Thursday, August 28, 2008

Big Brother 10: Live Feeds Into Thursday Dawn

Keesha makes the oddest faces, doesn't she? I can't recall why this face she made last night while I was getting screen caps, but it's not her most flattering pose.

Tonight's live show, probably the most exciting one of the season, won't be live here in the NYC area. I'll see it after Ferguson (which, by the way, is in reruns again this week -- no hamsters). But I'll get a post up when it should start so that folks can fill us in as it airs at the normal time in some areas.

Here's the big events from last night in the Big Brother House of Lost Loves:
  • Dan and Memphis cooked dinner. Jerry said he'll always eat if there's food. Ollie refused. Michelle ate the dinner and then thanked "whoever" cooked it even though she knew who cooked it, but perhaps not who did the separate dishes.
  • I hope Michelle eventually realizes how pathetic she sounds begging BB for alcohol. Maybe they should set up a 12 Step Program for her in sequester.
  • Ollie sat around in his sunglasses trying to look tough and cool, I guess. I don't know -- those sunglasses remind me of The Fly. help me! help me!
  • Michelle cried after talking with Keesha about Mom's dinners.
  • She wouldn't let Keesha console her.
  • Keesha told Renny she feels sorry for Michelle.
  • Ollie thinks Dan is a plant. Wait, we know that. The new why is because his plan was so carefully planned out and the morning songs were about guns.
  • Renny talked to Ollie and told him that she thinks she's been fed lies. She wanted to know if Ollie really was responsible for Memphis going on the block and the details of the HOH deal.
  • Neither Renny or Ollie know why Dan wanted them to say each other at the POV ceremony. Ollie thinks it was for show. When Ollie asked Renny if she trusts Dan, she told him she doesn't trust anyone.
  • Ollie and Keesha briefly talked religion. Now, here's something I can get behind Ollie on -- he said he doesn't debate religion because he thinks everyone should just read the bible and interpret it in their own way. I'd go a step further and include more than the bible, but I've always been one to hate religion debates.
  • Memphis told Keesha he's worried that Renny thinks he has an alliance with Jerry. Yeah, like that could happen!
  • They are buzzing about a double eviction, but it's really just speculation. They think it's due soon. Dan thinks someone comes back if they boot two. @@
  • Michelle cried some more.
  • Michelle tried again for Keesha's vote. Jerry doesn't seem to be campaigning at all and rather sure he's staying.
  • Ollie told Keesha that Jerry told him he isn't campaigning because the votes are the way they are and he can't change them.
  • Ollie told Keesha he didn't think that Renny would vote to keep Jerry. He also told her that if Michelle stays, they won't target either Renny or Keesha next week.
  • They're really working it, huh?
  • Jerry thinks Michelle keeps crying to gain sympathy votes to stay.
  • Dan used the peace signs from the Hippie Room to make a big veto.
  • Michelle told Ollie that she tried to make a deal with Memphis that if she stays and wins HOH, he can name a nominee and she won't put him up. Now, where have we heard that before? (As a sidenote: I don't recall her having that conversation with Memphis, but I could have missed it.)
  • All are asleep as I post this.


cha cha said...

BYE BYE MICHELLE!!!Hopefully Ollie is right behind...

Anonymous said...

thanks jackie for your blog I've been a loyal fan since all stars !!

I do hope michelle leaves, and the new HOH will give the boot to Ollie. I think Dan has been one of the best players in the game and hope that he makes it in the end, I can't say I really liked him at first but he has grown on me.

Laurie said...

Wait ... Renny went to Ollie to get the true story about the POV deal? There is so much wrong with that ... I can't even go there. Hopefully, she is filtering all her information with the knowledge that it's a game and everyone lies. Isn't that what House says?

I'm looking forward to tonight's show, too. It's supposed to be on here in Portland at 9. By then I will be finished studying for tomorrow's certification exam and be ready for some entertainment on the tv and here at the best blog ever.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know for a fact that Renny has an alliance with Ollie? It seems like they do but I wondered if it's true.

Renny is careful not to make waves since her first nomination so I think she'll go with the plan and vote to evict Michelle.

I think both Jerry and Renny think they're playing a good game when, in reality, they are kept in the game because they are easy to get out. Neither one can win the final HOH. But if Jerry makes it to final three, someone may take him with them believing that he wouldn't get the jury votes.

CBS needs to shake this game up because the weak players continue to make it to the end of the game.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning
The only reason I can figure that Ollie is so dead set on Dan being a plant is (in his mind) in order for someone to pull something that big over on him Dan had to have had help. I think it is the only way he can salvage his pride to everyone for being made to look so foolish.

Little does he know all of his wild ideas make him look even more foolish. IMO anyway

Laurie said...

anon 9:28 You make a good point.

ORKMommy said...

I hope Michelle eventually realizes how pathetic she sounds begging BB for alcohol. Maybe they should set up a 12 Step Program for her in sequester.

Michelle should be grateful that she's going to the sequester house because they always have alcohol there. At least in the clips we've seen they've had alcohol. Maybe someone should tell her...

Chauncey said...

So long Michelle.

ORKMommy said...

Wanna see how we grow our tomatoes in Wisconsin?

Check this out...

Laurie said...

ORKMommy, that tomato is fabulous. Thanks for sharing it with us. It's a classic, for sure!

Anonymous said...

anon 9:28, i think you hit it spot on

RBennie said...

Good morning all. It's a beautiful day here in NYC. I can't wait for tonight's show or should I say tomorrow morning's show since I'll be watching it in the middle of the night! Could it be true that Renny is starting to waffle? I know she has her doubts about Dan, but she will most likely go along with her alliance for this eviction. I do like that she has a mind of her own and not that sheep mentality.

On a previous post the discussion came up about how the jury votes. Someone was insisting that the jury always votes for the best player. I beg to differ on that point. While I will admit that several times the best player of the F2 has won the game, it is almost never because they were the better player. Here are some examples that I can remember:

Dr. Will & Nicole - he was the better player and did win, but more because jurors hated Nicole more than they hated him.

Lisa & Danielle - Lisa won, but Danielle was clearly the better player. The jury voted for Lisa because they were able to see Danielle's DR sessions and hear what she really thought of them. If not for that she would have won.

Jun & Allison - both played the game hard and both were intensely disliked. Jun won by being the lesser of two evils.

Drew & Cowboy - Plain and simple Drew won because he had more friends on the jury. He was one of the few that made it to the end without really making enemies. I don't think either one of them played much of a game - luck more than anything got them to F2.

Maggie & Yvette - shudder, shudder. Why did Maggie win? They had the same friends on the jury and the same enemies. I think the friends just liked Maggie a little more and the enemies hated Yvette a little more, LOL. Janelle was robbed!!

Mike & Erika - Mike had Will on the jury to speak for him. Erika came off as being totally pathetic and totally played by Mike. Yes Mike played the better game, but it was a very distasteful game and he couldn't have done it without Will. Janelle was robbed once again!!

Dick & Danielle - this one was simple the jury hated Dick, but absolutely loathed Danielle. They felt like he kept her in the game and she didn't deserve to get the money. I believe Dick would have lost against Zack.

Adam & Ryan - Adam was more likeable and didn't appear to stab anyone in the back or if he did, he was always contrite about it, LOL. Ryan made more enemies.

So the way I see it, there has never been a winner picked purely on game play. Jurors voted for personal reasons every time.

I would love to hear other viewpoints.

Anonymous said...


Jerry/also pathetic and for an old guy, he acts horrid. If he were my family I would be horrified.
Hope he goes soon also.

Ollie has not even played the game until now. He just encouraged April to fight and keep all eyes away from him. Ollie better be gone too.

ORKMommy said...

I think I'll name my tomato Ollie! Cuz it reminds me of a certain A$$!


Laurie said...

ork, I just spit my tea on the keyboard.

Anonymous said...

What a surprise (not) that Ollie sees Scripture as something to interpret in any way you wish.

ORKMommy said...

Laurie - You're a big fat liar! I just checked your blog and it says:

"When I return from our cruise, I will write about it here and share my experiences and my pictures."

Um...that was May and there's no post since then! I wanna see Alaska!!! :-)

lynn1 said...

Yes, Ollie, Michelle and Jerry, I know for a fact that Dan is a plant because the sun rose in the East this morning.
What a bunch of knuckle heads those 3 are.

I hope Renny doesn't go hinky listening to Michelle's & Ollie's version of the truth. If she saves Michelle I fear she will not last past next weeks eviction.

ORKMommy said...

Anon 11:25 - Most Christians see Scripture as interpretation because it's the written word. This is one of the reasons we have so many different varieties of Christianity and why so many churches have Bible study groups.

tbc said...

That is one big ass, Ork! Wow!

meb said...

Orkmommy - Just a note... Laurie posted some pictures of their Alaska trip on
and then she gives other links as well.

Love your tomato (it cracked me up)... nuf said.

Renny has to be smarter than even considering going to the "other side" and voting Jerry off instead of Michelle. She'd just be making herself a target. I'm really anxious to see who wins the HOH tonight and who else ends up going to sequester.

I doubt they'll show April meeting up with Libra... I'd bet they'll save that for next time Julie's on when they'll have more time and they can show all three arriving. Hope I'm wrong tho.

Anonymous said...

Referring to rbennie's post:

• Will/Nicole: Will won, and jurors acknowledged that his superior play could not be denied.

• Lisa/Danielle: I barely remember these two. But per rbennie's own thinking, the superior player would have won if jury had the same info they would get today.

• June/Allison: Allison was a dim bulb who controlled nothing. Better player won.

• Drew/Cowboy: Both floated to the end. Cowboy, the loser, had no game whatever, and seemed to have a head full of cobwebs. Better player won.

• Maggie/Yvette: Maggie had an OK game, and took Yvette to finals because she had none. Better player won.

• Mike/Erika: Erika was "totally pathetic and totally played by Mike". Better player won. If Will had been in the Final 2, he would have won against Janelle or anyone else for his masterful play.

• Dick/Danielle: Dick took Danielle all the way, and controlled the whole game. Better player won.

• Adam/Ryan: I barely remember these guys, but if "Adam was more likable and didn't appear to stab anyone in the back or…was contrite", and "Ryan made more enemies", then the better player won.

The most common explanation for jurors' votes is that their choice "played a better game".

Anonymous said...

Referring to orkmommy's post:

"Isn't that convenient!"

ORKMommy said...

Anon - I refuse to have a conversation with someone who is uninformed. Please refrain from commenting to me. Thank you.

Petals said...

Jackie! I was looking for your @@ after Ollie's 'songs about guns' theory. HAHA

Petals said...

ORK - LOVE your new pic.
RBENNIE - LOVE your theories on the past wins. And yes, Janelle was robbed!

RBennie said...

Anon 11:59 a.m. - Of course the jurors always say they voted for the best player, what are they going to say "I hated that other byootch more"? If the point your trying to make is whoever wins the game is the better player because they won, then I guess that is one way to look at it, but I have never thought that way. Oft times the best players of the game never make it to the end. Just one correction though - Maggie didn't take Yvette to F2 - Yvette took Maggie.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how, at 11:30, one can have a zealous desire to inform, and by 12:12 have no desire to converse with "the uninformed".

Anonymous said...

Referring to rbennie's post:

It's true that the best players don't always get to the finals. To survive on good play takes a certain level of subtlety. But when it comes to the final vote, the better game play gets a lot of respect (and votes) from the jury.

My recall is a bit vague, but I wonder if, when Yvette took Maggie to the finals, Maggie wangled that development. For most people who remember Yvette, I'll bet it isn't for her strategy.

ORKMommy said...

Anon - you didn't try to have a conversation you just said interesting. I'm done with this conversation and won't be answering you anymore.

Chauncey said...

Thank you rbennie, you are spot on with each assessment. The actual best player hardly ever wins. Daniel got screwed, she was absolutely the best player never to win but they were so pissed that she played them they voted against her. The next year DR sessions were kept private til after the show.

ORKMommy said...

I think the jury should have the live feeds in the sequester house. They make their decision based on what they know from being in the game & knowing who won HOH, got put on the block, won veto and what happened in the veto. They need real information!

Nana in the NW said...

ork--LOVE your tomato!! And you picked a great appropiate.

I have been active in church since I was a little girl and totally agree with Ork. about Christianity/Scripture.

I see the "bad side" of the anon. family has been here stirring up trouble...hmmmmm. That's why we like to see a name/initials attached to a post. Many of you in the anon. family are a fun part of this group. I look forward to comments by some of the regs. and would like to attach a name to some of the anon. people. We only bite if you bite first!!

I'm thinking I should check in on the house but it's probably mots(more of the same)!

I don't think Renny has an alliance with Ollie, but she does have a soft spot for him. However, she is closer to Dan and Keesha and will take them to the end.

In this group of HG I think this is how they will vote regardless of who is the F2:



Nana in the NW said...

orkmommy--I agree about live feeds. The only other source of info. is the evicted HG, and their info is biased based on who they like and dislike. They will sway the jurors by what they "don't tell"!

Chauncey said...

Yvette could have picked either Maggie or Janelle and she picked Maggie knowing she had a better chance to win against Janelle. Stupid.

Petals said...

Just a question to throw out here: Was anyone else softened at Jerry after seeing the conversation with his wife? I know he's been a jerk in the house at times, but I've always had a soft spot for him, in a grampa kinda way, you know? Anyone else? He'd be my 3rd pick to win after Dan, then Ren.

Anonymous said...

To a stranger reading the remarks of an individual so momentarily forthcoming, who suddenly states that "I refuse to have a conversation" with the "uninformed", it is "interesting" to consider the potential of her fears and assumptions.

RBennie said...

Yes Chauncey your right. Ivette had a better chance to win against Janelle because the juror was loaded with her friends, but I guess she thought her precious "Cappy" would be upset with her if she didn't take Maggie to F2, LOL.

tbc said...

Yuck, just reading the name "Cappy" aka "crappy" made my skin crawl. I couldn't stand that guy.

Petals, I was glad that Jerry got the call and am happy for his wife, but I don't know if my opinion really changed. I have never been a Jerry fan from the beginning.

Anonymous said...

Referring to chauncey's post:

So, as was typical, Yvette made a "stupid" choice, and, in the voting, the better of the two players came out ahead.

By playing more skillfully than others, you can draw attention and risk early elimination. But in the Final 2, the better player almost always wins.

mama2matthew said...

Thanks to whomever gave the justintv link. I mean it really.. thanks... it was kinda boring to see at times and I have a new appreciation of Jackie.

That said... why has nothing been done to Ollie such as not letting him play for HOH as a result of his outburst and trashing the house up? Any ideas?

KWrigh said...

Hi all! Please leave the bickering to the HGs. Yes I found a soft spot for Jerry. I think Keesha found one too. He is like a Grandpap with a BAD MOUTH. Wonder how is grandchildren are reacting? What kind of language is coming out of their mouths.

Anonymous said...

hey guys and gals! i am just wondering if anyone knows, im sure you all the jury members get to see the whole show with diary room and all, or just the clips from the HOH and POV and such?


Nana in the NW said...

mama2matthew--I think Ollie will have to pay for any damages he did out of his stipend. He was probably strongly warned not to talk about his session in the DR after his rampage. It also appears he has been told to keep his distance from Dan/Memphis(he eluded to that in a convo. with Mich.)

After everything BB let Dick get away with they couldn't possible evict Ollie for having a tantrum.

petals--Did you call your mom?? She gave you a shout out yesterday!

I was very touched by Jerry's phone call from home. I believe he is the one who needed it the most. That being said, I still don't put him in my top 3. When he talks about his life it seems he is well off and lives very comfortably. He also has a vulgar mouth and thinks "his s**t don't stink"!!

I would rather see someone win that:
*needs the money
*played the game
*didn't trash talk the others with vulgar language
*and will do something good for society and their own life with the money.

I know....delusional's just this "pollyanna" world I like to live in. LOL

Anonymous said...

nana, i live in that world too...only mine has the ingalls family in it. hehe

the one difference is that i feel 'need' shouldnt play a role in this game. its always been a pet peeve of mine...they are always claiming they should win/move on bc they need the money. but i do agree with you about using it for good as far as society goes. not all of it, but enough to make some difference. I'm an animal lover, so the kennel idea from keesha wins me over.


Anonymous said...

Nana - I think your guesses about how the jury would vote are spot on with the possible exception of Memphis and Keesha who seem to be open minded until someone attacks them personally. If they feel like someone turnd on them I think they may vote for personal reasons.

Since it seems to be getting harder to come up with new twists, it would be interesting to bring back an occasional chance for HGs to see diary room sessions or conversations they missed. Maybe a prize in a contest or America's choice.


Petals said...

Michelle at least adds some drama around the house, some excitement. I'd rather see Keesha leave, but...

Petals said...

NANA - I haven't called her yet...we'll watch the show tonight on the phone together. hahaha...thanks for the reminder, tho.

And now I am not only a DanFan, but I'm a member of TEAM ORK!

Laurie said...

Go Team ork!!

sue said...

Hi all, It is good to listen to you talk amongst yourselves. I have missed that. (smile) I came to BB late this season, but I see that Dan is playing a smart game and his main downfall is being...what shall I say? , I almost said too cocky, but realize that could have several meanings when directed at Dan, so I will say too sure of himself. He made sure that, if he makes it to the F2, that whomever is sitting beside him will have offended at least one person on the jury, because of his POV 'game'. That stunt shows me that he will mow down any competition without remorse or worrying about any new found friendships (which was Yvette's mistake) . At last someone to play a cut throat game. But, will he make it past tonight? Who do you think will be the second evictee? Sue

Tom`S said...

A child is likely to see God as Father, if they see God in their father.

Jackie your a gifted writer,
before you posted what Ollie stated regarding bible, I questioned why my faith upset a certain relative, I don't preach, I actually didn't know many off the wall things this lady seemed to get rattled about.

What stunned me, was the fact she used bible to bring down my brother, she used my personal life experiences in order to bring my brother's confident down.
I actually wondered yesterday morning if maybe I was invisible, I don't like boosting myself with pride, I take pain pills due to severe leg injury, at times my entire body hurts badly, My thinking gets distorted due to my increased pain, although certain family members first response is he's high as a kite, Haha I joke about myself, however I know my body, I know my thinking abilities is affected when I'm in so much pain, I avoid refills, I don't drink alcohol.

I've suffered many car accidents, in fact I had a head on at a high speed, suffered back injury, It wasn't until 1987 - My most painful injury ( knee along with severe nerve damage )was a result from not having worn my seat belt, For years I hid the fact it wasn't I who was driving the car, although my family has known, for some reason on top of so many other personal crisis, this was used against me, not all family members used my past against me, those who rarely spoke fooled others the most, I knew but
Hmm one of them said its because she hated liars, huh?

I don't know how to explain why in my head I needed to protect my children, until yesterday I was stunned shocked by how much I was hated, because of me my child suffered.

I can only say for myself had I known I wasted years repeating the same cycle when I already knew how much people hated me is probably why people pick and choose to hide behind the bible under the terms which suits and applies for their own comfort and own personal gain!

Bottom line is my belief is what I wrote above regarding my dad.

I had a Doctor who I'll never forget by the name of Gustav..

I also thought of a relatives pets name Hannah, what distracted me was this relative attempts to convince me I had a dog named Star, well I still can't recall Star, I think I'd recall, I have family blog S/n Star.

RBennie said...

Can I be head cheerleader for Team Ork - Please, Please. I can dust off my pom poms!

Petals said...

Rbennie - you'd be an awesome cheerleader! I don't think I can fit into my skirt anymore, but I can loan you my megafone!


RBennie said...

Hi Sue. There's no way to really guess who second evictee will be. I would say the people with the biggest targets are Ollie and Dan.

meb said...

Sarah... the contestants in the sequester house do not see the DR conversations. They only get to see the tape the last person evicted brings with them. I forget what it includes, but it's not much.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the jury house should get the live feeds. But why not all the televised shows? That would give them more accurate information.

Also, after what I've seen of Jerry, there is no way to develop a soft spot for a mean-spirited man. IMO, he should never have left his wife knowing how sick she is. I think he uses his age and wife's sickness to gain sympathy. As Renny said to Keesha, others have sadness in their lives too. They just choose to not put in on display.


TerryinCA said...

Laurie...yes, House says that, I bought the t shirt for Steve!
Orkmommy you make an excellent point....Laurie didnt post an pic of the cruise...she did take the one I have here....
Nana and Ork I totally agree with your post about christianity..I am one and have been since a child.
I think people who post Anon yet want to engage people in debates need to "man up" and identify

I love team Ork, I love the tomato called Ollie..Im lovin all the great people who are in this forum....

Anne said...

Laurie said...
Go Team ork!!

Laurie you kill me.....

Petals, No, Jerry's phone call did not soften me up one iota. As far as I'm concerned he's still a mean person with a vindictive streak and a short fuse. I know the tendency is to go a tad nuts under those [BB House] circumstances, but the things that have come out of his mouth are borderline evil.

He could rescue a gaggle of nuns from a burning building and I'd still dislike him the most out of any BB HG - he actually replaced Yvette on my list.

I am a little worried about Renny; she really does seem to have a soft spot for Ollie, and that's ok, I just hope she's watching with both eyes open.

And now a few words to our anonymous friend(s): You are all so very welcome here as are all of the wonderful and diverse points of view that you offer. But please, do not presume to post personal remarks that can only be construed as intimidating and insulting to another member's point of view.

Everybody on this field plays nice, and we like it that way. If you are unable to control the urge to pick a fight, please pick up your ball and go home.

Mianna said...

Jerry's phone call did NOTHING to soften my view of him.

Just last night he sat on the bed with Ollie and just after having a lengthy and friendly conversation with Keesha where I felt she was being genuine with him...

Jerry then whispers (or whatever it is you call it that he does!) some OBSCENE words about Keesha's 'kitty cat' (not the word he used) being able to tease him.......and more.

It was so dirty old man nasty it made me burp up my last meal. Ugh.
He's a joke...he's getting by on the 'old man street fighter' nonsense.

Again...thanks for letting me join your great group....been reading for years.

Petals said...

Anne - LOL about taking the ball & going home. You're right - we have FUN in this park, don't we? hehe


PS - Ollie the Tomato. That is so funny on so many levels. Ork, did YOU take that photo? If so, you're a really good photographer, because that looks like it should be in an almanac or something.

Nana in the NW said...

"put me in coach, I'm ready to play....." I want to be a lineman. I can help defend against the opponents!

I don't want to be a pom-poms are big enough....I don't need anymore!! LOL

sue--good to see you back. Weren't you taking care of a sick Mom? Hope things are going better for all of you.

toms'--you certainly have had your share of struggles. Keep the faith and positive attitude and trust that you know what is right.

sarah--you are right about "need"--everybody needs something! Maybe I should have said the money would help their financial struggles.

reality fan--I think with Memphis/Keesha how they vote will depend on how long they are in the JH. If they have time to get over hurt feelings they will vote gameplay. However, if someone REALLY screwed them over it will all be personal!!

connie--I don't think the TV show would help the jury vote. Based on the TV show alone Ollie had a minor tantrum, A/O never had sex, Jerry is just a sweet old coot, Michelle just crys, drinks, and swears(will that may be true!), etc. The show is sooo editted that the only way to see the "true colors" of the HG is the live feeds--or at BBAD. But that will never happen--CBS plays a BIG HAND in who wins the money!

Connie said...

I'm not surprised to hear Jerry's latest nasty comments. I only wish that somehow he would leave tonight right behind Michelle.

Petals said...

And what's with "The Renegades"? I hate it when the HGs name their own alliances. It reminds me of (yuck!)the Boogie/Will/Shannon alliance, was it "Sly Town"?

RBennie said...

LOL - I think it was Chill Town Petals, and I'm with you I hate that naming the alliance crap. We'll do the naming around here, LOL.

jb said...

"Anon 11:25 - Most Christians see Scripture as interpretation because it's the written word. This is one of the reasons we have so many different varieties of Christianity and why so many churches have Bible study groups.""

Ollie interprets as an excuse to act like a complete jerk. It's that simple.

Nana in the NW said...

BTW--Did anybody read Dan's HOH blog?? What did you think?

I think it's funny how they clean the house every Thurs.---just like normal people when they have company coming over!!

As for names....Dan/Memphis act like Renegades is something orginial when Memphis has a jacket that says "Sunset Renegades". He said that what his "posse" at home call each other!

connie--you just may get your wish ;-) If the HOH is Q&A are not the fastest or smartest of the group so K/R/M have a good shot at winning it...of course, then there's the POV...ugh!

Anonymous said...

thanks meb. i have another random any of you think they will tell the hg's as they leave that there is no America's player? I know they didnt let them know about Eric, but that was part of the game. this time its all in their heads. except for the one week dan played our game. i really wish big brother would put this to bed...enough of the stupid conspiracies. it would change the way they viewed the game, but I am dying to see michelle's reaction when she finds out she is just delusional.


Anne said...

"but I am dying to see michelle's reaction when she finds out she is just delusional".

Sarah, she still wouldn't get it. If she didn't believe her lyin' eyes (the banner) why would she believe BB? That's that sad truth about delusionl types - they just go on believin' - no matter what...

RBennie said...

Okay, you guys can take turns slamming me, but I would get a kick out of Ollie winning next HOH. I enjoyed all the excitement this week and don't want to go back to the same boring stuff. Can you imagine the drama that would ensue if he won? Now that's entertainment, LOL.

Nana in the NW said...

The HG will not find out about America's player until the last key has been placed in the box on finale night! It could sway the way some of the jurors vote. As Anne said, Michelle will go on believing that everything Dan did was because he was "a plant"!!

Petals said...

Rbennie - OMG, yes! Chill Town. Gimme a break with the names, right? You're right - only WE can name those hamsters.

Petals said...

Re: the America's Player issue ~ I think that since it was only for one week, maybe that's why they aren't bothering to tell the HGs. I mean, he only had to do one or two little things, which didn't really change the eventual outcome of the game.

Nana in the NW said...

rbennie--I have a game to play....what if________won HOH? How do you think the voting would go?

Ollie--Dan/Memphis--if either wins POV Keesha's up

Keesha--Ollie/Jerry--if either wins POV Memphis up

Memphis--Ollie/Jerry--if either wins POV Renny up

Renny--would she put up Memphis??/Jerry--if either wins POV Ollie up

Jerry--Dan/Memphis--if either wins POV Renny up

Correct me if I'm wrong(and I know you will) but the person who wins the first HOH doesn't get any of the perks?? I can't remember if they still get the letter and goodie basket!

Chauncey said...

Ollie winning the HOH would be hillarious and have everyone on pins and needles. Jerry would be able to gloat and strut around arrogantly some more.

Jackie said...

What's going on in here?

All I meant about backing what Ollie said is that I'm one who believes that debating religion isn't a thing I enjoy ... not at all. I'm comfortable in my own beliefs and have no need to dictate what others should believe. That said, Ollie sure has made a lot of comments about Dan and his religion for someone who thinks religion should be up to individual interpretation.

Sasha said...

Rbennie, first I agree with you on your estimation of how people tend to vote (gameplay vs. personally). And I definitely don't need or want to slam you. I just can't want Ollie to win HOH. I don't think I could take the gloating. I'm all for it not being boring but big bad dude in hat and shades gloating...ack!! LOL

Zoetawny said...

Whoohoo! It's Thursday. I'm so pumped up for tonight's live double eviction show. I hope I'm not disappointed.

Mich must go! But, I'm actually feeling a little sad for her the last couple of days. The poor girl continues to think of herself as the victim. Until she accepts the responsibility of her own actions causing her predicament, she will continue to carry that chip on her shoulders and play the victim for the rest of her life.

I think Dan has bumped Dr. Will off the #1 best BB player in history status. His "replacement nomination roulette" game was brilliant. I know, I know, he's lied and reneged on deals but he hasn't done it in a mean spirited manner. He is playing the game. He may be the only one who is playing the game with his head and not his emotions. I know I couldn't be so cool headed and unattached. I'd probably take everything personally. ;)

I'm on pins and needles waiting to find out what ollie's penalty will be for his destructive outburst. Since so many fans will be screaming "not fair" I'm sure AG is pressured to pose some sort of penalty. I hope it's more than just a tap on the wrist.

I wish I could be here with you watching live tonight but regretfully, I'll have to wait until BB airs my time. But, you know I won't be able to resist peeking here.


Thanks for all your detailed updates keeping us informed. You ROCK! Hope your workouts are helping to stabilize your knee. I was concerned reading about your falling issues. You are being a good girl and using some means of support, like a cane, aren't you? If you have time, please check your emails...timely BB graphics attached.


TerryinCA said...

Laurie had an accident, she tripped on a ledge and fell face forward, she is in the ER being assessed..she has tooth damage and is pretty sore and swollen.
Im sure if they let her go back to the hotel she might post.
Nana, PDX I didnt know how else to let you all know...she asks us to pray for her....ork,petals,meb jackie, everyone else...thank oyu for praying for my friend.

tbc said...

Oh No!, Poor, Laurie! Thanks for letting us know. I will keep her in my prayers.

Margo said...

Oh my gosh
Laurie I hope you heal quickly.

Anonymous said...

Where did everyone go?

Anonymous said...

just got home and caught up. maybe with any luck ollie will be the second one tonight, but then again we need some drama

judi aka mamawolf7

Jackie said...

Zoetawny - I'll be watching it after you -- it's not airing here until 1:37 AM ET. I'm going to put up the live blog post at 8 PM ET, but the commenters will have to pitch in. I don't think Dan is anywhere near Dr. Will status, but I do like him. I think his plan is going to backfire, though. And, yes ... I use a cane when I'm outdoors.

Jackie said...

Terry -- Yikes! Tell her I'm the only one allowed to be a klutz! She has my prayers and thoughts for sure. Thank you so much for letting us know!

Jackie said...

Zoetawny - Don't hold your breath to find out if any punishment was doled out to Ollie. I doubt we'll see it. He's been edited to be the fine young son of a preacher man.

becky said...

Nana said....I have been active in church since I was a little girl and totally agree with Ork. about Christianity/Scripture.

I do too. I read the Bible through each year, or at least the New Testament.

I am amazed at how many "beliefs" or traditions of certain churches I have come across. They are not beliefs plucked out of the air by the different churches. They are based on each churches interpretation of the Bible.

BTW, I loved the tomato and Ollie is a good name for it. See y'all tonight.

Anonymous said...

Referring to JB's post:

As you say, "Ollie interprets [Scripture] as an excuse to act like a complete jerk. It's that simple."

Yep. That was my original point at 11:25—and not a position I'd want to "get behind". Remember Dana Carvey's "Church Lady" on SNL? Wouldn't it would be fun (and "convenient") to see Ollie on that hot seat!?

Anne said...

OH NO!!! terryinca please tell Laurie I'm praying that she's okay!

hamwatcher said...

I am so disturbed by Jerry's behavior I find it difficult to watch. His remarks about Keesha made me sick. His wife and daughter must be completely humiliated. I would be. When he mimics or puts on that weird voice the creep factor is off the wall. He needs to go!!!!!!!!!!!

RBennie said...

Oh poor Laurie, I hope she is okay. She was having such a good time too! I hope she feels well enough later to talk to us.

Nana I totally agree with your answers to If _____ won HOH. Looking at it that way it looks like Keesha is the safest person in the house right now. How'd that happen, LOL.

Scarlettflame said...

I have read these updates(Jackie I'd be lost without you) but I have to say, this may be this first time in the history of BB that I'm in the minority big time. I think Michelle is a lot of fun to watch and will be very sorry to see her go. I've always hated Dan and Memphis, but Keesha's voice makes me want to scream in terror. She could send an epilepic into convultions! I wanna see Ollie win and send Dan's lying, "truthful Christian" rear right behind her!!!!!!!!