Monday, July 20, 2009

Big Brother 11: Live Feeds Into Monday Dawn 7/20

Ronnie idolizing his false god in the wee hours.

Gee, I wish that PoV ceremony was done and over with. I'm tired of trying to figure out what Ronnie's going to do. He lies with each and every breath he breathes. Is he telling anyone the truth?
  • The HOH bunch -- Ronnie, Natalie, Jessie, Lydia, Russell, and Kevin decided to call themselves the Natural Born Killers (NBK) and use a majority rules approach to comps.
  • Ronnie mentioned that if they're in one of the majority rules questions comp, you can hear a click if a card is turned from A to B. They hear two clicks and they all turn to B.
  • Russell said he hasn't cried since he was a child. His father used to hit him whenever he cried.
  • Jordan told Laura that Ronnie said he wasn't going to put her on the block. Laura told her she should have said, "Check. That's ten lies."
  • Jessie is pushing for a Laura leave.
  • Jordan says the diary room told her she doesn't talk game enough.
  • I think she does.
  • Casey dubbed the body buddy bunch "The Dumb Five."
  • Well, I begrudgingly admit that they aren't that dumb if they keep up the gameplay.
  • Jessie taught his puppy dog Ronnie a new trick -- how to lift weights.
  • Kevin and Russell pointed out that Natalie only takes a shower every three days or so.
  • Kevin is starting to feel a bit outcast in his body buddy group. I think we might want to see if he turns. Remember, he has his secret alliance with Casey.
  • Ronnie told Casey he has to put Jordan on the block to make sure Laura goes home.
  • If up against Laura, it would be a toss-up whether Russell or Laura would go. Against Jordan, it would definitely be Laura leaving.
  • The newly dubbed NBK think they'll get rid of the four and keep Jordan for last as she has no chance to win anything.
  • You don't know how much I want Jordan to win it all as I listen to them.
So, as it stands now ... with Jessie and Ronnie still up and talking, but saying nothing new ... the backdoor Russell plan is off. It will probably be Jordan replacing Jeff on the block with Laura being the target.


Petals said...

G'morning. Great analysis of the overnights as always, thank you Ms Jackie. Especially loved hearing how Jessie taught Ronnie a new trick. Have to laugh.

I'm surprised that any of the "NBK" have even heard of the film. Sorta before thier time.

It seems like this isn't much of a FUN house. No one is enjoying themselves.

sizzie said...

Thanks Jackie, I really don't like the thought of one group seperating themselves from the others and thinking they should be named NBK...especially in a high school theme setting. I am a nitpicker, obviously, but it is what I think, especially when it is pitted against the popular kids, and these jocks seem more outcast.

Anonymous said...

I think they need to copy survivor
and break the groups up to either
2 groups or individuals.
Don't know about anyone else but this is the most boring season ever

lynn1 said...

I am not happy with how things are playing out this season.The popular team is being picked off systemamtically.
With the TH/NBK in control of votes it is pretty straight forward that unless Casey and who ever is left from the popular team wins HOH next week it will be more of the same.
Without the Cliques it might have have the same outcome but IMHO this clique concept is sucking the fun right out of the show.
It would have been a thought to make a rule that for the first couple of weeks the 2 nominees for eviction could not be from the same clique.
OH well it is just a show! LOL I don't won't to be a sore loser like Jessie! ;)

Becky said...

I refuse to call the meat heads NBK. They are and will remain the TH in my book.

We all knew that Pee Wee would back off of nominating Russell. I wish Russell and Kevin would flip. Kevin has to know he is probably only a slt ahead of Pee Wee.

BB came up with another stinking format. It is only topped by the "couples" bomb as being the worst premise ever.

Believe me, if there was anything else on TV at this time BB would be dead in the water.

WV is baricurb. Wonder if it started out as barracuda and then Ronnie got ahold of it and thought it was barracub -- his version of a cub big fish. This guy was probably never, ever even on the fringes of being on one of THE groups in high school. Now he thinks he has made it. The idiot doesn't know that the TH are ones who use someone as long as they can and then they are g-o-n-e.

justmeagain said...

ronnie is such a moron. now that this >>>"you can hear a click if a card is turned from A to B. They hear two clicks and they all turn to B."<<<

has been said out loud; don't they realize big brother will do now do something to mess up their little scheme? -jeannemarie

sizzie said...

I cannot believe that someone as inconsequential as Ronnie is ruling the house. At least he thinks he is. I do not know if he is as indecisive as he appears, though. I do not think he ever had any plans to put Russell up and only said he did to have a platform to stand on in front of the others. It will probably be Jordan and probably was Jordan all along (or whomever he puts up will be who he wanted all along). He will tell them I wanted to go with Russell or Casey or whatever group he is talking to at the time, but Jordan (or X) made me mad and I had to go with my heart. 'No body puts me down and gets away with it', he'll tell them. But, we'll see the 'put down' was manipulated by him and all a smokescreen.

In his mind, Ronnie is building the perfect hg list and trying to get rid of anyone who he doesn't idolize. His game play isn't for the money, but is for building a clique where he has a place.

Anonymous said...

from bb11
>>>6:45am Hgs sleeping soundly – Jesse and Lydia went off to bed just after 5am. No change in the current plan to replace Jeff with Jordan on the block and vote out Laura. Can’t see it changing before the POV ceremony either. Jordan won’t try to make nice with Ronnie so he will have no problem putting her up and Russel has mended fences since he found out he was a backdoor target.<<<

what do you think?

Anonymous said...

Ronnie is a weinie.


sizzie said...

Jackie, every time I look at that photo of Ronnie and Jesse I think..just for a second before I get a good look, that Ronnie is giving Jesse a pedicure.

Witt said...

Dan's not the weinie, Lydia, Ronnie is. (Sorry, I'm still stuck on that and offended on Dan's behalf!) I'm sorry to see that Laura will be the casualty of this week.

NBK doesn't fit. I think Becky's right on....the name TH fits much better!

Thank you JAckie, for stellar updates as always!

Witt :)

Anonymous said...

CAN WE PLEASEEEEEEEEEE GET RID OF CHEMA (SP), SHE IS THE BIGGEST LOUD MOUTH I HAVE EVER SEEN! NOT TOO MENTION THE GREASY LIPSTICK SHE WEARS, SHE IS ALSO VERY RUDE!!!! Please can we just get rid of her AND the biggest moron I've ever seen, (JESSIE)he thinks that he's the greatest thing since peanut butter! More than enough idots this year, don't know if I'll be able to continue watching with those two still there. Go CASEY!

Jayne said...

I hate the clique twist of this season, because of it, if members of the same clique win back to back HOH comps, they are all protected again. Where is the fairness in that?

sizzie said...

One thing about the cliques that I just noticed (pretty slow, aren't I!) is that is how the hgs are identified on screen, instead of 'bikini model' or 'pharm. rep'.

PlaidChick said...

Yay more trivia, veto meeting should be in progress...

I feel like Jeff. I was happy for all of about 5 minutes when he won the Veto, and now I'm just bummed all over again.

Natalie has got one mean streak in her. I get she wants to watch Lydia's every move since losing their little bet last night so she can be around Jessie more. Definitely a school yard bully

PlaidChick said...

Jordan went up in Jeff's place...

imagine that..

As soon as one of GG gets HOH I'd say Ronnie is gone

Anonymous said...

is it just me or is this the most boring BB ever. If the powers that be can't change things enough to make it watchable , they can take it off the air for all i care. old reruns of Law and Order are better. Pat in Fl

Laurie said...

It's Jackie's blog and the community constributing to it that makes the show bearable, don't you think? If we couldn't talk about it would we still watch it? I think not!

Little gems like "Jessie taught his puppy dog Ronnie a new trick -- how to lift weights" make it all worthwhile. Plus, we can always skip the show and just read about it until the TH is culled. Please say that will happen!

Too bad Ronnie didn't backdoor Russell. That really would have been game play and it would have shaken up the house. Not that I ever really believed he would do that but I did hope it would happen.

lynn1 said...

With the TH in charge I am about ready to flush this season down the toilet! LOL
Seriously until either Casey,Jeff,Michelle or who ever doesn't go home this week gets HOH it is like shooting fish in a barrel for the TH.
I really can't guess what Chima or Kevin might do if they got HOH. I kind of think that won't be an issue anytime soon though.
My WV is terlyth as in this season of BB has become terlyth to me.

sizzie said...

"Little gems like "Jessie taught his puppy dog Ronnie a new trick -- how to lift weights" make it all worthwhile."

I think I saw this part on Showtime. It was funny. J waggles his finger at Ronnie and directs him to come stand next to him, with both facing the mirrored windows in the back yard. Jesse lifts and Ronnie tries to, but isn't really doing it right, then Jesse walks away and immediately Ronnie puts the weights down and walks away too. Obviously he only wanted to be near J and wasn't really interested in seeing how to lift.

Becky said...

I certainly hope someone rats out Ronnie to Russell. It won't matter that he didn't back door him like he told everyone. Russell will still squash him -- (and the crowd cheered). If Russell doesn't get to him Jeff will since he put up Jordan.

I love that Natalie is jealous of Lydia. Over Jessie no less. ROFLMAO!

I hope a GG gets HOH. I am about ready to crawl off my float and go home.

WV is ajeyst. Which is what I am about now. I had to reset my comment. Now WV is hising. I am hising at Allison!

Petals said...

OK. Time for my daily defense of Jessie.
Can't we view his encouraging Ronnie to work out as "a really nice thing to do"? Ronnie is like the Pillsbury Dough-y Boy, and could really use someone to teach him proper eating habits and help him with a training program.
It really isn't so bad...Dan taught people to swim last year. Jessie is only trying to help Ronnie not look like the TOFU that he is. It may seem like a stretch, but if Jessie can at least get Ronnie off the Double-Stuffs, it's a step in the right direction.