Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds: Into the Evening Monday 7/20

I know I've mentioned this during previous years, but I'm going to say it again. The house has too much down time. As it stands right now since the POV ceremony is done and over with, there's nothing other than the HOH camera between tonight and the live eviction show on Thursday.

Throw in nominees like Laura and Jordan and we've got ourselves a snoozefest. Laura knows she's the target. She likes Jordan. She's not going to campaign against Jordan. Laura has accepted her fate and is more about trying to give Jordan game advice than trying to flip the vote.

Here are a few interesting tidbits from the Big Brother House of Restless Rodents:
  • Jessie and Casey talked about Ronnie's deals. Casey reminded Jessie that his own deal with Ronnie went sour.
  • Russell wants Ronnie out next.
  • I might have to like Russell a wee little bit even though it makes me feel cheap.
  • Russell told Casey that he doesn't like how everyone is acting a bit starstruck when it comes to Jessie.
  • Lydia told Jessie that Russell said Natalie and Jessie need to be split up. If I'm not mistaken, that was something she said to Russell first and he basically agreed.
  • Laura cried. She's on slop, she's tired, she knows she's going home and she wants to go home.
  • Jeff tried to tell her that she doesn't know for sure that she's going home, but that didn't console her. She knows she's going home.
  • A new but bound to be short-lived odd couple has come into being -- Russell and Laura. They both mocked Jessie (not to his face, of course), talked about Ronnie being the next to go.
  • Ronnie and Jessie talked. Jessie told Ronnie that Russell is using their conversations to get in with the other side.
Yawn. Laters!


Laurie said...

So the Jesse - Russell honeymoon is over, eh? What a surprise!

TerryinCA said...

Jackie....please ...girlfriend, dont feel cheap...Russell has that way about him that is totally reasonable. Jessie (pinhead) I didnt like him before and I'd rather see him go now earlier. However, that being said...Ronnie should bite it.

Janice said...

Laura is campaigning as I type on After Dark show; she just went up to HOH room and "worked Ronnie over"....time will tell if he is going to bat for Laura!!


Anonymous said...

Ronnie is drunk with all the attention he is commanding as HOH. And if Laura would have covered up her fake balloons in the beginning, more people might have listened to her.

Sally said...

I'm disappoined that two likeable houseguests are up for eviction, while others who are annoying or scary or boring are safe for another week.

One good thing: since the Popular group will be down to one player, maybe BB will abandon the silly high school groups concept soon.

Thanks for all your posts Jackie. You're my main source of BB info/insight this season, as I've missed most of the shows and haven't tried to follow things on Jokers yet.

PlaidChick said...

Well Laura spent a good time in the HOH, and has placed the seeds of doubt in Ronnie's ear about Russell. The TH feel like they should of put Russell up and that they should of never listened to Natalie and Jessie.

formerly anon said...

I think there's been a massive upheaval in the house in the past hour (just after BBAD ended I think)

Looks like Ronnie got his "backdoor" handed to him on a platter. Or something.

Now I wish I had the feeds.

chris said...

Did anyone ever see survivor when they split the groups into
4, men and women young and old
the older women were the first targets and the groups had to be combined sooner than the powers that be had expected!
It was a terrible season of survivor!
I wish they would do the same here, end these groups!

Petals said...

I just KNEW that Russell secretly hated Jessie. Jealousy finally rears it's head.
The thing is, Jessie is (I believe) a good guy at heart. Maybe immature, maybe not the brightest bulb, but a sweetheart. Russell is a gangsta, and it shows.

Nina said...

You know Petals. I agree with you about Jessie. He's not a bad guy, he actually does have a heart. He was especially kind to Michelle last season and he doesn't say cruel things like many of the other houseguests. If Jessie would play a less personal/emotional game and not oversell himself as the greatest thing ever, he could actually play a good game. Perhaps he will learn...