Sunday, August 03, 2008

Big Brother 10: Live Feeds Into Sunday Afternoon 8/03

Well, Michelle looks better in red spandex than I would. She's over her pouting about it ... for now. Here's the latest from that Big Brother House of Snores and Bores:
  • Ollie and April got over their brouhaha last night and he's still sleeping in the HOH room with her.
  • Libra wondered how her children are doing.
  • Michelle rigged up the unitard as a bathing suit.
  • She wasn't happy with the results then whined to Jessie that she tried to do what the Diary Room wanted.
  • She decided she'd just stay in bed all day.
  • Renny and Keesha are still BFF -- they talked about April having too much power.
  • Renny thinks April would take Libra to the end because she could win against her.
  • Keesha thinks Michelle and Jessie see April and Libra as bigger threats than they see her as a threat.
  • Everyone except Jessie and Michelle hung out in the yard or in the pool.
  • Jessie and Michelle confined themselves to a room.
  • Because they've been so boring, I'll fill the rest of the report with screen caps I took.


becky said...

I have been thinking about CBS and them ignoring us and (if she is telling the truth) telling April to keep JessMe. I have a suggestion. If JessMe does not get evicted this week then we should all shut down and just pretend that he does not exist. Also tell other BB Boards where you post to NOT mention JessMe at all. THEN if CBS thinks we have forgotten him or have suddenly decided we like him, perhaps they will stop manipulating the ones who let the DR tell them what to do. I am beginning to wonder if Keesha REALLY wanted the vote to be to evict Angie or if CBS coerced her and the brainless ones to keep the idiot.

Anonymous said...

I don't think CBS tells the houseguests exactly what to do. BB is a game show; that would be illegal IMO. BB can give leading questions in the DR. So BB is probably just asking April why she is going back on her word to Michelle about putting up Jessie. They probably want to steer the episode into a poor Michelle lost the comp and evil April is betraying her and Jessie. Besides BB knows Dan's task is to get rid of Jessie this week.

Anonymous said...

ehh Keesha just liked Memphis, thought Angie was prettier than her and was irritated that Steven preferred Angie's friendship; it was all third grade
Even BB couldn't manipulate Keesha IMHO. Yet I still like Keesha and I hope she develops some real game and gets far.

Jackie said...

BB is likely guilty of HINTS, but not telling the HG what to do. I have no doubt that they might try to lead them a bit, but in the end ... it's the HG decision.

PlaidChick said...

Ohhh I definitely think BB riggs and hints to the HG's...

Ummm April drops enough hints of that...

And can we please retire the red unitard? Diary has been telling Rotweiler how to make it into a swimsuit... z-z-z-z

The 105 temps outside have put me in a bad mood.

Becky... I'll be happy to get rid of my avatar and ignore "him" Dingo is!

Anonymous said...

When we talk about April and Ollie being bad- just do a tour of youtube's many many movies of sex in the big brother house around the world.

There are people having sex in the tub in I think Germany, a couple not even trying to hide under down covers somewhere in the netherlands... they are both even talking to their roommate who came in to go to bed as the girl on top with the blanket only around her waist keeps going til she's good. There's a couple in a bubble bath in Poland who strip their bathing suits... Maybe it's because they are less reserved about sex in those countries.

There's even one from British BB where a couple gets interrupted several times while doing it on the COUCH in the living room under a blanket, and three of the male cast mates comes in, calls them out, one even lifts up the blanket for a peek. THey try again in the bedroom apparently, while one castmate is in there. Then the lights go on and about 7 others come in and turn on the lights and unpack a suitcase.

In Brazil's BB house they have a giant sauna and a huge round pool with underwater cameras... of course to give full exposure to girls in their Ipanema bikini bottoms. Their house looks like a high end spa. Bigger budget there?

Zoetawny said...

How's everyone doing today?

I've watched a bit of the live feeds today and borrrrrrring is right. I'm wondering when the POV ceremony starts. I don't think Jerry will use it but expect the unexpected with BB.

I read somewhere that Steven said there would be a "twist" that nobody expects but he couldn't talk about it. It's probably not true but if there is a twist, it had better be a good one.

Jackie said...
BB is likely guilty of HINTS, but not telling the HG what to do. I have no doubt that they might try to lead them a bit, but in the end ... it's the HG decision.

8/03/2008 5:55 PM
ITA! The "DR" probably suggests ideas to them but can't completely script the show. It seems as though they are easily led by hints. I just hope it's not another "herd mentality" vote on Thursday.

I'd like to see what Manchelle does if Jessie is evicted. I have a feeling that April will keep Jessie.


105° is too hot for humans and animals. Try to stay cool. It's 87° here right now.


Hope you're feeling good this weekend. Thanks for all the screen caps. Sorry, I haven't had much time to make graphics lately. I have a couple to send to you but not sure they're still relevant to what's happening in the house.


Sydney said...

I feel like in the last two seasons we heard enough of the HG's saying what was said in the DR that the producers did more than hint at times... PRESSURE is the word I'd use.

Maybe they only do that when ratings are in dire need. And there was plenty of dire need the last 2 seasons, imho

becky said...

"BB is likely guilty of HINTS, but not telling the HG what to do. I have no doubt that they might try to lead them a bit, but in the end ... it's the HG decision."

By strong hints, leading questions, or out and out intimidation, I think it is wrong. I hate to think that it could be so, but face it, the network probably feels they need the drama and fireworks to draw viewers. I hope April and the others do make the decision to oust his firm little hiney.