Tuesday, September 02, 2008

BB10: Latest Live Feeds

My latest Big Brother 10 live feeds report is up over on TV Squad.

And, of course, I'll be posting the live-blogging post here for tonight's episode at 9:00 PM ET. You're all welcome to the party!


Anne said...

I waited 10 minutes so somebody else could be first!

I'll try to stay awake for tonight's show - rough day at the office so I may not make it, but I really hope I do - can't wait to see how they portray that sweet old man tonight.

Anonymous said...

i read that interview with ollie. he really is quite delusional. he is sure that dan should lose his job over his actions, but that he should keep his? his lame excuse is that 'you are stuck in that house" etc...even michelle has lost it. they are sure that dan is the worst player in that house (not in game play, just as a human) but when ollie was questioned about the first week with brian, he chalked it up to he felt remorse. i never ONCE saw he say he felt bad about brian. oh well, im sure his family will try to set him straight. or just disown him. :)

Nana in the NW said...

sharon-I asked about you a few posts back. What an ordeal you have been through!!! So glad your dr. finally sent you to the ER instead of continueing to treat your "virus".

Just remember everything we said to Jackie and Meb when they were recovering...take it slow, get lots of rest, and mind your doctors!

Laurie said...

Sharon, it was so good to read your post in the previous update. We were worried about you. I'm glad you are home and healing. Now ... don't do too much. It's important you rest and let your body heal.

Terry, you made me laugh with the article from People about the woman who fears bananas. LOL ... good one!

Looking forward to tonight's show.

Auntie Leigh said...

Poor Sharon. How awful. I hate she had to get so sick before she could get proper treatment. These doctors try to keep patients out of the ER but SOMETIMES the ER is the right place.
I have been blogging so much today that I forgot that the show is on tonight.
I was glad to see some of you agree with me about finding out updates on past HGs.
Enjoy the show everyone and see ya after!

TerryinCA said...

Oh Laurie, I have waited patiently for you to receive that page in the mail! I thought it was so funny....I mean, considering...Danana and all....and well I better shut up! PDX and Nana will never want to meet me!

Clementine said...

It's so funny to me that every year the HGs think the end date of their "contract" is the end date of the show. Memphis was saying the show ends on the 26th (which is a Friday, but he thinks it's a Thurs). Jerry says maybe Sun 21st and they have 19 days left. Memphis says no, don't get my hopes up.

Hello, people, there are only 5 of you left!! One eviction this Thurs, one eviction next Thurs and the finale show!! Do the math!!

Okay, rant over. It's just that they have nothing else to think about, how can they not figure that out? Memphis and Dan are too focused on the luxury comp discussion (rinse and repeat).


I think Renny will be very disappointed in how many times Keesha has not told her something or outright lied to her. K/M/D would have done better to tell Renny upfront that she was going (if they want to maintain her friendship after the game.) From experience, I think it's better to face the hurt feelings head on, because it hurts more when you find out friends broke your trust later. Renny knows she's going, but they're still allowing that glimmer of hope in her (and Keesha even encourages it). I would find that harder to forgive in the long run.

Anonymous said...

clementine, i agree with you. but throughout the previous weeks i have gotten the impression from renny, that she would throw keesha out of the house in a heartbeat. it is every man for himself in there.

Nana in the NW said...

terryinca--re: talking too much....Not so....when we all get to meet we will just take turns raising our hands to speak!! LOL I think we've all been blessed with "the gift to gab".

Laurie--glad to hear you got to the dentist today. Now you can get started on the re-construction of your teeth.

clementine--I laugh everytime I hear them trying to figure out how days are left. A few days ago D/M were getting the fish food(which is bagged and labeled for each day) and Memphis said, "I wonder why the bags end on the 16th"? THAT SHOULD BE A CLUE!!

I hate when Keesha talks about Renny but Renny has done the same thing. The only difference is Keesha usually tells Renny "I don't know"(when she does") and Renny usually responds when K questions her "What do you think?!". That's the hard part of the game.....

I still don't trust Memphis as far as I could throw him!! Ultimately,he's going to do what gets him further in the game!

Anonymous said...

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