Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Big Brother 10: Live Feeds Into Wednesday Dawn

Dan was embarrassed as Keesha, Michelle, and Memphis played Truth or Dare.

It's been a bit quiet fight-wise since Libra has basically conceded and expects to go home. I expect that will change once the new HOH comes to play. Here's what went down last night in the BB House of Boorah:
  • Yesterday was the only day until Sunday that they can eat, so they did. A lot. I wonder what's going to happen this week as the food comp usually happens on Friday. Perhaps none?
  • It was also the halfway point in the game -- BB gave them a cake to celebrate. But BB doesn't do birthday cakes this season.
  • Michelle talked with Dan, telling him how poor and simple living her family is.
  • Michelle doesn't think that she'd have Libra's vote at the end. Dan told her he thinks Libra would vote on gameplay, not personal reasons.
  • Meanwhile, Memphis was teasing Keesha and she tattletaled to Renny on him.
  • Then it started -- Ollie, Jerry, and April want to vote Keesha out this week if they can get Dan's vote. Ollie got the ball rolling ... just like he led the evict Steven movement.
  • Then there was Dan's Murder Mystery. In searching for her toy (hidden by Dan), Keesha found a condom in Ollie's drawer. He swore it wasn't his. (Yeah, right.)
  • Dan's first clue to Keesha was "It sleeps with the fish."
  • Not finding her toy Gizmo, Keesha took all of Dan's underwear. (That should be interesting if you know what I'm talking about!) She put them in the freezer.
  • Keesha, Memphis, and Michelle hung out a lot. Hopefully Michelle has seen the light -- April is definitely nastier than Keesha!
  • Keesha, Dan, Memphis, and Michelle hung out in the backyard playing an embarrassing game of Truth or Dare. Dan abstained and blushed a lot.
  • April and Ollie cuddled in bed and then Jerry sat watching them (see screen cap below). I was really creeped out even though they were just cuddling clothes on ... with Jerry parked there watching them.
  • Renny later joined the backyard crew.
  • The topic changed.
  • Renny thinks that "the Colonel" has gotten very tight with April.
  • The Renny, Keesha, Michelle, Memphis, and Dan bunch made a pact that they will NOT let April win the game. There goes the jury, eh?
  • Memphis thinks April must not have had sex in years because she's wound up so tight. Heh.
  • April said she was married two months, but it was annulled. Although Jerry's been married to his current wife since he was 20, he said the other day he was married for about a year before ... although they were only together about 12 days.
  • When Renny did her Lily Tomlin impersonation, Michelle had no clue who Lily Tomlin is. Maybe she should call Ernestine for information.
  • Dan and Michelle talked about Jerry's POV speech. Michelle really thinks that Jerry thought he could do the nomination if he saved someone from the block.
  • For all of his pre-season bio innocence when it comes to girls, Ollie told tales of women throwing themselves at him and his active sex life to April.
  • April actually seemed taken aback by his escapades tales.
  • All are asleep as I get this posted.


RBennie said...

First again! Thanks for the update Jackie.

nancy from long island said...

I really hope they don't vote keesha out. I can't believe these houseguest's don't know that April and Ollie are haveing sex. These 2 are threat and nobody mention's putting them up. I think this season they are all floater's. Nobody want's to make the head of household mad. Every alliance is based on who is head of house for the week.

cha cha said...

So there are six votes total this week. Renny, Memphis and I think Dan will vote for Keesha to stay. The other three will vote for her to be evicted. I really think Michelle will vote Libra out in the event of a tie breaker..
There is no AP this week so I really don't think Dan will side against Memphis or Michelle. I hope he learned his lesson last week...

RBennie said...

Okay, now that I'm safely first and no one will sneak in ahead of me - LOL - I can put in my 2 cents on last night's show.

Let's start at the "feast". Nice idea to go around the table saying something nice about each other, but of course it didn't turn out that way. I thought Libra's comment was obviously nothing more than a joke and anywhere else it would have been taken as such. But, of course, in the BB house it has to be turned into a major fiasco. The gall of Michelle to blow it out of proportion that way. Of course April jumped right in with it. Then they call Libra to the room so they can try to gang up on her. Then, somehow, it was suddenly all about Keesha - at one point the decibal level of her voice went so high I think only dogs could understand her, LOL. A couple of things became clear to me: 1. Michelle really wants to team up with Keesha and Keesha's not seeing it. 2. Keesha was dead on when she said that Libra will own up to things she's done, but that April will lie and blame others.

As far as Jerry's POV speech goes, even the little bit we saw made him look like an old fool, I can just imagine what the full footage must have been like.

I can't even figure out who I would like to have win HOH next, because I don't like any of them other than Dan and I don't want him to have it just yet. I think it could hurt him more than help him at this point. He should be safe as long as Jerry doesn't win HOH.

Sorry for rambling once again.

meb said...

Noting your comment that you're "First again...", it reminds me that RyznShyn (sp) used to get in early. Have we heard from her lately? I don't remember seeing any posts for a while. RnS are you lurking...let us know how you are!

I really wish it was April going. Just can't stand her actions. Ollie must be nuts to be telling his parents on national TV of all his sexcapades. He should have just waited until he got home and stood in the middle of the living room and spilled his guts...cause that's what he's done basically, just by talking to April on TV.

I truly believe these people forget the cameras are there sometimes. Well, except for Michelle, she's always playing to a camera.


RBennie said...

Hey MEB - I thought we wouldn't hear from you for a little bit. Glad to hear your feeling well enough to go on a trip. Have fun, but don't overdo it.

Jackie said...

MEB - Always good to "see" you and please take it easy on your trip! As for RyznShyn (sp?), I used to post a lot earlier as I had to have the morning post up before I left for work. I think I'm posting too late these days for her to jump in first, so RBennie goes for the title! ;-)

Please take care of yourself!

Anonymous said...

I actually think Dan like Libra. I heard him and Memphis having a conversation on BBAD I believe the night before last. He said to Memphis if you guys wanted to keep Libra you could and Memphis was like I don't want Libra here why would we do it. Dan quickly backed up and was like I know, I know. I was just saying. I think he was trying to feel Memphis out to see if he could swing things. Just my opinion, not sure if anyone else noticed.

Laurie said...

Good morning all. Jackie that screen shot of Jerry watching Ollie and April was very creepy.

I'm just now watching last night's show. Those onions are nearly making me cry! So glad I'm not doing that one.

Oh how I wish April had won the onion necklace!

Laurie said...

Seriously, new rule for BB. No hats inside and absolutely no hats or caps at the table!

Chauncey said...

This has got to be the worse group of HG ever. They completely suck. It seems to me the only ones playing the game with some thought is Memphis, Libra and Brian. The all play like floaters, no one is taking a stand. Why do they hate Libra so much? If she is that much not liked, they should keep her because most of them could win against her in the end.

meb said...

Jackie...rbennie... I leave Sunday, so I will be here for a little bit more... I just wanted to give everybody a heads up. It's visiting family, so believe me, there won't be any big parties going on (darn it!).

Jackie, have you seen RyznShyn posting anywhere tho lately. I just haven't seen her at all.

Nana in the NW said...

Good Morning all!

Let me start my saying the Olympics are awesome....and men's beach volleyball...those guys are HOT!

*memo to Michelle: Jessie has gone home! He's not hiding between the mirrors so quit talking to him with your nose pressed up against the glass!!

*memo to April: smugness does not become you...try eating some humble truly are the evil twin sister.

*memo to Ollie: your parents raised you better...use your manners and take off your hat at dinner. And "pillow talk" is just that--not meant for all the world to hear. Save the re-count of you/April sex lives for sequester.

*memo to Jerry: SHUT UP!! Everytime you open your mouth something comes out that makes no sense and you look like a confused and vengeful person....i.e. "If Dan is AP than he really is a scumbag". It should explain his actions and realize what he did was not his choice!!

*memo to CBS: Great editting!! ;{ Show the world only what you want them to see not what really happened. When I re-watched the POV speech I saw 3 times where it was obvious it had been editted(just watching HG reactions). Then the cat was so skewed...the best part was Ollie hiding under pillows and Dan hiding the showers and that wasn't shown either!

I feel better now. Time to paint the shutters!

Jackie said...

MEB - As usual this time of year, it's hard for me to keep track. But I believe I've "seen" her in the past few days.

Chauncey said...

Do you guys think BB will bring someone back? If so who are your favorite to return.

RBennie said...

I could really live without seeing any of them come back. If I had to choose one I guess it would be Brian. Maybe he could redeem himself and he could work with Dan. Angie added nothing to the show for me and if Jessie came back I don't know if I could even stand to watch anymore.

Chauncey said...

You know rbennie, you are right i could live without any of them coming back also especially Jessme. I guess i was just hoping something would happen to make this season more interesting. I could not stand Evel but at least he kept my attention.

RBennie said...

You know it's pretty sad when we start thinking of ED and Danielle as the good old days - LOL.

Chauncey said...

Sadly, you are so right.

joy n said...

Jerry is just getting creepier and maybe even a bit voyeuristic.

Where do April, Ollie and Jerry get the b*lls to want Dan to vote their way, after the things they've said to him? What a pious little world they live in. I sure hope none of them get the HOH next.

I'm glad Michelle is maybe leaning to the other side, if only to spite the three jerk-offs, but I also hope that the other side knows she still can't be trusted, and she needs to go too. Whenever she gets another thought in her head that they have indeed dissed her God, Jessie, she will turn on them again. And Lord knows, April will still do her best to help make sure that happens.

lynn1 said...

The more I see of Michelle the more she reminds me of Amber from BB8.
Same hair, similar delusions, same emotional need for people, men in particular, to like her.
The only difference is she doesn't seem to cry all the time and she has not yet said "God bless you God."

joy n said...

Jackie, just read your review of last night's show on TVS. As per your poll of least favorite HG, it's kind of tough to choose.

Jessie, Jerry, April or Michelle? Libra may have redeemed herself a bit this week. Right now, I'd have to say Jerry. His mean-spiritedness, his pious attitude, his hypocritical statements about Dan breaking his word and his personal never-ending quest to destroy Dan's reputation in the house (or in the country) make him the top contender at the moment.

Maybe because Jessie is out of there already, I can relegate him to the #2 position or maybe even #3behind April. Michelle is still on the list, but since she's a little off her rocker, I'll give her my 4th spot.

Anonymous said...

the only way A&O could get keesha out is if they have Dan's vote. and uh...Col. Batshit has already said he is after why would he side with them?

but i would like to see them try...that would INFURIATE michelle.

I am generally neutral towards houseguests with few exceptions...but i gotta say...I LOATHE april and HATE jerry. These two people are the exact kinds of people i would never, ever ever hang out with in real life. and they are consistent in their ability to grate on my last nerve.

and april was talking about how she was in a hit movie. i googled and can't find it. Anyone?

and she keeps talking about her rich life so much, i can't see how she expects other people not to pick up on that and gang up on her not to win. even if she was nice. which she isn't. even ollie tells her that she is mean.

--susan in KC

Donna in AL said...

I like the nickname "Col.Batshit" or "Col. Bullshit".

I also like the use of the word pious so much!

Donna in AL said...

I cannot believe a man of Jerry's age would talk the way he does much less a Marine! I thought it was just he younger generation that behaved that way. Maybe he has the beginnings of dementia or something.

Anonymous said...

April is the one I can't stand the most. Jerry is a close second.

Just a few thoughts.

How much longer will it take for Ollie to figure out April is a slut? I mean. come on already.

Maybe he doesn't care, but I am sure his family are hoping April won't be their new daughter-in-law.

Yet, of course she thinks America just loves her. GAG

I really, really, really, really hope they don't somehow get Dan to vote Keesha out. I can't see him doing it, but you just never know.

And I would be willing to bet Keesha has not a clue that Jerry would be saying the things about her he does, and be willing to keep Libra over her.

These people!

I really wish they would do some America's choice things. Just so Maybe April, Jerry and Ollie would get a clue how America really feels.

Anonymous said...

I agree that April, Ollie and Jerry should attempt to recruit Dan. Dan should flat out say no and report back to Michelle lol that those 3 are traitors and not subtle about it. LOL

Chauncey said...

If Manchelle was not so emotional and used her brain, she should go to Libra and make a deal for Libra not to target her before the the final four. Libra may be a lot of things but she is about the smartest HG and she would be an awesome partner. They could team up with Dan and Renny (since Keesha would be gone) and that would be a nice alliance.

RBennie said...

Chauncey, I think that's what Michelle is trying to do with Keesha, but Keesha doesn't seem to be getting the hint. I don't think there's any saving Libra at this point. I can't imagine a scenario where Dan would choose to vote with A/O/J over M/R/M. I think he knows who his friends are.

Sydney said...

Gross Colonel. This whole report on him creeped me out Jackie!

I think Jerry is hot for April and Keesha and it's totally inappropriate that he's saying all the sexual stuff... and hanging in the room with A/O entwinded. Just cuz you're older you're not dead, but he is married AND older -- I can't wear the certain clothes or make up simply because I'm OLDER now....(lol, and married. It's a bitter pill Jerry, but get some self control.

I too am glad Michelle is distancing herself from April, Jerry and Ollie. We'll see...

Anonymous said...

After the POV, Jerry and Keesha were in the kitchen and he told her he would never turn on her (this week) and she is safe. Where is his honor????

monty924 said...

Laurie said...
Seriously, new rule for BB. No hats inside and absolutely no hats or caps at the table!

That would eliminate most of Renny's wardrobe.

So many comments to agree with today. Joyn's take on A/O/J is so dead on. Why in the world would they think Dan would do anything for them is beyond me. B*lls is putting it mildly.

Jackie, love the Lili Tomlin Ernestine reference. Edith Ann and Ernestine were my favorites. One ringy dingy. :)

formerly anon said...

Did anyone see the other night when Michelle and someone (Dan?) were pondering who would come back if they did one of those, and Michelle said she thought America would vote to put Jessie back in the house?

She really does not believe that America didn't like Jessie.

I can halfway envision Dan voting Keesha out, and here's why. He's planning to go all the way, and he has to have someone that the others don't like to be by his side in the end. Right now those 2 options are Libra and April (and arguably Jerry). He knows that if he's F2 (final 2) and hasn't done something to redeem himself to Jerry/April/Ollie, there's no way they would vote for him. On the other hand, he does know that Keesha/Memphis/Renny are more likely to forgive him if he votes Keesha out.

I hope he doesn't do it, but I could see it. He's in this for the win, and he's taking a beating for it -- he's being smart to not defend himself against Jerry's continual onslaught, even though it would be child's play to do so -- because it puts him in a pitiful light and makes him seem very weak, which is exactly his strategy. But it's taking a helluva lot of willpower, imho, to tolerate all that BS. I admire his ability to do so, but then he's a Republican, so he's used to the concept of not standing up for what's right and true, in favor of protecting himself. A more, ahem, liberal-minded person would have a much more difficult time tolerating the lies without speaking out (although Congess seems to manage doing that just fine these days, both sides of the aisle)

Jen said...

Good Afternoon! I completely agree with Annon 2:05 I too wish they would do an America's choice just to show April, Ollie, Michelle a little of how America feels.

Jerry also creeps me out. It's like the other night he was up in the HoH bathroom when April and Michelle where in the bathtub. I realize they had on their swimsuits but it was still Creepy!

I do think Michelle is leaning toward Mem,K,D and R but if the other side wins HoH, you know she's going to be kissing up to them!

Can't wait until tomorrow's show to see who will be the new Hoh! I just hope it's not A/O/J! Tomorrow's my B-day so hopefully I'll get my birthday wish!! Ha!!

monty924 said...

Hilarious youtube tribute. Holly the Poodle gets ABUSED, complete with Neil Diamond in the background. :)

monty924 said...

A thought on the America's choice things. A/O/J would not get it and Michelle wouldn't either. Shades of April (bb6) are ringing in my ears. America is pieces of shit (can't remember her exact words but that's it in a nutshell)! The Nerd Herd never understood how much America loved Janelle/Kaysar and it didn't change their 'hate' game one iota.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry but I really hope that April, Ollie and Jerry can get Dan to change his vote and get Keesha out of the house. I believe she is quite sure she is staying and she is becoming pretty cocky..
-Jamie Mae-

Anonymous said...

I don't think Keesha is getting cocky. I have heard her say many times "if I stay".

I don't dislike Libra, I just like Keesha more. I certainly don't want to see Libra stay and be with A/O/J and make them any stronger.


I also want Renny to win HOH! THAT would be fun.

I also don't want Dan to give into A/O/J, Dan didn't do anything wrong, I say let them be mad, screw them!

cha cha said...

I don't think Dasn will flip to A/O/J. Jerry is gonna flip back to the other side if R/M/K win...Can you imagine Dan winning...How will Jerry act..
I really want Renny to win HOH tomorrow. She deserves it for all she brings to the house. I Gotta love my N.O. Girl....She is representing....

Anonymous said...

well keesha is laughing that Libra is packing already, and making comments to Renny. She isnt miss innocent, and either is April they really are the same just two different shades of blonde. And I really dont like the fact that Keesha is letting Libra take the fall for the Jesse eviction.
-Jamie Mae-

sisdes2 said...

IMHO, Jerry is just a "dirty, old man", who seems to think that just because he is "old", he can do and say anything he wants and its OK. He has insulted the Marine Corp, by trying to play on its honor. He has no honor or respect for anyone. He has shown no respect or consideration for his wife and family.He criticizes Dan for taking off his cross when Dan,in fact, had not given his word to vote like Jerry wanted him to, but seems to think it was OK for him to take off his Marine shirt so he could break his word - which he HAD GIVEN!!! Taking off the shirt did not keep him from dishonoring the Marine Corp.. Another thing,he and Ollie need to learn a few manners, ie , gentlemen DO NOT wear their hats at the dinner table.But then, no one ever said they were gentlemen, did they?I don't usually post comments, but Jerry, sad to say, is of my generation and he certainly is not representing this generation in a very nice way.I certainly hope that most of "our" generation is not as vulgar and uncouth as he has proven to be.

TerryinCA said...

Jerry is so creepy and pervert, but think about it, shoudnt Ollie and April ask for privacy? They are just as bad etting him watch!

I dont want ibra to stay and I want April to go up on the block next...her and Jerry,,,yeahhh

joy n said...

Jen, I know it's a few hours early, but I want to wish a Happy B-day to one of the newest members of Jackie's blog. So....

Happy Birthday, Jen!!! Hope you have a great one!

Anonymous said...

funny about April's response to Ollies sex she realizes that she is just another one of "those girls" and that she's just fills another space on Ollie's list

Jen said...

Thank Joy N for the sweet Birthday wish!! I Love being about of this community!! It's the best on the net!!

Susan said...

It seems everyone thinks just because someone is old, they're respectable and nice. The Colonel has prooved this not to be so. He's a miserable windbag who loves the sound of his own stories (over & over). Not a nice man. And it seems, he's a bit of a pervert. Ollie & April were 'talking' and he goes in there, changes his clothes in front of them, and gets into bed just watching them. Talk about major creep out. But they start cuddling right at that time! Like they WANT to put a show on for him. They're perverted too.

I wish the three of them would be gone. With April gone, Ollie would actually have to PLAY the game!