Wednesday, September 17, 2008

And Good Dumplings Abound

I took this photo on Monday in the Little Italy/Chinatown border area on Grand Street in Manhattan. Of course I'd go for the good dumplings rather than the Just OK Dumpling House or the Bad Bad Dumpling Depot, wouldn't you?

My review of last n
ight's Big Brother finale is up over on TV Squad. I saw Dan and Memphis on The Early Show and hope I can post some video of that. It was SO short on the actual show that you didn't miss much if you missed it. But CBS is supposed to have more video which isn't up as I get this posted. The article about the interview is online there.

I want to thank everyone for a fun BB season here on the blog. We had health issues, hurricanes, and more trying to thwart our good times, but it was good times we had. (They go well with good dumplings.) You all rock and I'm glad you hang out here -- the blog wouldn't be anything without the community it has grown. Merci!

My knee and hip (from all the stairs) are both a bit sore from all the walking and the stairs on Monday. But I'm fearless. I'm going with a friend to the outdoor cafes, shopping, and roaming about Westfield, NJ later today. Ah, but there will be no stairs!


PDX Granny said...

Good morning!!! Am I first??

Suffering from withdrawals already!!

Have a great day everyone. I'll catch up later tonight when I get home from work.

Patty said...

Jackie-Thank you so much for giving us a place to hang out at.

As always, I cannot think of a better writer on the BB happenings than you. Jackie, you rock!

I cannot wait for Survivor to start!

RBennie said...

Good Morning all. I'm so bummed I didn't get to party with you all last night, but I was watching. What happened, did Keesha not get the memo to dress up. Congrats to Dan. Unanimous vote - now that was a surprise. So there was still no outing of April & Ollie. Again, it seemed to me, that there was some "prompting" involved in what Brian and Steven said, so why would Brian say all that and not say anything about April & Ollie having sex.

Orkmommy - I can't quite remember what our bet was exactly, so let me know if I lost and I will pay up, LOL.

Thanks for another fun season of blogging Jackie. I'll be here for Survivor, TAR, etc.

jb said...

Thanks Jackie!

lynn1 said...

Thanks for giving us a fun place to hang out and chat about the hijinks on BB. I had a blast this summer spending time chatting about BB10.
I am absolutely amazed ( and delighted)that Dan won unanimously! Who would have thunk it??
Can't wait for Survivor and TAR to start next week. Until then I will satisfy my reality TV needs with Project Runway and the design show the follows it.
Enjoy your outing today.

ORKMommy said...

Rbennie - I don't remember the bet either so let's just say that Dan won and call it at that! :-)

I really enjoyed the show last night and was totally shocked that Dan got ALL the votes. As soon as Julie pulled April's key I knew he was gonna win it!

I didn't think Brian & Steven's speeches were prompted, but I was glad they said what they did. What was up with Michelle and her "What???" with the confused look when she was outed with April for attacking Keesha's appearance. Does she not realize there were cameras recording them? What a moron! I just wish one of them had used the term "Mean Girls" because that's exactly what they were!

I thought Keesha looked very nice though. I'm not one to dress up a lot. Most of my "nice clothes" include a very nice top with jeans. She seems like a very down to earth woman...I'd probably be good friends with her if we were to ever meet.

p.s. Didn't anyone tell April that it's tacky to wear the same outfit on TV twice? She was evicted in that same dress!!!

Anonymous said...

Jackie - thanks for a great season!

This is the first season where I'm thrilled with the outcome. I loved the KRMD alliance and have been cheering for Dan since about week two.

I'm really going to miss BB - lucky we have Survivor and TAR coming soon. I work for myself and have spent a little too much time reading the BB blogs so it's probably good that BB is over. I've heard rumors about another winter version - anyone know if that's true? I think I'd rather wait until next summer.

Thanks everyone for a great season!


nancy in nj said...

gee, what am i suppossed to do now?

sue said...

Every finale some of the women wear sleezy, too tight dresses. Last night April and Michelle kept up that tradition. I wondered if BB provides the wardrobe and Keesha said 'thanks, but no thanks' to whatever they picked out for her? I liked her better in jeans than if they had worn one of those regretable choices A & M made. Renny was pure Renny, I can see her being one of the school girls who made a school uniform look like their own creation. What do you all think, does BB dress them for the finale?

Connie in Fl said...

Thank you,Jackie and all for making
our summer more enjoyable! Wish
Brian and Steven could have said
more for the TV only viewers.
Come on Survivor!

becky said...

Jackie, thank you for another wonderful season. Force of habit (you know how addictions are)made me come here first thing and check your blog.

I am so glad that Keesha won the $25,000. I can't believe that Jerry was a close second! Yeah, I can. I would probably have voted for him had I not seen (thank all of you for the clips you sent)what he was really like. From the way CBS BB portrayed him he was a crusty old grandpa, not the foul mouth bigot that we all learn to loath.

Michelle said...

I'm glad I joined your blog. I have enjoyed writing about Big Brother with other fans. I'll certainly continue with Survivor and Amazing Race. Thanks for starting this one up. I saw the Early Show interview as well and was hoping it was longer. Will look later for more on it. Hopefully there will be some with Memphis. Glad Dan won the money. They both played a very good game. Happy Keesha won the money as well. She truely deserved it. Now I get to go through withdrawals until next season. Have a great day everyone.

pepsip said...

Was the outfit that April wore , one of the ones she won in the luxury comp? I know that the leater jacket and pants that she wore for jury questions ,was one of those outfits , and she was told to wear them in the house.

Anonymous said...

To rbennie and others who disagreed earlier: Just pointing out that it was the winner's gameplay, rather than favortism, that garnered the votes.

RBennie said...

I have never understood why BB just won't get the message that fans want to see more of the aftermath of the win. Why are they so against doing either (i) a two-hour finale or (ii) a reunion show. It's so annoying that they announce the winner in the last 5 minutes of the show and the credits were practically rolling as she announced the America's Favorite.

Michelle said...

I couldn't agree with you more Rbennie. I have always wondered the same thing. I would love to know what some of these folks are up to these days. It would be fun to watch.

RBennie said...

Yes Anon at 11:04, thanks for the "I told you so". That's what was so surprising about the unanimous vote, that they voted on game play. That has typically not been the case in the past.

Anonymous said...

rbennie--Voting on gameplay should have been no surprise last night, because it usually prevails. The unanimous choice was a bit surprising, though.

joy n said...

I mentioned earlier that had the jurors heard first about Dan's AP stint, that vote would have been totally different. The p***ed-off looks that the top row (Libra, April, Ollie and Michelle) exchanged after the AP clip, clearly shows their vote would have been an emotional one again if they'd had the chance to vote at that moment. Heehee! Too late, sore losers!

Anonymous said...

The top row might have been momentarily stunned (I saw the shot), but I don't think the AP stint would have made the jurors more likely to vote against Dan. As he would have told them, that success only reinforces Dan's skill at the game, which was the reason they all voted for him.

Even if some votes had changed, it would have taken a lot to affect the outcome.

joy n said...

At that point, I doubt they would have cared what Dan had to say. Ollie even muttered, "I wish we had known." and April nodded.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? They were lapping up Dan's every word. And he would have been right.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy how everything turned out. Yeah for Keesha and Dan.

I loved what Brian was saying. I LOVED that!! That show is much too short and they should ditch the Sunday show and make the finale 2 hours. We all would love to know what everyone is doing and what they all thought in more detail.

Jackie gets a huge 100% vote from everyone for being the best blogger in the whole wide world!

joy n said...

3:11. You're entitled to your opinion. I'm simply stating all I saw and heard.

Laurie said...

Sue, I don't think BB dresses them for the finale. I'm pretty sure we saw April's dress at least once before when she was in the house. Maybe her eviction night?

I cracked up at all the looks going around both in the house and on the jury. Lots of new info for some folks.

Auntie Leigh said...

Hi everyone. Hasn't this been just the BEST season ever? I have loved having this site to read and comment onto. What a summer it has been. Jackie, thank you so so much for creating this blog and writing so well and watching all the boring stuff so we could hear about anything happening.
I totally second and third the proposal to have more follow-up. I wish there was a way to make that possible. Gotta run for now but e-see ya all soon. Leigh