Thursday, August 07, 2008

Big Brother 10 Live Feeds Since Jessie Got the Boot

"This is for you, Jessie!"

Welp, the game has changed up once again. I think that Michelle's going to make herself a nervous wreck over her big win. Here's what's been happening in that Big Brother House of Sweet Vengeance and Deviants:
  • When the feeds went back on after the show, there was so much screaming that I wasn't sure who was screaming at whom. Jerry really shouldn't scream. He's going to blow out a vocal chord or something.
  • Jerry screamed at Libra that he should have shoved her cake up her ass.
  • Libra screamed because Michelle called her a bitch.
  • Michelle screamed at almost everyone.
  • Libra screamed that she knows she's going home this week.
  • April screamed about others being liars.
  • They screamed about who has the jury votes or not.
  • Jerry screamed that Libra is a "dumb bitch." She screamed back that she graduated magna cum laude ... but didn't deny the latter part. ;-)
  • Jerry was instantly Michelle's best buddy as we all could have predicted. He trash talked Dan to her saying Dan is "the worst of the worst."
  • Libra talked to Dan telling him he shouldn't worry -- she knows she'll be the target this week.
  • Once alone, Michelle did a happy dance which seemed to go on forever.
  • April apparently threw out both of the birthday cakes for spite.
  • Michelle said she knew Jessie was going when they changed the order of the voting.
  • Ollie and April don't think they need worry about Dan, but both want Libra gone. They think she's the mastermind of the Disrespect April's HOH Reign.
  • Oh ... they also think she's a rotten mother.
  • They think Keesha's too dumb to be a mastermind.
  • Michelle thinks Dan is a plant (maybe even a mole).
  • Jerry went on and on about Dan breaking his word. Technically, Dan didn't really commit to Jerry when pressured about the vote earlier in the day. He kind of nodded a bit and mumbled.
  • Memphis is very upset about how Ollie, April, Michelle, and Jerry are ruthlessly bashing Libra, Keesha, and Dan. He thinks $500,000 isn't enough to make people act that way. (It is.)
  • Michelle hopes Dan loses his job. (Um, why? We know why he voted the way he did, but even if it were his own vote ... it's BIG BROTHER -- the game is full of backstabbing and deceit.)
  • Michelle's upset that she didn't really get a chance to say goodbye to Jessie.
  • Memphis pointed out to Michelle how Jerry's kissing up to her and swaggering now.
  • April keeps going on about the vote being a slap in her face. Well, in the beginning, the others told her they wanted Jessie out. Until this season, the HOH never totally ruled the vote.
  • Michelle had a fairly peaceful (no screaming) talk with Dan. She kept repeating how she doesn't know how he could vote like that. He just smiled at the camera after she left him alone.
  • Memphis told Keesha he thinks he can get Michelle to put up April and Libra. Libra is a given, but I don't know if she'd put up April now.
  • Michelle cried. And the cheese stands alone.
  • Memphis told Michelle that when Jessie left he told him "You and Michelle take this ..."
  • Memphis told Michelle that she should take April's BB gold bars to not put her on the block, then put her up anyway.
  • As I post this, the screaming has subsided. They should all be hoarse by now.


Nana in the NW said...

All I can say is "Karma is a bitch, huh Libra and Keesha"?!!! Everyone will know soon they were the masterminds(I would guess Memphis will sell them out in order to stay safe).

I wonder if April will go back to sleeping in their bedroom??...probably not. LOL

BTW--Dan's sister is very pretty!

Can't wait for the old HG to return for the comp. on Sunday. Do you think we will see it live or will we have to wait until Tues. show?

The EC feeds site was "under construction" so I couldn't watch the show with you all, but everyone did great re-capping the show for us!

Night, all.......hoping those paint fairies show up tonight.....tehehehe

Pally said...

Hey girlie
Thanks for helping bloggers help other bloggers by allowing them to print sites that might help them view BB when their stations are scheduled to show a different series. I tried to suggest a site to the east coasters that were held prisoners to a football game on another site and the screener replied that it wouldn't be legal for her to print it. Interesting...we even play BB when we're not on BB...They showed the whole show on their site...of course I am sure it was legal =)

Anonymous said...

Im so happy Jessie is gone!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think Brian might have been right - Memphis may take the prize. The girls will all go trying to get each other.


Jen said...

Hi ALL!! I haven't posted in about a week! I hope everyone is doing well!! Wasn't tonight's show great!! Although I am bummed Michelle won Hoh but I am THRILLED Jessie is gone!! I think now that Jessie is gone Michelle will start playing the game!!

I am currently watching BBAD and already Michelle, April, Ollie and Jerry are driving me nuts!! It's going to be along week listening to them grip and and complain!! Ugh!!

It will be an interesting week, though!! Oh and I finally broke down and signed up for the feeds!! I have a feeling I am not going to get much done these next few days!!

formerly anon said...

Wow, Jessie really was blindsided, he could barely utter an articulate word to Julie. Oh wait, that's normal for him.

At first when I saw that Michelle got HOH, I was bummed, but immediately saw the potential for an entertaining week. Now I'm glad she got it. She'll be annoying as hell, but it will definitely make things interesting.

Poor Dan. It must be really hard to not be able to say what happened. He's going to bear the brunt of alot of bile, but he's up to the task. I like him alot.

Anonymous said...

A--I like Libra and am sad that she'll be going home next week...I dont know why some/much of America doesn't like her..she's never done anything "bad" in the house...she's just a very intelligent, very loud and very out spoken..all of her tactics were to get people who America and the house wanted out anyway (Brian, Jessie)...Make up your minds america, either you want someone who's going to openly scheme to get rid of the bad guys or you want someone who is too quiet and afraid to play the game

B) Has anyone else notice the size of Dan's *you-know-what*'s huge...that's why he lays down on his belly, wears swim trunks and places his hand there during eviction night all of the time

formerly anon said...

Whoa, anon, no, I didn't notice that about Dan! What's wrong with me? Normally I'd notice something like that (whoops! I didn't mean that to sound like that! but ok, it's true)

As for Libra, no, I just genuinely don't like her at.all. AT ALL at all. She just so rubs me the wrong way, no matter what she's doing and no matter who she's doing it to. I think my mild distaste was turned to fervent disgust when she outright lied to Renny and Jerry about dissing them for being the "old" people on her team - that just really showed me who she is, and had nothing to do with game play. imho. The things I don't like about her have nothing to do with game play.

I think I have a crush on Dan. The only other BB player I've ever even mildly liked as much was Dr. Will. But Dan is leagues ahead of him. As long as he doesn't open his mouth about anything political (from what I've read others saying).

Anonymous said...

Oh yes Anon1 If you can find the video on youtube or something the first time I noticed is when he first entered the DR to learn that he would be America's Player....

And second I think a lot of people feel that way about Libra....I just think she's a very good game player and the house and america are not only angry about that but they have turned it into something to hate her for when The evil Doctor Dr. Will, Evil Dick and Mike Boogie each resorted to WORSE behavior, but were also good game players and were voted to win because of that....Sadly even if Libra makes it to the final 2, I don't think anyone is going to vote for her to win simply because she was a good game player, but will vote against her...... Double standards on all levels if you catch my drift

Susan said...

What are they all -- twelve? In the HOH room they're all talking about Libra - her hair, she's the 'most hated' in BB history, etc. What a bunch of A-holes. I 'dislike' (trying not to hate) April and Ollie SO much, and Michelle is white trash.

formerly anon said...

Anon, I'm not so sure that everyone dislikes Libra for her game play, as you suggest. I know, for myself, that's absolutely no part of it. I respect good game play, no matter who it comes from and how it's done.

But with her, that's not it. It's her attitude and how she treats people. It's stuff you can't just turn on or off, even if you wanted to. It's who she is, in other words. I felt the same way about Gnat from last season, and Matt too.

It's not the "they hate me because I'm so smart" or "so beautiful" or "so talented" or whatever. No, sometimes it's because the person is a jerk. Sorry, but that's how I see it.

debbie said...

I like Libra, dont see anything wrong with her game play, Jerry is a PIA, MIchele and her attitude now has surprised me, someone needs to tell her that HOH only lasts for one week

Tom`S said...

Good Morning to all,

I haven't been able to get caught up, yesterday was actually the first time I sat and watched an entire Epi of BB, I hope everyone is doing well. Jackie loved your latest photos, we we're commenting on " ducks " geese " prior to entering The Glen.
I'm still a bit nervous although not quite as much, I'm in transition from ownerships, hopefully by next week it'll work out. My primary concern is the heat, alongside hot temperaments, I hate blaming the heat but it is a huge factor for me, I noticed I repeated my own behavioral pattern of hot-headed arguing from back in May 2008.. Maybe by writing about it will hopefully prevent any flare - ups.

Back to BB, Hmmm I'm unsure who I like, I don't like the constant same ole yelling that doesn't seem to mound to anything, I couldn't tolerate watching Libra, well all of them are yellers )
esp Dan and Memphis, Sydney I read your post, I begin writing yesterday but had to leave, Watkins Glen is the area I probably mentally prepared myself to enjoy. I'm not going to read any negative stories today haha -- I zoomed down to Jackie's photos instead of reading an update on BB, of course that was yesterday. I better git my nervous are flaring.

Generally my voice gets hoarse, my ears begin throbbing with pain when I get really nervous, The Glen brings back a lot of memories of my Dad, along with flowers, I believe Jackie nailed her photos perfect.

peace out

jb said...

A house fulla 10 year olds. Dan gets my vote to win. Hope he makes it...He's the only one playing the game. Whata buncha moroons.

Petals said...

LOVE the "cheese stands alone" comment. You are the cat's pajamas, Jackie!

Magna cum laude? Mega Dumb & Loud, more like it. Jerry's right.

Happy 08-08-08 everyone!

Petals said...

Anon(s) - I am an equal-oppotunity dis-liker, and it has nothing to do with any "double standard".
I reserve the right to dislike Libra as much as all of you disliked Jessie.

That said, now I have to search You Tube for Dan's tube. haha


joy n said...

Jessie's interview with Julie on The Early Show is about to start. Wonder if he'll say anything coherent this AM.

joy n said...

Yes, Jessie is still a jerk. He said, after learning we told Dan to vote him out, "America should have kept me cause I would have been a lot funnier." What planet does the pinhead come from again? I guess I missed that info somewhere.

joy n said...

I can't wait to see Evel Dick tear him apart on House Calls this PM.

Sydney said...

I watched the show late last night. I DID think that DAN -- mumbling and non enthusiastic as he was - DID INDEED give an affirmative answer to Jerry when he asked if he was on their side. And Jerry is sucking up to Michele, as he did to April, but he seems to have drifted into an actual alliance with them last week, so technically, he's got reason to? Not that I give him that much credit, but I can't criticize him for it at the moment. If someone from the other side wins next week, I do expect Jerry to suck up to them though, lol.

And isn' t Memphis sitting pretty? For this week at least.... He's got his old alliance with MIchele and she's HOH and he can pull her strings saying Jessie said things to him -- which we know Jessie did, we just don't really know what he said. And he's in an alliance with K/L/R/D who all saved him.

Anonymous said...

I'm betting Libra will go up mainly because of the vacation and the leotard thing.

I also am one of the people who don't like Libra. I don't like her because she yells at people without even listening to what they have to say when they get into a disagreement. She doesn't listen to their point of view and then, tell them her point of view. She just yells over them and repeats what she just said over and over until they give up and she thinks she's won the arguement. To me, that is not intelligent; that is immature. I don't like how when she's in with the HOH she's a touch arrogant and she's a control freak. Maybe that comes from her being a mother and wanting to do what she thinks is best for the otehrs but they don't need her to do that for them. I think she's selfish too. I of course, don't blame her for taking the vacation over the leotard. I would too. Anyone would.

I'm also the one who talked about her hair. Here's the thing with her hair. She looks like she's got a huge bump on the back of her head and her hair is sort of covering it and it sticks up becuase of it. I don't dislike her because of her hair. I just don't like her hair. I think she's a very pretty girl if she would just do something with that hair she would be a beautiful girl.

And as to comparng her to Will and Boogie. The thing about Will and Boogie is that they were like two little boys being mischievious. They were funny. Libra just comes across as mean sometimes. I don't think that a lot of people dislike her because she's African American. I think most people dislike because she's, and I hate to say this, a bitch and I'd be willing to bet that she will throw anyone and everyone she can under the bus to save her butt this week.

This should be an interesting week. Can't wait.


Anonymous said...

Jessie is such a putz. Just saw him on the Early Show and what a sour puss he was when he found out America wanted him gone and not Dan.

Thank goodness he is gone and we don't have to watch him any more. Yeah!!!

BJ in FL

Sydney said...

Yes Jackie-- I forgot to mention the brilliance of the cheese stands alone comment. I read that one twice!
ANd dear Petals, if you do find Dan's tube, be kind enough to share it with your pals willya? er, or at least with ME. lol

Sydney said...

OMG, I didn't even think of how BAD Jessie's ego would get hit to discover this morning that AMERICA wanted him OUT. Poor kid.

Sydney said...

crap -- what' going on with Russia and Georgia and our president being gone in China and evacuating US personnel from Georgia right now??????

Sydney said...

OK -- days now and haven't heard from Sharon. Not to rile us all up, but just to shout out again to her...

Sharon, if you don't mind just sgning in to say Hi if you're reading these, that would be great... don't have to go into anything else. Just wanting to know that you are OK.

RBennie said...

Good Morning all! I just caught up on all the comments. I couldn't watch the show last night because of football - I didn't realize football was delayed, but I wouldn't have watched anyway cuz I was glued to SYTYCD finale. So glad to hear Jessie is gone - good riddance. Not thrilled about Michelle winning HOH, but I guess it should make for good drama this week. I'm sure Libra's a given to go home, but I wonder who Michelle will put up with her.

RBennie said...

You're right Sydney, we haven't heard from Sharon in a bit, I hope she is okay.

TerryinCA said...

Thanks Jackie...the cheese stands apropos....Im glad Jessie is gone, I think Libra is rude and in your face and should be gone......but Im glad at least the house has a shake up..that cant be bad....Is Dan AP all week? I cant find anything about another vote from us on the cbs site.
I have to comment on Chenbots attire..maybe its my flat screen TV, but did she look very wide and od in that gold/brown thing she wore?
Who is her stylist? Whoever it is should be shot, and quickly. Its hot as blazes in CA right now....summer and GOLD LAME? please!

sharon said...

Hi guys! I almost feel human again this morning.Went to the doctor Wed. and he put me on something to stop the throwing up and I was to drink lots of water. The meds made me so sleepy,I have mostly been sleeping.But today,I think I may have turned the corner. Thanks for the concern and thoughts,all of you!:)

I will be relying on Jackie to keep me informed about house doings,because can't stand to listen to Manchelle strut and make threats all week. And,yes,she has to realize this only lasts one week and they'll be coming for her next week.

Once again,JessMe showed his brilliant intelligence in his exit interview with JC.You know he's heard these big words somewhere but has no clue what they he's called Libra "deviant".I think he means "devious",but PH doesn't know the difference.

I absolutely cannot stand Jerry any more and would like to see him take a walk and keep on walkin'!Who does he think he is,anyway?

I thought I saw Bunky and Amy among those coming back. I was just glad Janie was there and could have lived FOREVER without seeing Booger ever again!

Do your darndest,Manchelle,but remember,you can only evict one and the rest will be waiting for you(sorry..youse in Manchelle speak).

Syd,hated that outfit JC had on. She's a little old to be going braless ,especially when her boobs almost touched the waistband of that hideous skirt!She needs to fire her stylist,quick!


Anonymous said...

I have no problem with Libra or Keesha. Well, Keesha talked like she was going to rock the house but didn't do anything except listen to others. The one I really dislike is Jerry. He is such a weak follower. You would think a military man would not be such a putz. I guess Libra will go and that's fine but I wish she would have won HOH because it would have been fun to see Michelle, she is such a sore loser.

ORKMommy said...

Come on everyone...sing with me!

Ding Dong, the pinhead's gone! Which old pinhead, the clueless pinhead! Ding Dong, the clueless pinhead's gone!

5 useless points to the person who knows the tune!

**Useless points can't be redeemed for anything. Which is why they're useless. Offer void where prohibited by law.**

Anonymous said...

Does anyone think that Michelle has the mental and emotional control to stay in this game? She flips out left and right!
Patty Q

Anonymous said...

Michelle will play with vengence instead of brains. So Libra WILL go up.
Patty Q

RBennie said...

I think Michelle will be as big of a basket case HOH as April and Keesha were, if not more so. They never seem to comprehend that HOH is only for one week and you have to deal with the consequences of your actions after that. It should never be about getting revenge for your buddy that got evicted. It should be about using the limited time you have HOH to further yourself in the game. Not to say that Michelle putting up Libra is a bad idea. If Libra would have won HOH Michelle would be on the block.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh...if only that breath of fresh air from Rbennie could reach the BB house. LOL!
Patty Q

Well said, Rbennie!
And I quote,
They never seem to comprehend that HOH is only for one week and you have to deal with the consequences of your actions after that. It should never be about getting revenge for your buddy that got evicted. It should be about using the limited time you have HOH to further yourself in the game.

ORKMommy said...

Does Michelle remind anyone else of Julia Roberts' character in Mystic Pizza?

loneseven said...

HEY, ORK!!! Gosh, it's good to see everyone. I kinda' liked Jesse and hated to see him go. I can't even decide who I'd like to see win (maybe Dan). Now, I'll admit I'm a crusty old woman, but that Jerry is completely disgusting!! And ya know what? He thinks he really something!! Oh, a shout-out to Petals :)

joy n said...

Sharon, relieved to hear that you went to your doctor, and that you're feeling better. Being sick in that kind of heat has to make it so much more miserable for you. Really glad to know you are okay.