Sunday, July 19, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Into Sunday Afternoon 7/19

There isn't really a heck of a lot to report so far today because they tend to sleep so late. Here's the latest from that Big Brother House of High School Hamsters:
  • Casey was up first, but then took a nap. I wonder why the older people (yeah, 41!) tend to get up earlier in the house. I have come to the conclusion that they're ingrained for an earlier wake-up due to having to work for a living.
  • Russell wears contacts. He said something once about wearing his eyeglasses at work to look less scary.
  • Casey thinks Ronnie changes his mind a lot. He thinks Jordan might go up (when Jeff saves himself with the PoV), but it will be Laura going home.
  • Russell told Jeff and Casey that Ronnie is star-struck with Jessie and Jessie is calling his HOH shots.
  • Ronnie said that he'll be locked out of the HOH for a lot of the day due to the movie later on. I believe it's Jeff and Casey who won the movie in yesterday's PoV, but don't quote me on it.
  • Ronnie says the PoV ceremony is tomorrow night. Laura thought it was tonight. I think it used to be on Sunday nights, but if they're doing the movie ... maybe not.
  • The plan still seems (sort of kind of) to be a backdoor Russell mission.
  • But with Ronnie, who knows for sure? He has a different story with each group. He might think it's smart gameplaying, but he should really hold his cards a bit closer to his chest and shut his mouth for just a while. I can see this backfiring on him in a major way.
  • There have been lots of blocked feeds as I get this written up. It could be the prep for the movie.
  • I'll be putting up the show blog party post at 8 PM ET. Everyone is welcome to come on by!
UPDATE: Now he's going to put up Casey. Sheesh. Make up your mind, Ronnie ... you supposedly have one.


meb said...

We may not know who Ronnie is putting up, but I don't think Ronnie even knows who he'll replace Jeff with. Let's just hope it's Russell.

Natty even looks mean in her picture you posted Jackie. She's little but she has a scary look about her. Probably because she's always yelling about something.

TerryinCA said...

I am wondering is Ronnie is smart enough to put Russell up? He really needs to get over his "hero worship" and play GAME!

Becky said...

I am here with my swimsuit and float. For those without a pool person, MEB and I have Jordan. You can root with us.

Margo, you did a terrific job on cleaning up the pool. We promise to not throw up tonight -- but don't hold us to it.

To whoever said "And Natalie got mad" was like "And Amber cried", that needed a spit alert.

I don't think Pee Wee knows who he will put up. I think he is too afraid of Russell to put him up. I think that if he doesn't put up Natalie or Russell he will be toast with the Good Guys. If he does, he will be dirt with the Turd Herd. If he gets the _alls he should nominate Russell. He should if he has any game play at all, which I think is right up there with his national persuasive speaking championship. In other words, I won't hold my breath.

WV is ilskined. I bet Pee Wee is ill in his hide and wishing he had been skined instead of winning HOH about now.

formerly anon said...

I wish Jeff would have confronted Ronnie more forcefully than he did last night.

Ronnie claims the "plan" all along was for Jeff to be a "pawn" so they could backdoor Russell, and now the minute Jeff wins veto, Ronnie is still waffleing about who the replacement will be. Jeff should have hammered that point again and again and again and again. People let Ronnie off the hook way too easily.

And every time Ronnie prefaces something with "...and I'll be honest here" why isn't that challenged every single time? Ronnie not only outright lied about his vote for Braden, but he was the "mastermind" behind that whole attempt, and in the process Casey is now alienated from his cliquemates, based solely on his vote to keep Braden, because Lydia and Kevin were so offended by Braden. They actually used that as their main argument for why Casey should go up in place of Jeff.

And another thing, how, after this many seasons, can these people sit around in their discussions and use the "he lied to me" line as for any justification whatsoever? Or, how many times do we hear "I'm not lying, or I haven't lied to anyone" and we all KNOW it's a lie, every time, every single time. NO EXCEPTIONS.

But they all seem to think that they are the exception somehow.

It's just baffling.

"She lied so she deserves to go."

Uh huh. Tell me more.

justmeagain said...

i thing what would really shake things up is to change from the head of household picking a replacement if the power of veto is use to either the person coming off the block or the person who won the power of veto. not that would really shake things up!

my wv is imingu as in i keep imingu why don't you respond? -jeannemarie

formerly anon said...

Oh, I forgot. My wv for last post was cocrub. No, I'm not lying!

Which reminds me: there's a 3 part video of Jeff/Jordan/Ronnie in HOH last night after veto:

What's hilarious is that Jeff was playing with pink playdoh and made the same thing he first made the other night (a penis). It was pink and nicely crafted if I do say so myself, but a bit on the small side. So he's sitting on that round chair with Jordan, right, and he's molding this thing, and then he hands it to her, right? They're going back and forth with Ronnie etc, but in the meantime, watch what Jordan is doing with Jeff's, uh, masterpiece. She's playing with it, and I just started laughing because I'm thinking gee, I wonder what is going on in Jeff's (and Jordan's) head at that moment.... no really, you have to watch it, it's funny.

Then, at some point, she just totally mangles the thing! LOL, I mean, she squishes it, pulls it apart and eventually renders it back into a round pink ball of playdough. All the while Jeff is watching this, right?

LOL, I mean, funny. I don't think any of them consciously even were paying any attention to the subtext.

Except me, I guess. Go watch and see what you think