Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Julie Chen and BB10 Guests on Craig Ferguson

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the BB10 guests are to be on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson in a few minutes. I don't have a way to get it to YouTube, but I'll look in a bit to see if someone else posts the segment.

He introduced the segment by showing the HG crawl through the honey for that comp. Small talk, small talk as Craig sucks up to her. Julie explains how they went back to the original concept of strangers in the house. Onto the Brian eviction. She tells Craig he played too fast, too soon, too hard. Then it's to Jerry being the oldest houseguest ever, possibly on any reality show. Craig said he was distracted by the booby girl. So Julie told him of the "they're not fake" bit.

Into the house --
They're in the living room, all dressed up. Julie tells them they're guests on the show. Cheers, applause. BWAHAHA! Craig asks if there's any honey left. Jessie had to pipe up and brag he won. "Shut up, dude. I'm looking for the booby girl!"

April is talking about how she always has to prove her boobs are real. Craig snickers. He moves on to Jerry. He gets Jerry to reveal that he's never felt a false breast. Jerry volunteers to go around the room.

Everybody getting along? Jessie shouts no. Julie tells Craig that Jessie's the "boss of the house." He says people are talking about each other. But he says no one is talking about me, of course. "I'm the HOH." Craig replies, "Sounds like ho to me." Everyone cracks up. Now Julie told Jessie to take off his shirt. @@

Segment over.


Anonymous said...

yeow, i will never be able to work tomorrow and watch that show.
**anon is first. LOL

Anonymous said...

omg, I can't believe Julie asked pinhead to take off his shirt!!! He will be unbearable to deal with now. Bad Julie...go right to the diary room and explain that!

Patty said...

I loved Jessie getting cutoff right away.

Was April proud of herself or what when asked about her breast. She seemed pretty pumped about being told she was on the cover of Time Magazine.

Jerry was seemed to be enjoying himself.

Jessie probably thinks now everyone wants him to be "Hulk 3" now that they mentioned it.

Thanks for the reminder Jackie.

Anonymous said...

The more I see of Jessie, the more I dislike him!
Still waiting for Craig to come on here - it is delayed while they show other stuff, like "Friends" reruns. Switching the tv back & forth to the Weather Channel all evening as we keep an eye on the hurricane in the Gulf. We are hoping to get some rain here, as we are in a severe drought, but praying that everyone on the coast is safe.


pepsip said...

Loved how Craig kept shutting down Jessie. Jessie looked so perplexed that someone didn't want to listen to him.( priceless) Unfortunately , we will probably have to listen to him vent how Craig disrespected him. After all he is the Ho - oops I mean HOH

Anonymous said...

Just getting caught up on all the posts. My thoughts and prayers are with MEB. Thanks, Sydney & KLB, for keeping us informed.


Anonymous said...

wow that sounds odd! thanks for the update

should i go to sleep now, and wake up in 4 hours to do my work or work now and then sleep, stupid stupid college!!!

Good night all
(I'm going with snooze in a half hour)

debbie said...

BB last night was hilarious!! Rennie is starting to grow on me, sad but true!!

sharon said...

Sending prayers and healing thoughts to MEB and sending her family strength and that she will be out of that hospital as soon as possible.Thanks,Syd,for keeping in touch.

I hope Libra finds it great that she was branded a liar on national TV and we all saw her,in living color,say exactly what she denied.Good for Renny to go after her after good ole Jer stirred it up and then stormed out. I've lost a lot of respect for Jerry and since he's a real non-player,won't be sad to see him go.Being in the military gives you the right to be a dirty old man?

Michelle is a female Booger,a leech,a hanger-on,a rat,a stoolie. I hate players that run and squeal every doing in the house to the powers that be. Go home,Michelle. I also don't trust women who say that men are their only and bestest friends. I liked that as she gave Pinhead his pedicure,she said she'd like it if somebody did it for her.......whoosh,right over PH's tiny,little head......LOL!!

Sydney said...


MEB's daughter wrote to several of her mom's friends last night and asked me to post it for all here since it had been a long day. She will get up and go right back to the hospital today.

"Well, she went in about 1pm but the doctor actually started around 2:30pm. The OR nurse kept calling me while I was in the chapel to fill me in. 5:30 they had removed colon and started putting her back together. 7:30 the doctor came in and said all went well and she was in recovery. We went back to see her in recovery about 930 and she returned to her room around 1015. It's been a long day but Jesus was there the whole time...what an awesome God we serve. She said many funny things while coming out of anesthesia. We wrote them share with her later...something about writing a blog to the president. Asked her which one, thought it may be prophetic. LOL She can't wait for a drink, dry mouth and best of all...not a lot of pain. She even said, "wow, this is not as bad as I thought it would be." This all happened so fast but God just revealed it, removed it and took care of it! It's so awesome to know you don't have to do these things alone. Where would we be without Him? And where would we be without all of you? Thanks so much for your is blessed to have so many wonderful friends and family who love her. Going to bed....KLM"

Again,if anyone wants to send her a card this morning, it will probably still make it to her before she leaves, especially if you are on the east coast area. If you want the address, pls e-mail me at

Thank you very much Jackie for allowing the space for all of this.

lynn1 said...

MEB hoping that your surgery went well and you will be able to join in the fun with us soon. You are definitely missed. Prayers and love are headed your way.

I can understand Michelle not wanting to use the Veto but I don't understand the logic she used to defend her position of not using it.
She could have said that Dan and Steve are strong players and she simply would not change the nominations.
I can't figure how she would hurt herself if she took Steven or Dan off the block. Probably the only person who would be upset would be Libra and if the plan was to backdoor her I can't see how it would be a problem for Michelle.
I strongly dislike Jesse. I hope he goes soon.
Julie Chen asking Jesses to remove his shirt was a mistake. Jesse will now believe that Julie Chen is Hot for him. I say give him a power shake and send him back to the gym!
I really hope one of the outsiders gets HOH this week and sends Jesse or Libra packing.
I wouldn't be surpised if Libra wins HOH and puts Renny and Jerry up. That would be my worse case scenerio so that will probably be what happens! LOL

Anonymous said...

I feel bad that Jerry is being labeled a Dirty Old Man simply because of his age. Just because the others are in their twenties they can do or say whatever they desire and it is acceptable. But once someone becomes "elderly" I guess most people would prefer that they shut up and act as if there is no life left in them. Perhaps BB should build a mock front porch with a rocker on it and Jerry can spend his days there. It is a sad commentary on all of us. And just so everyone knows, I am only in my forties.

sharon said...

Jumping into other's beds,unwanted and unasked and feeling up women young enough to be his granddaughters,well that would be offensive,IMO,at any age,but,come on,he is old enough to know better and what about his family seeing this? Unless he's like this at home,God forbid! I thought he'd be the voice of reason,take a fatherly role,not turn into a 20 something wannabe! I'm sorry,I still find that offensive and on this blog,I am entitled to my opinion!Sign your name if you are going to question other's opinions!

Anonymous said...

WHO started calling Jerry a dirty old man? Have I missed something. I don't recall anything that would define him as a dirty old man.
Patty Q

Anonymous said...

Another question: Does the current HOH really spell his name Jessie? I thought that was the spelling if you gave your baby girl that name. Otherwise the baby boy spelling is Jesse.
Patty Q

dla said...

Patty Q, I just checked the BB website on, and they spell his name "Jessie", although I feel like I am spelling it wrong every time I type it that way! lol

Sydney, thank you again for the meb update. I am so not surprised that she maintained her sense of humor throughout. :)

PlaidChick said...

OMG Jessie looking like a total jackass on a talk show was PRICELESS!!!

He just thought he was hot to trot, looking like he was itching to get something in word wise, whatever he said like he had won everything or he was the best, and the Craig shot him down-- awesome.

That was probably one of the best things BB has done in a long time..

Sydney said...

agree totally Plaidchick!

PlaidChick said...

OK if there was any doubt about Ollie and April's one night stand, there now has been a second one..

WHICH IS WAY WORSE that the first time..

Get rid of them, I can't believe he's not using protection and two they are so clueless to think us feedsters can see it all even in the green light...

The thought has crossed my mind that they're acting under those sheets, but I think not now..


Anonymous said...

Get off Jerry's back, I think you prudes are just jelous that he wouldn't want to feel your boobs!

Purrbal said...

Thinking of MEB and her family. Hoping she'll have a speedy recovery.