Thursday, August 07, 2008

BB10 Houseguests on Late Late Show Last Night

Here's the video of the latest Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson appearance -


Anonymous said...

I'm first. Yay.

I'm so disappointed that Craig didn't out April and Ollie. I think it would be classic to watch their faces when they discover that the whole world can see them doing the nasty and it's pretty much there forever.

By the by, I went to see Batman. Awesome movie.


Patty said...

I was hoping they would question the A&O showmance. It would not have botherd me to see it come to an end. As if that is the only reason we watch BB.

I still cannot get over that some feel the EQ was not real. Boy, will they feel stupid when they find out.

Libra loved the attention she received. She was like a girl on the first date.

Michelle did well stirring a few chuckles.

I glad Memphis could bring up the car bit, so it made April seem a bit greedy to America.

Hopefully Craig will not be seeing Jessie next week.

Is it me...does anyone think Julie focuses on or is amused at some of the dumbest happenings in the house when she is on Craig?

Have a good day everyone!

sandaroo said...

I can't believe they didn't mention A&O late night happenings!! Would have loved to seen their reactions. I agree Libra looked like a shy little school girl. Such a far cry from the real Libra.

RBennie said...

Good morning all. Thanks for the clip Jackie. CF is really a hoot. Did anyone else think it was tacky for Julie to talk about Libra's black twin/white twin? It would have sufficed to just say that she gave birth to twins 5 months ago.

Can anyone tell me how I can watch the show online tonight instead of staying up till 2a.m.? I'll never make it, LOL.

becky said...

I am another one who wishes that A/O had been outted. Perhaps Craig is waiting until next week to see if those two are nominated (if Memphis stays and any of his alliance gets HOH) they will go up. Can you imagine their faces if Craig brings up that Ollie's father is a minister and then asks him who will he sleep with when one of them is gone? And then asks April if it is true she is late.

BTW I loved the April is the type who was born on birth control jab.

Laurie said...

Thanks for posting this, Jackie. CF is so quick and funny.

I thought I read last night that there was tension in the house after that appearance. I didn't see anything that would cause tension but what do I know. In that group they could get offended or disrespected by anything.

I wish he would have outed A/O. Talk about a priceless moment in TV! Oh well, maybe next week.

Patty said...

rbennie-I agree it was tacky of Julie to go as far as she did with the twin deal. That is what I am talking about when I asked if anyone else finds Julie's line of interest a bit off. She seems stuck on Jessie for whatever reason.

I would like to see Renny have some fun next time with Craig. I hope she gets HOH this week.

meb said...


JAMES (age 4) was listening to a Bible story. His dad read: 'The man named Lot was warned to take his wife and flee out of the city but his wife looked back and was turned to salt.' Concerned, James asked: 'What happened to the flea?'

I too am disppointed they didn't out April and Ollie. My gosh, what would have been better TV? Craig missed it this time. And I agree, who needs a shomance in the first place. We got enough of that porn in BB9.

I still feel so sad for Ollie's family. He is such an embarrassment and doesn't even know it.

Anonymous said...

well, i wished craig would've outed april and ollie, too...but my question is WHY haven't they told the viewers yet? anyone not watching the feeds/reading blogs doesn't know it's going on...they have no idea. why wouldn't they handle it the way they handle other topics and tell the viewers and then show some footage and let the viewers in on what's going on in the house. they did i before in earlier seasons when those other two houseguests hooked up (i have completely forgotten their names right now...) and she got sent home pretty soon afterwards...i think it might've been the X Factor's weird they aren't telling the viewers...and i wish they would have mentioned it last might in front of everybody since april and ollie think they're being so sly and that nobody knows. it'd be hilarious!


Anonymous said...

Laurie, I read that April thought it was disrespectful that Craig didnt talk to her, because she is HOH.

I cannot wait till tonight where April realizes her HOH was a complete disaster. Good Times!

Denise in TX

Nana in the NW said...

Good morning.....have I told you all how much I HATE painting!?! We are hand painting the outside of the house and it seems like we will never be done!

I haven't had time to comment for a few days but you guys are comedy relief!
So many comments that I agreed with......

meb--glad to see you up to posting everyday--love the jokes! Just don't overdo--we don't want any setbacks.

Sharon--how's your neck? Have you got into your regular dr.? Maybe you should go to the ER...

joyn--are you still doing Chantix? I hope the cig. cravings are getting less and less :)

rbennie--I'm on the WC and can usually watch BB on the EC live feeds:

They changed the format so when you get to that site go to the side bar and click "live streams". Picture quality isn't very good but at least you won't have to stay up.

Jackie--thanks again for everything....maybe you will be able to catch the show on the EC feeds.

I was reading Joker's last night and April was talking about her life outside the house. She said she had to give up her job but wasn't worried about finding another one...she just hoped she doesn't do anything to embaress herself and her family!!! I guess, in her world, openly having sex for all the world to see doesn't qualify as an embaressment!

So the mutiny of the HOH is about to happen....;}

Let the games FINALLY begin!

I really don't like Libra. She seems to be one of those people who yells the loudest and bullies others to get her way.

Dan is soooo funny. I guess you just can't take the teacher out of him....between the English lessons for Michelle("we will have class in the morning and afternoon....we will work on a new word each time"). Then Michelle is walking around saying "I will have but-TER on my bread"---kind of like "the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain"!!

If you haven't watched the Youtube videos of "The Swim Club("we can't talk about it") take the's hilarious.

Dan's the Man!!!

April baked Libra's BD cake because Libra asked her to a few days ago(which irked Renny since she had baked Keesha's).

I would love to see Renny win HOH tonight. I think Dan will throw the comp. He's not anyone's target and doesn't want to be the position of having to nom. anyone(since he's playing both alliances).

Well, damn....the paint fairies didn't show up again last night...I guess I haven't been a very good girl....I told my hubby "No, sex"....Big Brother is watching....LOL

Cool and cloudy--75 degrees-- and gas is only $3.88!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm confused as to why april isn't furious right now. Is it b/c she think Keesha and Libra will vote out Memphis like she wants. What makes her so confident she has the votes? And how come no one has confronted Dan and gotten him to commit to evict one way or the other?

I really like Dan. He's so funny.

Witt said...

Dan is hilarious...I didn't think too much of him at first but he has really grown on me, especially with the Michelle lessons. I hope he doesn't catch too much heat tonight when the votes go down, if they go down as expected. I remember Eric caught a raft of @#$% when they couldn't figure out the votes and then ED figured it was him.

Nana in nw, good luck on those paint fairies. We were hoping the landscape fairies were going to show up, but alas...never did. :(

Nana in the NW said...

anon 12:58--I'll try to answer your questions:

April had a "meeting" with her alliance a few nights ago and tried to get them to admit they were voting off Jessie and no one said anything....therefore, she thinks that because they all did what Keesha wanted last week that they will abide by her wishes this week. Ollie has been subtly hinting that might not happen and none of them will just straight up tell her!

As for Dan, he is telling everyone what they want to hear..."yes, April I am evicting Memphis"...."yes, Libra I am in an alliance with you and Jessie is gone". He's going to have to get off that fence after tonight and pick a side!

joy n said...

Jackie, thanks for the latest Craig tape, I had missed this one.

Julie looked very good, I thought, in that simple black dress.

Craig said that Jessie was adorable and waxed, and that Libra was adorable. Waxed, yes. Adorable, ixnay on othbay. Craig must not watch BB.

I sure wish A&O had been outed, too. It would have been a classic moment, indeed. It's almost funny that April feels she was "disrespected" by Craig, when she been less than respectable in her personal "actions" on the show.

It saying something that the four that were outside during the earthquake and felt the ground move are the believers and the other six think someone is just pulling their leg.

Nana, still on the Chantix, making progress, but having other minor problems. I've had a stye (first one in my life) for three weeks that won't go away. I've been put on antibiotics for a month along with an antibiotic ointment for it and hot wet compresses for ten minutes five times a day. I have a hernia that is acting up and giving me all kinds of grief. So I haven't been a real happy camper lately, but I'm hanging in there with the cig. cessation plan. Hoping to be completely done at the end of this month. Doc says I'm doing great. (With the Chantix, not so much the other stuff.)

Hoping poor, picked on Jessie is leaving for home tonight.

Another funny one, Meb. That's one of the things I like best about you. That sense of humor that's still intact after all you've gone through the last few weeks. Jackie has that same trait. A very special quality.

Anonymous said...

Julie needs to clam up on CF. Otherwise, it would be better without her.

Nana in the NW said...


I just read my e-mails and HAD to share this with all of you:

A man was riding his Harley down the Calif. coast and the Lord in a booming voice said, " Because you have tried to live a faithful and honorable life I will grant you one wish". The man immediately said, "Build a bridge to Hawaii so I can ride over there when I want to".
The Lord said, " That is a big task, it will exhaust several natural resources. I can do it, but it is hard for me to justify worldy things. Take some time and think of something that will help mankind". After several minutes the man said, "Help, all men understand their wives--how she feels inside; what she is thinking when giving the silent treatment; why she cries; what she means when she says nothing's wrong; and what makes her truly happy". The Lord paused and said, "Do you want two lanes or four on that bridge"?!!! ROTFLMAO

Enjoy and have a good day!

joy n said...

My husband's niece sent me this one today.

One day God was looking down at Earth and saw all of the misbehaving that was going on. So he called one of his angels to go to Earth for a time. When he returned, the angel told God, "Yes, it's bad on Earth: 95% are misbehaving and only 5% are not."

God thought for a moment and said, "Maybe I had better send down another angel to get a second opinion." So God called another angel and sent him to Earth for a time, too. When the angel returned, he went to God and said, "Yes, it's true. The Earth is in decline: 95% are misbehaving, but 5% are being good."

God was not pleased. So he decided to email the 5% who were good because he wanted to encourage them, give them a little something to keep going.

Do you know what the email said?


Okay, just checking with you. I didn't get one either........

RBennie said...

Thanks to Nana for the heads up on where to catch the live feed of the show tonight.

Another funny one MEB - what are you doing sitting around reading joke books while you recover - LOL.

I actually find myself feeling a tiny bit sorry for April. I really think she is just patterning her HOH week after Keesha's last week. I'm sure in her eyes it seems like - well if everyone blindly followed Keesha's directions last week, when they really wanted Jessie gone, then why would they not do the same for her? I think she's going to be in for a very unpleasant surprise and learn the true limits of an HOHs power.

Anonymous said...

if craig turned to julie and said but it's real, y would the houseguests still think it was fake?

RBennie said...

LOL, Joyn that was really cute. Now I feel like I have to throw in the one silly thing that makes me laugh every time I hear it.

How do you catch a unique bird?
Unique up on it!

I know, really cheesy, but it cracks me up every time.

joy n said...

Nana and rbennie, loving the jokes!!!!!

Laurie said...

Denise, thanks for updating me on why April's nose was out of joint. I forgot that being HOH entitled a person to respect and air time. :-)

When I was 16 I did something very bad and I was worried my dad would find out. A very wise person said to me, it doesn't matter whether your dad finds out or not, YOU still did it and YOU have to live with it. It's not what people know about YOU, it's what YOU know about yourself that counts. That is what character is about.

I think of this when I see Ollie and April and their "secret" sexmance. It isn't about who knows (although we all do) it's about their character, and especially his IMO. I say that because of his comment earlier about his tastes in women. He's doing what he wants to do but thinks his dad doesn't know about it. No need to explain. You all get it.

Nana, love the bridge joke. I'll share that with my husband who will also get a kick out of it.

PlaidChick said...

Man on Man--- looks like the planets are aligning and I can change my avatar!!

R/K/L have all confirmed and reconfirmed they're voting for JessMe-- Dan has his orders from us, so he's going to be a lone vote or it's going to be rockin!

I'm going to have to order in tonight, because I really don't want to miss this, either way it goes

See you guys tonight!

Laurie said...

plaidchick, I'm with you ... time to change our avitars and celebrate the night away!

meb said...

Just woke from a nap and feeling goooood! Not taking much pain medication... not having a lot of pain... YAY!

Sharon... How are you. What's happening with the lump? I too think you should just go to the ER.

joyn...sounds like the cigs will soon be of the past. What's all this with the sty and hernia crap! That's a lie from the pit of hell. We're believing that's gone immediately! Love the email from God! Funny!

Yes Rbennie... The Bible says "merriment is like a medicine"... so yes, I'll be sitting around reading joke books and email jokes while I recover, and I guess I started something here, cause these you guys are leaving are good! I love the "Unique up on it!" I've heard it before, and it makes me laugh everytime too.

By the way, I finally got my "story" written up on my blog. It's probably long and boring, but I needed to write it. If you want to go check it out.

RBennie said...

I know I said this already MEB, but it's really good to have you back amongst us again! Glad to hear you are feeling so well, but don't overdo it. Keep the jokes coming, we can always use a good laugh. I will definitely check out your story.

Sydney said...

Patty -- All talk show interviews are scripted, some more loosely than others.

I am wondering why they are not saying about April and Ollie too.

The normal routine is a producer pre-interviews Julie (and Julie has probably already been briefed on what should be focused on). That producer messengers cards with the questions/interview outline with any back story materials to Craig cards the night before and for the most part, he works off that with every guest, night after night. There is the freedom to veer off, but...

Some hosts come in to say hello to their guests just before the show goes on (like Leno) some do not (like Letterman).

There is room to stray so maybe Julie has put in her own 2 cents but she performs very much to script in other areas and my hunch is while she looks looser here, she's still not picking subject matter randomly. CF is a show on the same network as BB -- this is a totally arranged promotion so it almost doubles the engineering of what is portrayed about the HG than it would be if they were just interviewing some cable show.

Kay I saw Batman twice in the same week . It was indeed great.

I think there are major reasons why the network is completely ignoring this juicy tidbit about A/O

Sydney said...


let us worryworts hear something from you soon.

Anonymous said...

rbennie..that joke of yours "unique bird" reminds me of when I was a kid. my dad used to tell me that joke ALL the time, and everytime he would laugh his butt off . I agree I am not missing BB tonight..heads are going to spin!..I wonder how Michelle will take the news.
-Jamie Mae-

Anonymous said...

I hope you all are correct and Jessie leaves but we really don't know how Dan is gonna vote, or do we??I don't get the feeds so rely on the blog for info.

Americas Choice was to nominate him but is it to vote him out? With so much focus on his softer side people may vote Memphis. I hope not

BJ in FL

monty924 said...

I think CBS wants America to know about April and Ollie so they'll buy the feeds. They don't want A & O to stop their "porn show" because there goes the interest in the feeds.

I'm so pumped up for tonight after the eviction and HoH. If JessMe goes all h*ll is going to break loose and that makes for great feeds, and commentary by Jackie. Actually, Jackie's write-up are great even when the house is dull. :)

Nana in the NW said...

I think Julie hinted at why they are not talking about A/O....ratings! Because, as much as we hated James/Chelsia last season, their "relationship" kept ALOT of people watching and talking about the show. CBS probably believes the same is true with A/O and if they were outed they might stop.

My other thought is(and let me preface saying this is NOT how I believe)...perhaps they are worried about the inter-racial affair. It's one thing to be innocently flirting; it's another to be having UNPROTECTED sex everyday for all the world to see. Sad to say there are still many people in our country who would be appalled at this behavior between a white woman and black man. I would hope this is not the reasoning behind keeping this "not so little" secret. In my world and cicle of friends we have moved beyond that thinking.

BTW--the jokes are cracking me up!! Can you tell I seem to be taking alot of "breaks" from painting?? LOL

nancy in nj said...

hi all.

MEB!!!!! SO HAPPY to hear from you! in typical fashion, YOU are the one that is sick, and yet it is YOU entertaining US and making US all feel better! God bless you!!

hi nana in nw....its been awhile..just letting you know i was thinking about you. what color did you finally pick for the house? too bad i live so far away. i LOVE to paint.

i can understand BB not mentioning the sexcapades going on (still can't bring myself to refer to it as a showmance) for fear they would curtail their behavior and not help in the ratings....but what i don't understand is....why do they not show this during the regular airing of the show? they always have before. do you really think it is a racial thing like nana suggests? there has to be SOME reason they are not jumping on the chance to air that stuff!

one more hour till showtime. oh PLEASE let the votes be shocking and throw a little spark into this house!