Saturday, July 04, 2009

Big Brother 11: A Closer Look at Jordan, Jeff, and Chima

Continuing my slightly in-depth pre-season scuttlebutt on the Big Brother 11 houseguests ...

Hmm ... Jordan Lloyd, according to her CBS website bio, is a naive small town kind of gal. Although pretty, she says she won't be having sex in the house because her "grandpa will be watching." It's too bad a few others didn't realize that in the past. Nothing says "easy" more than being a showmance gone wild on live feed cameras.

I'm not finding much on Jordan. She's young, lives at home, and is a waitress. In the non-embeddable CBS video of the hamsters, she's the one who tells us she got her boobs done three weeks ago. Um. Perhaps she plans to use them as flotation devices in the hot tub. I don't think her grandpa needed to know about the boob job, do you?

Like Jordan, Jeff is kind of a mystery hamster -- there's not all that much about him on the Internet. When I searched for his name, most of the results pointed out a Smashing Pumpkins band member with the same name. Unless he's really cleverly disguised, that ain't him.

In his CBS bio, he sounds like a decent and normal kind of guy. I'm not sure how well that will all work out for him in the house or for entertainment value on the live feeds. He might end up being a bit boring. Why would a possibly normal person want to go on the show? Now, that's the real mystery!

I found an interview with him online --

Then there's Chima. She's probably the best-known hamster in the house. She's a journalist for, does various BET red carpet events, and more.

How is she going to do in the house? Maybe since she's into hip-hop, she could get together with DJ Mingle Mixx and start some new house traditions.


Laurie said...

Jackie, you make even the ordinary sound more interesting than it probably is!

I'm not familiar with Chima and I'm wondering if we've ever had a "tv person" on the show before.

I wonder how much attention will be given to Jordan's new boobs. I sure hope we don't go back to having people feel to see who has real ones!

Jennasmom said...

EEEKK! Laurie you just brought the image of that creepy Jerry to mind! Dirty ol' man!

My wv is numlings......

Divyesh said...

Jackie...another good site to find out about people is

meb said...

Jordan is Becky's, Lynn1's and my hampster that Margo set up. She is a cutie... don't understand the boob job...the least little bit of weight and you immediately look fat. But she doesn't have that to worry about at the moment.

Saying she won't have sex because grandfather will be watching only serves to tell him that if he wasn't watching, she would be having sex. Silly girl!