Monday, August 25, 2008

Big Brother 10 - Live Feeds Into Monday Dawn

Oh my gosh, they keep repeating the same things over and over ... on both sides! Here's the latest from that Big Brother House of Deluded Dingalings:
  • Renny thinks Jerry makes things up.
  • Keesha and Jerry both claim to have not lied in the game.
  • Jerry told Michelle that Keesha called him a liar.
  • You can see where this is going.
  • Keesha and Renny agree that Jerry is a jerk.
  • Keesha doesn't want to eat dinner at the same table with Jerry.
  • Memphis thinks that Michelle will be after him for his vote once she goes on the block.
  • Jerry went on and on (and on and on) about Keesha's laugh. Hey, I agree with him but listening to him is almost as torturous. I also noticed yesterday that he doesn't laugh -- he cackles.
  • Although they were separate almost all day, the Ollie Camp had no problem eating the dinner Renny prepared.
  • Dan told them he would be meeting with everyone one at a time.
  • Michelle went first -- Dan told her the deal was more elaborate than she thought and that she should ask Ollie for details.
  • Dan basically talked in circles to Michelle.
  • Michelle then started talking about how Jerry knew she wanted the phone call. She wonders how America perceives them. (She might want not to know.)
  • Michelle went to Ollie to ask him. She told him that Dan said to talk to him when she asked if she's safe this week. She said that Dan told her whatever the deal was, it's going down.
  • Dan is getting antsy -- he's worried about the power shifting next week.
  • In his talk with Jerry, Jerry (obviously not hiding the fact he knows there's a secret deal) went on and on trashtalking Keesha to Dan.
  • Jerry also mentioned how he (Jerry) doesn't ever badmouth people in the house. (After spending all day badmouthing Renny, Memphis, Dan, and Keesha to Ollie and Michelle.)
  • Jerry also tried to convince Dan what a good ally he'd be if he stays and how he's never lied. They want to make Dan think he's safer with their alliance.
  • Michelle and Ollie laughed about how stupid Dan is to be following the deal.
  • Ollie asked Dan if he told the others about the deal -- Dan told him he didn't.
  • Dan reported back every bit of his conversations with Ollie, Jerry, and Michelle to his alliance.
  • Dan, antsy himself, tried to tell Keesha she needs to calm down. He said he's on their side (Renny, Keesha, Memphis) no matter what the others say.
  • Jerry told Michelle that college is a good place to meet a husband. Gee, I thought it was a good place to find an education!
  • In the end, it looks like the plan is still on -- Dan will nominate Michelle when Memphis comes off the block.
  • I expect fireworks later today.


Anonymous said...

Gosh, this is a wierd HOH reign. But the episode last night was very entertaining so hopefully Tues. night will be just as entertaining. According to my brother, Dan made this hinky deal to build his BB legacy for fans. He's iffy about actually winning the game so he just wants to make sure that wtvr happen, BB fans will still remember Dan. If he leaves, I guess he'll feel satisfied with his America's Player winnings.


sisdes2 said...

Jackie, thanks for this blog! It keeps things from being toooo boring. Speaking of boring, can you believe how Dan has stirred things up. I can hardly wait to see what goes down after the POV is used. I don't believe he is as dumb as everybody seems to think ... so far he seems to me that he is thinking things through pretty much, if he can get the others to go along with him. As for Memphis, I believe Renny is correct....he will stab any of them in the back if they don't watch him closely.

Anonymous said...

It's almost as if Dan is having to complete "secret tasks" from BB for America's Player.

- Like making up the "renegades" nickname.

- Like wearing a raincoat and gloves during the HOH challenge.

- Like mimicking Renny.

- Like cutting a super-stupid HOH deal with Ollie.

I can hear it now at the end of the season, "America - Dan was working for you. And you didn't even know it! Big Brother was feeding him tasks to liven up the house. Here's what we had him do..."

Anonymous said...

IMO I think Memphis will stick w/Dan for the f2 once he decides Dan is trustworthy. I also believe Dan will stick to his deal with Memphis over f3 with the girls. He knows he can beat Memphis or believes he can.

The thing is, with this group everyone is playing it so personally I am not sure they will give the final vote to the best player (Dan) but rather the one who wasn't disrespectful to them last. This changes day to day.

Sasha said...

I really enjoyed last night's show but I was laughing at myself because I so had not missed April (not one bit) that I forgot we'd probably see her (and see her again, recap, recap)last night and I was surprised.

I heard enough from feeds last night to to really dislike Jerry's trash talking. He's such a turncoat, I know that's old news but he proclaims his lack of lying, lack of badmouthing and then trash talks like crazy. Nasty. Wasn't he just friendly with Keesha like 10 minutes ago and now he's calling her every name in the book. I'd think I missed something but he's done it with others, too, so I suspect it's him.

Loved that Dan knew what he was doing with the deal. If that's true, he's a pretty good actor (faker?) lol

And poor, poor Michelle...did you know that the reason she didn't go to college is not her fault? It's because Rhode Island has no money for scholarhips. A few of the others were telling her that there's federal money and ways to get grants, loans, scholarships and she concludes that no one told her so how could she know. Arrrggghhhh, she is such a victim. I think watching after she goes on the block (assuming that will happen) will be kind of like watching that train wreck we like to reference. It's gonna be bloody and somehow ya just can't look away.

Sorry for the length, maybe I should post more frequently with fewer words. LOL who am I kidding?

Great day, All

Anonymous said...

yeah ..keesha doesnt lie..everyone in that game has lied one way or the other
last night on bb after dark dan and keesha had a conversation and this part cracks me up..
Dan said "what are we going to say when Ollie tells Renny I protected you instead of her"( dan is afraid Renny will turn on him if she finds out he protected keesha instead of renny)..
then keesha replied.." We'll just lie about it"..these people!
-Jamie Mae-

ORKMommy said...

I don't think Dan thought his deal with Ollie through all the way. He wanted Ollie to take the heat for the nominations and stuff, but all it did was make his alliance doubt him.

Still, how could Ollie be do dumb as to think Dan can talk Memphis out of using the veto. Would Ollie let someone talk him out of using it? I think not! It kills me how these people think everyone should be playing the game with the whole house in mind. This is a one winner game and you can't win without playing your own game! Big Brother is not a team sport House Guests!

Chauncey said...

anom 3:57 is right on the money with these guys playing so personally. This thing with disrespect, revenge, lies and you went back on your word........DUH all of that is what the game is about. That's why Kaysur could never get close to winning because he played with Honor and Intergrity(sarcasm)In the end they will vote for the person they liked the most between the two, not who played the best game. Worst cast ever!

Laurie said...

We do have a lot of pots calling the kettle black in the bb house, don't we? Or to use another cliche, people who think their $h*t doesn't stink.

I do think Dan knows what he is doing and he's certainly having way more FUN in the house than anyone else. It seems he didn't bring any extra baggage with him (jealousy, resentment, etc) and is really staying true to himself. I'm loving how he talks to us and shares his plan. The fact that he plays Ollie the way he does and that he doesn't let his ego get in the way just makes me chuckle.

Hope everyone has a good day. I'll be in training most of the day and then I will meet up with PDX Granny for some fun. We are hoping for nice weather so we can have a big adventure!

Sasha said...

ORKmommy said: Big Brother is not a team sport House Guests!

I love it, that should be the BB motto (or battle cry!)

And I do believe that Ollie is just so bursting with pride over his brilliant deal that he's seeing everything through arrogance-colored glasses.

RBennie said...

Good Morning all. Although Dan is still my favorite (only because I find him to be the least objectionable of the bunch, and even that is starting to wane) I really had to chuckle when Dan started going on in the DR about how he planned the deal with Ollie and did it for Ollie to take the heat, etc. I'm sorry, but no one's gonna convince me that he was anything but desperate up on that vine and made whatever deal he could to win before he fell off (Ollie was not going anywhere). It's always easy after the fact to make up a scenario to justify what you've done. Can't blame him for it though, if he can manage to make himself look brilliant instead of an idiot for making that deal, more power to him - just remember Dan, I know the real deal - but I'll keep it between us - LOL.

RBennie said...

P.S. - and wasn't it cute how he threw in the coded message to Memphis in his nomination speech, throwing in the word "renegade".

Anonymous said...

Off Topic -
DWTS contestants announced today. Show starts Sept. 22.

Susan Lucci
Toni Braxton
Lance Bass
Cloris Leachman
Kim Kardashian
Ted McGinley (Love Boat)
Brooke Burke
Warren Sapp (NFL)
Rocco Dispirito
Cody Linley (Hannah Montana movie)
Jeffrey Ross (Comedian)
Misty May-Treanor (Olympics)
Maurice Green (Olympics)

Chauncey said...

Yeah Ollie really has to be pretty stupid or arrogant to think that he can make Dan hold up the deal. At best he should be apprehensive about it and hoping he goes thru with it.

Yes there is way to much of the pot calling the kettle black and all of their stuff stinks.

dla said...

Jackie, that made me laugh out loud!!

"Here's the latest from that Big Brother House of Deluded Dingalings"

Seriously... The talking in circles, and just-plain-non-stop talking from Michelle is enough to make me lose my mind.

I am looking forward to all h*ll breaking loose today following the POV ceremony. :)

Laurie said...

I love this group. We are so entertaining and witty and smart. Reading posts here is the best entertainment yet.

Yaaay us!!

RBennie said...

Off Topic: Cloris Leachman on DWTS - that can't be right. I just saw her on a roast for Bob Saget and she's got to be at least 80 - if not she definitely looks it. She certainly didn't look like she was in any kind of shape to get through DWTS.

Anonymous said...

Cloris Leachman on the list surprised me too, but her name is there. I heard that she wanted on this show badly.

Nana in the NW said...


DWTS new cast:

The celebrity names have already been listed but there is also 3 new pros. Mark Ballas's father is teaming up with Cloris Leachman, there's another young girl(2006 Jr. champ.) with Lance Bass, and a girl who was the Swing champ(can't remember who she's with).

About the celebs....

Misty Treanor--she just finished the Olympics which means only about 3 weeks to train for DWTS. and she teamed with hard-core Max.

I'm glad to see Susan Lucci. It should be fun to watch her.

Cody Linley--Juliann Hough will have her hands full. He must barely be 18! Watch him to go a long way with all the pre-teen Hannah Montana fans voting.

Cloris Leachman--never was a fan of hers. She must be in her late 60's...makes me wonder how flexible she is and if she can keep up with the trainig regimen....we'll see.

Kim Kardashin--yuck!! Spoiled little girl who I think will be gone early on.

Lance Bass--gotta have a boy band member!

Toni Braxton--great way to get her singing career back in the limelight.

Maurice Greene--didn't he get suspended for steroids use?

Warren Sapp--have read he's a really nice guy, but he is a BIG guy!

Don't know too much about the rest. It will be fun to watch the first few weeks and see who has chemistry and some talent!

Nana in the NW said...

I'm glad POV ceremony is today. All the HG did yesterday was trash each other and talk in circles. I tried to watch BBAD but was getting motion sick listening to them go around and around!!

How can they all be so delusional and self-rightous?!

Jerry's right...he does have alot of explaining to do to his family when he gets out...whatever role model he thought he was for them has been ruined the last 45 days!

I love watching Dan and Renny together. I think they have kind of a mother/son relationship...she tries to teach him life lessons and he teases and annoys her! I loved how he called her "the dawlin' from New Orleans". I do believe they have a mutual respect for each other.

This is going to be a good week on BB.......YAY!!!

Jackie said...

I was curious, so I looked her up. Cloris Leachman was born in April in 1926. She's 82. Yikes.

ORKMommy said...

Nana said "Cloris Leachman...She must be in her late 60's..."

Cloris was born April 30, 1926 which makes her 82 (according to Wikipedia)!! I wonder how she'll do compared to Wayne Newton!!


ORKMommy said...

Jackie - You must have been posting your comment while I was looking it up! Great minds think alike!!!

Anonymous said... has pics and bios for DWTS new season. Cloris is there.

PlaidChick said...

Off Topic -
DWTS contestants announced today. Show starts Sept. 22.
Rocco Dispirito

I couldn't even stand this guy and his smugness in his own show The Resturant!

I have no favorites on the list

So now all the talk will be will Lance dance with a man or not? Can you see Jonathan and him doing the Rumba?

RBennie said...

Oh come on. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for older folks getting to show what they can do, but my imagination just does not stretch far enough to imagine Cloris Leachman doing the Jive, or even worse, some of the sexy latin dances. Maybe she'll prove me wrong, but I wouldn't bet on it. When she was on the roast I mentioned earlier, she needed help to get to the podium!

RBennie said...

LOL Plaidchick - I don't think DWTS is so forward thinking that they would allow a male/male couple - and if they did, I really wouldn't want to watch it.

lynn1 said...

Thinking about Cloris Leachman trying to do any of the Latin dances is something too awful to visualize. @@

Sasha said...

LOL, I looked up Cloris, too. I figured she had to be at least in her 70's...wrong by a decade!

It will be interesting though because she has always been a VERY vocal advocate for health and nutrition, to the point of obnoxious according to stories other celebrities have told in the (way) past. Perhaps she wants to show that she's right and is capable of DWTS in her 80's?

Sasha said...

Does anyone know if we have an ETA on when POV may take place today?

Nana in the NW said...

Cloris probably won't even get as far as the Latin dances!! She'll start out with a nice Waltz and maybe a Tango. She's partnered with Corky Ballas(Mark's dad)....I wonder if he's a magician and dancer!?

I need to jump over to ABC and see who else is partnered together.

RBennie said...

OMG - Lacey Schwimmer from SYTYCD is teamed up with Lance Bass. I loved her, they should have a lot of fun together and she brings her own large fan base.

Bill Cornelius said...

Dan's deal isn't as dumb as everyone might think, and perhaps he did come up with the plan beforehand.

Think about it. He had to know Ollie would want to put up either Memphis, Kesha or Renny. Dan and Jerry already have issues so Dan putting him up would not be a surprise.

Phase two would be the POV comp. Dan would have to expect that Jerry would be a week competitor and the only possible flaw in the plan would have been if Jerry was taken off. Had that happened, Dan would have to go back on the promise to let Ollie pick the replacement. As long as Jerry stays up, Dan can be comfortable with one of his allies on the block.

As long as Jerry is on the block there will be 2 of Dans allies voting for the eviction. Dan won't have to worry about an ally going out because only Ollie and Michelle will be voting so Dan will be able to break the tie.

Dan will have plausable deniability with Ollie and Michelle should one of them be the next HOH.

ORKMommy said...

Bill - the only flaw in your thinking is how Dan's own alliance is taking his deal. His deal with Ollie has cast doubt with Memphis, Renny & Keesha. They wonder why he made the deal. Also, Jerry has won 2 POV's already. I think he's taking a HUGE risk and it may not be worth the reward.

Nana in the NW said...

Here are the partners for DWTS:

Lance Bass--Lacey Schwimmer(2006 Youth Swing Champ)

Brooke Burke--Derek Hough

Misty Treanor--Maxism Cherlljkj(?)...two strong personalities

Cloris Leachman--Corky Ballas

Susan Lucci--Tony Dovolani(Marie Osmond's partner)

Rocco Despirito--Karina

Warren Sapp--Kym Johnson

Jeffery Ross--Edyta

Toni Braxton--Alec Mazo

Maurice Greene--Cheryl Burke

Kim Kardashin--Mark Ballas
(did you know Bruce Jenner is her step-dad?)

Cody Linley--Juliann Hough

Ted McGinley--Inna ? (US Amatuer Champ)

There ya have it folks---what do you think??

RBennie said...

Strictly from a fan base point of view, I think Lance, Susan and Cody will make it pretty far - unless they completely suck. I think the early cannon fodder will be Cloris, Jeffrey Ross and Ted McGinley.

Nana in the NW said...

Luckily for Dan he will not have to vote on a tiebreaker. Everyone but Ollie(and he might go along with the house)will vote for Michelle to go.

I agree with Renny that Memphis will turn on any of them! Dan will be smart to keep his alliance to Keesha/Renny. Memphis will stick with them because of his dislike for Jerry and Ollie.

Off to see the Dr. for my yearly, fun, fun!!

cha cha said...

According to an interview with Dan's sister...He has been a fan of BB for a while. He tried out for previous seasons. I think he was supposed to be on BB9 and BB8 but with college and work it wasn't possible. I really wanted Renny to win it all but I must say I have shifted to Dan. If he goes through with nominating michelle after POV then I want him to take it all..The rand prize and take the america's challenge

Anonymous said...

IMO Dan does not want to break the tie. He wants clean hands. Jerry going home is no threat. To improve the odds of winning HOH next week Michelle or Ollie have to go. Dan thinks it better for him as Ollie won't be as mad if Michelle goes up.

Yes Dan has to break his word but as I am sure he will say, Oillie broke his firt so he has every right too.

TeaBbfan said...

I agree Bill but I also agree there are flaws in every plan
I know we critise these people a lot but think if you were stuck with all these people 24/7 for months ...knowing ur being talked about & tension is high ...people want to win and they want to take others out ...backstabbing back biting constant stress and scheming ..spell check please lol
anyway its hard enough to be on the outside dealing with family members for holidays think 24/7 with family memebers for months at a time...and yes I do know they sign up for this
has anyone else wondered how Keesha got on the show?

TeaBbfan said...

is it critize? lol

TeaBbfan said...

laurie good to see u made it where you were going have fun with PDX granny

RBennie said...

LOL, that's close is criticize.

Tom`S said...

Oh my gosh, they keep repeating the same things over and over ... on both sides!

Nooooooooooo -- Haha I know how repeating can literally create doubt, or expose who, what originially begin repeated cycle.

Even in BB house, the repeating continues, My headache actually got better along with my ears.

It's time for laughter when I notice the pattern of repeats headed my way. I couldn't believe my Mother's name was misspelled during a transaction I dare not repeat what, I probably jinx myself, however I rarely used that word Jinx a relative name Theresa did..

I'm not getting taken down again. Wake up J get Theresa out of your head.

Thanks Jackie everyone

Sasha said...

teabbfan said: has anyone else wondered how Keesha got on the show?
I had not wondered but now I wonder why you ask? :)

Anonymous said...

i was watching bb after dark one night and Keesha said that a bb producer called her boss at hooters and asked if he had any waitress's that would be interested in doing Big brother..tada!!..and I heard michelle say that keesha was on the Carters?..i think that was the reality show about nick carters family..I guess she is friends with them or something..
-Jamie Mae-

Anonymous said...

i was just reading some of the updates and I guess dan is getting cold feet and hi is pi$$ing renny and keesha off..something about he wants to go around the pov room and ask each person who the want to go up and he is telling keesha renny and memphis which people to pick..i think dan is digging himself a grave..
-Jamie Mae-

RBennie said...

I was just reading the updates on Jokers and apparently Dan's latest idea is that he is going to poll the HGs at the POV ceremony about who they want to replace Memphis on the block. He told Renny and Keesha he wants them to name Michelle. Once again he's working overtime to get the target off his back, LOL. I guess he somehow thinks that will get him off the hook with Ollie. Renny agreed, but is not at all thrilled about it.

RBennie said...

LOL Jamie Mae, I guess we were typing at the same time.

cha cha said...

Dan is freaking out a little bit..I am reading the same thing on Jokers..Did he tell Ollie that he was going to poll everyone? That is how the last post on jokers sounded.

Anonymous said...

lol..big news travels fast
-Jamie Mae-

ORKMommy said...

Dan needs to man up and either honor the deal or not. He can't keep expecting everyone to just say "Oh Dan, he's so cute...he's so harmless". Either play the game or go home!

I'm losing respect for him at this point!

Anonymous said...

orkmommy..preach it sister!!..he plays too many mind games..enough already. Does anyone know what time the veto meeting is?
-Jamie Mae-

Clementine said...

"Polling" the houseguests for the replacement nominee sounds like a really bad idea. Better if Dan just took the responsibility for the decision himself. This is going to tick off his whole alliance and give them a reason to ditch him later.

And what if they all waffle and name different people. Oh, Dan, don't do it!

RBennie said...

These people should just think about what's good for themself for a minute and refuse to name a replacement. I would say "Dan, this is your responsibility and I wouldn't feel comfortable naming anyone to be placed on the block."

Anonymous said...

I think Dan has overplayed his hand in wanting the houseguests to declare who they want put on the block

They are not stupid and know he just wants to direct some of Ollies anger to them

Stupid move Dan.

ORKMommy said...

I would say "Dan, I understand that Monica isn't here to think for you so you're gonna have to attempt to do it for yourself! Go ahead big boy, try it!"

RBennie said...

LOL - okay Orkmommy, yours was better. Hehehe

flipflopsinthewinter said...

AH!!!!!!!!!!! I can't take Michelle anymore. Just getting to watch BBAD from last night. She has now moved from baby talk to gangsta talk with her homeboy Ollie. SO annoying. Once again, after she had most of the wine they got. She is annoying as hell.

RBennie said...

I think they are deliberately delaying the POV meeting so that Dan can have a nervous breakdown, LOL. It sounds like he's about ready to explode.

Anonymous said...

they should all say "Ollie"

RBennie said...

LOL, oh my, then what would Dan do.

ORKMommy said...

I'm just a hard ass! Musta been all those years in the Marines!

(oh wait, that wasn't me, that was Jerry!)

ORKMommy said...

Anonymous said - they should all say "Ollie"

That reminds me! Has anyone else noticed how Michelle says his name? She pronounces it "Ali" as in Mohamed Ali.

Drives me up the wall!

Clementine said...

Dan: "This is either going to go very well, or very bad"

Memphis: "I'll go with the second one"

ITA, Memphis Bob. ITA!

ORKMommy said...

Off Topic!!!

American Idol adds a fourth judge

Just what we need! Another "you look so pretty" Paula Abdul judge!

Clementine said...


This shouldn't take long, right?

ORKMommy said...

They should show a bunch of cats hissing at each other with the hair on their backs standing straight up instead of the fishes!

RBennie said...

I just realized we are never going to see the full extent of what happens in this POV meeting, only the heavily edited BB version - RATS! For some reason I had forgetten they block the meeting from the feeds.

Laurie said...

Just popping in on my lunch break. Yes, I have a bb addiction and I need to go somewhere and get some help.

I was hoping the would do the POV thing whilst I was eating my delicous Wllamette Valley salad. So come on, guys, do the vote and let's get it out to the public.

I do hope Dan did not go through with the poll thing. He needs to forget team playing and just make a decision. For crying out loud, Danny Boy, show some nuts with those bananas.

RBennie said...

I have managed to spend my entire day today reading my book (Sherilyn Kenyon's - Acheron) and chatting with you guys about BB - all while appearing to do real work. Damn I'm good.

Nana in the NW said...

rbennie--I think we will get most of the full effect by the aftermath that will occur!! And you know this group of "loose lips" lunatics they will be spilling their guts within the hour!!

Or maybe Ollie/Mich. really will punch Dan ;}

I'm guessing about now Dan is thinking seeing a pic. of Monica wasn't worth the deal he made. After his ideas today he has pretty much pissed off everyone!

ork--as for Amer. Idol 4th judge the radio said she is british, fiesty, and will give Simon a run for his money!

Somebody asked about Joyn...didn't she tell us she would be gone?? Does anyone else remember that?

Laurie said...

I bow to your genius, rbennie. A lesser woman could not get away with that!

RBennie said...

Thanks Laurie, it's just one of my special talents. LOL

RBennie said...

Your right Nana, we will hear about most of the outcome of the meeting, but nothing beats seeing it for yourself.

RBennie said...

Oh I forgot to mention that I did manage to squeeze in lunch between the reading and the blogging!

ORKMommy said...

New post about the POV. I'm moving over guys!

Susan said...

Wow, Ollie to Memphis "Suck my
****. Several time. boy the s*** really did hit the fan.

Susan said...

Ollie to Dan: You "Disprespected" me.

How original.