Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Big Brother 10 - Live Feeds Into Wednesday Dawn

Keesha and Dan sunned in the early evening hours last night. I think these could be called compromising positions! ;-)

Here's the evening and overnight events from inside that Big Brother House of Ollie's Follies and Dan's Plans:
  • Jerry watched the washing machine while Memphis, Dan, and Keesha talked about Jerry watching the washing machine.
  • No one else watches the washing machine. I think it's Jerry's secret alliance in the house.
  • Michelle, Ollie, and Jerry (after he stopped watching the washing machine) trashtalked about Dan.
  • Ollie (once again) told Michelle he's been playing nice and he's not playing nice anymore. I personally don't think he played any kind of way except perhaps playing April before a few days ago.
  • Renny (once again) cooked dinner for all. I think I want me a Renny dinner -- she looks like she's a great cook!
  • Renny is sick of the tension in the house. At the end of the meal, Michelle claimed that Memphis and Dan were talking about her. Ollie joined her cause and Renny just gave a huge sigh and said they weren't even talking about them.
  • But it's okay for Ollie and Michelle to talk about Dan and Memphis.
  • Ollie and Michelle promptly started trashtalking about Dan again.
  • Michelle, whose mother should be oh-so-proud of her made homosexual references about Dan which would make a sailor blush.
  • Dan told Memphis he doesn't think CBS will show any of them in a negative light. He's spot on with the Ollie editing last night!
  • Michelle wanted alcohol. They haven't had any since the night before the PoV meeting.
  • Jerry is showing again his need to repeat things. Like the oft-repeated "I'm a little streetfighter" -- he wants to tell either Dan or Memphis the line he used about Evel Dick in his pre-season interviews -- "Out of a million sperm, I can't believe you were the fastest swimmer." First off, it's not scientifically logical, a person is the result of a sperm and egg. A person is not a sperm. If he's going to use the saying, he should edit it to reflect the result of the fastest sperm. He's waiting to use it at the right time. Then we'll probably hear it a dozen more times.
  • Michelle, sure that people are talking about her again, pines for a glass of wine.
  • Jerry wants to make a voodoo doll of Memphis.
  • Jerry told both Ollie and Michelle he will write them letters of reference if they ever need them. I think any prospective employer should just check out videos of the feeds on YouTube. That's all the reference they need, fine upstanding polite, intelligent folks that they are.
  • Ollie, Jerry, and Michelle decide (if none of them make it), they would vote for Renny to win if she's in the final two.
  • Ollie, Jerry, and Michelle think Memphis screwed Steven out of the car win. If they had a do-over, they would keep Steven and boot Dan.
  • Renny, Memphis and company talked about Jerry picking his nose. Memphis thinks Jerry is creepy. I think he was creepier when he stalked April and Ollie. I think now he just stalks the washing machine and doesn't really fit in anywhere but watching the suds.
  • They're not too happy that Jerry is cocky this week. However, they will still vote Michelle out.
  • Michelle tried on and off all day for Renny's vote, but Renny wouldn't commit to anything.
  • The two camps sat in different places each trashtalking the other camp.
  • Ollie thinks that this week won't be a routine Thursday -- they've had enough of the routine. He's right, but he doesn't know it.
  • Renny and Dan joke-flirted again. They make me laugh. If there aren't going to be fireworks in the house, I want someone to make me laugh. Neither Monica or Renny's husband have anything to worry about, but they're a hoot when they get going.
  • I'd rather see that than something like the April and Ollie sexcapades.
  • All are asleep as I get this posted.


Anonymous said...

Woo HOO I'm first. But I don't have anything to say. Crap!

Patty said...

Jaclie-I work for a private exective employment service. The comment about hiring them is so dead on. I guess they missed a few lessons of what mom and dad taught careful what you say and do.

It should get interesting once one alliance is all washed up, how they will turn on each other.

Once again I started out not knowing who I would want to see go to the end. I then decided on a few that I might like and now I am back to "may the last one win." I guess what I am saying is, I have no favorite anymore. They have all disappointed me in their own ways.
Afterall, this is Big Brother isn't it? I have to have a reality check, it's just a game! LOL!

Have a great day everyone! I hope all of you are doing well.

TexasBlondie said...

I love Dan and Renny and want them at the end. I am just so glad this cast redeemed Big Brother from that fiasco we had during the writers strike!

meb said...

Great to hear from you joyn... I was worried. Glad your eye is better and you can post again.

Amazed at all the new posters here. And for those who don't post because "it's all been said before", that's ok... we all repeat each other, with a slant on our own opinions. That's part of the fun.

Jackie, your humor is priceless!

Sydney, I know you're busy, but give us a post so we know you're OK!

Can't wait until tomorrow. It looks like here in the Raleigh area we're on at the correct time, the Convention is on two other channels entirely. Go figure. But I'm glad.

Patty said...

A few typo's on my part. Sorry Jackie. I will try to get at least your name right next time.

Jackie said...

MEB - Sydney is away at a cabin with her husband and no internet access. I think she's gone for either a week or ten days. I know she'd be happy to see you posting and feeling better!

And JOYN when you get here -- welcome back, I'm sorry to hear about your sty -- that does make this blog a problem, doesn't it?

Jackie said...

Patty - Not a promblem. Er ... problmm ... er, you know what I mean!

No, I can't see any employment service or company wanting to hire people who can't speak a sentence without swearing (Michelle) or exhibit loose morals and a violent temper (Ollie) when they know they're being filmed and on the Internet. Sheesh, at least if I were seeking a job now, all the ammunition against me is that I watch a lot of reality TV!

Patty said...

I have to steal a line from my mother.

I think all the HGS have "warp noodles."

Pretty funny line coming from someone who has Alzheimer's. I love my mom and her humor.

PDX Granny said...

Good morning, all!

For all of Jerry's talk of sperm, I think most of them are a good example of why practicing birth control is a good idea!! I'm just glad I don't have to worry about calling any of them son or daughter!!!

Laurie, if you're reading this before 7:15, give me a call if you want me to drop your jacket off at your hotel on my way to work. It's going to be pretty cool to start out, with a chance of sprinkles this AM. And you being from Southern Cal, you're a wooze when it comes to invigorating weather!! : )

Have a good day all! I'm off to finish getting ready for work.

becky said...

Morning all! Just came on to get my Jackie fix before heading to physical therapy.

I loved the post about all of them are good examples of why birth control is a good idea.

Patty, I think for anyone to apply for this show they have to have "warp noodles". Wouldn't want to be on the show -- but sure love to watch it.

I'm off. Have a great day.

RBennie said...

Good morning all. Welcome back from your trip MEB, sounds like you enjoyed yourself. Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well Joyn, glad to see you back also.

On to BB. I thought I would really enjoy watching last night's POV ceremony, but the way it went down felt really crappy to me. Dan played all of the HGs for fools - not just Ollie. I couldn't believe that speech he gave and the ultimatums. "You will say a name and if you don't you will be nominated" Did he let his own alliance know he was going to do that, cuz they sure didn't look like they knew. Yes, Dan you have the power, renege on the deal, put up Michelle - that's all good, but that little game just left me with a nasty taste in my mouth. I wasn't on the Dan bandwagon until recently, and was pretty much just hanging off the back end of it at that, but now I have fallen off completely. I officially don't give a crap who wins now - okay maybe it would be okay for Renny to win. After watching Dan in action, if I were his alliance he would be the first to go amongst them.

lynn1 said...

Sorry to hear about your sty/eye problems. Hope it gets better soon.

In your update you mentioned Renny cooking and that she must be a good cook. She is Italian and from New Orleans I would bet she is a great cook!

I have made no secret that I am cheering for my hometown girl Renny.
I am so glad she does not know that there could be a major hurricane hitting Louisiana in a few days. She would be a total basket case worrying about her family.

People around here are still recovering from Katrina and the thought of a cat 3 or 4 storm hitting us has everyone on edge.

My husband and I are already talking about how far away and what direction we will go if we have to evacuate.

RBennie said...

Oh Lynn1 that really sucks. You guys sure don't need another hurricane. Please keep yourself and your family safe and get out of there if you have to. I'll certainly be praying for everyone in the hurricane's path. I'm in NYC and we don't typically get hurricanes or any other potentially deadly weather - we just have to worry about manmade disasters.

jb said...

Quote from Jackie about Ollie's game play:

"I personally don't think he played any kind of way except perhaps playing April before a few days ago."

Jackie-That's too funny and very accurate!

Laurie said...

Good morning everyone. Prayers for those of you in the south and awaiting another hurricane.

Patty, as you know many who are in the business of hiring do Google prospective employees. We do it in our own department before we give a yay or a nay about a candidate. Businesses are way more savvy than many people think. It's very hard to be anonymous anymore. BB folks are the easiest to find!
I love the warped noodles comment. Priceless!

I was disappointed that they didn't really show any of the Ollie/Michelle reactions to the POV. They cheated the audience out of a lot of reality there. Grrrrr!

PDX Granny, you think I'm a SoCal wuss? Huh! I looked out this morning and saw the cloudy skies and said Yes! Oh, you can't read this from work. hahahahaha

RBennie said...

Laurie, I think they are probably saving some of the meltdown to show us on Thursday's show. Of course we won't get the worst of it, but they gotta show more than they did last night!

Laurie said...

rbennie, I hope you are right. I'm excited to be on my own this week and watch Thursday's show live. Of course, I will have already read the blog by then but it's so good to see the faces and the looks!

Jackie said...

Lynn (and anyone else in hurricane territory) - I hope it misses you and be safe!

And, everyone -- I have a post in pending over at TV Squad with a video of the new cast of Survivor. The CBS website is up, but no individual bios yet. My post should go up around 11:25 ET on TVS.

RBennie said...

Thanks Jackie. I'll check it out. Can't wait for new Survivor - though I think it will be tough to beat last season.

Anonymous said...

Just have to say I saw a couple of promos for BB 10 yesterday and they showed more of the Ollie implosion than the show did on Tues.

Hope it is not like some movies where the best part of the movie is shown in the trailers and the movie is a let down

Nana in the NW said...

Good morning!! It's Wednesday"hump day"---too bad for Ollie, April is gone! I'm sure Michelle would be willing to lend him a hand.....hehehehehe

I think I have a problem. If this blog is the first thing I check when I get up and the last thing I check before bed does that make me an addict?? I should also add that I check in several times a day and even have dreamed about the HG!! LOL

Lynn 1--I thought about you when I saw the projected path of Gustav. Be safe and get out of town when you need to. Keep us posted.

WELCOME NECOMERS!! I know many of you have been lurking or commenting under anonymous. Glad you decided to introduce yourselves to the rest of us.

My hubby works for one of the largest companies in the USA and they google any perspective employees and read their myspace comments.


Terryinca.--welcome back.

meb--you have healed sooo quickly. The power of prayer really works.

Grandkids have arrived...will be back later.

Margo said... has the Survivor new cast up with bio's and their opinion of themselves as well as Jeff Probst opinion. Looks interesting.

lynn1 said...

Thanks everyone for the good vibes concerning the hurricane. I can assure you that if it is heading towards me I will be out of here at least 300 miles away. I am a nervous nellie when it comes to Mother Nature.
I'll be spending the next 2 days getting all important papers and valuables organized and into rubber maid containers to haul with me. Well I 'll be doing that when I am not reading Jaskie's blog! LOL

ORKMommy said...

Lynn - You can come to Wisconsin and stay on the farm with us!! We'll even let you milk some cows!! STAY SAFE!!

Rbennie - I didn't like Dan's game either. He came off as very cocky and I never really understood why he did it. His alliance knew they were gonna say names, but the way he did it was completely uncalled for! Me thinks his power has gone to his head.

AlbGlinka said...

I think that the funnest part of last night's show for me was to see Michelle so confident in her spacesuit hurtling across the yard, and so utterly clueless with her puzzle pieces...

I wish they'd shown more of Ollie's tirade. Thank you Jackie and all y'all for keeping those of us without the feeds so well-informed!

ORKMommy said...

Hey there Albglinka! Long time no see! How are ya?

Anonymous said...

Dumb as Jerry is, his point about the "fastest sperm" is clear enough without Jackie's nit-picky technical correction.

Dan did discuss the POV game with his alliance. It was critical to his strategy to create a smokescreen with the name-game. He needed to give ultimatums to force everyone's cooperation. Dan is much smarter than everyone else (except maybe Renny), and he knows when to play hardball for his own safety.

ORKMommy said...

"Dumb as Jerry is, his point about the "fastest sperm" is clear enough without Jackie's nit-picky technical correction."

Woah...did somebody pee on your Post Toasties this morning?

KWrigh said...

Is this a normal BBAD? It is so boring I am thinking of cancelling SHOW. I love BB but BB10 is boring me to tears. My hubby quit watching this year.

Anonymous said...

i am kind of mad at CBS for not showing more of the OllieMeltdown. I mean...THERE IS A FAN FAVORITE VOTE at the end. I firmly believe America should see at least some of the things he called Dan and Memphis.

Ollie was a horrible useless player before and he got played. And yet they are still letting him in the game because he is easier to beat than michelle.

at least DAN is actually playing the game.

ugh Ollie makes me mad.

--Susan in KC

joy n said...

Yes, I'll bet they're second-guessing that decision to oust Steven and keep Dan. LOL! Hindsight and all that. Ollie, Michelle and Jerry are the epitome of sore losers. They can dish it out, but...........! I hope Thursday's show isn't a big letdown. Last night's was a bit, considering what little of Oliie's temper tantrum was shown. Michelle, I think, is a bonafide whacko. That girl has some VERY serious issues which Ollie is enabling to no end. I'll really be glad to see her gone and hope that Ollie follows quickly after.

Anonymous said...

anon 11:38

if you dont like jackie's opinion, dont read it! we are all here for adult conversation, not to complain about the WRITER!

i really wish they wouldve shown the bad side of everyone in the house. they are making them seem civilized. not true! i can understand not all of ollie's rant, im sure america wouldnt be too happy to see behavior like that on tv. at least we got to see it on the feeds :)

Anonymous said...

Jackie thanks for the laughs this morning. Anon at 11:38AM did you get out of the bed on the wrong side today?

Dan and Renny crack me up and I definitely want them as the F2.

Looking forward to Thursday.

PlaidChick said...

Lynn, I know the hurricane is 5 days away from hitting anywhere on the gulf, but I tell you what.. I'll order up a Hurricane while I'm at the craps table in Tahoe!
Got to finish packing, and we're outta here tomorrow AM. Of course I will have my lap top with me, and hopefully we'll eat dinner after 6 PM so I can watch the stream video at 5....

THAT'S it I'm a Jackie-oholic!!!

Jerry and his letter of reference. Have you guys heard him trash talking Keesha since the POV meeting? He has dropped the C bomb now in regards to her aka "C" you next Tuesday. Again, I hate how CBS is portraying that side of the house.. I know they're all bad in their own ways, but PoopPaw just irks me. Ohh and he thinks Memphis is "fat?" Dude, do you need new glasses?

Off to take Emma Louise to the vet. She saw the suitcases, and the look on her face was "Where are you going, and am I going with you?!"

Anonymous said...

Totally do not like jerry and his winning the phone call made him too cocky!
Love dan and renny together as a comedy act, kind of like ricky and lucy (showing my age here)
I did not like Dan's ultimatum but knew the reason for the naming names. It did backfire somewhat as Renny was really pissed at dan and he had some "splaining to do"
I do not care for Ollie at all and wish he had been backdoored! I hope he follows Michelle out the door.
Dan was going to be Ollies target if he won head of household this week anyway so Dan did the right thing. Now he is the target but at least dan feels it is justified.
I hope Keesha wins HOH thursday and puts ollie and jerry up!!!

Lastly my prayers are with you guys in New Orleans, living in Florida I feel your pain.

Anonymous said...

I didn't think Dan's POV was a good idea at all - especially if the HGs compare notes and see that he set everyone up. But then at some point, after the POV ceremony, I read Jokers and saw that Michelle, Ollie and Jerry were talking about putting Keesha and Memphis up if they got HoH. HUH??? Maybe Dan really is that master. We'll see.


joy n said...

I've just read the other comments here.

Anon 11:38 - On the fastest sperm; lighten up! Sheesh!

Orkmommy, ROTFL!!!

Jackie, rbennie, meb and lynn1. Thank you. Glad to be back. One of the most exciting weeks on BB10 and I can't see anything but blurs. I even tried to talk my husband into maybe reading a post or two, but no go. It literally took me hours to catch up last night and I got a headache, but everything seems back to almost normal. Except, of course, the stye is still there but much smaller. Almost gone.

Lynn1, keep you and yours safe. I only hope that Gustav wusses out before he hits land.

I haven't had a chance to welcome all the various newcomers here yet, so WELCOME to the best blog on reality shows that I've ever found. You'll love it here!

tbc said...

I hope #1 of the "delusional duo" leaves at the top of the hour and #2 at the bottom of the hour. It would be wonderful, but almost impossible! The theories that these two are spewing are ridiculous.

Too bad I have to wait until Friday to see the DE! UGH, football!!!

delee said...

My thoughts on Jerry watching the washing machine. I believe he is missing his soap operas that he watches with his wife!!! Such as, As The World Turns....hahahaha!!!

delee said...

Many across the nation will be affected by "football" this week. It is not localized like past weeks. Why did CBS change it from Weds? Seemed like a good idea at first, but not now. Never have watched the dog show, no idea why they did not want that pre-empted! BUT BB10 yes...check out jokers update to see maps of late showing areas.

ORKMommy said...

As the show started last night, I realized that they wouldn't be showing any of Ollie's temper tantrum because the Tuesday show always closes with the veto ceremony and the box closing. Since his fit happened after that, there wasn't time to show much. Now, they would normally catch us up on the post veto happenings on the Thursday show but I doubt they'll have time this week.

Anonymous said...

Watching BBAD from last night...

Jerry had kind of come back to normal for a bit - but he is in full force again tonite. Talking about making VooDoo dolls when he gets home? And I'm not sure he is calling "Fat Boy" who he's accusing of being a female impersonator? HUH???

Michelle and her voices - and just the way she talks in general. Some of the words she uses - I just don't get it.

I'm all for talking about people - its the nature of the game. And I know I would join in if I were there. But these two make me want to leap through the TV and let 'em know whats REALLy going on!

Anne said...

Message to AG & the production wiz kids at BB (I know you're lurking: The fans have spoken - they want to see The Son of a Preacher Man at his finest.

I know you have a double eviction planned and that will eat up some of Thursday's hour, but do us all a favor and save the re-hash. It will have only been two days - I promise you we'll remember what happened at the POV meeting. It's what happened AFTER the POV that we want to see; 86 the B&W do-over and there will be plenty of time.

You put those whackos in that house - now it's time to come clean with America and let all the mommy's see their little darlings up close & personal.

Laurie said...

anne, I do hope your post goes right to their ears. We deserve to see some of that behavior. We just need to be sure our kids aren't watching!

K in WI said...

Anne, Orkmommy, Jackie, anyone?

Am I mistaken--I thought that at the end of Sunday's show Julie said that Thursday night's double eviction show was a 2-hour show.

If that's true, they should have plenty of time to show the reactions to the POV meeting.

I sure hope I'm right--I've been looking forward to 2 hours all week.

K in WI

(sssshhhh! my first comment ever from work)

fa said...

A fewl points:

1) I'm embarrassed to admit that not only do I understand how Jerry can watch the washing machine, I have to confess that I've done the same, many times. Fortunately it's only been while at a laundromat where I had nothing better to do. But you learn alot about the process. And Jerry is correct about the problem of too much soap and it not rinsing out and being bad both for the clothing and the skin. So I can't really make fun of him for that. So many other things to make fun of him about! Besides, it's entirely possible that he was testing Jessie's hypothesis about whether it comes out in the rinse or the wash.

2) I also was disappointed in Dan's approach to the POV meeting. I think "production" prodded him on to do something like that, but the execution was lacking. I understood his perceived need to put a wedge between Renny and Ollie, but it wasn't effective. Also, he gave no explanation whatsoever for why he didn't honor the deal, but he *had* one - that Ollie voided the deal by telling it to Michelle. I don't understand why he didn't say that.

3) I'm coming to realize that Dan's "protection" of Keesha was not sincere at all (or only halfway), because what he was really doing was drawing attention away from his alliance with Memphis. He wants Ollie et al to think that Keesha is his number 1 when really it's Memphis, because he practically has zero chance of losing against Memphis in F2.

fa said...

Oh, and Jackie, those two screen caps you have, of Dan and Keesha -- I know what you're thinking. You're hoping Zoetawny superimposes them, I just know you're thinking that ::evil grin::

If you tell me where to send it, I may also make an attempt...

RBennie said...

I agree with your take on the situation Fa, even the washing machine part, LOL. Renny and Kesha are going to feel very betrayed when they catch on, if they ever do. Although Renny keeps being suspicious, but he manages to charm her out of it so far. If, as is the norm, the jurors vote personally rather than on who played the best game, I don't think Dan can win. By the time he's done he will have alienated everyone - except Memphis. He already can forget Ollie, Michelle, Jerry or April's vote.

becky said...

lynn1 said...Thanks everyone for the good vibes concerning the hurricane. I can assure you that if it is heading towards me I will be out of here at least 300 miles away. I am a nervous nellie when it comes to Mother Nature.
I'll be spending the next 2 days getting all important papers and valuables organized and into rubber maid containers to haul with me. Well I 'll be doing that when I am not reading Jaskie's blog! LOL
8/27/2008 11:10 AM

Lynn, prayers going up for your's and everyone else in the path of a hurricane. I HATE HURRICANE SEASON. We live on the TX gulf coast and I have been through several of them. We don't stay since Celia.

I am VERY experience in packing for evacuation. The best suggestion is MAKE A LIST of everything you want to take with you. That way you won't forget anything. I learned that the hard way when we evacuated and I left a 100 year old picture on the wall that had belonged to my grandfather. I wish there was a way I could send you my evacuation list. Oh, and the long plastic containers work better that the Rubbermaid ones do. And if you have an ice chest on wheels, use it. Don't forget water in the car for pets and a potty can for you. If you need more hints, let me know.

cha cha said...

I have made my plans already. Renny is in a safe place and doesn't need to know whats going on in Old Metairie.She talks about the fire station she lives next to.Its near Homer and Aurora.
I am totally TEAM RENNY!!!
WIsh us luck...We will not know anything until friday. Well more certainty anyway.

lynn1 said...

Hey Becky,
Thanks for the evacuation hints. Like you I have a list and a system that has been working for me since I had my first evacaution from Hurricane Fredick in Mobile in 1979.
Actually it was not my first evacuation but the first one I was personally responsible for.
I seem to have a knack for living in places where either Hurricanse or tornadoes are a part of life! LOL
The only 2 natural disasters I haven't experienced are wild fires and avalanches.

I am wondering since Thursday night is a double evicition if we will get a glimpse of the evicited Hg arriving at the Sequestor house on Sunday night.
I am sure Libra is fit to be tied or will be until some of her buddies start showing up.

I can't imagine being locked up with only April and Michelle and possibly Jerry or Ollie. I would consider that cruel and unusual punishment.

Anonymous said...

K in WI it is advertised as only 1 hour. Reminder to all West coast viewers to record CSI also, as no doubt the Dem convention will go over time!


Anonymous said...

I wasn't to keen on the game Dan played at the Veto meeting, because it included his own alliance members, but I have thought about and listened to some of his DR explanations and in my opinion, I feel as if Dan is the only one truly playing with a game strategy. He makes moves and at times some of those moves are risky. I think he truly has a plan to win this game. At least he is doing more than sitting around and simply whining. And lets not forget Dr.Will, he managed to win and like Dan, was the only one really playing and making enemies.

PlaidChick said...

According to my TiVo.... BB is only one hour tomorrow night.

Are the kids going to be on Craig tonight

Anonymous said...

Odds are long for any individual to win, but rbennie seems to miss Dan's strategy to cause alienation to one another among the other players. Like Dr. Will, he wants to stir the pot and make them go after each other before they come after him. So far, he's playing them very well.

Double-eviction night could be difficult for Dan because he'll have no time to manipulate anyone between the two evictions. He has a good chance of outsmarting the others to get the veto, though.

Also to Dan's advantage: (1) Jerry and Ollie would be obvious nominees for any HOH from Dan's alliance. (2) After his explosion, Ollie may be at the end of this rope.

RBennie said...

I would never compare Dan to Dr. Will. For one, Will somehow, I guess it was his charm, managed to screw people over and still have them like him and two, don't forget he was in F2 with Nicole - who was hated by the other HGs more than he was. If he had been in F2 with anyone else, the outcome could have been much different. I don't believe Dan is going to be that lucky - he might very well make it to F2, but he will burn many bridges to get there. The only person in his alliance that I think he has a chance of beating is Memphis - a fact which I think he is aware. I think Dan wants to make the BB history books, hence all these schemes, but alas, I think he will fall into the forgettable pile in the end.

Nana in the NW said...

plaidchick--I think they are done with Craig Ferguson for a few weeks(his show is on re-runs). I'm still hoping that in a luxury comp. someone wins a trip to be on the show as a guest(maybe with Julie).

As for taping the show--the great thing about a DVR is I just program the name of a show, only new episodes and it will record no matter what time it's on.

I agree about Dan's game of roulette. What was aired was very confusing and made him look smug and arrogant. BB left ALOT on the editting room floor!! I think America would have had a good laugh with the way that whole thing really transpired.

RyzandShyn said...

To Lynn1 and all others on hurricane can always come to NJ, my family and I would be happy to make room for you.

I'm always surprised at the amount of trash-talking that goes on in there as the numbers dwindle and how shocked and dismayed they are to think someone else is talking about them....Geesh! Funny how the "game" part of the game is lost on them once they get in there.

Witt said...

School has started again so that is why I'm not posting until after 6:00 ET ...I miss being able to post several times a day!

Jackie, thank goodness you had us all in the know or according to Tuesday's epi we would have thought that Ollie just knocked over that one thing on his way out the door after the POV. You always keep us informed and YOU ROCK!!! (I know I've said that multiple times every summer but it never stops being true!)

I hope it is Dan and Renny in the end, but don't know if that may come to pass. I am hoping that the numbers will be in their favor, and as Memphis says there aren't many people left to nominate so they will go as far as they can together.

Hugs to all, especially our Gulf Coast friends. Welcome to all the newcomers! You found the best blog on the net!

Witt :)

loneseven said...

I agree with the post that pointed out that Ollie hasn't really played anything but April until she got booted. Then he set about trying to "make a deal". Any way you cut it, Ollie doesn't deserve to even be in the house. He hasn't really played the game. I give much credit to Dan for trying to plan a strategy and get to it. One of the guests pointed out recently, it's too late to play in teams - it's time to play for yourself!! Dan is doing that and I think he's doing it well. I'm hoping for a Dan/Memphis final two. I think it's a shame he didn't get kicked out for his behavior and language. I can understand and overlook some profanity and expletives but when you start calling individuals derogatory names, that's going too far. I think it would be funny if he received a telegram from his parents telling him because of his behavior and language, he's going to have to find another place to live because he can't live in the parsonage!! We don't get to view Thursday's show until 11:37pm. A football game and something else comes on first. I wish CBS realized that some of us are addicted and have no life!! I NEED to see the show on time. haha If anybody sees Petals, tell her Mom says "hey".

fa said...

nana, make sure to double check your DVR - if you can, also set a manual timed recording that extends around the time frame. I also use a DVR and record by title, but (as happened last night) if their database doesn't get updated to reflect the new start/end time, it will record whatever time the show is "supposed" to air. But maybe you have a smarter DVR than I do (wouldn't be surprised! mine is kinda dumb)

Anonymous said...

I had trouble with my DVR not taping the end of the show...

Thanks to Jackie for allowing me to experience the show and the aftermath through her blog.

I went to the CBS website to view the clip and see what the big hoopalah was about the lollipop...I think that was the least of what Ollie did wrong!

Anyway, is it true that CBS is going to punish Ollie in some way? I mean, he was wrong as they come but we have seen just as bad and even worse in the past!


Anonymous said...

Referring to rbennie's post:

Will always had swarms of people who wanted him out, and every time, he managed to divert them, much like Dan is trying to do.

Also, by the time you're in the Final 2, burned bridges don't make much difference. Jury members don't tend to vote for their friends, but for the smarter player.

Renny is a pretty good player, too, but not as clever or as smart as Dan. She also has no really tight ties to other players that, in themselves, could translate to jury votes. Therefore, against Renny, I'd expect Dan to prevail on the strength of his game.

Anonymous said...

But what is the likelihood that Dan(if he was calling the shots) would even take Renny?

Clementine said...

I think both Renny and Memphis would win over Dan (in final two) at this point.

If it were Dan and Keesha...

Voters would be:
Libra - ?
April - Dan
Michelle - ?
Jerry - ?
Ollie - Keesha
Memphis - Dan (unless he screwed him over)
Renny - Keesha

That would be interesting.

Anonymous said...

But some credit would have to be given to Dan for how well he plaayed the game. I mean, if Evel Dick can win, then I say GO DAN! (or Renny;O)

Clementine said...

Anon said...
But some credit would have to be given to Dan for how well he plaayed the game.

An emotionally mature person would probably be able to set aside their personal feelings of jealousy and bitterness, and cast a vote based on game-play.

I'm guessing Ollie, April, and Michelle will act like spoiled brats. Probably Jerry too, but he's fickle, so who knows which one he'll be most bitter toward at the end.

cha cha said...

What Part of Jersey? I have family near Chrry Hill and Eastampton. My fathr is from Linden..
I think if either K/R/Me win in the first hoh then Ollie and Jerry will go up. But if they were smart one would stay off in case of Veto..JMO

Anonymous said...

If Dan were calling the shots, he wouldn't take Renny to the final 2. He would know that all of the others are poor players, and that he would beat them based on his game. (He'd beat Renny, too, but, since she has a little game, maybe not so easily.)

Again, when they vote, jury members like to come off as fair and mature. They don't want to look like "spoiled brats" when they're voting, no matter how childish they acted on the show.

Clementine said...

Wanna bet? ;)

Anonymous said...

The other thing you have to remember is that O/M/J and probably A and L too believe that
Dan the plant, shall we call him Dandelion, is America's Player and they think he's getting money every day on the show because he's performing tasks for BB. That might take that into consideration, esp. A, and believe that he has aleady won enough money and give the money to whoever is up beside him, if he makes F2. I also think he wouldn't win against Renny but he might have a chance against M or K.

Then again what if some miracle upon miracle happens and we have a J and O in F2. I won't watch it. I swear I won't.

Anonymous said...
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meb said...

anon 8:56... I know what you mean if O & J were the F2. That would be like Ryan and Adam from BB9. I didn't care who won...I didn't like either of them.

Ryznshyn...where have you been? Good to see you posting again.

Nana in the NW said...

hey Petals--your Mom says "hi"--you should call her once in awhile!! LOL
Are you leaving on a scheduled vacation or because of the hurricane?

My DVR tends to cut-off the previews of the next episode. I will set CSI also--just in case!

anon 8:41--some people will vote logically, but others will feel they were "personally attacked" and see this as a way of paybacks. Not very mature but hey, their 15 minutes of fame of over!

Are we still posting here?

meb said...

teabbfan... your mom is in my prayers. I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this... I know it's difficult.

Laurie, maybe you could put a prayer post up on JackiesUSA blog, like you did for me (when you get home of course). I know prayer works.

Anonymous said...

I'm watching the feeds right now and I am shocked at how bratty Ollie is acting! I shouldn't be, but i am. Even the other houseguests were commenting on him being 'in a mood'. You know it's gotta be killing him to smell the food, be hungry and be too stubborn to eat. Just incredible how immature he is, he even looks like he is pouting.


Anonymous said...

Lynn. Hnag in there with Gustav. I'm a long time Florida resident that just lost a tree or 2 to Fay and survived Opal and Charlie. You never know about these storms. I'll be thinking of you!


Laurie said...

MEB, off to do that right now. I know prayer works!

Laurie said...

Teabbfan, I posted in our other blog about your mom and asked for prayers for her. Please keep us posted as to how she is doing.

Tom`S said...

Jerry wants to make a voodoo doll of Memphis.
Jerry's how old? Okay -- Ouch.. Creepy..Hope Jerry wasn't serious.

Anne said...

Teabbfan said: "...I dont know if I am supposed to do this but MOM isnt eating refuses to go to dr can yall pray or send good thawts to her I am so worried ..Jackie if I wasnt supposed to please let me know I wont in the future ..Yall are just starting to feel like real to me as u talk about ur outside lives"

We're real, you're hurting, and it's okay to reach out.

Good thoughts are going out for your Mom, and for you.

We never, ever get more than we can handle - even when we think we're getting weak - the strength is there - just reach deep and grab onto it - it's there.

You'll get through this... have faith and hang on - the universe will reward you.


Anonymous said...

I agree it was boring I watched a movie

Anonymous said...

thanks to those who replied about mom
I have decided to call ambulance tomorrow if she isnt better and refuses to go to doctor
am going to say something to the sisters as well
[[[[[[[hugs back]]]]]]]]]]

Anonymous said...

Before the jury vote, BB should reveal to the jury how little Dan did on behalf of "America".

Interesting that he's actually playing the others so well that they suspect he's a plant.