Monday, February 09, 2009

The Amazing Race 14: Meet the Teams, Part Three

Okay, we're down to the last three teams we'll be seeing on the season premiere next Sunday, February 15. You can check out the first two groups of teams I took a look at here and here. Again, I apologize for the slow load time due to all of the videos on the main blog page. If you're having problems with the videos, try using the time link at the bottom of the post which will bring up only that post.

Linda and Steve Cole have been married for 17 years. She's 52, he's 43, and they call Martinsville (Virginia) their home. He's a carpenter while she's a customer service supervisor. I think they're going to be another likable team. But I'm not so sure that they're going to be as well-traveled as many of the other teams. In their favor is that they're huge fans of the show. I think the idea of adventure probably is as much of a lure as the financial prize for the winner. I'd personally love to do the show all the way through just for the fun and excitement.

We have another sibling team with LaKisha and Jennifer Hoffman. LaKisha is 28, lives in the Bronx (NY), and is a program coordinator. Jennifer is 24, lives in Louisville (KY), and is a marketing assistant. Although LaKisha has that "you know what I'm saying" speech pattern which tends to irk me, I like these two. I love that Jennifer said you have to think to be evil and she doesn't like to think that much. I think they're going to be fun to watch, but I'm not sure how well they'll fare on the race itself.

Jennifer Hopka (26) and Preston McCamy (28) are a dating couple from Columbia, South Carolina. She's a student and he's a software engineer. Um, okay. She's a student at 28 ... wonder how the bills get paid? She's pretty, but she's really rubbing me wrong for some reason. I don't know. Perhaps it's the way she kept interrupting him in the clip. I think this might be the couple I boo and it's going to be because of her. Or, I could be totally wrong and my first impression is off.


Delee said...

Thanks for finishing AR couples. But I have no video on this entry. Guess they will be mystery guests!!! :-) Maybe they will show up later.

Jackie said...

Try using the link to this individual post and they should load fine. Too many videos on my main page and it's messing with the loading time. I just tested them -- they work.

Sydney said...

I aksed a big DWTS question on the last post but I should know that this is not the time to post such a thing, when Jackie is hard at work getting us up to date on AR and Survivor.

Is thee anyone willing to do a AR pool... or is that going and I missed it when I was away?

Margo said...


Max is teamed with Denise - so as much as I hate to say it we NEED to keep her around.


I suppose I could do the pool. Just email me @ or put in the comments. I will post a list on Friday morning to make sure I got everyone.

Donna in AL said...

Margo, if you are going to do the TAR pool please include me! Thanks

meb said...

Margo... me too... I'd love to be in the pool.

sizzie said...

Margo, Thank you for offering an AR pool. Please put my name in. It adds so much to the Race to have an 'assigned name'.

meb said...

Off Topic:
Gosh, so much going on...

24 was really exciting...just before watching it, (I had it taped) I thought... am I really into 24 this year... well.. the answer is "yes" after watching this last episode.

Friday Night Lights is a little draggy for me. I love it that Smash got into the college, but I think the whole town must be stupid if they can't see that they need teachers and supplies more than that huge scoreboard.

Without A Trace was good last night. The kid that played the rapist is the son of a friend of mine. We IM'd right after the show and she said it was really strange to see her son on TV with all those known stars.

Does anyone besides myself watch KyleXL... Cute, but unbelievable.

Life was good last week. I enjoy this show. The girl who plays Crews' counterpart always looks like she's frowning. And how can she be involved with her boss??? He looks like a sleezebag.

I hated how The Closer ended this week with the lawyer outsmarting all of them. They've got to bring that storyline back again.

OK...there's others, but I'm sure you all could care what I think about all these shows if you're not watching them.

Upward and onward to TAR and Survivor!!!

Caroline said...

Margo, I'd love to be in the TAR pool also, thanks for offering to do this!

ORKMommy said...

Hi everyone! Noon today is the deadline for getting in on the Survivor Pool. Here's who I have so far...

Terry in CA
PDX Granny
Donna in AL

If I've forgotten anyone please email me at I'll post who has who this afternoon.

Margo, please put me in the AR pool!!

sizzie said...

I'll see your off topic, Meb, and raise you one comment. : )

I like Friday Night Lights and think some of it is very much how high school football is. The only unusual thing is the rich dad has a talented kid..often it goes just the opposite in my experience. Poor kid no matter how much money and talent, though. The principal seems very niave, as if she hasn't lived in the town for years and hasn't been active in football booster. It is what it is, as most of them say at one time or another. I agree with her side, but she is smarter than they are making her look. We aren't in Texas, but have several high school football stadiums with elevators and skyboxes. : ) Yes, it is true.

Fun to see someone you know on TV, especially in a villian role.

I love Life and think they have cleaned up the boss a lot this season. Not sure that story line was necessary, though.

I don't know what (sho?) KyleXL is.

Thanks Orkmommy for the pool. Thanks Jackie for the links. It should be a good season.

Margo said...


Line forms to the left!

If you want to join the pool leave a comment here or email me at I will post the match-ups on Sunday morning. Please let me know by Saturday noon.
I already have
Donna in AL



lynn1 said...

Margo I would like to be included in the TAR pool. Thank you for hosting it.

Laurie said...

Margo, thanks for doing the other pool. I just emailed you but I want to be sure you get the message so I'll add it here too.

Please do add me to the TAR pool.
Laurie (LaurieGayle)