Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Big Brother 11: Live Feeds Into Wednesday Dawn 7/22

It's yet another late night for the BB bunch. They were given alcohol, but they're not drunk. Jessie is talking about body building and weight lifting. It's obviously a fascinating discussion ... not.

Here's the goods from the Big Brother House of Nerds and Ne'er-do-wells:
  • Russell told Lydia and Chima that the only way to get rid of Ronnie would be a backdoor. He would only play for POV if chosen and would have no way to save himself.
  • Jeff thinks Jessie uses his harem as personal servants.
  • Casey thinks Jordan will stay. He advised Jordan to keep being nice and maybe plant a seed that Laura wants Jessie and Lydia out.
  • Russell wonders how Ronnie couldn't feel he had quarters up the butt.
  • The big group (sans exiled Ronnie) talked about having two people throw HOH.
  • Chima, who imbibed the most alcohol in the group, doesn't want to be a pawn again.
  • Ronnie made the mistake of going into the kitchen for a bottle opener. Russell yelled at him. Ronnie hightailed it back to the HOH room.
  • Laura supported Casey's and Russell's thoughts to put two pawns on the block, then backdoor Ronnie.
  • The problem is that no one wants to be a pawn. Laura pointed out that due to the cliques, the nominees are limited and chances are they'd have to go up anyway.
  • Lydia, Kevin, and Chima think Jordan is definitely the lesser threat when compared to Laura. They also don't really trust the athletes.
  • Jessie, Natalie, and Russell plan to vote Laura out.
  • Natalie told Kevin she has no romantic interest in Jessie.
  • BB reminded the hamsters that they're turning the lights out at 2 AM.
  • So they all sat in the yard.
  • Natalie told Russell she's heard he's made deals with everyone. Russell told her he did it for information, but the only ones he's loyal to are her and Jessie.
  • Russell told Jessie that he's only being nice to Chima to use her.
  • Lydia, Natalie, and Kevin think Laura isn't even trying to stay and wonder why.
  • I think first, Laura likes Jordan. And, second ... she realizes that she's perceived as more of a threat than Jordan. I think she is pretty sure campaigning won't change the inevitable.
  • Now it's just Casey and Jessie in the backyard.

Jordan and Laura headed for their cell long ago.


lynn1 said...

If the hamsters really wanted to send a clear message to Ronnie that he is toast they would not vote to evict Laura.
Jordan is my pool person so I hope she makes it through the eviction ceremony but Ronnie would really get screwed up if Laura stayed.
I don't think that will happpen because Jessie doesn't like Laura either. He wants her gone. His flying monkeys of Nat, Lydia and Kevin will go along with whatever Jessie says.
At this point I think Russell is the wild card. I think he is still aligned with the althletes but he is after Ronnie so thing could get interesting.
If Russell could convince Chima, Michelle, Casey and Jeff to vote to evict Jordan, Ronnie would have a major breakdown.
The chances of it happening are less than 1% but it gives me much pleasure to consider it.
My WV is winerta.

joy n said...

Jackie, when do you ever get to sleep? A full-time job, writing gigs, knee problems, grieving for your recent loss and helping so much to keep us entertained here. You're one hell of a woman! Please do take care of yourself.

joy n said...

I agree with you, Lynn1. Jordan is a very sweet girl but not such a great game player. Laura sticking around would really rile Ronnie, Natalie and Jesse which would make me happy. But I also agree that it has about a 1% chance of ever happening. Ronnie is a fool and Jesse will use him and his vote until he doesn't need him any more. Jesse wants to pick off the pops, Jeff, Michele and Casey and then he'll pick apart his own alliance starting with Ronnie, Chima, Lydia, Kevin and probably Russell (not necessarily in that order). I have a feeling he'll keep Natalie to the end because she's a floater and he could easily beat her.

I just hope someone gets Jesse out of there before he accomplishes all that. He's not a very pleasant human being and I'd hate to see him win because he has everyone else doing his dirty work for him. The little sheep follow the not-so-big bad wolf blindly. This season has been rather predictable so far. Sure wish someone will have the guts and the chance to shake things up a bit.

Becky said...

Morning, Jackie. I agree with Joy. When do you ever sleep?

OT Leverage and Dark Blue are on tonight.

As much as I like Jordan, it would scare the spit out of Pee Wee if Laura stays.

WV is sprat -- Ronnie will go sprat against the sidewalk when someone cleans his clock and sends him home.

TerryinCA said...

Oh Becky, my first morning that SPRAT comment
Ronnie will forever re-live his mistake at not putting up Jessie & Russell at the same time...he is a dope.
my WV is

Witt said...

Joy N, you read my mind! When does Jackie sleep? I hope that while you are up all night taking care of us, Jackie, you are taking care of you too. I find a massage does the trick! Thank you very much!

As I am reading I am seeing things with Ronnie just get worse and worse and! I never thought it could get so acrimonious except during the days of Evil Dick...but I stand corrected!

Witt :)

Cha Cha said...

I think that if Laura stayed it would be awesome. But like people say, Laura genuinely(sp) likes Jordan and wont campaign. Also she can still make her competition for modeling.
Something interesting I have been thinking is we haven't seen or heaed anything from Braden. Does anyone think he is in sepuester? Could he possibly comming back in the house as a twist? Expect the unexpected.

meb said...

I'm sure those who don't want to know anything ahead of time were convinced that Ronnie was really being smart by backdooring Russell for POV nominations, so when it didn't happen, there was much gnashing of teeth last night.

We who are here at Jackies or those following the feeds simply seen Ronnie as a twerp. I guess his comment similar to: "if I don't put Russell up, it may be a mistake for me in the future"... well DUH!!! He just couldn't go against Jessie.

What is this Jessie worship anyway. Didn't they all see him last last season for a jerk, and want him gone,just like the rest of us did. I mean, it's not as though he's a celebrity.

my wv is dotonix Jessie messing with his face is because he's had dotonix implants.

sizzie said...

I recorded last night and have only just begun to watch it. One funny thing (to me...and it doesn't take a lot to entertain me) was the editing of the back yard convo with Russell when Casey kept changing outfits.

I want to see the quarter thing, but for the most part by the time the show airs, it is old news.

Jackie, tell us about the feeds. Do they still have that same theme music when feeds are blocked and do we just see trivia or do they show us the front door (that is old isn't it?)

I wonder how Jeff would take it is Jordan left?

Judy/JKSP1957 said...

Wasn't it Ronnie who uttered the famous last words, "I am going straight to hell", I vote to evict Braeden.. Me thinks he fore told his own future... Karma is a bitch, isn't now?

joy n said...

cha cha, Reality TV World has some stories and an interview with Braden. Just scroll down the links. He's not a very well-spoken person.

Chauncey, not Billups said...

This season is starting to lose me. If something exciting does not happen soon i will have to find something else to waste my time with..... If someone put up Chima and Russell the drama they'd cause would bring some nice brouhahas...

Cha Cha said...


I saw that but its wierd how once someone leaves the house..even the first evictee they usually have stuff on ebay and things like that. I haven't seen anything.

I think I am just hoping there is a twist where when Jesse is evicted(hopefully week four again) that one of the already evicted houseguests will come back in.

Guess I am jsut dreaming..

Anonymous said...

Im so glad that some of you feel like me-- I hate Jessie- ok I dislike him to my very core. His whole personality and persona is just disgusting. I hope they stop worshiping him long enough for me to enjoy the show. Come on CBS take him off the air.
~Angie in KC

meb said...

Angie in KC... Here, Here!!!!! Yes, we're not supposed to hate, but he sure does push the buttons doesn't he.

Siz I thought Jeff did a great job in the coins competition. He actually took time to count, which is what helped him. The others were just throwing coins in the buckets.

Ronnie's last comment that he found quarters in his butt... OMG... you mean he couldn't tell... as Russel asked. If he put them on ebay, who would want to buy them knowing where they were. Ewwwwwww.

Sally said...

Count me among those impressed by Jackie's dedication to this blog. Don't know how you manage it all, but am glad you do!

Next week could be a long, miserable week for Ronnie, when he has to live among the other houseguests. Russell will have a field day. of them.

Do you think Ronnie's grand master plan was just to turn everyone else in the house against each other, while he remained everybody's friend? He should have known that plan would be exposed in short order, as everyone trades information and secrets.

I'm surprised Ronnie isn't tweeting more....he certainly has the time.

PlaidChick said...

I'm already thinking about next week. Natalie and Jessie are trying to get Ronnie back in the game. He can't get back in the game until he's shoo'd out of the HOH room tomorrow. Too bad they don't show much of the afternoon on the feeds.. that's going to be a mess.

Jessie doesn't want Ronnie gone, and he's told Russell as such. Not a good move on Jessie's part, but if Russell or Natalie win HOH, Jessie will convince them not to put him up or BD him.

Cha Cha said...

I think it will be a long week next week. Although on the feeds today you are hearing a little from Jeff and Casey that Russ is being to hard on Ronnie. Although Casey likes it that the heat is off of him for a little while and he can breathe.

The feeds are so boring during the day because most of the house guests sleep all day.

WHY CAN"T THESE PEOPLE SEE THROUGH JESSE...Yes i know it was all caps. I am yelling to the houseguests.

Ronnie's wife will be on the real player BB show with Chelsia tomorrow for an interview. I gotta hear that.

cha cha said...

Quick update from Russ to Ron

Russell sneaks up to HOH to talk to Ronnie, Says he has to be so hard on him cuz of everyone else... - DanaRose
they quickly turn on spy cam. Russ tells Ronnie he will NOT put him up if he wins HOH. Says Chima and Michelle will throw it but the only way Ron wont go home is if Russ wins the HOH, cuz everyone else wants him GONE. Russ just keeps saying he needs to win. Ron asks even Jessie wants me out? Russ says well he kinda has to go along like me. Russ says just watch everyone, you will see. Russ asks if Ronnie wants anything from downstairs, Ronnie says no thanks. Russ says me and Jessie cnt say a single word in your favor Ronnie says I know, I understand. Ronnie says Well I hope you do win then, are you gonna still put up Michelle and Casey? Russ says Yes, I want Casey gone

I can't believe this. Hopefully

This is a plan from Russ and Casey who were just whispering to each oter...I pray

Laurie said...

ChaCha, your post made me think of House saying "Everyone lies". It is certainly true of the hamsters in the BB house!

Nina said...

Well well well... we all know the hamsters are stupodoes. I didn't think they would all still be targeting Ronnie for long, not when they all can't stand each other. Though I thought it might last until Thursday LOL. If Ronnie so much as opens his stupid mouth when he's not addressed then I hope his sorry ass is gone. If he keeps his pie hole shut, Ronnie just might skate by, maybe.

PlaidChick said...

Cha Cha-- yes a very long week indeed.

I've about had it with these hamsters... sh-- or get off the pot!!

This is why, NONE, N-O-N-E of the jocks can win HOH tomorrow night. I think Russell wants to win HOH more than anything. He was quite pissed Jeff beat him in the POV, and he's been cocky in saying he can win every comp. I don't think Jeff can be swayed by Russell, but you never know.

Casey is right--- the TH are still hanging out inside, while the other side is hanging out outside. And hello wake up people.. there has been no bashing, no attacks, since the rat has been hiding in his hole. Is that because he was truly the rat, and gaming 24/7? Probably. Jessie and Natalie have picked up where Ronnie left off, sounds like Russell is right behind them.

joy n said...

Angie in KC, you are definitely not alone here in your distaste for Jesse.

cha cha, I'll check around to see if I can find anything new about Braden.

Anonymous said...

Anyone seen the feeds today? Has Ronnie made an appearance?

AlbGlinka said...

I have been surprised that Laura is not a boob despite her boobage. She certainly got Ronnie's lies pretty quickly. Unfortunately it has backfired on her.

I had trouble with the hands of the clock in kindergarten, so I felt Jordan's pain last night!

joy n said...

Off Topic/Project Runway fans:

Project Runway will air "All Stars Special" on August 20. Included are:

Season 2: Daniel Vosovic, Santino Rice

S3: Jeffrey Sebelia, Uli Herzner, Mychael Knight

S4: Chris March, Sweet P

S5: Korto Momolu

Sydney, wherever you are at the moment, I hope you check in and see this.

joy n said...

Oh, yeah, same judges and same $100,000. prize.

lynn1 said...

Joy n,
Thanks for the news on Project Runway. It is one of my favs and has far superior designers compared to The Fashion Show.
Will it be or Bravo or Lifetime?

joy n said...

lynn1, it's on Lifetime for two hours and precedes the premiere of season 6 at 10pm.

Anonymous said...

How come the feed watchers don't post anymore? Are they banned? Just curious. Jackie has to work doesn't she?

Petals said...

Whoa... OK. Must move into a defense position of my poolboy Jessie. I can't figure what my boytoyfriend has done to still be the target of such (misplaced) rage?
If he wasn't an "athlete" or muscle-bound, I don't think you guys would hate him so much.
Just have to defend my lil boytoy friend, dats all peeps. PEACE!

Witt said...

Sorry, Petals, I would still dislike Jesse if he was a nerd and weighed 98 pounds. He's incredibly self-absorbed and can be condescending, which is unattractive. I think that's why people don't like him!

Witt :)

Petals said...

Gran the self-absorption, but only because he is in such good shape. And he's a "natural-ete", which means NO roids or other enhancing agents. So maybe he is just proud.
I don't see the condescending side of him. But then I also don't have live feeds.
Oh well.. all's well right now. I wish the events of this past week had wormy Ronnie leaving instead of Jordan or Laura, but that is life in the BB house.

PlaidChick said...

I've been home today, and have had the feeds on going on in the background, nothing has been going on today. As Jackie said, it's been a quiet day.

I don't believe we're banned from here for watching the feeds! :)

The only excitment was Russell talking to Ronnie. Jackie filled us in on that conversation.

Casey feels like someone is protecting Ronnie, but won't name names. He said that to Russell.

Ronnie has been in his HOH room most of the day eating sour patch kids and reading the Bible. He would come out and sit outside of the HOH room and go back in. Someone (female voice) asked if he wanted something to eat, he said no, but thank you.

Everyone is outside trying to figure out the HOH Comp. Natalie is hogging it to death, but is asking people before she jumps up if they want a turn. Ronnie is over by the lounge area, no one is speaking to him, except someone asked if he wanted a turn and he declined.

Casey is now hitting the target, while Natalie stands with her arms crossed, just looking like a mean gym teacher. Everyone else is sitting, acting laid back.

Jackie said...

You guys do realize I have a new post up with screen caps of the HOH comp practice, right?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I like to read both!

joy n said...

Petals, we all have our opinions on Jesse and are, of course, entitled to have them as you are.

There is no amount of convincing that will change my opinion of him based mostly on his play from last season. He's done nothing to change my mind about him this season. I, along with some others hope to see him gone soon.

We all simply agree to disagree.

joy n said...

P.S. Petals, enjoy the fact that you HAVE changed some minds.

Petals said...

Joy - :)

joy n said...

Petals, back atcha! - :)