Monday, August 11, 2008

BB10 - Latest Live Feeds

My latest live feeds report is up over on TV Squad.

I'm watching Intervention. Very weird.


Anonymous said...

The Remmy youtube video where she imitates Jerry's POV speech is a hoot

Laurie said...

I was at a training session all day and at one point got very bored. We had about 20 people there and I started imagining what it would be like if we were all in the BB house. I was figuring out who would become friends and who would have to go right away, who would be a showmance and who I would go to the final two with. All this was based soley on their looks, age, gender and participation in the training. I, of course, ended up the winner and decided to share my winnings with all of you!

It was a pleasant way to rest my brain for 15 minutes.

Sydney said...

Jacqueline, you are one busy writing bee!!

Zoe, we miss you, it was great that you could check in for a minute last post. Hang in there

Sydney said...

Laurie-- that's a crack up. Good thing no one was psychic there and could tell how you were amusing yourself. Now I will do that next time I'm in a similar circumstance.

Laurie said...

I'm telling you, it was quite entertaining (and perhaps a bit deviant I represented the over 40 demographic. A young woman near me was clearly the blonde beauty (with a brain). There were a few people who would keep the chess board busy, and one who would definitely cook and clean.

formerly anon said...

Dan made a slip up to Keesha, and if Keesha were as obsessive as Michelle, she might actually start thinking about it, but I seriously doubt she'll even think about it again.

He was alone with Keesha, just casual chatting, and he says "So, do you think the twist has already happened in the game?" and her puzzled look immediately clued him into his mistake, but she let it go.

With her puzzled look, she said something like, "What twist?"

To someone more astute it was pretty clear that Dan somehow thought a "twist" had already been played in the game -- of course, because he's the only one who was aware of the AP thing. The context he was asking it in was like he was thinking out loud about what other possible twists might come up. Except he should have said "So, what do you think the twist will be this season?" not "Do you think it's already happened?"

DOH! He's lucky she was not really tuned in too much.

Libra seems to have made peace with her fate, and for the first time in the house, she's actually behaving like a decent person. At first I wondered if it was strategy, like to show how benign she is, a last ditch attempt, but I really think that she has just admitted defeat and is now happy that the stress is off.

Jerry is still walking around like a douchbag, all puffed up and proud of himself for putting Dan in his place. Everyone else (who wasn't already) is distancing themselves from him. Ollie even just came out and said so right to him (the first admirable thing I've seen Ollie do).

Memphis and Renny and Keesha and Dan (and Libra now) seem to be able to just hang out comfortably with each other.

April has become this seasons Gnat imo. The one who is constantly thinking about the game, even when she's trying to appear as though she's not. Although, I think that Dan is also constantly playing the game, every second - he's just not obnoxious about it like April is.

Renny is quite the hoot. I think Keesha genuinely likes her. I can see them remaining friends (well, depending on what happens in the next few weeks).

They were continualy talking about how the place is like a psychiatric ward, so they at least recognize how loony they all are behaving.

Petals said...

Jackie ~

You watch Intervention? imagine combining Intervention and BB? How funny! Now THAT is entertainment!

PlaidChick said...

Jackie ~

You watch Intervention? imagine combining Intervention and BB? How funny! Now THAT is entertainment!
OMG PETALS... I watched that last night, both episodes, that poor girl, puffing dusters.. Ohhh the HG's need intervention...

THEN I moved onto Paranormal state to see if Ollie would show up. That was one of the most freaky episodes I have ever seen

Sydney said...

Great notes Formerly --

I guess in reading what Dan said, I'd have to be there because Keesha should know there are twists in the game, and if he said it verbatim I'd take it as if he said what you said he SHOULD have said.

I'm surprised LIbra is accepting her fate. I don't like her style of arguing but I think she could have been interesting to watch as a player once fewer people were in the house.

I'm glad to hear Jerry is committing hari kari in there. I'm ready for him to go.

It would be interesting to have some of the insane people go and have the second half of the show just be people like memphis, Renny and Dan, with a little Keesha thrown in for the unexpected, and see what happens when they have to play against each other. Maybe it will be boring, but maybe it will be GAME PLAY instead of insanity as the thing,

Petals said...

Plaid - I used to watch Intervention (curiosity? nothing else on?) then it got too depressing. Then again, it makes me look like a raging success - HAHA!
But I did enjoy Celebrity Rehab on VH1.
Sad about Jerry's outbursts and Dan-bashing.

PlaidChick said...

I have to wonder how much we're going to see of the feast fight night, and Jerry's Power trip..

Show more diary stuff!!
Petals, ya Intervention is depressing, I can't deal with celebrity rehab and Dr Drew.

Jackie said...

I just hope that when I bought the three-pack of computer dusters that they realize I have computers and cat fur! I felt so bad about that girl's cats. But she was off the wall -- worse than some crack and heroin addicts I knew years back (who are all most likely dead now).

Auntie Leigh said...

I watched that Intervention too. Wowza. Who knew? I think the interventionist called her a baby-queen bee? Something like that. It was just all about me me. Aren't we glad we all are not that messed up?