Monday, August 04, 2008

Big Brother 10 Live Feeds Into Monday Morning 8/4

I wrote up a feeds report posted last night over on TV Squad. For the most part, things have been uneventful. Apparently, with the schedule change to Thursdays for the live eviction show, the PoV meeting is no longer on Sundays. I expect it sometime today or tonight. That said, I doubt Jerry will use the PoV.

Since that report, here are the happenings from inside that Big Brother House of Dubious IQs:
  • Ollie is big on everyone abiding by the HOH's wishes for voting. It's no surprise as he basically seems to have a good rapport with Jessie. I haven't seen any deals between the two, but he's always defending him.
  • Ollie also thinks that Libra's way of coping with disagreement is to shout over people when she's called out. He's spot on.
  • Libra, Renny, and Keesha have been having private anti-April meetings. They invited Dan into their circle and asked him to swear on the bible that he'll be honest.
  • Jessie pressured Dan telling him he's the deciding vote.
  • Dan started crying saying he was missing his girlfriend Monica. Jessie consoled him.
  • Dan and Jessie hugged. (Aha! The AP task completed, I assume.)
  • After Jessie left the room, Dan looked up at the camera with a big wide grin.
  • Ollie told April he thinks he's now matured enough for a serious relationship. @@ I don't know. Call me a prude, but I think a serious relationship might be best started before sex.
  • All are asleep as I post this.


Sydney said...

Gee Dan swearing on the Bible may have a more intense meaning to him that to some others who aren't as religious as he... did he do it?

Jackie said...

Yes, but he didn't really commit to anything during their talk. He's basically a part of that group anyway.

witt said...

Sydney, you took the words out of my mouth (or, off the keyboard). Somehow though I think Dan is a better poker player than one would assume, and could tell someone something without them becoming TOOOOO suspicious (except Libra perhaps).

I'm glad he completed the AP task!

Witt :)

Petals said...

G'morning! Great updates, as usual, Ms Jackie.
Have the other HGs voiced any opinions about the Ollie/April sexcapades?

Jackie said...

Petals - Ollie and April have both denied sex has happened. Nothing has been said recently that I've caught. I guess the other HG have as much interest in their sex lives as I do. (And that's very little other than I think they're embarrassing themselves and their families.)

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or is this the most
boring show ever.
They spent 1/2 hour showing the
hoh competition just to fill the

Petals said...

Thanks Jackie. I'm glad that we have a group of "normal" people again. Last season - the "lost season" (for me) - they were all drunk & half-naked all the time.

I'm a Dan Fan.

jb said...

..Liking Dan more & more.

becky said...

"Petals said... Thanks Jackie. I'm glad that we have a group of "normal" people again. Last season - the "lost season" (for me) - they were all drunk & half-naked all the time.

I'm a Dan Fan."

I am a Dan Fan too. Also Rennie fan now. I still don't put much in stock with him swearing an oath, on the Bible or off.

I think Dan is probably religious -- but not any better Christian that the others. This is the guy who stated on film that he would do anything he had to do, say anything he had to say, and then go to confession and everything would be hunky-dory again and all forgiven. I bet priests all over the country were shaking their heads at that statement!

Sydney said...

How can Ollie and April deny sex when Jerry was in the room with them one time when they did it?????

RBennie said...

Good morning all. Glad to see you posting so much again Jackie. Let's me know you're feeling better. I hope all is well with MEB. I'm still sending the good karma her way.

Something needs to be done to shake this BB house up a bit. Anyone have any ideas?

Petals said...

Rbennie - If an actual earthquake can't shake them up, I can't imagine what else would Maybe they need a pet...let them fight over a neat dog or pot-bellied pig.

Anonymous said...

Jerry useing POV and April putting Libra up would be a shake up in the house!

Keesha had that chance last week and didn't do it.

I'm liking Dan more & more too!


Laurie said...

I'm just now watching last night's show. Cracking up at Dan trying to teach Michelle how to say the R in water. I'm thinking he won't have much luck taking the Jersey out of her.

Jackie, call me old fashioned but I agree with you. A mature relationship does start a bit differently than this one did.

Little April is really letting HOH go to her head, isn't she? Now will the house support her? I'm thinking not.

RBennie said...

There's probably a more likely chance of another earthquake than April putting Libra up, LOL.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see a couple of HGs form a brand new alliance. After this weeks eviction, it will be two against the rest of the house, so they start picking each other off. A smart player or two should dump that alliance and form a new one before it's too late.

I like Dan and Renny now but they really need to start playing the game more seriously soon if they are going to get anywhere.

Jackie-my satellite was out for a few days and I wouldn't have made it without your Blog updates - Thanks so much!!


Sydney said...

Apparently they are starting to talk about other alliances. Seems Ollie is leading that. He wants he and April to team with Jessie/Michelle or Jerry/Dan if I have that right. Been working on that here and there for several days...

ORKMommy said...

I can't believe how stupid Jessie sounds every single time he opens his mouth. What was that he said on last night's show?

"If it doesn't come out in the rinse, it comes out in the wash?"

Um....I don't know how his washing machine works, but mine washes BEFORE it rinses. I also wash my hair BEFORE I rinse it.

How can some people be so totally unaware of how stupid they are?

RBennie said...

LOL Orkmommy - I did catch when he said that and thought the same thing - what an idiot. I also thought it was really funny when April told him she nominated him because he was such a threat both physically and mentally. How did she keep a straight face when she said that?

Anonymous said...

Maybe April isn't much smarter!


AlbGlinka said...

Dan's Professor Higgins lesson with Michele was too funny. "ER" Say "Er" "Like turd." ROFL.

Jackie: you should make your ducks compete in food competitions, and if they lose, it's slop for a week.

cha cha said...

Other alliances are definetly forming.
The problem with it though is one player each week is AP.So the tides will change.
If we vote for Jessie to get the boot this week(please oh please), the somewhat new alliance of K/L/R/D will work. If we vote out Memphis(which is a horrible idea) which will get the votes of M/O/J it wont work.
Please let us vote out JESSME. I really want to see michelle totally lose it...She is breaking bad. I see her Leaving with what is it called DOR if Jessme is botted and one of her people don't win HOH.
I think that O/A will definetly form an agreement with Michelle next week.
Major Props for Renny. I hope that if she wins HOH A/O go up with Michelle as a backup plan..

Anonymous said...

Just hoping Jerry does not use that veto. That would really screw up any chaance of getting Jessie out of the house.

But I could see April having him use it to save Jessie, just to make sure she gets her way and Memphis goes.

I am really hoping for a Renny, Keesha, Libra, Dan and Memphis alliance, at least a temporary one.

I cannot see America voting for Memphis to stay over Jessie. If that happens there is defintely some funny business going on with CBS.

Get Jessie out!!

WHITME said...

Get Jessme out, Get Jessme out
Get Jessme out, Get Jessme out
Get Jessme out, Get Jessme out
Get Jessme out, Get Jessme out
Get Jessme out, Get Jessme out
Get Jessme out, Get Jessme out
Get Jessme out, Get Jessme out
Come on Tuesday night!!! I need to vote......

PlaidChick said...

OK it's only Monday and major waffling is going on...

From what I understand, Libra, Keesha, Renny (of course) want JessMe, gone. They brought Dan in. Ollie is "defending" JessMe left and right telling the HG's to do what the HOH wants (I'm sick of this thought process) and now wants an alliance of Ollie/April & Jessie/Michelle.

IF that is the case, bring it on. One Michelle is going to be peeved IF JessMe walks out the door, and watch the cat fight I have been waiting for to be major.

Jerry rides with the HOH.

I don't have much hope that they'll stick to the plan, at the rate we're going see JessMe start saying he's like Dick escaping eviction every week.

WTG Dan for doing his AP task, and pulling it off crying and all, can't wait to see it.

They asked us on the news today to turn off all lights this afternoon and turn up the A/C to 78. I can "feel" TS Edouard in my head. It might bring our temps down to 98... ooooooo.....

monty924 said...

A couple of Youtubes by icanhasbbfeeds show the task and Dan's happy dance of sorts. So funny! The hug comes in late on the first one, around the 7:10 mark. Enjoy!

Afterwards as Dan celebrates his accomplishing the task. Again, too funny! Can't wait to see how CBS shows it, LOL.

I almost felt sorry for Jessie there.... NOT! :P

Clementine said...

That was great, Monty!

No wonder Jessie has an "I" in his name. It's his favorite word.

Did Dan say he was worried that his girlfriend might misinterpret if she sees him hugging Keesha ..or RENNY!!! lol!!!

That was quite a performance. Now I wonder what Dan is capable of in the game!

And, okay, much as it kills me to say, Jessie was very supportive. He might grow up to be a real man, if he can pull his head out of his *ss more often :)

My WV is pbj. Mmmm... sounds like dinner to me!

TerryinCA said...

Right there with ya Jackie...Ollie has no idea he is being worked over by a professional ..DID I JUST SAY THAT? He is naive and fairly innocent.
I hope Dan gets jessie evicted..Im not getting my hopes up...its pointless....

joy n said...

Becky, 9:48. AMEN to your last paragraph!

Petals said...

Good one, Clementine! HHAHAHAHA.

Okay, bring out the torches, but I have to admit: I dislike April & Libra more than I dislike Jessie. I think he's getting a bad rap. Maybe I'm feeling a lil Devil's Advocacy or something. The lil guy is sorta growing on me. Maybe it's his youth,ignorance or naivete?