

Donna in AL said...

Hope you are better today!

Thanks Jackie, you are the greatest. Hope you too are feeling better today.
Great graphic, Zoetawny.

ORKMommy said... is Memphis guaranteed HOH next week? There are no guarantees in this game!

(((MEB))) Thinking good thoughts for you! Get back soon!

Caroline said...

Well, I'm not a Keesha fan so I definitely would have preferred someone else to win HOH.

But...Keesha was the leading proponent of backdooring Libra. Now she's kissing her butt all over the house. Does anyone think she'll actually have the guts to put Libra on the block? Cause I find it incredibly weak if she doesn't. She'll be just another one who wants everyone else to take risks and do dirty work, but doesn't have the guts to make a big play when the power is in her hands. Libra, April & Ollie are useless...Keesha would have be better to team up with Jerry & Renny than them. She'll earn some points in my book if she has the guts to put up Libra or backdoor her.

I'd really like to see Angie start playing this game and maybe if Keesha nominates her it'll get that fire lit. At this point I might be rooting for Angie & Memphis since they both seem to have brains and neither have been overly obnoxious or offensive.

Caroline said...

Ooh and on a totally random sidenote...I also live in NJ so we got hit by those same thunderstorms Jackie & Rbennie referred to. Came into work this morning to find out that lightning struck our building last night. It completely took out our phone system (that's a plus in my book), but it also fried our smoke detectors, numerous computers and most importantly it killed some switch on our server KNOCKING OUT OUR INTERNET!!! I never realized how much work sucks when you don't even have the option of goofing off. It was torture. They finally got the Internet back up around 2pm. I couldn't wait to get on here and read everyone's comments about last night's eviction & HOH. LOL, completely lost with technology.

RBennie said...

LOL Caroline, that's so true. You don't realize how much you depend on the internet until you can't get on it! They should have just let you go home.

Caroline said...

I truly wish they had let us go home. But I work at Boro Hall in my town, so we had damage control to deal with. In addition to all the storm damage we had a Hazmat spill at one of the factories in town at 9am. So it was like a zoo. While all the emergency personnel were dealing with that, all us administrative personnel were using our cells to call in repairmen for all the various damage we had. It's been an exhausting day.

ORKMommy said...

Caroline - I don't think that putting Libra up this week is in Keesha's best interest. She would show her hand way too early and be left out to dry. She needs to target the Jessie/Memphis/Angie/Michelle alliance which I think she's planning on doing.

By nominating Libra she'll loose her April/Libra/Ollie alliance which is at least 4 strong and they could easily pull Jerry & Renny in. Once they get rid of the others, she can team up with Jerry & Renny and have a 3 on 3 fight to the finish.

Caroline said...

Oh, I definitely agree that it's not in Keesha's best interest. But Keesha didn't care what was in Michelle's best interest when she wanted her to use the veto and for them to backdoor Libra. That's really my only point on the's completely different when you want someone else (Michelle) to stick their neck out & take a risk to get rid of someone you (Keesha) don't like, but then they (Keesha) don't have the guts to do it themselves. Sorry for not making that clear in my first post.

flipflopsinthewinter said...

I have kind of an "old" question. A couple nights ago on BBAD, Steven mentioned to Angie of having "sinus problems" and hoped that someone brings him some "medicine" when he gets out of the house.

Did anyone else catch this? I'm pretty sure he was dropping hints of a need for some cocaine. But the conversation was a little odd. Thoughts?

Sydney said...


I have not been as involved this season, and have only been watching the show, am always a little behind on Jackie's blog, and occasionally check hamsters. I just don't want to get started living on Jokers and You Tube etc... But she does not exhibit any crazy behavior, which already scores big points with me re: BB in general. She doesn't seem to be running around creating drama, trying to get everyone to like her, or be in others business, and yet she is not exactly floating.

Also, Angie seems closest to Memphis in the house, and he has his head screwed on. And she was a lot of fun during the puppet show, to name a few. I just think she's sane and would like to see what happens when the house dwindles down and some sane folks are left to blossom into strategy when it really counts toward the end.

Sydney said...

patty -- hope your knee is something that can heal from some rest and ice! But kudos to you for getting out for kickball though!

LOL Caroline about no internet and work dragging on. Sounds hellish. The only thing that makes me not miss the internet at all is when I'm in nature /around animals. Hmm.

It's been pouring here off and on for 24 hours... the outer edges of Hurricane Dolly.


Nana, how is the foot by now? Did you try the stretches I wrote about? If so, did they do any good? :-)

ORKMommy said...

The object of the game is to be the last one standing. It's not to think about what's in the best interest of people who are against you. I think that if Keesha does put Angie up against one of her alliance members it will be a huge power play BUT she can still keep her current alliance happy.

She's not having anyone else do her dirty work if she plays it that way. She's just not biting the hand that is currently feeding her...which is smart game play in my opinion.

Tina said...

Wow...the 'Allie' sex tapes are all over Youtube...It's disgusting... I wonder why CBS has reveal their sexcapades to America...Are they trying to protect Ollie's rep...when the first BB couple to have sex did..that was all they talked about.

Tina said...

Typo from above: *has NOT revealed...

dla said...

I have not yet read through all the comments, but I would like to see Keesha put Jessie & Michelle on the block...

Wouldn't that be GREAT??? :)

Clementine said...

“The HG think Julie asks questions to stir the pot.”

Oh, I gotta give that one the double eye-roll @@@@! Gee, hamsters, do ya think??

“April said she had to force herself not to throw up after eating so America wouldn't think she's bulimic.”

This is pure speculation, but I did have that thought the first time I saw her. I knew several girls with eating disorders, and just the drawn skin on her face and the thin, wispy hair looked similar to me. Hope for her sake it’s not true. Was she talking about eating slop?

Sending healing thoughts to Meb (and Jackie, too!)

dla said...

Sydney, I totally agree with you on all counts.

Tina, it would seem that both Ollie and April have never seen BBAD, watched the feeds, or any videos on youtube, etc. Is it even possible that they can be so obtuse to believe that the entire world is unaware of their sexcapades??

(((meb))) We miss you!!

Petals said...


Syd, I just don't like Keesha as much as you do... She just hasn't grown on me.
Patti, I agree with you about Renny.

I like Angie, Jerry, Magenta & Dan. An odd quartet, yes. Dunno why.
Love to all.

Zoetawny said...

First, a shout out to Meb, we're all praying for you and wishing you a speedy and complete recovery.


It's good to see you're online and safe from the hurricane. I'm not sure if Houston is out of the path of the storm. I need a map. LOL I like Angie,too, for the same reasons as you and am disappointed that Angie will probably be nominated. What exactly does Keesha have against Angie? I'm surprised that Keesha isn't planning on nominating April and possibly Libra. I'd like to see the "pinhead" and Michelle go on the block together. I'll have to read more to understand Keesha's strategy.

Jackie, RBennie, Caroline...

Are you getting thunderstorms over there now, too? I thought the storms were just in the Gulf. Caroline, did you loose power at home as well as work? I hope the worst is over for all of you. Stay safe!

I don't know what to say about April and Ollie...really S-T-U-P-I-D. I thought the hamsters this season have actually watched BB.
Would April and/or Ollie play the game differently if their other half was no longer in the house? I just can't find any qualities in April that I like.

Thanks, Jackie, for all the juicy details. Feel better!

Caroline said...

Our storms started around 4pm yesterday and went through most of the night. There were actually tornado warnings in some surrounding areas, but I didn't hear any reports of anything actually happening. I, luckily, didn't lose power at home at all yesterday which made it all very surprising when I got to work this morning. But the storms have all cleared now and the sun has actually been out since around 2pm by it appears it was just one set of heavy thunderstorms passing through.