Friday, September 12, 2008

Big Brother 10 Live Feeds Into Friday Dawn

Well, it's down to the Renegades. It's only slightly more interesting in the house than when Jerry was there. Jerry's voice droned on and put me to sleep. At least Dan and Memphis have more animation in their voices. But it's all very predictable conversation-wise:
  • They talked about how smart they are.
  • They talked about questions the jury might ask them.
  • They talked about how they'll invest their fortunes.
  • They talked about how mad Jerry might be at Dan.
  • They gave shout-outs to the Internet.
They went to bed early (for them). They're still sleeping off the big meal BB gave them now.


Anonymous said...

Now maybe you can get some much needed rest. Love all you do for us. Pat in Fl

Anonymous said...

Come on everyone...Keesha is sweet but she did not play a great game. She hooked up with Memphis and then just took it for granted that he would keep her till the end - in spite of Renny's many warnings to the contrary.

Giving her the money to piss off April is ridiculous. April will just think America believes she alreay won the big prize by finding love with Ollie - April is delusional. Hopefully the fallout from her sexcapades on the internet will send her into hiding.

Keesha performed pretty badly in a lot of competitions expecially near the end and some of the ones she won were practically by default - remember the flower garden one? They were supposed to stay an hour and Keesha was first one out at 23 minutes but won because everyone else went over. Giving her the money because she played a great game (she didn't)or because you feel sorry for her getting played (her fault -she was stupid to trust Memphis so completely and not play harder) or to piss off April is wrong.

The prize is for favorite houseguest - think about it - what about Keesha made her the favorite houseguest? nothing I can think of.

I'd rather watch Renny any day!

nancy in nj said...

wow!! what a headache! nj is a bit blurry today too...

nana...sorry about the mess. i'll help ya pick up...just let me get some asprin.....

still going back and forth between keesha and renny...

LOVED the idea of bb giving the hg's what money comes in under their name....
keesha......100,000 (look at memphis's face!!)
aprils face......PRICELESS

Anonymous said...

i think keesha is a favorite bc of her personality, not her gameplay. its favorite, not best player. the best player is in the final two, thats why they are there...they are the best player. in fact, of all the seasons, i would say that dan is by far one of the best players in bb history. def in this season. he may not be a favorite of many, as well.

personally, renny or keesha could get it and i'd be happy. renny was more fun to watch than any other houseguest, by FAR! keesha was 'pretty decent' as far as her actions in the house. and she totally glided her way through, but thats how many win.

really, its for FAVORITE, not best player. on that alone is how we vote. bleh!

RBennie said...

Good morning all! So what is our topic of the day going to be? I think we've talked Dan vs. Memphis to death already, LOL. No big surprises there. They will spend the next couple of days patting themselves on the back and dreaming about their "Renegades" clothing line.

My thoughts and prayers are with all those in Ike's path.

TerryinCA said...

Morning Nancy in NJ I will help you clean up...oh, wow, looks like you already got it all...well just these few chips.....Must be PDX Granny's cause Laurie and I cant eat chips!

You are so right, its for AMERICAS FAVORITE, not best. I voted for Keesha...she did some masterly conniving in the beginning...and yes, I want to piss off April, there I said it. She amazes me with her deluded concepts of the other people, AND how we all feel about her.......she will need as much therapy as Erika!

Anonymous said...

Did Dan tell Memphis about his taking Michelle to the beach? Memphis appears to know now. How is that useful for Dan's game?
When are the jury questions asked? I know they won't be shown until Tuesday, but I'm just wondering when there might be something interesting going on.

Anne said...

I posted this on the last thread in response to anon 8:45 but I see we've moved over....

It doesn't matter whether Keesha played a great game or not. That's what the big prize is for.

AC is for America's choice, and we get to choose who gets our vote for whatever reason, just like you get to choose who gets yours.

God Bless America and the freedom to choose!

Michelle said...

My vote was for Renny to get the money for favorite houseguest. I have to say in my 10 years of watching, she was my favorite of all of them. After watching Housecalls on CBS, I hope we see more of Renny in the future.

I loved Keesha too and would have liked to see her win it also. No one else comes to mind. Definitely NOT April.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you.

I said: The prize is for favorite houseguest - think about it - what about Keesha made her the favorite houseguest? nothing I can think of.

I was responding to various comments about voting for Keesha like:

I will be voting for Keesha, I love Renny , but Keesha was much better at comps - pepsip

You know April's face if Keesha won America's favorite juror would really be priceless, lol!
You all have me convinced, I'm gonna give most of my votes to Keesha. - Nina

I'm voting for Keesha. I would like to see her win something because Memphis wouldn't have still been there if it weren't for her! - Nana in the NW

Keesha got the raw deal!!! - chris

I'm still hoping Renny wins - I think if America really votes for favorite player and not consolation prize or piss off April prize then Renny should win!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone think (hope) that the truth about April and Ollie's sexual relationship will be revealed to the houseguests on air during the finale? I would give anything to see their reactions when they find out.

Especially considering how self righteous April and Ollie both were (April - I left with my dignity and Ollie - I don't even curse and wouldn't do anything to embarass my family) Ha!

They are in for a rude awakening when they realize what America really thinks of them. I'm still surprised that no one realized it. I mean didn't they even have sex while Jerry was in the room with them?

I just can't understand how you can have sex with someone you just met for the whole world to watch on the Internet and believe you kept your dignity and didn't embarass your family.

Call in the therapists!


Anne said...

Anonymous said...
I agree with you.

I said: The prize is for favorite houseguest - think about it - what about Keesha made her the favorite houseguest? nothing I can think of.

What made Keesha MY favorite houseguest? SHE'S KEESHA!!! and that's enough reason for me.

anonymouse said...

Rember to vote for Renny once and Keesha 7 more times today!

RBennie said...

I really don't find myself dredging up enough interest to bother to vote for any of these HGs as my favorite. Since I only had the tv version to rely on, there really wasn't any one I could truly say became a favorite for me. From reading the comments in this blog, I surmise that Renny was quite entertaining for people who have the live feeds or watch BBAD, but from my perspective, I wasn't overly impressed with any of them.

Anonymous said...

well, i did my 8 votes for keesha. not bc i dont like renny, but bc i feel i had to pick one or the other. i do want my votes to count towards something! to all you renny voters, keep voting! im not hellbent on who wins. just not APRIL!!!

Anonymous said...

anyone but April or Jerry! I'm afraid Jerry may win. The way CBS edited the show Jerry came off looking like the sweet old grandpa and America may vote to give him the $25,000 just cause he's 75! (bet you didn't know that - lol!)

Are most voters people who only watch the TV show? (and don't read blogs like this or watch the feeds) If so, they don't have a clue that Jerry is a pig! He won the phone call but I was hoping that was more because his wife was ill not because America liked him - I'd hate to see him win America's favorite. He doesn't deserve it.

Anybody but Jerry or April - please!


Anonymous said...

I was reading Josh Wolk's write up of last nights episode over on and he is so funny. He has an idea for America's Fav. Give it to Michelle - the have the producers snatch it away and give her a unitard instead. He goes on to say "I don't care who has to clean up; watching her head explode on TV would be delightful." LOL


Sally said...

During the segment from the Jury House last night, I started to wonder if April and Ollie are still together. They weren't standing together when everyone was preparing food in the kitchen and later Ollie was sitting on one sofa with Libra while April was on the other sofa with Michelle, Renny and Keesha.

Maybe it's just wishful thinking, that Ollie wised up and started to see the real self-centered, vindictive, mean April.

lynn1 said...

I have made no secret that Renny has been my favorite since early in the season. I voted for her to win the $25,000.
If Keesha wins I'll be Ok with that too.

I had to laugh last night when April said that Keesha had stabbed her in the back.
I would like for April to explain how that could have happened since she was flat on her back for most of the time. I guess Keesha must have hidden under the bed so she could reach April's back in order to stab her. LOL

DKNYNC said...

Lynn said: I'm afraid Jerry may win. The way CBS edited the show Jerry came off looking like the sweet old grandpa.

I'm afrid I have to agree with you. One of the Top 5 TV clips of the day is "Jerry's Goodbye" and the caption - "We're going to miss him". It has him getting emotional saying this was his last hurrah before going back to care for his sick wife and he thinks he made his family and CBS and BB proud.

People are going to eat that up and I think he'll definitely win.

Sally said...

Jerry's "last hurrah" comments were touching, even though I can't stand the guy. Kind of the equivalent of riding off into the sunset....

Hope it doesn't mean he wins AC!

Susan said...

anon8:45: I disagree. I think Keesha played the game well. She used her instincts and competed well. She was by no means a floater. April being pissed is just a happy side note :) .

I think Keesha deserves it. Love Renny and I wouldn't be upset it she got it, but I think Keesha deserves/needs it. She got my votes.

Sally said...

I think there are plenty of perfectly valid reasons why Keesha might be someone's favorite player. Not a ridiculous choice at all.

Keesha won two HOH competitions and one POV--more than any other female houseguest. She saved Memphis at times, not vice versa, and orchestrated strategic moves, while other HGs were happily floating. She was pretty good at analyzing people and situations, which got her to the final four.

She played with dignity and self-respect, and wasn't condescending, demeaning, skanky or mean. That's more than can be said for many HGs.

Keesha was kind-hearted, respectful, empathetic, self-aware, loyal, fun and she cares about animals, including moths, praying mantises and pigs (which earns her extra points in my book).

I didn't expect to like Keesha at first, but she ended up being one of my favorites. And I'll vote for her if I want to.

Petals said...

At the risk of being voted off the Jackie's blog island, I am voting of Jerry to win America's favorite.
I think he deserves it. Crusty or not.

RBennie said...

I agree that Jerry has a real shot at that America's Choice money. Like someone mentioned, if you only watched the TV stuff, he comes off as pretty much a nice old guy. Add to that his talk with Julie last night, which actually brought a tear to my eye, and I should know better! That last hurrah comment alone should earn him a lot of votes.

RBennie said...

I have an even better idea though, let's start a write in campaign and vote for Jackie to win. Yeah, yeah so she wasn't actually a HG, but those are just minor details. This blog was so much more fun than the actual show. Come on guys, who's with me.


drceline said...

Some people don't think having sex is a big deal. Everyone has sex...most people have had one-night stands or sex with someone they've known only one night. Some people don't find sex to be wrong, dirty, secretive, a "no-no", etc. And yes...they WERE on the internet...but NOT displaying themselves for the whole world...they were under a blanket...if they were "putting on a show" they wouldn't have bothered covering themselves up with a blanket...they would've gone at it totally other celebrity sex tapes out there. Now, don't get me wrong...I disliked April's personality INTENSELY. She was catty, judgmental, and completely arrogant (maybe even narcissitic). But how are we any better than April, condemning her for something that most of us have done? No? You haven't had sex under a blanket with someone you barely know on the internet? Probably not...but let's face it...we've all done quite a few things I'm sure we're not proud let's leave the sexcapades out of it. Let's just call her out on her personality problems. I think condemning her for having sex sets women back 50 years. Ollie was there too...but because he's "a man" seems to come out better than April does for doing the same. NOT it's just ridiculous (see above). So let's stick to how they were...not that they had sex. Deal?

Petals said...

drceline, Call me old-fashioned, but I think chicks that have sex with strange men on national television is slutty, plain & simple. Sure, we all make mistakes, myself included, but I am not on public display.
Blanke/no blanket, black/white, virgin/slut, I think bumping uglies with a stranger repeatedly in front of a camera, especially if you know your family & friends may see it, is DISGUSTING!
Course, that's JMHO.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget you can vote 8 times a day till midnight Monday.


Anonymous said...

Petal your not voting for April because she is a slut, (and she is) but you will vote for Jerry who is a dirty old scank (and he is). Old scank is better than slut?


Anonymous said...

Ollie being a righteous preacher's son should be condemned, too, for having sex with someone he barely knew under a blanket but for the whole world to see. That doesn't make April any less skanky for doing it. Then they have the nerve to talk about acting with dignity and never embarassing family? Please! If it walks like a duck........... And no, I would never consider for a moment doing that on national TV.

Ahh, Petals, love is blind. All I have to remember is what part of Jerry's anatomy that he said he wouldn't put into a certain part of Keesha's anatomy to make me know what a piggish old fart he is. He may have been edited to look like a kindly old grandpa, but we saw and we heard what he really consists of. Mean. Nasty. Sexist. Righteous. Braggart. Perverse. Double-standard mentality.

Petals, please come to your senses!

Petals said...

Anon J ~

I didn't state that I wasn't voting for April because she is a slut. READ BEFORE YOU POST!
I am voting for Jerry because I can. God bless America!
Nyah Nyah

Anonymous said...


Petals said...

Anon anon ~

What's the world look like from inside your glass house? A really good view?

Anonymous said...

Take off those blinders and find out!

Petals said...

Your remarks make no sense. No wonder you remain "anonymous".

Anonymous said...

And wanting Jerry to be rewarded for his disgusting actions does make sense to you. To each his own.

lynn1 said...

First let me say that I value your opinion and agree with some of what you said.
I am not offended that Ollie and April had sex. I am not offended that they had it shown on the internet. I am not offended that they were basically strangers when they first had sex.
I am not judging them for making those decisions.
I do not think that nudity or sex is dirty. I think there are times and places (not usually in the USA) where nudity in front of others is fine. I have been to many nude beaches and saunas in Europe and never felt the least bit uncomfortable.
I personally feel having sex or taking a BM is something I want to keep private. Call me weird, a hypocrit or whatever, but that is my opinion.

What frost my butt is that Ollie and April try to be self righteous and holier than thou and cast stones at other people.

I feel sure that some of my decisions on sex and other things would not have made my family proud of me.
I seriously doubt their families are pleased with what the rest of the world saw and heard.

Maybe I am old fashion but I don't think that being OK with Ollie and April having under the cover sex which was shown on the internet does anything to empower women or futher the case for women being able to be sexually liberated.

drceline I hope you do not take my ideas and opinion as a slam. I did not intend it to be. I just wanted to take part in the discussion.

Anonymous said...

KEESHA KEESHA KEESHA. She was the best. I loved her from the very beginning. She was nice on the inside and out. She deserves to win and the frosting would be the look on Aprils face.


Lars Eller said...

I'm sure we're not proud let's leave the sexcapades out of it.

Ollie & April are adults, they disrespected one another, Ollie didn't played the game, this has been written many times.

Did you watch BB??
Ollie and April's conduct left them open for discussion, IMO they're sexcapades doesn't have anthing to do with setting a women 50 years back. It's actually slutty of both of them, there's a huge difference amongst celebrity sex tapes as opposed to a willing couple on National Prime-time TV.


Some people don't think having sex is a big deal. Everyone has sex...most people have had one-night stands or sex with someone they've known only one night.


There's a lot of us who prefer waiting until marriage.
It's a moral conduct by choice, not by gender.

Not all of us are eager to have sex with a stranger within 5 mins, surely a person couldn't be that anxious.

# 20 Tony the Tiger

drceline said...

Ok Petals (this is from the Daily Princetonian):

Women)quit calling each other sluts and whores. As Tina Fey explained in "Mean Girls," if women call each other sluts and whores, it makes it OK for guys to call them sluts and whores. Fey was right - if women not only allow this kind of demeaning language but use it themselves, we're sending a strong message that it's acceptable for men to demean us. Why is it demeaning? They're just words, right? Think for a moment about their former meaning. They used to mean "prostitute." True, their meaning has evolved over the years, but even today the sentiment is the same: This woman is contemptible because she engages in sex. There is no male equivalent to "slut." Can you say "double standard"? Do yourself and your friends a favor and stop reviling women for having sex, unless you're going to revile men equally.

Ollie was having casual sex with a woman he barely knew...why is he not a "slut" or "disgusting." Why so much hatred toward April but not Ollie? Sorry, but I don't think having sex is disgusting. If my family and friends watched it, they are the voyeurs...I was busy. There IS such a thing as the "off" button.

Petals said...

Lynn - Finally, a familiar, sane face!

Lars Eller said...

I disagree,

Love is NOT blind, we choose whether we open our eyes or not!

Love is your family, that's where we could become blinded, although once again it's a hidden choice, not a lustful greedful act.

Petals said...

Drop this, already! Will you feel better when I tell you that I think Ollie is as disgusting as April? I did NOT designate my opinions to only females.
Lay off the Femi-Nazi soapbox.

sarah said...

well well well, folks! sometimes i post under anon bc im too lazy to sign my name. yes its true, i am THAT lazy. however, i am NOT the anon who feels like fighting.

hi, im sarah and a total bb addict.

on to the bb stuff: i voted for keesha partly bc i always pick my fave day one, most of the time im wrong, but this time i feel she kept her dignity. why did i not vote for ollie? certainly not bc he had sex!!!! how ridiculous. but bc he had sex on the, not really, but i think, personally, it was offensive to himself. i didnt vote for him bc he said he was 'pure' and didnt want to do anything to embarrass his family. my family would be horrified if i did that....they would be horrified if i was on big brother too!!! he is a hypocrite and thats it! april, now, is offensive openly on tv. there is no way bb could edit that out. its in her eyes.

Laurie said...

Petals, you vote how you want to vote and you need not give us reasons.

We don't need to share our reasons for why we vote one way or another in any voting process. As you said, this is America!

I'm chuckling over people's reasoning here. Everything said makes sense by the person posting, but it may not make sense to the person reading.

Life is all about perceptions. You like Jerry and see something in him because of your perceptions and experiences.

I see him and see something different because of mine.

We saw the same things but we saw them filtered through our own experiences.

No biggie, we can all agree to disagree, right?

People, America's Player is just about who each person's favorite player is. American (and friends of Jackie) don't have to agree on that. That's why we are voting!

drceline said...

Lynn, I agree with you...and perhaps you said it more eloquently than I! I agree that their personalities and their arrogance are what I despise. Trying to say they are better people with integrity, yada yada yada...this is truly a gross misrepresentation of how they really are...I agree! :)

When I made mention of women's rights and liberation, I was more referring to the mudslinging and name calling of women for having casual sex. I think it's disgusting that the women are "sluts" and "skanks" for having sex while the man is just looked at as "a man." I do not subscribe to the idea that only women should wait until marriage...hello!!! The men are having sex with someone!! I respect people who choose to wait until marriage to have sex...and I did not say that ALL people were having casual sex. I'm just saying basically, "ye who are without sin cast the first stone." How dare we condemn them for having sex when MOST (not all) of us have had a casual, sexual encounter. And for those of us who are waiting until marriage...I'm sure you are not without sin...just differents sins. We are just so quick to judge someone harshly, especially women, for having casual sex...there were much worse things in the house than this. Their arrogance, narcissism, and tantrum-type behavior was wayyyy worse in my book then their casual sex. JMHO

lynn1 said...

petals were you referring to me as Sane????????????? LOL

Petals said...

{{{Laurie}}} Love you!
Lynn - sane is a relative term! hahahaahaha

Wonder how are Renegaes are doing?

drceline said...

Petals...I was not having an argument, sorry you are interpreting it that way...I was just sharing my opinions about the April/Ollie sexcapades. I wasn't trying to "lay into you" either. I was just pointing out that your response was all directed toward April. That's all. I feel that Jackie's board here allows us all to share how we think/feel. I'm sorry that you feel attacked...that was not my intention...but rather to voice my opinion on some things you had been saying that I disagreed with...that should be okay, right? And Laurie...I like how you think!!

Anonymous said...

Whoa, BIG difference between calling a woman contemptible or a slut for "having sex", and women (or men) who don't mind exhibiting lust for each other on national TV.

I've heard men referred to as male whores and players (same connotation). It is unfair that women have always taken the brunt of such name-calling, but there are, and always have been, women who make choices that invite such names by choosing to be free with their bodies and loose with their morals. You'll never stop certain people from continuing to downgrade them.

lynn1 said...

I 100% agree with you that the derogatory terms towards women but the boys will be boys attitude is not right.
I will be more aware now of trying to not use certain terms for women.
I might try to coin a few phrases to use for the guys!
I want to be an equal opportunity name caller when I next decide to let my dander in a uproar.

RBennie said...

Okay, here's my two cents on this subject. First off, people are free to vote for whoever they want to, for whatever reasons they want to, or in my case not to vote at all. We are certainly allowed to disagree, but its a waste of time and effort to try to change someone's mind about it and why would you even care to?

As far as April & Ollie go, it really has never bothered me a bit that they were having sex in front of the cameras. To each his own. I certainly wouldn't do it, but that's just me. Thankfully, since I never had the feeds, I never saw any of it anyway and am glad of it. I don't think April is any guiltier than Ollie. They are both of age and knew the cameras were rolling. I do not have the intense dislike of April that many who post here seem to have. Yes, I found her to be catty and jealous and seriously delusional at times, but I also found Keesha to be the exact same way at times. I think towards the end when all the other women except Renny were gone is when Keesha mellowed out and relaxed. She definitely seems to respond better to men than women.

Petals, you were holding your own very well, so I didn't see any need to jump in until now, LOL.

Petals said...

drceline - Truce. I'm normally level-headed & cool, but the exterminator is in my office today, and maybe I've inhaled too much bug spray!
Or, I could be totally hung-over from the party last night! I did wake up face-down in my beanbag with an empty Breyers Snickers ice cream carton next to me!

Anonymous said...

I do agree that men should be called the exact same names for the same actions.

Petals said...


drceline said...

Anon said: "It is unfair that women have always taken the brunt of such name-calling, but there are, and always have been, women who make choices that invite such names by choosing to be free with their bodies and loose with their morals."

And there are, and always have been, men who make choices that invite such names by choosing to be free with their bodies and loose with their morals.

I guess being more liberated with one's body, I don't interpret that as being loose or immoral. It's my body...I can choose with whom I share it or do not share it. Why should anyone else make a judgment as to how anyone else share's his/her body? It doesn't affect you personally, so why would you care? This is my point. And my other point is, yes, they were on the Internet...but they took care to ensure people could not see them under their blanket. That's as much privacy as they could get in the house. And they didn't have sex in 5 minutes...there was a growing attraction there. Listen, I don't care for April or Ollie's personalities either...I'm just taking issue with the whole...judging them for having sex...and I agree with whomever said that they didn't care about the sex just about how they condemned other people in the house when they weren't taking a look at their own behavior.

Anonymous said...

Like I said, to each his own.

'Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

Dan better win this game. Jerry has tunnel vision; he says he's sorry for calling Dan Judas but then justifies it. Then Jerry wishes it would go away. Jerry also flat out says he's voting for Memphis to win the game basically no matter what and he called Dan arrogant. I'm just glad the public likes Dan and does not like Jerry. So anybody but Jerry for the america's juror vote (Renny or Keesha)!!

If Michelle and Libra both don't vote for Dan, Dan will lose which will piss me off so much.


drceline said...

That felt good...thanks for indulging me and letting me share my opinions!! :)

drceline said...

I don't think anyone has to worry about Jerry winning the America's Player money...Renny will have it in the bag, IMHO.

Nana in the NW said...

Whoa!!!! And Happy Friday to everyone!!

Petals--I was going to ask you how you were feeling today(after partying and drinking)....but then I read all of the comments! I always laugh when you support Jerry. You really do have a soft spot for Grandpa(yours must have been a great guy)!

Laurie is right about everyone's opinions. We should not attack someone's opinion. We can choose to disagree but be respectful.

Personally, I think April and Ollie are disgusting and must have very low self-respect. They knew about the cameras, live feeds, and the internet. I'm probably more disgusted that they embaressed their families and actually have the b*lls to say they left with dignity and didn't comprise themselves or their families.

That being said it is America's fav. player and based on Jerry's exit interview and The Early Show he will probably win.
I will be splitting my votes between Keesha and Renny.

Sounds like it's Jurors Questions today. We won't see it but the boys will spill the beans in general conversation!

BB has given them yard games and a tie dye kit!! Renegade shirts here we come!

BTW--Orkmommy thanks for the link on TV times in different areas.

Anonymous said...

America just cannot be so blind as to not have heard of Jerry's "soiled social skills" in the house.

TerryinCA said...

not that this makes an difference, but while on my laptop last night, I voted 30 times...I sure hope they counted....

TerryinCA said...

not that this makes an difference, but while on my laptop last night, I voted 30 times...I sure hope they counted....

Sandiekay said...

Many people that only watch TV know nada about Jerry and his lack of hygiene in so many disgusting ways. As to April and Ollie.... I am sure the reason they had a blanket over them was that it couldn't have been shown otherwise.
April and Ollie are a couple of first class pigs. And quite honestly, I for one never had casual sex with anyone, and find what they did deplorable.

RBennie said...

Bye Guys, I'm out of here. Have a good weekend all.

Petals said...

OMG, Nana - you hit the nail on the head! My Grampa was the love of my life, and he hung the moon for me. Maybe that explains why I have a soft spot for Jerry. Thank you for understanding.
Hope you had a good time last night. Was the music too loud?
Cyber parties are the BEST!

Where is JACKIE?!?! Hope you're OK.

Anonymous said...

well my opinion of jerry is based on his attack on memphis and dan!
He was so self righteous! At least memphis stood up for himself with the womanizer bit and he stood up for Dan as well.
I for one could not vote to give jerry the money, it is not a sympathy vote like when he got the phone call.
as far as April and Ollie, I attack April more because of all of her nasty comments about keesha and keesha's behavior!
If she chooses to denigrade herself on TV that is her problem, and yes Ollie is equally as guilty!
Ollie however did not attack someone elses morals the way April has done to keesha!
pot kettle in my view.
Never ever would I vote for anyone but keesha or Renny to win the 25,000. Michelle while nice would be a sympathy vote as well.
just my opinion
I loved my grandpa but find jerry disgusting and MEAN!

Nana in the NW said...

Petals--Jackie is probably still cleaning up!!! Did you see the mess you all made at her place....smashed chip, melted ice cream, empty booze bottles. Not to even mention the passed out bodies! Loud music I like...the louder the better!! I'm just movin' with the groovin'....

I bet that's the last time she invites you to bring beverages and snacks!! LOL

SYDNEY--- I've been thinking about you everytime I hear about Ike. They say the winds will be stronger the higher up you are. Are you sure you guys will be safe???

Be sure to log on and let us know your family came through as soon as you can.

monty924 said...

Well, while I was slaving at work all day with a hangover, this blog was jumping.

I read somewhere that you all continued to party after I went to bed last night. :( And, now I know where my tub of ice cream made it off to... someone smeared it on the coffee table and it ended up in Petal's beanbag chair. I never even got it back after passing it around.

Here's a few reasons I would never vote for April or Ollie.

April is the kind of girl I could never respect, like or be friends with, and it really does NOT have that much to do with the sex (some but not all). Her delusions and yes NARCISSITIC comments and behavior made me want to hurl all summer. She was one of three I picked to go to the end after reading the bios and watching the interviews. After the first show, I regretted that decision. Period.

Ollie was equally disgusting to me with his homophobic slurs and his whipped, wrapped around April's finger behavior. Ollie would not have made my father or mother proud had he been my brother.

On to the sex... it was not always under the sheets. It may have started out that way, but there was one particular romp that made it out from under the sheets. Dare I say doggie-style and spank me? YUCK! If that's your thing its fine, but don't advertise it on the internet then proceed to denie, denie, denie and say that you left with your dignity intact while implying that Keesha would not. Oh, and April did say, "I guess we gave the producers a show" on at least one occasion. She sounded kind of PROUD to me when she said it.

Finally, April's mean, nasty side only intensified once she was out of the house and it was all directed towards Keesha. Not so much Dan, or Renny, or Memphis... just Keesha.

April d'awlin, I have news for you. You couldn't hold a candle to Keesha on the America's Choice outcome. I would love the pay-out to be what someone wrote earlier. Sorry for not going back to look it up.

Renny, $100,000.00
Keesha, $75,000.00?
April, $6.00

Peace out!

Nana in the NW said...


I am leaving on vacation in 2 days and have spent all day cleaning my house from top to bottom! I ask...Am I the only anal person who thinks their house has to be clean before they leave, even though no one is going to be here while I'm gone?!

I'm exhausted!!

BTW Petals--you are so lucky to have had that kind of a relationship and to have had your Grandpa live long enough for you to remember it.

I treasured my time with my grandpa and hated it when I became an adult and found out he was as "perfect" as I thought.

Nana in the NW said...

Oops! That should have read "wasn't as perfect".

Anonymous said...

I can just hear April if Keesha wins the AC, or even finding out how the fans feel about Keesha compared to their opinions of April...

In a Jan Brady voice "Keesha, Keesha Kessha"

drceline said...

Just for the record...I was never suggesting anyone vote for April or Ollie for the America's Choice Favorite Player. I don't like either of them, nor was I campaigning that either one of them win anything whatsoever! Just to clear up some slight confusion!

tbc said...

nana, I am not an anal person, but I like to come home to a clean house after vacation. I pack, spend all this time cleaning, making beds etc. My husband thinks I am crazy. It's all worth it when I get back home and don't have to do anything! Ahhhhhh.

So, no you are not the only one!

Anne said...

Petals darling I love you no matter who you vote for. You make a mean martini and that's all that matters.

drceline welcome and thank you for taking the time to share your views - very well thought out and thought provoking at the same time. The difference between this group and a lot of the others out there is that we can disagree but care enough about each other to do it respectfully.

May I share something that is way off topic? I have 2 grandchildren - a boy and a girl - that I've never met - long sad story and I won't bore you with the details.

I logged on to my local newspaper today at lunch time and there was an article complete with 2 pictures of my beautiful 9-year-old grandson! He's involved with local sports and they did a write up of his accomplishments.

I sat in my office and cried happy Grandma tears to finally be able to see this beautiful boy who looks just like his dad did when he was that age.

The universe smiled on me today and all is right in my world - well, at least for this moment :>)

P.S. Sydney I'm worrying about you...

monty924 said...

Just expressing why I wouldn't vote for April or Ollie, nothing more. I voted all eight last night for Keesha, but I'm going back to my original plan to vote for Renny. I would LOVE to watch April's head explode on live TV, but the more I think about it, Renny was my favorite all season so she gets my 8 votes today, tomorrow, Sunday and Monday.

I just read Lynette Rice's interview with Jerry and for once she got it right. I wish she would have probed a little bit though. He didn't think he did anything different on the Primetime show vs. the internet??? Huh, Jerry? I think he's actually forgotten all the nasty things he said about Keesha along the way. Maybe his wife will scold him when he gets home. Who knows?

GO RENNY ROO!!! I love ya girl!

Laurie said...

Anne, I'm happy for you that you saw your grandson today, even if it was in the paper and not in person. Hugs to you, my friend.

Nana, I not only clean before I leave, I also iron my stuff before I pack it. My husband thinks I'm nut but ... It's what I need to do for me!

Jackie, I'm sorry for my part of the mess we left. I would have helped clean up but ... well, I know how much Terry loves to clean so I left my part for her.

Nana in the NW said...

tbc--thank you!! I am not an anal person either, but I always spend days cleaning and packing before vacations....then I'm so exhausted I just want to sleep!

anne--you made me smile and cry at the same time. God did smile on you and gave you a glimpse into your grandson's world. I only hope, whatever the reasons, someday he will be able to know how much you love him!

Petals said...

{Anne} smiles
Monty - sorry about the ice cream. hehehe...

tbc said...

Wow, sounds like I missed a fabu party last night :).

Anne - I smiled and cried for you too. I am so glad that you were able to see his picture.

Sasha said...

That's excellent, Anne.

After reading all the opinions and opting not to post my initial gut reaction to being told that my personal choice should conform to someone else's thoughts, I will continute to vote for Keesha.

One of the reasons I still want to vote for Keesha is because I think (JMHO) that she will be happy if she gets it and genuinely happy for Renny if Renny gets it. I like Renny as well and kind of expect she'll win, so I decided not to split my votes. IOW, Go Keesha or Renny, both favorites of mine.

I do really hope that Jerry does not get it but I have to agree that those who only saw the edited version may vote for him. I, for one, cannot. I agree that he treated both Dan and Memphis badly and was vile and disgusting in his words about Keesha...and then when asked to describe each HG in one word on Housecalls, he said "lots of class" for Keesha. HUH?

Viva la choice!!!

monty924 said...

Monty said...
If that's your thing its fine, but don't advertise it on the internet then proceed to denie, denie, denie and say that you left with your dignity intact while implying that Keesha would not.

Okay, so blame it on the hangover...

deny, deny, deny...
I'm never drinking with you girls again. lol :P)

Petals, apology accepted. ;) Now I'm off to feed the cats and sit with Mom for the evening.

Catch you all later as I'm sure I'll be waiting up for the Jury Questioning fall out. Fun times in the Big Brother House! :)

nancy in nj said...

my two cents.....i don't care if three million people hop into bed with someone they don't know either on or off the internet, tv, etc...i will still say it is gross, disgusting, and doesn't need to be aired in public. and no, i have never done anything like that. if people want to behave like that, let them make those choices in private. i think it is MORE than okay to try to maintain a sense of decorum and respect..and it is okay for the general public to want to maintain SOME set of standards so we can all live together peacefully. freedom of choice doesn't and shouldn't mean you do whatever you want whenever you want. if you come to my house, please don't sit at my dinner table, pick your nose, and eat your boogies. if you want to do it in your home, go right ahead....but if you do it in mine i WILL make a judgement that you are vulgar, rude, and disrespectful. whew!!! ollie and april had no right to take a public forum and turm it into their little cathouse. thanks

nancy in nj said...

nana, i too clean the house like a crazy person so i can come home to a clean house. i also wash the sheets day of leaving so i can come home to clean sheets! gotta LOVE being neat and organized. my favorite thing to do in the whole world!

Patty said...

nana-I think it is okay to clean everything up before you leave. On one of my vacations, I returned home with a broken hip, so I was glad things were in order when I reached home.

It is kind of like your mother telling you to have clean underwear on, just in case something happens.

Enjoy your vacation!

M.R.B. pro. said...


Ty wonderful informative updates..

Our back-up generator has turned on thus
J is rounding up his cattle,

Hockey Eller cannot tolerate temperature. Allergies very bad.

M.R.B. pro. said...

Don't know who this other " J " Is I am relative of Tom 's


M.R.B. pro. said...

There are 22 on board ship within path of Ike, cannot upstart engines.
We will be alright..

Hockey Eller your lines not secured.

Big Brother I realize why Dan is from Michigan..

Zoetawny said...

Oh wow! Sounds like I missed a wild party last night. Since I wasn't here guess that means I don't have to help clean up. ;)

I'm so far behind, I'm not sure where to start.

Sydney, and all those in Ike's path, please stay safe and take good care. We're all praying for you.


Have a great time on your vacation. Is Josie going, too? I hope she's doing fine. It's a good thing to leave your house in order. Of course, that's coming from a neat freak Virgo. ;) You know how tired you are when getting back home from a vacation. Does that sound like an oxymoron?


There you are! I've been MIA so much this season that I didn't know if you were posting or had given up on BB. Here we are at the end of another BB season which we said we did't have time to watch. Guess we'll just have to admit that we are BB addicts. LOL

I've enjoyed all of your comments, even the contentious ones. I am grateful that Jackie provides a warm and friendly atmosphere for us to express our opinions.

That being said, I'm going to attack anyone who says they liked April. J/K :D

I wish CBS didn't drag the show out so long at this point. I hope the "never seen before scenes" will be worth it on Sunday's show.

A juror's vote poll on Joker's says that Dan wins 4-3 and Keesha wins the $25K. We'll just have to wait and see if they're right.


Loved your answers to the BB questionnaire a couple of entries back. I found myself coming up with some facetious answers. Wouldn't it be a hoot to see someone we know on BB 11?

Have a great weekend all!

Anonymous said...

My grandfather was loving and kind and a hard-working man. I could never insult his memory with a comparison of him to that awful man on Big Brother. Jerry is an insult to what grandfathers are supposed to be. His own grandchildren may learn of the terrible things he's said and done on this show. Shame on him.


monty924 said...

In all seriousness now... We're watching the Weather Channel and praying for everyone's safety in the gulf, especially Texas. My brother lives around two and half hours inland. Everyone in the path of Ike stay safe! Prayers for all of you tonight and into tomorrow. :)

nancy in nj said...

yes....everyone in harms way...stay safe, prayers are with you.....and please let us know you are safe when you are able. thoughts are with you.

PDX Granny said...

Did I miss something last night? It sounds like there was a party going on. Terry, I did have some chips. How did you know??

I haven't read much here for a couple days. I think I need to go back and do just that to find out what's going on!!

I'm sure many of you have already given your thoughts of who your AC is. Since I'm so easily swayed, I think I'll go vote before reading. Otherwise my head will be spinning so much I'll be too dizzy to find my submit key. I'm torn between Keesha and Renny. I think I'll split my votes. : )

Laurie, I left work on time today!! Love the Multnomah Falls avatar!!!

Laurie said...

Yaay for PDX!! You started your weekend on time. I love this avatar. It was such a special afternoon into night and seeing this with you (and our two friends) was just magical!

Prayers for all those folks in Texas who are getting such a battering already. It certainly puts things into perspective.

Anonymous said...

Warm, safe, and dry here in Reno. PRAYING FOR SYDNEY (and others) tonight...

PS - I'm voting for Keesha. Love Renny, but voting for Keesha.

PlaidChick - woulda come over to see you in Tahoe had I known you were there. It's just "over the hill" from me!

Sierra Thunder

lynn1 said...

Most of you know I live in the New Orleans area. I just had to let you know that although Ike is hitting Texas he certinly left a calling card here.

There are numerous areas including the town I live in that have had flooding. In certain areas of my town water was over 3 feet deep and people had to be rescued by boats. Thankfully my house and street are high and dry as I write this.
The flooding here is not from rain but from the tropical storm force winds and high tides which created storm surges in rivers, costal areas, swamps and Lake Ponchatrain.

Several towns have had evacuations due to flooding (my town did not.)
I am posting this because if it was this bad here Galveston and Houston are going to be demolished.

I am very concerned about Sydney's safety as well as other friends in the Houston area.

Please take a minute and say another prayer for all the folks in Texas and Louisiana coastal areas.
I hope I can get this posted before the power goes out again. It has gone out for short periods of times at least 6 times today.

dla said...

BB10 Dish also has Dan taking out Memphis 4 to 3 ~

April, Ollie, Jerry voting for Memphis

CKA, Keesha, Renny, Michele voting for Dan

And that poll also has Keesha winning the 25K. (with a total of 7 votes for April out of the 2390 that have been cast. :)) Barbie is in for a rude awakening back in the real world.

Not that I was giggling over that or anything... lol

We shall see how this plays out!

dla said...

lynn1, I am so glad to hear that you are safe. Thanks for leaving us an update.

I, too, am worried about Sydney and our friends and families in Houston.

pepsip said...

Q and A must be happening now as Sho2 is showing taped material from earlier today.

monty924 said...

Jury questioning going on. This is always a fun time to watch the feeds (not during) when they come back. I think they will be surprised at how much they are hated. They always are and it continues to tickle me.

I think they did the same in S8 with Dick and Daniele and last season with Adam and Ryan. Show2 viewers are sort of ripped off there.


Lars Eller said...

How do generators turn on?
I feel as though I'm in a nightmare.

Anonymous said...

lynn1 thanks so much for the update. Please know that y'all are in my thoughts and prayers.

Sierra Thunder

monty924 said...

Going on two hours so I'm going off to bed.

Jackie, you have my sincere appreciation for keeping us informed.

Peace and prayers to all in the path of Ike, including the outer areas where the wind and water will do damage.

Anonymous said...

I am here in Pasadena,Tx just SE of Houston. I just lost power and am on my cell. Winds have got to be about 70mph because I can hear that same howling wind like I did during Rita. So far everything is holding up good. I miss my tv right about now. The eye is coming soon and now I can't see my radar anymore. At least its not flooding here where I'm at. Thanks for the well wishes and hope I get power back on by Sunday night so I can watch my BB. At least I live next door to a fuel delivery facility and their power is out too. They are high priority for power restoration. Anybody else ridin' out Ike? Good luck to you. Be safe. I refuse to say "hunkerin' down" like everyone else here says. Richard.

Sydney said...

lars -- I think you pull the cord, much like a lawn mower. It depends on the kind that you have. I don't know that you'll come back and check this, so will write a post on Jackie's current page.