Thursday, July 30, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Into Thursday Pre-Dawn 7/30

Kevin tries to get Lydia to open her eyes about Jessie.

It's been basically a snoozefest in the house of hamsters. In the past 24 hours, about the biggest news has been Russell accidentally hitting Lydia in the head with a ball. And, that wasn't even the big news -- her reaction to being hit in the head would be the scoop.

Here are the bits and pieces which caught my attention since my last live feeds report:
  • Russell thinks Ronnie has been talking game with Kevin and Lydia. He reminded him that he took part in saving him this week and doesn't want to think it was a mistake to trust him.
  • Ronnie ran to Jessie and company telling them what Russell said.
  • Of course, Ronnie does these things to make Jessie and company think he's more valuable to them than Russell is.
  • When Russell told Jessie about the conversation, Jessie didn't like the idea that Ronnie "swore on the bible" that they didn't talk game.
  • Jessie thinks Kevin is a bigger threat than Lydia. Well, duh.
  • Russell said that if he gets HOH, he wants to nominate Ronnie and Lydia. Um, okay. I'll believe it when I see it.
  • I think someone, anyone, should nominate Natalie.
  • Natalie would like to get Russell on the block. But Jessie told her that since he thinks he's fooling them (false loyalty), it would be better to go after Lydia and Kevin.
  • Jessie's mother actually washed his mouth out with a bar of soap when he was young while Jordan's parents used the paddle. Now, I know I don't like Jessie, but I bet he's polite to strangers and holds the door open for others.
  • Jeff thinks only sloppy people wear Crocs.
  • Grr. I bought some not-Crocs last year for my surgery recovery. I don't wear them often, but ... dang, they're comfortable.
  • Jeff and Casey have both worked for UPS in the past.
  • Not together, mind you.
  • Michele is still not allowed to use the computer in her parents' home because they caught her looking at porn as a teenager.
  • Michele also talked about um ... pleasuring herself daily.
  • Who woulda thunk it?
  • Lydia made trash bag pants and top for Natalie.
  • Kevin almost made it onto Survivor. He got booted in the finals.
  • Ronnie is sure that America loves the cliques twist.
  • Ronnie is a doofus.
  • Russell told Chima that Lydia wants her out. I really don't think she does so much other than process of elimination. She's not thrilled with Chima, but she isn't a big target either.
  • Jordan and Casey packed.
  • Casey couldn't find his suitcase and said he'd pack a trash bag.
  • Apparently production misplaced his suitcase.
  • I personally would say that means he has to stay!
  • Jessie and Natalie had a pillow fight. He accidentally hit her hard on the leg and she cried. He thinks she overreacted but got her an ice pack. He was worried that BB would be upset with him for hitting her.
  • Lydia continues to throw Kevin under the bus to Jessie and Natalie.
  • Jessie, Natalie, and Lydia are in the HOH room STILL awake as I get this typed up.
  • Jessie is droning on and on.
  • And on.
  • Very little game talk.


Petals said...

Ms Jackie, with all very-much-deserved respect to you: FINALLY! Some semi-nice words about my poolboy Jessie! He IS a sweetie.
I pegged Michelle as a closet hottie a few episodes ago...I know her (she reminds me of me).
Natalie is disgusting.
~insert Pink Panther theme here~
The Case of the Missing Suitcase
absolutely means Casey would have been going home, but isn't - he'll be the new HOH.
I am already having a GREAT DAY and wish the same to Ms. Jackie & everyone! See you all tonight!

Joe in NY: I'm bringing a new inflatable-for-two. I hope you'll be joining me...

RJM in SC said...

Morning all,
Yes, Jackie, ronnie is a doofus. I liked that.
I wonder if that is true about Michelle or if she is just trying to lose the scientist image and turn it into a sex kitten (tiger) image. She also talked about her multiple orgasms.

Anonymous said...

IMO, Michele is disgusting. She looks slovenly and unkempt. I wish she wouldn't talk about her sexy times because the images that form in my mind make me want to gouge my eyes out.


Kathy in NC said...

Ronnie is not a doofus. A doofus doesn't have the capacity to be conniving and mean spirited.

Jordan, on the other hand, may be the doofus poster child.

Joe in NY said...

Hi Petals,

Since the only inflatable I have would be totally inappropriate for a pool party, I'll happily share yours! :)

I'm not sure Michelle's sex drive means much of anything to me one way or the other, RJM. Exactly what kind of scientist stereotype are you clinging to that suggests neuroscientists don't like orgasms?

So, Petals, Michelle reminds you of you? So you're a smartie and a hottie with a strong sex drive? Curiouser and curiouser... :)

See y'all later.

Peck on the cheek for Petals.

Anonymous said...

Jackie said: Michele also talked about um ... pleasuring herself daily.
Why do people want to get on tv and talk about stuff like that that for all the world to hear? Your parents, your boss, your co-workers......I just don't get it.

I don't know what kind of work Michele actually does in science, but I work in an academic setting & anything like that would certainly compromise your credibility in research funding. If may not be fair, but that is the reality.


Margo said...

Petals and Joe-

I'm so happy for your blomance (someone mentioned this in an earlier post) but I want to remind you that there is to be no public displays of affection in the pool. Ya know peeps are drinkin and eatin and I don't wanna clean up anymore poke in the pool.


Margo aka pool monitor

Anonymous said...

Does anyone think that maybe there wont be an eviction tonight? and maybe there will be a double eviction next week, now that would really shake the house up.

Nana in the NW said...

Good morning all!!

Petals--you shameless hussy!! Just picking up any boy in blue!! hehehe

Joe--I see some things haven't changed...trolling around Jackie's looking for some easy chick to hook-up with....and we don't want to know about your inflatibles!! LOL Thanks you 2 for the entertainment!

Margo--re-read your comment....your typo was hiliarious..."don't want to clean up anymore poke in the pool"!!! This is Joe and Petals not Jessie and Lydia! LOL

Now on to the serious stuff....

Lauren is wonder to about these people who claim to be avid viewers and then become a HG....they know everything is recorded and out there for the world. Why embaress yourself and your family with personal information?? There has been more than 1 hamsters that lost their job after the show because of what they said and did!! I know it's all about trying to fit in....just like high school...but ohhh TMI!!!

As many of you have already said, we know the "big announcement" is not going to be all that. I hate the way these reality shows are editted.....

Time to hit the treadmill before it gets too hot....only 99 today!!

Laurie said...

Maybe the door will be locked and the evictee can't get out. That happened one year, didn't it?

The new word "blomance" is making me giggle ...

RBennie said...

I think "blomance" was a typo too Laurie. I could be wrong though, LOL.

Margo said...

blomance is correct but poke should be puke.

Margo said...

blog + romance = blomance
show + romance = shomance
Ronnie + BB = pissant
Jessie + BB = pinhead or tool all depends on which language it is translated from.

Lydia + Jessie = yuck
Nat + Jessie = double eviction

RBennie said...

LOL ok, my bad Margo. I thought it was supposed to be blogmance.

Petals said...

Joe asked "So, Petals, Michelle reminds you of you? So you're a smartie and a hottie with a strong sex drive? Curiouser and curiouser... :)"

Michelle is a "brain", but she also is a girl! Sex drive, sure! But I don't talk about it nearly as much as she does.

Margo - I will try to keep my hands above water in the pool tonight, in keeping with the rules & regs. We'll be good. ;)

*peck* back to Joe

RJM said...

"I'm not sure Michelle's sex drive means much of anything to me one way or the other, RJM. Exactly what kind of scientist stereotype are you clinging to that suggests neuroscientists don't like orgasms?"
I never said they couldn't have orgasms, just don't understand the need to tell the world.

meb said...

blomance says a whole lot of different things to me, but doesn't fit Joe and Petals. Not yet anyway, although it does appear to be getting a little steamy.

Laurie said...

Blogmance isn't nearly as titillating as Blomance.

I crack myself up. Can you tell I'm completely avoiding the work I'm getting paid to do today? I can't seem to concentrate.

Oh, my other thought. BB should ban having any more Natalies on the show. No more Gnats!

Margo said...

Maybe I'll have to think of a new name cause it is kinda nasty sounding. I didn't come up with it I'm just repeating what I heard. Maybe we can just do a cute nickname.

I don't know - Someone else give it a try.


PlaidChick said...

How dumb of it was for Lydia and Natalie to stay up all night when they know there's an endurance comp tonight? I mean I know Lydia needs to service Jessie, and Natalie is c-blocking her, which is fine with me, I don't want either one of them to win.

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that Lydia mentioned using the death of Michele's brother to get her flustered somehow. I think Lydia is a nasty skank along with Nat. Jessie has bad taste!

Sharon S said...

blog entry and comments have me chuckling here...thanks everyone!

Margo --- loved your translations!

Witt said...

I love this blog and all its friends...coolest place anywhere!

Hugs to Petals and Joe...I've been rooting for you.

Witt :)

Cha Cha said...

Anon 1:49

Yes I read that also. Over at jokers. I can't believe someone would say that butI also believe that she isn't the first on to say it. I believe it may have been Jesse or Gnat.

I would hope production would do something before that happens

PlaidChick said...

Margo, I have a feeling the usual pukers will be puking tonight.

Are there any chances of us seeing the back hand slap to the thigh Jessie did to Natalie, that made her cry??! Doubtful. He knew he could of gotten in big trouble if she made a bigger stink about it than she did. If he did it to Lydia, ohh my.

WV: redul lets "redul" this season!

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to be mean but isn't a blomance what Booger and Erika had a few seasons back?

RBennie said...

It's okay to be mean as long as your funny, and that was funny, LOL.

formerly anon said...

Perhaps a chatamance?

Perchance a chatta-mance?

vw = plitici

I'm com-plitici in the word mangling du jour

Becky said...

PlaidChick said... Margo, I have a feeling the usual pukers will be puking tonight.

PC, I haven't been in the pool for two shows because the show has made me so sick to my stomach that I was afraid I would puke. I brought a bucket for the pukers, but some of them couldn't make it out of the water fast enough.

Anonymous said... I don't mean to be mean but isn't a blomance what Booger and Erika had a few seasons back?

Anon, I know Matty and Gnat had oneduring their season.

WV: redul lets "redul" this season!

I think all of us would love a redul.

If they have a double eviction don't they have the HOH competition, then immediately do the POV and vote?

WV is untickho. Jesse wants to untickho Lydia as being his ho.

meb said...

Becky... I think you've finally lost it. I knew it was going to happen, I just didn't know when...

wv: plecta

I ex-plecta-d more from this season!

Now you know BB must be bad if all we can come up with are sayings from our word verifications.

EileenM said...

Thank you all for making me laugh today. Jackie, as usual, outstanding work! Please let the surprise be no more cliques....I can't take it any more. Jeff for HOH; Ronnie and Jessie as nominees; and backdoor the gnat. I can't believe I want someone out other than Jessie!

I so want to see the pillow fight on TV too, I hope she was in a lot of pain. God forgive me!!!

Laurie said...

You are right, if our entertainment is a cyber-romance right here at Jackie's, a virtual pool full of puke, and making up words from our word verifications then BB11 is the saddest ever in the entertainment world.

Saddest thing? My wf is coune and I can't think of a thing to do with it. Somebody hand me a margarita, please, on the rocks no salt!

Cha Cha said...

I was just watching feeds again.

DR tells Nat that the HG need not waste their time making plastic bag suits

DR told her
it's not an audio issue; it's a fairness issue"then we got Fish

So do we have endurance tonight with water. Why are they thinking its water anyway?

PlaidChick said...

The tool has tweeted again. He and Ronnie have both been boring, was hoping for a little more insight on personal game play, not just a shortened version of the HOH blog. Yes Jessie I'm praying for you, praying you walk out the door! :X

Last day of being HOH on Week 3, I'm excited to see what week 4 inside the Big Brother has in store for all that are still in attendance!

Be sure to check out our blogs that have been written week to week on what was on the mind of the HOH, during the time of their reign of the

house. We also are able to take pictures with a camera for a short duration of time and for the most part everyone has a good time with it

Please cross your fingers and keep me in your prayers as to someone I have aligned myself with or a fellow Athlete wins HOH!!!

Thank you to all the supporters and fans contributing to my cause on the outside helping with websites and photos,

hat will be the day!!! Also want to thank everyone for this aMaZinG opportunity that I will be forever grateful for

and know that I'm loving EVERY MINUTE! (except the early mornings!!!) I have every intention on making the best of it and coming out on top


Wishing all the best with continuous expertise God Bless, Jessie "Young Gunz"

I'll throw up the duece duece when I walk out of the aint easy....being CHEESEYYYYYYYY!!!
18 minutes ago from TweetDeck

cha cha said...

jesse= puke, puke, puke

Sally said...

You all are really rocking today! Love all the comments, WV uses and, of course, the budding blomance.

Anonymous said...

Blomance wasn't a typo, affle was though.

Petal's blomance sounds much more romantic than a blahgmance.

Anonymous said...

Actually, what Gnat had was a blowmance, she @@@E him, while he had a blewmance when he blew her off.

Joe in NY said...

Nana in the NW,

To be fair, I didn't go trolling, Petals proposed to me quite unexpectedly. I couldn't say "no". After all, it saved me all that trolling effort! LOL

Kisses to all single women!

Joe ("flexing" and talking about myself in the 3rd person)

Joe in NY said...

Here's something to think about: Who's sophisticated: Last year's Natalie or this year's Jordan?

See y'all at 8 in the pool

Laurie said...

I have to miss live blogging tonight because of a work thing. Well, the boss is taking us all out to happy hour at a nice place in Balboa Park, so I'm not really complaining. I'll catch the show here on the West Coast and chime in then. Meanwhile, have fun and be sure to obey the pool rules!

PlaidChick said...

Joe, who was your blomance with last year??! :P

chacha don't start puking yet! That's going to make it a very long night!

PlaidChick said...

Laurie, we'll miss you, and I'm sure the action will still be going on after the show.

Have some cocktails for us!

WV: hypahaul

joy n said...

Joe, I still think you're giving Jesse way more credit than he deserves. I agree he's playing somewhat better than last time. He learned something in spite of being a jerk. BUT... Have you ever seen a group of people that made it so super-easy for a guy to rule supreme? As much as I like the gg's, they're terrible players so far and it doesn't look like much will change in that department short of a miracle. His own flunkies hang in with Jesse's every decision because for now, it's easily keeping them in the game. When the time comes that he really has to make the right decisions, with less trusting flunkies, (who knows?) we may actually see the door whack his sorry butt on the way out. One can only hope.

monty924 said...

It's certainly fun to come home to a hilarious blog today. I've laughed til I cried at the comments. I'm all on board the Petals/Joe blomance, blogmance... whichever. :)

This week has been sort of blah in the BB house to me. One of my favorites is going home tonight, sniffle!

As a proud card carrying member of the 'Pukers Club', I hereby swear to remain on my beach chair alongside the pool and only dangle my toes in the water. I have my own bucket tonight and will pass it as need be.

Natalie, Jessie, Ronnie for the block next week! No particular preference.

Sydney said...

Jackie -- what does Jessie drone on and on about? If no game, then...His muscles? His weight lifiting program? Past romances? How he was raised?

I want Casey to stay! Wah!

Xtina -- lol

Lauren, I think the same thing you wrote could have been said about Facebook... !

RBennie -- I think blowmance came up when someone a few seasons ago would give BJ's to someone, hence a showmance turned blowmance...

However, with Joe and PEtals and anyone else in our comment area I think we should stick to blogmance... just to keep the distinction there, lol.

Sydney said...

woops -- shoulda read to the end of the comments before I wrote mine as I see the WHOLE blowmance thing is well covered!!!