Tuesday, September 09, 2008

BB10: Last Night's Craig Ferguson Appearance Video

If you haven't read the latest brouhaha, make sure you check out my previous post. Here's the video of their Ferguson appearance -- it's a different player, you might have to click on the |> start doohickey to kick it on.


Susan said...

I had this in the previous comment section, but I'll put it here, too:

I am so disgusted with Dan. He's making it seem (to Keesha) that it's all Memphis, but there he is, betraying her, while he "comforts" her. It's sick! How can he do that to anyone? He's letting her sleep in his bed so she won't have to deal with Memphis (she'd been crying most of the night). Dan may have played the most strategic game but he makes me SICK.

Clementine said...


Did Julie just reveal that Memphis won POV before it aired on the show? I thought it was very awkward that she set up Keesha to appear to have the only vote, and Keesha did a very nice job of not giving away any spoilers. And then Julie spills the beans!!

Maybe the handlers needed to spend more time prepping the host and less time with the HGs!

Anonymous said...

Clementine - you're absolutely right! Julie said Memphis won "a competition" and can take himself off the block - that would be the POV and it has NOT aired yet. And it wasn't a quick litle slip of the tounge she really went on about it. Although it's Julie Chen so are we really surprised she screwed up?

Anonymous said...

seriously....keesha looked totally distraught throughout that interview...since julie knows more than the rest of us about the house, im sure she was trying to save face for keesha...both of them knowing at that point that although she wasnt even on the block, she is going home. a rough interview for keesha.

sue said...

I saw a little of it all dawning on Keesa last night on Show2. It was the oddest arrangement with everyone refusing to answer her...and when they did answer, it was in calm quite voices. It was as opposite as other BB confrontations as I can remember. I was not calm or quite. I kept trying to shout to Keesha to use her knowledge to make a deal. Promise them anything that will take her one more step in the game. She..Keesha...said, Jerry will win, he will win it all, but, as far as I know, she only said it to herself. Yes, it is out wit and out play, but Jerry in his room alone last night, keeping away from it all, might be outwitting them all. I have a question for those of you who watched it all unfold: Did Keesha go to the DR just before she finally figured it out? Did BB help her on that?

Anonymous said...

I know it is just a game but I really feel bad for Keesha. She played with her heart, different from emotions, and she really feels betrayed by Memphis, who she considers a friend. I would play the same way and be devestated right now.

I stayed up and watched her whole melt down and it made me teary.

Anonymous said...

sue-doesnt it just make you cringe to think that jerry, of all people, is outwitting the other 3? haha

Anonymous said...

They knew it, we knew it, everyone knows it....that at somepoint in this game friendships will be broken. It's hard to watch our favorites turn on each other, but only one can win. I understand her being hurt, I would be too. But ( I hate all the 'buts' that come into our comments, don't you?) now is the time that friends do not matter in the game, only how you treat people. The problem here, is that they aren't giving keesha the respect she deserves. With them all being friends, they should show her some respect and tell her whats going on. I am pretty disappointed with those boys. Man up! Tell her!! They shouldn't just mumble and wander away, thats a sure sign of betrayal. duh to them!

Anonymous said...

Jackie: What is up with production telling Memphis he is not allowed to tell Keesha she is going home? That is the first I have ever heard that.

Sydney said...

Thanks again Jackie

Congrats to Dla!!!!!!!!!!!

Lauries glad to hear you made it thru the first day at work.

PEtals, so your mom didn't go into surgery yesterday, but was seeing a doc to see if she needed to have hip replacement? I confoozed!

Anonymous said...

Are we ever surprised when men act like boys? I mean, come on. They rarely do the "right" thing, or communicate, or show respect to a girl- friend over the other guys. Must be a hunting leftover, but it's the 21st century.

lynn1 said...

I predict that it will be Memphis and Jerry as the final 2.

I know all about the Renegades but I know Memphis really wants that money and he probably thinks it would be easier to win over Jerry than Dan.

I hope I am wrong but I think Renny was right when she said Memphis is a snake in the grass.

I seem to have a knack for seeing my least favorites in the final 2.

Donna in AL said...

Anon. says it best:

It would be funny to see Memphis and Dan's faces if Jerry wins it all. I don't like Jerry but it would be great to see him win. M/D are both schemers but Dan to me comes off as sneaky-smart and Memphis comes off as pond scum.

Every season there is a big "I told you so" moment in the game. Unfortunately, this season it goes to Keesha when Renny warned her about Memphis.

RBennie said...

Good morning all. Let me start with my shout outs:

Jackie - How are you feeling lately? Do you have to go back to work soon?

MEB - I'm glad to hear you came through your first chemo treatment with flying colors. My thoughts are with you.

Loneseven - Thinking about you, hope all goes well.

Laurie - Glad your first day back was okay.

DLA - congrats on your new niece - what a beautiful name.

OrkMommy - we went back and forth so much yesterday, that I'm not quite sure what our wager is about, LOL. Refresh my memory please.

Now on to BB. I'm glad Keesha finally caught on. How ironic is it that her saving Memphis is going to be her downfall. It seems that Dan is really setting Memphis up and Memphis doesn't seem to see it. How can Keesha really believe that Dan has nothing to do with evicting her?

Oops, I have more to say, but I just got a call to come down for my yearly salary review, wish me luck guys!

bj said...

Can't wait to see the goodby messages from these three to Keesha.

bj said...

I am sorry to see Memphis sink to the level of M/O/A/J. He is doing what he thinks he has to but he did not need to go personal about the whole Hooters thing. He's a bar tender. Where does he get off???

ORKMommy said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again. This is a game for half a million dollars. There are no friends in the game. They go into the house without knowing anyone and their goal is to win. We may not agree with the way they play, but they are playing with the objective of winning in mind. Keesha has to know that at this point, it's every person for themselves. If she were in a position to get one of her buddies out of the house, she would do it to further herself. Yes, I understand feelings are hurt but at the end of the day, it's a game.

sue said...

I know about BB friendships being different from outside the house friendships...at least I hope the outside kind are more reliable. My thought on Keesha was to use her knowledge (that she was being evicted) to play for herself. She was crying and upset, I wanted her to fight for her place in the F3. I don't think we know for sure, but it sounds like Memphis made up the 'don't tell Keesha" story to avoid her finding out. He could have handled it differently once she found out and that would have cemented a true friendship...even with her being evicted. I haven't watched since last night, so maybe things have changed, but it looked like then that K was dealing with rejection and how to accept her fate.

RBennie said...

I'm back from my review - it was the usual - your excellent, wonderful, a treasure - now here's the same crappy raise that everybody else got, LOL.

The latest happenings are proving one of my points from yesterday. Keesha is going to take being evicted very personally and she has already said Memphis won't get her vote because of it.

Yes this is a game, but whenever people's emotions are involved, it will always be a very personal game. It's kind of like the phrase "it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye" (probably not worded exactly right, but you know what I mean). No way can you live in that house that long and just think your playing a game. I would think that once Keesha made it to JH and had a chance to think about it some more, she would realize Dan was every bit as responsible for her going as Memphis.

Laurie said...

Well, it's the end of the season and it does come down to this. The very thing we liked, the camaraderie of the group, is the very thing we are disliking now. Seeing the group crumble is not fun.

Although I would rather see Jerry get the boot, it is up the the other two to decide who they think they could beat. I disagree with their choice, it's part of the game.

What is really upsetting to me (and to others) is the way it's being done. Keesha is being betrayed by them by the way they are doing it, not by the eviction. At least that's my take on it. It's not like what they did with Ollie because Keesha is part of their alliance.

As much as I hate the way this is ending up on a personal level, it's been brilliantly played by Dan and Memphis. I still don't want Jerry to get it all. I want him out.

I don't like the way Keesha was manipulated by Dan last night but it's game play. It would be nice if he would share some of his money with her if he wins, but what are the chances of that?

My new chant:

It's only a game
It's only a game
It's only a game
It's only a game!

I still feel bad for Keesha.

Laurie said...

rbennie, don't you just hate that? There really ought to be a pot of money for those who do excellent work on a consistent basis. I guess it boils down to doing the best you can do because of your own integrity, but sometimes it seems as though you might as well be a slacker if you get the same raise! No surprise to us that you are excellent ... we knew it already.

RBennie said...

Thanks for that Laurie, you actually made me tear up a little bit. I'm sitting here feeling very unappreciated and sorry for myself right now. I do have to say though that my boss is really fighting for me and is going to go over my supervisor's head about it.

ORKMommy said...

Rbennie - Now you're making me tear up! I'm caught in the corporate web right now and it's driving me nuts. I left my old company 4 months ago for what I thought was a better opportunity. Boy, did I make a huge mistake! I'm now trying to get back in there and have the full support of the staff and management, but the money is controlled by their corporation. It's a mess and I just want it to be over with!

Hang in there baby! In the words of Jessie "If it doesn't come out in the rinse, it'll come out in the wash!"


ORKMommy said...

p.s. It could be worse. Your 5 yr old could be embarking on a life of crime!

RBennie said...

Okay, now I'm crying and laughing at the same time. Thanks Orkmommy I needed that. I'm sorry the job change isn't working out for you. Good luck getting back to where you're happy.

sue said...

laurie said: "What is really upsetting to me (and to others) is the way it's being done. Keesha is being betrayed by them by the way they are doing it, not by the eviction. "


I agree with you Laurie.

Keesha, it sounds like, sort of quit playing when Memphis told her he would take her with him. I want her and any player to step up and play the game. If Memphis had called her over to sit with him last night when she was upset. Said, I have to do this because I want to win the game. She would have cried on his shoulder and understood...been upset for a while, but ultimately decided she probably would have done something similar if she had the veto. But, he and Dan just came off as cowardly and sneeky last night. I think they have played well and those tactics worked earlier in the game, but they could have had the same outcome and not pulled out the big divide and conquer crap. They have the power, it was time to be gracious about it.

ORKMommy said...

Keesha, it sounds like, sort of quit playing when Memphis told her he would take her with him.

If that's the case, then I say she deserves what she got. I agree that Memphis should have been upfront with her, but he did what he did and if she expected to skate by because they're buddies then she deserves to loose.

Sorry, but I'm not in a "feel sorry for others" mood today. :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm still routing for Dan. Jackie's TV Squad report said that Dan asked Memphis if he should throw him (Memphis) under the bus to Keesha. Memphis agreed, saying that she hates him now anyway. That seems like a bad move by Memphis. Based on his meann comments about Hooters yesterday, I don't think he was ever really her friend. Dan is being smart by being nice to her - with Memphis' blessing.

I'm still routing for Dan to win but I'm worried that his "web of lies" may be a problem for him.

I think Renny was right about Memphis from from the beginning!


Anonymous said...

Orkmommy, thanks for the story about the 5 year old shoplifter. I've maintained a relationship with a five year old who lived with us in foster care a couple years ago. He stays with us on alt. weekends and we take him on vacations. He's been stealing things a lot lately, from stores, friends houses, & my house. I talk to him about it and it's getting a little better but I still have to search his pockets regularly. That story reminds me that it's not a completely uncharacteristic behavior for a kid his age. Thanks!


bj said...

I see things a little differently. I am glad Dan is doing what he is. Yes, he benefits but Keesha needed that person in the house to go to. He let her go on and on and vent. For her own sanity she needed Dan. Can you imagine if she had no one and felt totally alone? She will not find out about Dan till she is out of the house and then she will have JJ to lean on.

Dan is being self serving but he has given Keesha a santuary

ORKMommy said...

RealityFan - Thanks for the shout out. I really hope this was a one time only thing with her. She has a temper (gee, wonder where she got that...) and she was lashing out because she didn't get her way.

Good luck with your little guy. Just let him know you love him and hopefully he'll come around.

Anonymous said...

Along the lines of rbennie, what bugs me is when a company has record revenue and profit, and you get the stellar review, everyone still gets lousy raises because they didn't "make their numbers" and have to "watch expenses".


tbc said...

rbennie - you deserve that raise! You are a valuable employee.

Orkmommy - good luck with the job and the "shoplifter" Loved the story.

BB - I personally feel if they don't evict Jerry now, then Jerry wins. We (and they) really don't know what the endurance competition might be. It could be tailor made for Jerry. I think the boys are making a mistake. I am looking forward to tonight. I, too, feel bad for Keesha.


ORKMommy said...

As much as I dislike Jerry, I do hope he can pull this out. His family deserves the win and I'd like to see them get it. And...he's 75 ya know. Wouldn't it be great if an old fart won over those young 'uns!

RBennie said...

What is this I'm hearing Orkmommy? Are you coming around to my way of thinking? If Jerry makes it to F2 (and I can't believe there is actually a possibility of that happening!) then he deserves to win it all.

Someone mentioned in an earlier post that there should be an aftershow, well we've been asking for that for years, so don't hold your breathe. I can't imagine why they don't do it though.

Anonymous said...

orkmommy, your little shoplifter and her reaction was priceless. i like how you handled it, too! i have to hold onto that response for my little one when he(lets hope never!) attempts such an act.

on to BB: i am NOT a jerry fan. i do not think that the families "deserve" the money, they did not play the game. plus, jerry's family actually got a break from him and that should be reward enough! i think we all feel bad for him bc his wife is ill, but my grandmother recently passed away from numerous ailments, including alzheimers and dementia and no amount of money would change any of it. though, like i said before, his family does have to deal with him....can we vote that they get the money?

ugh! i just wish they would be forward with keesha.

monty924 said...

Happy Eviction Day!

If anyone wants to check out when it dawned on Keesha here's a clip. Watch Memphis and how fidgety he was. It was AWKWARD!

If you click on bigbrother102008's link you will find the entire sequence of the events on the feeds last night.


I just cannot hop aboard the Jerry Train. I'm still riding out the ANYBODYBUTJERRY one.

Have a great day everyone!

Anonymous said...

A couple of things don't make sense - I don't believe the diary room would tell Memphis he couldn't tell Keesha his plans and if he really is planning to evict her why wouldn't he care about spending time with her now to explain things to her so he might get her vote in the Jury house. Is he just going to throw her vote away (and probably Renny's too) by being a total jerk to her now?

I'm thinking if Memphis keeps Keesha he is pretty much guaranteed to go to the Final 2 (either Dan or Keesha would take him if he doesn't win himself) Jerry is still a bit of a wild card as to who he would take if he won, as unlikely as that is, because he hates both Dan and Memphis. I also think Memphis might think he is more likely to win against Keesha (who is sweet but really not much of a player) in the Final 2 as opposed to Dan (great game play - crazy but great) or Jerry (respect for his age and just making it to the final).

I think he's not telling Keesha because she's not a very good actress and he doesn't want Dan to have any idea before the veto meeting. He can explain the truth to her afterwards that he always planned to keep her and just didn't want Dan to find out. That way he can also tell Dan that his decision was last minute that it was too hard to evict Keesha and he changed his mind.



Anonymous said...

I hope so Donna!

nancy in nj said...

nancy in nj said...
wow! what a difference a day makes in the bb house of horrors!! what in the world are those boys thinking??? the jury EXPECTS jerry to walk in the door as he was not a part of their "alliance" ..that is what the jury can relate to. but to see keesha walk in the door would possibly show the jury how sneaky and disloyal they are....there is just nothing positive i can se in sending k out. she can't win a comp....oh boy!! pride comes before a fall boys. jerry is just biding his time wating for an opportunity to bite.......it aint over till the fat lady sings......i'm warming up my vocals now!!

laurie...glad things are looking up for you.

L7..thoughts and prayers with you!

MEB!!! i did not realize you were going to have chemo. you continue to be in my prayers....you are a real testimony to all of us here!!

dla...congrats on your neice. i have three granddaughters ages 3,2,1...with another on the way!! (all from my oldest daughter!) it is such a joy and exciting time to welcome the little ones.

jackie.....still in my thoughts and prayers as you continue to recover. you are STILL rock'n!!

9/09/2008 1:08 PM

Anonymous said...

Donna, I think you are giving Memphis to many smarts. He can tell Keesha he is voting her out . What he can't do is tell her before the POV ceremony. Problem is the two are both live and back to back

s fl sizzler said...

The thing is ... Dan should have fought for Keesha to stay BECAUSE who now is going into final three with the other two agreeing to take him to the end ... and that would be MEMPHIS. Dan now HAS to trust Memphis. If Jerry wins and has the choice, I am pretty sure he will choose M not D ... especially no. On the other hand, Memphis just may choose Jerry and possibly no matter who he chooses he may lose now that he is sending Keesha to the JH mad as HELL. No matter what u say about Jerry ... everyone will take pause to consider ... OMG ... he's 75 and made it to final two. He may be a nasty, disgusting, mean old man but that is quite an accomplish-ment. He's been on the block a zillion times.

sue said...

Ork said: "Sorry, but I'm not in a "feel sorry for others" mood today. :-)"

I feel that way, too. That is what I was thinking when I wrote about Keesha last night. She has coasted so far (and it sounds like she has) then last night was the time to step up and play. She was lamenting giving the game to Jerry and I was upset that she was not working to change that. Dan is playing them all and his talk last night and getting Memphis to agree to it was very similar in nature to his POV game where he manipulated everyone in to saying they would vote someone out.

ORKMommy said...

Rbennie - I said a few weeks ago that I'd like to see Jerry win just because of his age and his family. I still don't like him though! He's a dirty, creepy old man! :-)

Anne said...

Any chance D/M are really going to evict Jerry but not letting on (under BB orders) in order to have that big "expect the unexpected" moment?

Or is that just wishful thinking on my part?

I'm still in the ANYBODY BUT JERRY club but if they keep him and he does win? I'll be laughing so loud they'll hear me on the West Coast. It will be the half-million dollar lesson D/M will never forget!

Laurie said...

Anne, our laughs will meet each other as they cross the US!

Jackie said...

RBennie - You deserve better! I should be returning to work in October and my own evaluation and raise is going to be delayed by my leave of absence.

Anonymous said...

Jerry is 75 and made it this far because:

He KNOWS how to kiss HOH and POV butt the best.

He made up lies about this alliance to get (his) the other alliance all the more riled up every chance he got. He lied so much he believes himself. And he said terrible things about people in the house just to stay on the good side of people like Jessie, April, Ollie and Michelle.

He sidestepped getting evicted more times than we can remember only because others were pushed out for personal reasons first.

He's a nasty, righteous, peeping-tommish, self-centered old fart that has brought shame to his family with his words and his actions. Feel sorry for his family, yes. Wish him rewards for playing not all that great a game? Hell No!

Auntie Leigh said...

That Craig Furguson thing was weird to me. Do people think he is funny? And Mrs Chen was her usual air-headed self. Wow. See you on the blog after the show guys.