Friday, July 31, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Report - Nominations 7/31

After a long feeds block, we're back. Now I'm just waiting for confirmation of the nominations.

Sounds like Ronnie is on the block, Jessie and Jordan are safe. I will update this post when I hear for sure.

Okay, confirmation -- Lydia and Ronnie are on the block. Lydia is supposed to be the pawn. She is NOT happy. Ronnie is nowhere in sight.

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Friday Daytime 7/31

After a night of being rained on, swung in circles, and being thumped by a disintegrating foam rubber covered diploma, many of the hamsters are licking their wounds and being a bit subdued today. Here's what's happened in that Big Brother House of Exorcist Projectiles today:
  • They've been speculating a lot on the "secret power." I know as I listened, this morning someone nailed the coup d'etat exactly. But I can't recall who it was.
  • I plea sleep deprivation.
  • Ronnie and Chima think the stray vote to keep Casey was Jeff.
  • Oh, c'mon. Jeff is so sweet on Jordan that their thought is ludicrous.
  • Natalie doesn't think it's fair that the Have Nots started a day early this week.
  • I'm sure she wouldn't have a problem with it if she was a Have.
  • Russell told Jeff that Jordan put his name in the cap for Have/Have Not and that he was chosen to Have Not, only saved when everyone said he had the comp so rough he deserved a break.
  • Jordan only put his name in there because she didn't want people to think she was playing favorites. She had decided it wouldn't be fair for the Brains (including Ronnie) to be on slop two weeks in a row, so left them out.
  • Jessie told Jeff he owed him one (or two or three) for going on slop after they threw Jeff's name out.
  • America chose squash and squid for the Have Nots.
  • Russell reiterated to Jeff that he wants Ronnie out this week and that he will be keeping his word.
  • Russell says he himself is a Christian and he was offended by Ronnie swearing to God and on the bible for lies.
  • He considers it an insult to his religion.
  • Jeff and Russell create their own secret alliance -- The Hot Guys Alliance.
  • @@ (Well, Jeff maybe. I wonder what Russell looks like with hair.)
  • Jessie got all grumpy about his food (or lack thereof).
  • Jeff thinks that Jessie should be glad that he has the squid and squash, not just BB slop.
  • Ronnie keeps campaigning for a Lydia ouster with Russell, Jessie, Natalie ... anyone who will listen to him.
  • I think it's behavior solely to deflect the target away from himself. I believe he might have vibes that Russell's not too keen on the dorkapotamous.
  • Ronnie told Russell that he's afraid that if he goes on the block, he'll go home.
  • I say, "It sounds like a plan!"
  • Ronnie threw Jordan and Jeff under the bus, too.
  • I think if we give him enough time, Ronnie would offer up his wife as a sacrificial lamb.
  • Russell told Ronnie he doesn't need to worry this week.
  • Russell told Michele that Ronnie's going home this week and she's the first person he's telling.
  • Lydia told Russell that his now ex-clique mates had said they were going to put him on the block.
  • Natalie and Chima trashtalked Lydia.
  • Same old, same old.
  • The nominations should be later tonight.
  • I do think Russell's ultimate target is Ronnie. How he'll going about doing the deed, I don't know. I think he'll put up Ronnie and perhaps Lydia.
  • But don't quote me on it.

Big Brother 11: Live Feeds Into Dawn Friday 7/30

This is going to be rather quick and to the point as I just finished writing up two articles for TV Squad and have to get my butt in gear to face the day --
  • Kevin won the five grand.
  • Jordan won the ability to choose the have or have nots for the week.
  • Russell has said he will keep his word to Jeff.
  • He plans on putting Ronnie and someone else on the block.
  • Russell told them he'll talk to people tomorrow.
  • Russell and Jeff are both in rough shape.
  • Lydia is making a spectacle of herself. She might end up going on the block if she keeps whining about going on the block.
  • Russell said he won't nominate Jessie, Jeff, Jordan, Chima or Natalie.
  • He should take Natalie off that list.
  • It leaves Michele, Kevin, or Lydia on the block with Ronnie. I think it would be one of the girls.
  • Gotta go!

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Have Have Not

Jordan is in charge of choosing Have Have Not. She's put the names of the hamsters in a graduation cap. Those on slop last week aren't in it. She chose Natalie (I won't take a shower for a week), Kevin, and Jeff. They told her not to use Jeff. Jessie told her to throw Jeff's name aside. She chose Jessie. He joked a redo and lost again.

Lydia said she'll go on slop in his place. He refuses. He said he lost fair and square. Natalie said she could go and use her slop pass.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Big Brother 11 HOH Endurance Comp Updates 7/30

Sigh. Congratulations, Russell. I do think he'll keep his word. You saw his vote on the show tonight. He had promised Casey he wouldn't vote to evict him and he didn't.

12:25 AM ET - Jeff dropped. Russell swore that he and Jordan are safe and he wants to get the letter from his ill father. He once again said they want the same person out.

12:18 AM ET - I'm getting dizzy watching them. Lots of foam came off the diploma in the last wild go-round. Jeff and Russell hanging in.

12:00 AM ET - They're dealing. Russell says they want the same person out (Ronnie). He tells Jeff the vote for Jordan was him because he kept his word. They want to talk alone ... hamsters brought food out, but they're making them go back in. Jeff says he doesn't trust Jessie with it. Russell says he told him his secret, will uphold his word.

Neither want to drop. Jeff again offers rock/paper/scissors. Russell wants a letter from home, so does Jeff. Jeff trusts Russell, but says he's too low on the pole to give it up. They promise not to put each other up, but neither is dropping.

11:51 PM ET - Jessie's been called to the diary room. Maybe BB will offer them deals to come down.

11:34 PM ET - Michele definitely out. It's between Jeff and Russell.

11:32 PM ET - Feeds stayed back only shortly. Now blocked for a while. Back -- Russell and Jeff definitely still in. Have to switch feeds to find Michele. Jeff suggested rock, paper, scissors so she might be out.

11:20 PM ET - Feeds back. Russell, Michele, Jeff still in it. I wish Michele would stop making noises.

11:11 PM ET - Chima's down.

11:03 PM - I think Michele MAY go down soon -- she's having a rough time. Michele, Russell, Chima, and Jeff still in.

10:45 PM ET - Part of the diploma is out but Jeff, Michele, Chima, and Russell remain in.

10:35 PM ET - Feeds back. Jeff, Russell, Chima, and Michele still in it.

10:28 PM ET - Jordan is down. Feeds blocked.

10:20 PM ET - I think it's Chima vomiting as she spins.
I wish the camera would stop focusing on Russell and give Jordan or Jeff airtime.

10:15 PM ET - Chima, Jordan, Michele, Jeff, and Russell still in the comp.

10:00PM ET - Jeff, Russell, Chima, Michele and Jordan still up.

9:55 pm et - Natalie is shown sitting on the sidelines.


9:51 PM ET - Feeds up, Russell still up.

9:45 PM ET - Feeds still re-blocked.

9:38 PM ET - Someone is deathly ill and it's gross. Feeds blocked again. Natalie, Ronnie still up. Not really sure who else.

9:30 PM ET -- EEK! Is that Jeff? Feeds basically blocked except quick shots of this.

9:35 PM ET - Kevin is shown out. Ack -- Ronnie is still up! Kevin, Lydia definitely out.

9:30 PM - Brief feeds -- one of the guys is down. Not sure who. Reddish sleeveless shirt.

As I get this posted, the live feeds are still blocked. Once they come up, this post will be updated with the most recent screencaps and information at the top of the post. Unless they hang in there for a lot longer than I give them credit for, I should outlast them. Keep coming back!

9:25 PM ET -- Feeds still blocked.

Big Brother 11 Live Eviction Show Blog Party Post 7/30

Big Brother 11 Blog Logo

The show has started here on the East Coast. This post will be updated as it airs, but the real fun is in the comments section. Everyone is welcome, bring your own snacks and beverages! Later tonight my show review will be posted on TV Squad.

Julie announced the cliques are over and they'll all be out for themselves.

The voting to evict:
Jeff --> Casey (sadly)
Ronnie --> Casey
Natalie --> Bitter Banana Casey

Into commercial

Chima --> Casey
Russell --> Jordan (staying true to his word)
Michele --> Casey
Lydia --> Casey
Kevin --> Casey

Casey is gonzo. Mingle Mixx has left the house.

New America's Vote -- Coup D'Etat - can overthrow the nominees at live eviction. Only good for the next two weeks (can be used once -- HoH winner, for example, wouldn't use it this coming week).

HOH comp is endurance --- sitting on ropes on a carousel being whapped by a huge sort of hard sponge diploma. I will do updates in a new post after the feeds go live.

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Into Thursday Pre-Dawn 7/30

Kevin tries to get Lydia to open her eyes about Jessie.

It's been basically a snoozefest in the house of hamsters. In the past 24 hours, about the biggest news has been Russell accidentally hitting Lydia in the head with a ball. And, that wasn't even the big news -- her reaction to being hit in the head would be the scoop.

Here are the bits and pieces which caught my attention since my last live feeds report:
  • Russell thinks Ronnie has been talking game with Kevin and Lydia. He reminded him that he took part in saving him this week and doesn't want to think it was a mistake to trust him.
  • Ronnie ran to Jessie and company telling them what Russell said.
  • Of course, Ronnie does these things to make Jessie and company think he's more valuable to them than Russell is.
  • When Russell told Jessie about the conversation, Jessie didn't like the idea that Ronnie "swore on the bible" that they didn't talk game.
  • Jessie thinks Kevin is a bigger threat than Lydia. Well, duh.
  • Russell said that if he gets HOH, he wants to nominate Ronnie and Lydia. Um, okay. I'll believe it when I see it.
  • I think someone, anyone, should nominate Natalie.
  • Natalie would like to get Russell on the block. But Jessie told her that since he thinks he's fooling them (false loyalty), it would be better to go after Lydia and Kevin.
  • Jessie's mother actually washed his mouth out with a bar of soap when he was young while Jordan's parents used the paddle. Now, I know I don't like Jessie, but I bet he's polite to strangers and holds the door open for others.
  • Jeff thinks only sloppy people wear Crocs.
  • Grr. I bought some not-Crocs last year for my surgery recovery. I don't wear them often, but ... dang, they're comfortable.
  • Jeff and Casey have both worked for UPS in the past.
  • Not together, mind you.
  • Michele is still not allowed to use the computer in her parents' home because they caught her looking at porn as a teenager.
  • Michele also talked about um ... pleasuring herself daily.
  • Who woulda thunk it?
  • Lydia made trash bag pants and top for Natalie.
  • Kevin almost made it onto Survivor. He got booted in the finals.
  • Ronnie is sure that America loves the cliques twist.
  • Ronnie is a doofus.
  • Russell told Chima that Lydia wants her out. I really don't think she does so much other than process of elimination. She's not thrilled with Chima, but she isn't a big target either.
  • Jordan and Casey packed.
  • Casey couldn't find his suitcase and said he'd pack a trash bag.
  • Apparently production misplaced his suitcase.
  • I personally would say that means he has to stay!
  • Jessie and Natalie had a pillow fight. He accidentally hit her hard on the leg and she cried. He thinks she overreacted but got her an ice pack. He was worried that BB would be upset with him for hitting her.
  • Lydia continues to throw Kevin under the bus to Jessie and Natalie.
  • Jessie, Natalie, and Lydia are in the HOH room STILL awake as I get this typed up.
  • Jessie is droning on and on.
  • And on.
  • Very little game talk.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Daytime Wednesday 7/29

I so long for this eviction to be over, a new HOH in place, and whatever the big announcement is. I'm assuming it will be the disintegration of the cliques or, at the very least, some sort of shuffling. Here are today's happenings from that Big Brother House of People I Don't Want Living in MY House:
  • Natalie thinks Lydia and Kevin will vote to keep Casey just to keep their clique together.
  • Small talk, breakfast prep, some exercise.
  • Boring.
  • Boring.
  • Lydia got mad because Russell accidentally hit her in the head with a ball.
  • Jessie got his HOH camera, lots of muscle posing and fake smiley faces.
  • Ronnie pointed out to Jessie that Russell really has no enemies in the house.
  • Russell has improved in that aspect. If others decide to go against the athletes (ever), they'll go for Jessie and Natalie first.
  • More small talk -- if people will recognize them when they get out of the house, who's popular or not (Ronnie thinks people will love or hate him -- he's half right).
  • Jessie and Natalie think Ronnie is more loyal to them than Russell.
  • They're probably right.
  • A whole lotta nuthin; going on today.

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Into the Dawn Wednesday 7/29

I apologize for the lack of an update last night after the show. I'm experiencing keyboard issues. You would think I'd be a little more careful with my Coke Zero (my latest addiction).I found out my back-up keyboard likes to type "zzzzzzzz." But I'm all dried out and good to go now. Thankfully, it hasn't been a thrill a minute with earth-shaking developments in the house! Here's the scoop from that Big Brother House of Poop:
  • I mentioned before that Michele has what she calls night terrors in her sleep. Before dawn yesterday, she screamed out NO loudly while sleeping. Scary.
  • In their late-night early-morning talk, Lydia threw Kevin under the bus to Jessie -- telling him that Kevin is scheming against him and trying to turn the vote around. Argh. Here I thought the Lydia/Kevin double agents for good bit was true and she was really disloyal to Jessie.
  • Jessie told Natalie of the Lydia developments. Natalie told Chima.
  • Sigh. I had high hopes of Kevin quietly scheming his way through to the end.
  • Natalie confronted Kevin about working against them. He denied it and asked where she got her information. She didn't tell him Lydia via Jessie.
  • Kevin tried to deflect the blame on Ronnie (who, for once, had nothing to do with anything).
  • Chima and Jessie got ticked at Natalie for talking to Kevin about things.
  • So Natalie talked to Kevin again, petulant little child she is.
  • Kevin told her he's seen Russell and Ronnie scheming as he keeps trying to deflect the attention from himself.
  • Casey told the others that people sleep too long in the house. They don't. What they do do is stay up too late. Unlike drunken stay up lates from previous seasons, these folks stay up until 6 AM their time sober half the time. No wonder they sleep late.
  • Casey campaigned for Russell's vote. Successful? I doubt it. I think Russell will vote the way Jessie wants him to because, as he says: "I gotta do what daddy says." Double-ew! Jessie as a father figure!
  • Casey really worked Russell, concentrating on how he doesn't HAVE to do what Jessie wants. Jessie can't win HOH this coming week and the votes are anonymous in the diary room.
  • Their bond (Casey/Russell) grows. After all, they were never enemies in the house.
  • Casey wants Russell to flip the house.
  • Will it work? I don't think so. I think Russell feels alone in the house -- he personally has no close ally like Jessie or even Natalie does. He only has his clique.
  • Casey thinks he has Kevin and Lydia's vote.
  • Kevin told Russell he's not voting for Casey to stay.
  • Kevin thinks Russell told Jessie and Natalie that he's going after them.
  • No, it was his best bud Lydia.
  • Russell told Kevin that he doesn't pass on information. In a way, he's right. Russell is more of a listener in these cases than a talker. He occasionally runs to Jessie with info, but others do it more often.
  • Natalie told Lydia she won't tell Kevin that she's (Lydia) the one who told her that he's targeting her (Natalie) and Jessie. She said she'd blame it on Casey.
  • Casey told Jordan he's campaigning to stay, but he won't say anything bad about her. He honestly likes her and she likes him. But he so wants a chance to stay and get his game on.
  • There's friction between Natalie and Chima because Chima thinks Natalie stirred up a lot of trouble with the Kevin talks.
  • A minor verbal brouhaha went down as Michele's name got dragged into things as far as spreading rumors.
  • It's all a ball of confusion. No one really trusts anyone in the long run.
  • The votes could technically go either way. But I think we're still going to see a Casey ouster this week.
  • It should have been Ronnie. That little slime is almost invisible with all of the new turmoil within the house. Maybe he IS a good player -- that benefits his game while all the others have new targets for eviction.
  • Casey called out Ronnie as a liar again. But really ... it's nothing that everyone doesn't know already. That they haven't acted on it will be their own downfall. Casey should have taken the PoV comp seriously -- if he had, Ronnie might have been on the block.
  • They got a golf game with Nerf-type balls. Fun, fun in a house of misery and distrust.
  • Russell lied to Jessie and Natalie telling them that Ronnie was throwing them under the bus.
  • For once it's someone lying about Ronnie, not Ronnie lying to the world. Ronnie has not been talking about targeting Jessie and Natalie.
  • Although it's a strategic move, it casts doubt on Russell in his clique more than it does on Ronnie.
  • But maybe ... just maybe ... it casts more of a bad light on Ronnie.
  • These hamsters are driving me up the wall. Alliances, false alliances and mysterious bus accidents, oh my.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Big Brother 11 Blog Party Post 7/28 Show

Big Brother 11 Blog Logo

The show has started here on the East Coast. This post will be updated as it airs, but the real fun is in the comments section. Everyone is welcome, bring your own snacks and beverages! Later tonight my show review will be posted on TV Squad. I should be posting the day's live feeds late tonight.

Jessie and crew decide to backdoor Casey instead of Ronnie. Veto players chose from bag -- Jessie -->Jeff, Michele --> Casey, Jordan --> Chima. There was no houseguest choice pick. Natalie will host.

Michele won PoV, Casey got them a margarita party but has to wear a banana suit for a week, Jessie came in second for the PoV but won $2500.

Veto meeting -- Michele saves herself, Jessie nominates Casey.

I'm hoping the huge announcement that will turn the game upside down Thursday is the end of cliques.

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Overnight Into Tuesday Dawn 7/28

Why does Kevin look like he wishes to be elsewhere? Maybe it's the company he's keeping. In this particular conversation, he was with Ronnie and Natalie.
  • The hamsters are bored.
  • They talked fast food. Of course, they don't know the Taco Bell chihuahua died last week. They surely would have mentioned that.
  • Jeff and Jordan hope the clique thing is dropped this week. So do I.
  • Ronnie, a wienie himself, loves his cocktail wienies. Isn't that akin to cannibalism?
  • Natalie told Jordan that she will have her vote to stay and she shouldn't worry.
  • As Jessie slept in the backyard, Lydia painted his toenails pink.
  • He laughed about it later.
  • Michele told the athletes about Lydia and company seeking her out. I guess that shows which path she's taking.
  • There was some kind of off camera brouhaha with Casey and Russell.
  • The feeds got blocked. When they came back the hamsters were abuzz about Casey threatening to punch Russell and being sent to the diary room.
  • They wondered if Casey would be thrown out.
  • Casey didn't seem bothered by it all. He sang his Banana Suit Song and smoked.
  • Lydia seems to seriously want Casey to stay. She really likes Jordan, but thinks Casey would really play the game more.
  • I think she's right.
  • But I also don't think there's much of a chance that Casey would stay over Jordan this week.
  • Ronnie told his athlete cronies that Jordan lies. But he didn't specify anything Jordan has lied about.
  • That's all for now ... I expect doldrums until Thursday night.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Into Monday Evening 7/27

Tell me these two aren't the next showmance on the horizon -- Chima and Russell.

Here's what's been going down in the Big Brother House of Freaks and Geeks since my last report:
  • Ronnie is way too giddy about Casey being evicted while a banana.
  • Jessie told Natalie that Lydia is now going to vote Casey out.
  • Natalie told Jessie that she doesn't like him talking to Lydia.
  • I think we may have to turn this Habitrail around and take them all home!
  • Kevin wants Casey to try to stay. He thinks they might be able to get the votes if they can swing Chima and Michele.
  • I don't think it's possible.
  • Lydia talked to Casey and asked him if he'd go after one of the four (Jessie, Russell, Natalie, Ronnie) if he stays.
  • You bet!
  • Ronnie thinks they should trick Lydia and Kevin in the next HOH comp and not let them in on the new code.
  • How old are these people?
  • Casey clowned around in his banana suit, singing songs, and having fun.
  • He's sure he has no chance to stay.
  • I think he's right. :-(
  • Russell hit his head diving into the pool.
  • He didn't hit it hard enough to be hauled away.
That's all I've got for you. It's a quiet and subdued house. We need a brouhaha.

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Into Monday Afternoon

Sigh, in bed with the devil. Of course, either one might qualify, eh? They're baby-talking each other. I think I might just be ill. Here are the events so far today from inside that Big Brother House of Bamboozled Bananas:
  • Kevin told Lydia that Jessie's crew were only keeping Ronnie for the numbers and they plan to "pick us off one by one."
  • Yup, Kevin wins a Twinkie!
  • Kevin doesn't necessarily think that he and Lydia are targets. He thinks Michele, Jeff, and Jordan are the targets.
  • For all of his observation, Kevin thinks that Chima and Michele are on his side.
  • Wrong.
  • Natalie doesn't even want Chima THINKING about her.
  • Natalie wants to "kick Lydia's ass."
  • I think it's grammar school cliques, not high school.
  • Kevin, Lydia, and Jordan know they don't have the numbers to save Casey.
  • Lydia admitted that she and Kevin had been with the Jessie crew merely for the numbers.
  • There's safety in numbers, y'know.
  • Jeff and Casey talked about Russell running around like he's running things, but he isn't. They also talked about Natalie wearing Jessie's shirts and riding his coattails (a fashion statement, I suppose).
  • Natalie wants Casey out, but she also wants Lydia out.
  • Then the PoV meeting (blocked to the feeds) went down.
  • Sigh. Casey is on the block in Michele's place.
  • "Where is the outrage?" asked Casey.
  • Casey told Jordan that he could have won the veto -- he didn't try hard because he thought he was safe.
  • Then we're full circle, back to baby talk between Jessie and Lydia.

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Bullein - PoV Used 7/27

Michele saved herself and, true to my dread, Casey went up on the block in her place. I don't like Jessie.

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Overnight Into Monday 7/27

With the PoV meeting expected tonight, several of the hamsters are all wondering if Jessie will put up Ronnie as he told them he would. The others know that he won't. It's a recipe for a brouhaha!
  • Jeff told Casey that he suspects that he will go on the block when Michele saves herself.
  • He said that Jessie won't put Chima on the block.
  • Russell and Lydia trashtalked about Casey. This was in front of Jordan (who didn't really take part in the conversation).
  • Jordan told Jeff she thought the plan remained the same -- that is, to backdoor Ronnie.
  • Casey went to talk to Jessie.
  • Jessie tried his best to avoid saying outright that he's putting Casey on the block.
  • Casey reminded Jessie of the deal they made in the beginning.
  • Michele thinks it makes no sense not to put Ronnie on the block.
  • The Casey/Jessie talk ended with a handshake and Jessie telling him when you're HOH, you have to do the best thing for yourself.
  • Now Jordan and Jeff know that the Ronnie Backdoor plan has been squashed.
  • Casey wishes he tried harder for PoV and Jeff regrets losing HoH.
  • Michele and Jessie had a brief blow-up, but then got all hunky-dory again.
  • The sides have solidified more -- it's Natalie, Jessie, Ronnie, Chima, and sometimes Russell and Michele against Lydia, Kevin, Jeff, and Jordan.
  • The latter four pinky-swore not to put each other on the block.
  • Jessie and crew don't know so much that Lydia is "over there."
Unless Jessie is hoodwinking all of us, tonight it will be Casey on the block with Jordan. And, in the house, Jordan definitely has the edge to stay over Casey.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds - Margarita Party

Tonight was the big margarita party in the house. Jeff commented that he liked his outfit, it was too bad no one was really having fun. Natalie claimed BB told not to drink because she's underage. The have not brains couldn't participate. It was a very subdued party until pinata breaking started. Oh, Dots!

Big Brother 11 Nominations Show Blog Party 7/26

Big Brother 11 Blog Logo

The show has started here on the East Coast. This post will be updated as it airs, but the real fun is in the comments section. Everyone is welcome, bring your own snacks and beverages! Later tonight my show review will be posted on TV Squad.

So far recaps and scheming. Athletes have Ronnie's back. Wah.

Have/Have Not comp is starting. Chima, Kevin, and Jordan play. Brains are the Have Nots. Cabbage and cocktail wieners!

America has new foods for voting - squash and squid, Brussel sprouts and borscht, liverwurst and black licorice. Hmm ...

Nomination time -- the decision is always about Jessie
Key order - Chima, Kevin, Casey, Lydia, Ronnie

Said he nominated Jordan and Michele, but gave no reason. Jessie tells us that neither will win POV, he will and will backdoor someone he wants out of the house.

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Daytime Sunday 7/26

It's Chima Queen's birthday!

The hamsters decorated her picture on the Memory Wall

A good time was had by all

Except Banana Man
(He's actually yawning.)

Other than the party, it's been a relatively quiet day so far. Here are my observations:
  • Casey needs to stop picking his nose and eating the proceeds at the kitchen table.
  • They had cupcakes and cake which were made by the hamsters, all were allowed to eat them for one hour. Chima didn't know it was going down.
  • Singing "Happy Birthday" isn't allowed due to royalties issues on the song.
  • Ronnie told Chima that being a Christian is about being the best person you can and treating people well.
  • He also lied and told Chima he never lied to her.
  • I doubt any Christian wants Ronnie representing them.
  • Jessie told Chima that Casey's been lying since he came into the house.
  • It still looks like Jessie is going to nominate Casey when Michele saves herself. Jessie says so (to some) and it must be.
  • Jordan and Jeff are still sweet on each other.
  • Evidently, the Ronnie/Chima/Natalie/Jessie bond is growing. No, Russell and Lydia are not in there.

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was

Since I received good reaction to last week's array of photographs taken during the week, I'm giving it another shot. Or, to be more accurate, shots.

This wasn't an easy week for me. I'm missing my cat every day -- things just aren't the same when you lose a friend and confidant of so many years. The weather turned hot and humid, something I really wasn't missing when we had a chilly (for summer) June. Work budget cuts mean that I might not financially be able to do my needed knee surgery this fall.

Other people had a worse week, I guess. Lawmakers, mayors, and rabbis oh my! The latest New Jersey corruption scandal is a doozy. Where else but in NJ could you have the unique twist of corruption involving money laundering, Gucci bags, and body parts? I, of course, am not a suspect in the investigations. You don't want to know how many years it's been since someone offered me a bribe.

I hooked up my Comcast digital adaptor doohickeys with the biggest hitch moving the bookcase blocking my outlet for my living room television. I'm not thrilled that each adaptor sucks up electricity, nor am I happy that I've been told that I'm not eligible for any of the promotional plans. But if I didn't do it, by Tuesday I'd lose several stations I watch. Grr.

Here are some of the shots I took this week (clicking on an image will open it larger in a new window) ... for some reason, it was a big pigeon week:

He had a wild look in his orange-red eye.
Plainfield Train Station, Plainfield, NJ

Jus' waitin' on a train.
Plainfield Train Station

Does that star-spangled banner yet wave?
Historic Quaker Cemetary in back of the
Friends Meeting House

Plainfield, NJ

Hot town, summer in the city.
Back of my neck getting dirty and gritty.

Lyrics by the Lovin' Spoonful
Plainfield, NJ

Mourning dove on barbed wire.
Bridgewater, NJ

Roofus the Cat
North Street, Plainfield, NJ

A sunflower grows in Plainfield.
East Front Street, Plainfield, NJ

Pigeons in a window.
Plainfield, NJ

Abandoned condemned Miron Furniture warehouse ...
where pigeons sit in windows.

East Second Street, Plainfield, NJ

Zoom, Every Baby Has a Story, WATERMELONS
East Second Street, Plainfield, NJ