Friday, August 29, 2008

Big Brother 10: Live Feeds Into Friday Noon

Well, I already gave you the biggest news of the period -- Jerry won HOH. But, here are the details and what's been happening since that time:
  • After the show last night, Jerry was appreciative and kind to everyone. Each person was nice back to him ... which turned out to be a good thing in light of what was to happen.
  • The HOH comp dealt with balls and points won. (The feeds were blocked for it.)
  • Jerry repeated that everyone one should be proud to have made it this far.
  • The hamsters had been locked out of the storage room because BB made it Keesha's little HOH storage room with her HOH basket of goodies. At least she got those.
  • As Jerry got his HOH room, I had bubbles (in lieu of fish cam or trivia), but I had audio. He seemed very proud of his pictures and everyone seemed to take part in the "tour."
  • Jerry told Dan if they were in the final two together, he (Jerry) couldn't win. He thinks his only votes would come from Ollie, Michelle, and April.
  • Keesha doesn't think she can win the jury vote against anyone.
  • Renny told Jerry that Memphis and Dan had an alliance within their alliance.
  • Renny wants both the guys to go up while Jerry is leaning towards a guy and a girl.
  • BB gave this group (sans Michelle) beer and wine last night. They also gave Dan a birthday cake -- his birthday isn't until Monday.
  • Memphis worked his in with Jerry despite their spats in the past. He told Jerry the only person he trusts in the house is Keesha.
  • In the Memphis/Jerry talk, it sounds like Jerry would like the final three to be Keesha, Memphis, and himself.
  • Jerry wants to test Keesha to check out how loyal she is to Dan and Renny.
  • Come morning, he hinted to Keesha that he wants to put her on the block, but he's sure she won't go home.
  • Jerry seems to have a backdoor plan in mind -- put up a guy and a girl, if POV is won, backdoor. Dan is who he wants out right now.
  • As I post this, Dan is talking to Jerry. There isn't any violence or nastiness. Jerry isn't telling him he's going on the block. Dan is pointing out that if they make it to the final three, Jerry has friends on the jury. Jerry says he's not in the final five with his own team, but they all saved him.
  • Nominations should be later today.


Anne said...

First? A definite first LOL

TerryinCA said...

oh woe....Jerry in charge ...nightmare.
time for them to ressuret America 's Player.

Anonymous said...

Dan has to win POV. I can't stand it if Memphis or Jerry win this game. I really don't like either of them; they are both floaters who are not entertaining and lack Dan's classy strategy. I want Dan, Keesha, and Renny to make F3.

Jerry's plan is to have the girl's alliance and boy's alliance pitted against each other. Then he Jerry automatically breaks the tie so to Jerry it doesn't matter who wins POV. A girl still goes up if a girl comes down and the same for the guys. Dan must save himself with POV or I will be very sad.

Then if Dan succeeds, Memphis goes up and I could not care less.


joy n said...

Jerry wants the f3 to be himself, Memphis and Keesha because that may be his only chance of winning. The others were trying for forever to get M & K out of there. Dan may actually be admired enough for his gameplay to win enough votes in spite of April, Ollie and Michelle. Renny is liked and Jerry knows he can't beat her. Dan has to win POV, yes.

Anonymous said...

Jeesh I dunno too bad Jerry won
how come when its someone we dont want to win fish/bubbles show up
and how come they are no longer showing the HOH room on showtime
seems fishy to me
I would love for Renny Keesha or Dan to win only because Memphis tried Wills old ploy to not win anything ....I would love for Renny and Keesha to win but really thing Dan has played the most much for my thawts ...
Well I hope all are doing well Mom ate today thank God she is feeling much better thanks to all of u who prayed or sent good thawts ...Jackie I hope ur doing better.....Please all of you have a safe holiday

monty924 said...

Glad to see you posting today. I wished you a bouquet of Dananas on an earlier post. I hope someone close to you can deliver that! :)

I went to bed after reading the Jerry news this morning and woke up just as BLECH later this morning. Oh well, I never get all my BB wishes fulfilled so this season is no difference. :(

I find Jerry's wanting him, Memphis and Keesha to final 3 quite insulting. He's been so vulgar when it comes to Keesha behind her back. He disgusts me.

I'm still wanting a Dan/Renny F2 and that's not looking great right now. Keesha or Memphis needs to be sent packing for that to happen. Fingers crossed here.

meb said... great to see you posting. What a bummer you ahd to go through all that. Dentists are no fun, but aren't we glad we have them. Kudos to pdxgranny once again.

As for BB: If Dan can only make it to the final 2... even if he didn't win the big prize, he would still walk away with the $50,000 plus the $20,000 for America's Player, and also whatever they owe him for the weeks he was in the house (if they still pay that to the winners). No small amount in my book. I think the only one he might lose to is Rennie.

All the above depends on if he can stay safe for the rest of the game.

I really don't care who wins ... as long as it isn't Jerry.

And I like Memphis too. I haven't seen what he's done or hasn't done for people not to like him. He's been a floater up to now, but that in itself is a form of playing the game. Look at Zack... he floated all the way until the final competitions, and people were rooting for him to win. Of course it was because most people couldn't stand Dick or Danielle.

Anyway, if Memphis makes it to F2it's ok with me... the 4 of them all deserve it for making it this far. Whoa... I just realized, this is a first for me. I've never had 4 people in the final weeks of the game who may win, and it doesn't bother me which one. This has really been a great season.

Zoetawny said...

What a difference a day makes. I went to bed thrilled and woke up stunned. You certainly can't say this season has been boring.


Kudos for keeping on top of all of this. I don't know how you're head's not spinning.


I was glad to hear you didn't have more serious injuries but I'm sure the dental restoration is not something you're looking forward to. Thank goodness it wasn't worse. It must have been fate that PDX Granny was there for you. She is certainly a caring friend. All the caring kindness from our fiends here is inspiring.


It's so good to see you posting. I hope you are healing more each day.

Back to the show...what is Dan going to do to save himself now? I don't think there's any other option besides winning the veto. If the noms are Dan and Keesha, Dan wins POV, will Jerry put up Renny or Memphis? It's going to get tense now that we're down to the end.

Keeping everyone in the gulf area in my prayers.


Sally said...

I hope no one makes a desperate deal with Jerry that will keep him in the game much longer! No matter how nice he might be acting now, we know he was saying really foul, nasty, perveted things about the other four hgs earlier. My new mantra is: Anybody but Jerry..... Anybody but Jerry..... Anybody but Jerry.....

Anonymous said...

I don't care who wins the game so long as it is not Jerry.
I just don't understand why everyone hates Keesha. Yes, her voice and laugh drive me up a wall, but she is as honest as any other HG and more so than some. She doesn't prance around half dressed and in fact unless she is in the pool or sunbathing I never see her in her swim suit. She has been loyal. She has come through in the crunch when her team needed her. Being physically strong is not her but I don't know how long I would have lasted on those ropes.
More tham one person has noted Dan has a crush but she has remained true to her boyfriend. Janelle and Dr Will both had relationships outside the house but they still slept in the same bed.
Is Keesha perfect, no. She has a mouth like a sailor and she has talked behind peoples backs but she never took it to a cruel level.
So I was wondering why everyone was so down on her. She voice is the worst but thats the voice she was born with.

Laurie said...

Greetings from PDX, the airport that is. I'm sitting in a very nice atrium, listening to live music (woman and guitar), drinking my diet coke and enjoying free wi-fi. Life doesn't get much better than that. A big thanks to PDXgranny (Elaine) for the ride to the airport, which went above and beyond her caring for me last night. (((elaine))

Terry, so nice seeing Cruiser as your avitar.

Monty, I did see your wish for a boquet of bananas. elaine offered to get me some but I can't chew anything. I will either get skinny or even fatter than I am with this chewing/biting problem. will i go for yogurt or ice cream?? both!

well, our Dan must go for the gold this time and save himself. I think he can do it. But ... who goes home? could be interesting.

Thanks again to everyone who has been sending prayers and vibes my way. I could honestly feel the love and support. It kept me calm. The dr kept saying how brave and strong i was. Little did he know how many people were giving me courage and strength.

Jackie, hope you are feeling better. I know you are feeling the Blog Power, just as MEB was.

Anonymous said...

I like Keesha. Always have. I think she may have been the first one to actually treat Renny like a normal person.

Now of course, everyone loves Renny!

Keesha, IMO was the first one to flip the house. She was the one who didn't go with the house "plan" when she was HOH. The plan to get out Dan, Renny and Jerry. Which may or may not be the reason they are all still there. Ya never know.

She was the one that got the votes to boot Jessie (YAY KEESHA) and keep Memphis. Which is pretty much why he is still there.

She won a clutch HOH last night.

I think she def deserves her spot there and would be happy to see her in the F2.

Actually, I would be happy to see ANYBODY BUT JERRY win.


Anonymous said...

I am in the ANYBODY BUT JERRY group!
My preference would be Dan or Renny followed by keesha and then Memphis.
Again anybody but the foul mouthed
He thinks america is rooting for him since he got the phone call.
He just is so full of himself ugh, I just do not want him to win.
So in my dream week Dan wins POV and someone else goes home.
Then CKA gets the boot since he can not go up for HOH next week.
And hopefully he does not get POV!!!


Laurie said...

New chant:





monty924 said...

At Final 4 they ALL play for HoH! Jerry will be playing... I don't think he can win it though. Fingers still crossed. :)

monty924 said...

Just to add, lol

It doesn't matter who wins the final 4 HoH. The POV winner holds all the power.

Case in point - Zach wins F4 HoH, Daniele and Dick on the block, Daniele wins POV, takes ED down and he has the ONLY vote. HoH and two nominees have no vote.

tbc said...

I'll join the chant:



Ahh, that felt good!

Sally said...

I know at some point they all get to compete for HOH, even the person who is the current HOH. Does that start with the Final 4? And does that mean Jerry can compete for HOH again next week?

The Anybody but Jerry alliance wants to know.

monty924 said...

Oops... at F4 maybe not! Anyway, it doesn't matter because of the POV.

ORKMommy said...

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that at this point, I'd kinda like to see Jerry win. Yes, he's obnoxious. Yes, he's foul. Yes, he's mean. BUT, he is the oldest contestant to play the game and he's managed to stay this long.

Also, I'd like to see him get the money so he can take care of his family. After seeing his wife and grandkids, I think THEY deserve the money. They have to live with Jerry!

I'd also like to see Renny, Keesha, Memphis or Dan win so I guess it doesn't really matter much to me!

TerryinCA said...

anybodybutjerry I can get behind that one for sure!

Nana in the NW said...

orkmommy--"I'd kinda like to see Jerry win"--your not going soft on us now, are you?? Just in case, let me remind:
*He felt April's boobs the first night
*He called our Dan Judas
*He has lied on several occasions
*He lives a VERY comfortable life outside the house. I don't think money is a problem for him.
*He has said some vile things about part of Keesha's anatomy.

But, you do have a right to your own opinion....that's what we love about this blog...we can agree to disagree!!

I was wondering what happened to Barbwire. Tell her she's missing one of the best seasons and lots of bantering here at Jackie's!

Laurie--you are probably on the plane by now and soon will be in your own home. That will make you feel better!

Dan's only hope of staying alive is to win POV(which will probably be endurance or maybe it's time for the morphed faces)

I do believe Jerry gets to play HOH next Thurs.

Sign me up for the Anybody But Jerry club!!

With that being said watch the old coot win it all!!!

loneseven said...

I think it's a rotten shame that ol' CKA has been on the block all season and is still in the house and it looks like there a good chance he could win the whole ball of wax!!! That will really tick me off!! I know everybody likes Rennie, but for the life of me I don't know why. She has not played the game!! She has observed the others playing and always hugs and pats them on the back, she cooks and she lets them cry on her shoulder, but as far as game play, nada. I think Keesha has played pretty well. I think old grumps is jealous of Dan and his gameplay. I'm all for Dan to win - he has really played the game with thought and planning. I haven't heard one foul word come from Dan's mouth - which must be a real feat in that house!! But that crusty old "street fighter" was probably never a Colonel and was lucky to have made PFC. I'm pretty sure he didn't make many friends. He's just an old foul-mouthed grump!!! I can't believe he's endured until now and has ended up HOH!!! I hope Dan is gearing up to kick ol' street fighter's wrinkled butt!! Hey, Petals :) I love you.

Anonymous said...

oh jerry. what a shame. i would say he shouldve been out first, but im not that disappointed in the order of evictions. in fact, im quite happy. this is one of the best seasons. no, they arent my favorite group of houseguests, but i dont hate em! i am so thrilled about the next couple weeks bc, aside from jerry, i dont really care who wins. i do want dan to win, but if he doesnt the other 3 are fine too. i am just so happy i like all of the final guests.

as far as jerry goes.....i know, he's foul, rude, nasty and downright mean. buuuuuut, i have a feeling the april, ollie and michelle brought out the worst in him. its sad that he has it in him, but i have a feeling he doesnt sit around with his wife saying those horrible things. it has to be hard to be stuck in that house..then to add all the negativity (aka: a/o/m), it must be hard to keep a clean mouth with all of them shoving those nasty comments over and over and over again.. he chose the wrong side, maybe he wouldve been a little nicer had he stuck with less self-absorbed people? thats just me hoping.

go dan!

anybody but jerry!


Anonymous said...

Nina..dan was a pretty big floater till he helped keesha get jesse out..I think Keesha is the only one that has not been a floater.

Anonymous said...

I'm in on the "anybody but Jerry" chant to a degree. Wouldn't mind seeing Memphis gone this week, he hasn't added anything exciting to the house at all. I'd like to see Memphis gone this week, Jerry next, then let the other 3 duke it out--any of them--I can deal with winning but I'm rootin' for Renny!

TerryinCA said...

Come on Ork! dont wimp out and go for Jerry now...puhleese?
Join us in our AnybodybutJerry Club, we want you to!

Nana, totally with you!

Laurie and I are trying to figure out how we can all get to PDX and meet up with you guys!

fa said...

Hey I have a question: raise your hand if you would vote for Jerry to be President of the US?

HAHAHAH I know, it's ridiculous isn't it? Just absurd huh! Crazy talk, as if I were Michelle!!!

But I hope you realize that McCain is essentially just like Jerry -- throw McCain into the BB house and you'd be looking at Jerry (except that McCain actually abandoned his ill wife and found a younger replacement -- but Jerry still has time, and he does have his eye on Keesha...)

It's curious that you'd want someone just like Jerry running this country, but you don't want him to win this game!! How does that work?

joy n said...

Anon - 4:44pm; ITA!

Nana in the NW - 5:56pm; AMEN!

Loneseven - 7:01pm; Double that Amen!!



monty924 said...

Anon 7:59... I surely hope so. I don't think it will go down as I wish... R/D F2.

ANYBODYBUTJERRY is A-OK in my book. Honestly (daniele), I wouldn't mind seeing any of them in the final 2 other than Jerry.

May the best WOMAN win! That would be RENNY!

fa said...

Oh! I totally forgot to mention the other BB parallel! Sarah Palin, like Libra, seems to have no issue with leaving her 4-month-old (Down's Syndrome) baby while she goes off to play on a campaign trail!

All those who said Libra was a bad mother: what do you think of Ms. Palin?

(It's nice to know that watching BB isn't just mindless entertainment, but can actually be useful as a model for studying current events!)

Auntie Leigh said...

Hey guys, don't be ganging up on orkmommy. She's right, too. A 75 year old getting this far is a huge accomplishment. But I must say that I am rooting for Dan.